13 Best Liquid Highlighters in 2021

13 Best Liquid Highlighters in 2021

Liquid highlighter provides a flawless glow to your skin. It blends easily and caters to every skin type. The formula offers a radiant, dewy complexion to even lifeless skin. With consistent use, accomplishing a healthy finish is not a tough job.

Here, we give you a list of the best liquid highlighters you can consider buying.

13 Best Liquid Highlighters

1. Wet n Wild Megaglo Liquid Highlighter

Wet n Wild Megaglo Liquid Highlighter

The intensely pigmented formula of Wet n Wild delivers a multi-dimensional shimmer effect. Formulated from high pearl pigments, murumuru seed butter, and vitamin E, this highlighter provides a smoother and delicate texture. It is perfect for ensuring an intense makeup look with a multi-shimmer glow. The grapeseed oil and other effective ingredients hydrate and smoothen the skin’s texture, giving you a radiant glow.

2. Sace Lady 3 Pack Liquid Highlighter

Sace Lady 3 Pack Liquid Highlighter


The three shimmer highlighters feature unique fluid texture, ensuring softness and builds up coverage to provide glowing and refined skin. They are weightless, error-free, and are ideal for all skin types. These highlighters highly compliment lighter to medium skin tones and create a sheer and beautiful glow. Their pigmented hydrating formula contains sunflower seed butter and vitamin E to smoothen the skin’s texture. The highlighter’s pearlescent drops provide a shinier look with a sun-kissed glow.

3. Maybelline New York Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter

Maybelline New York Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter


The Maybelline New York liquid highlighter is a multi-functional illuminator that delivers diffused and overall highlighting for the ultimate glow. The silky formula with micro-fine pearls glides onto your skin and helps in multiple ways to enhance beauty. It is available in varying shades for different skin tones and is known to sharpen features.

4. Mary-Dew Manizer Liquid Highlighter

Mary-Dew Manizer Liquid Highlighter


The newest addition to the best liquid highlighters’ stock, this one has a creamy formula that lightweight and is perfect to be worn on cheeks, eyes, cupid’s bow, other areas where you wish to get an intense, highlighted look. Free of cruelty and highly pigmented, you can also use this highlighter to add shine and grace to your favorite lip shade.

5. NiceFace Makeup Liquid Glow Illuminator Face Highlighter

NiceFace Makeup Liquid Glow Illuminator Face Highlighter


The liquid illuminator has an odorless and smoother texture. It ensures a light-weighted, beauty-enhancing, and intense look. The highlighter builds up coverage for a realistic shape and glow. It is the perfect choice for all-day long-wearing and does not dry. The highlighter comes with a softer precision applicator that deposits the ideal amount of formula over the cheekbone, nose bridge, brow bones in one stroke. It is made of a creamy and gel-based formula, containing illuminating pigments to add extra glow and shine.

6. E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Liquid Highlighter

E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Liquid Highlighter


With illuminating pigments, this liquid highlighter brings light to the face and offers a glowing and dewy complexion. You can use its pearlescent drops for strobing and highlighting to help achieve a smoother skin texture. Containing vitamin E, this liquid highlighter is perfect for all skin types and tones.

7. Ilia – Natural Liquid Light Serum Highlighter

Ilia – Natural Liquid Light Serum Highlighter


The highlighter is a mix of organic and natural botanicals that gives a brightening and naturally dewy finish. Its serum-like consistency melts into the skin and ensures freshness with a softer touch and metallic glow. It also helps protect the skin from pollution and UV light. This highlighter is free of gluten, parabens, silicone, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic dyes, and artificial fragrances.

8. Scobuty Liquid Illuminator

Scobuty Liquid Illuminator


The lightning formula, Socbuty highlighter blurs imperfections while reflecting light for a radiance-full skin. It provides adequate, sheer coverage for blemishes and makes the skin look smoother. Stuffed with transparent pigments, it gives a softer finish.

9. Baja Bae Liquid Highlighter

Baja Bae Liquid Highlighter


The liquid highlighter has a smoother texture and skin-enhancing formula to build coverage. It helps provide a realistic shape and an intense look. It is easily mixable and shines instantly while radiating the face and delivering an HD-shimmer effect. Fluorescent pigments of this liquid highlighter radiate the skin and give a moist look without any dryness, even when worn for longer. It works well for all skin tones and types. The formula also helps remove darker, uneven, pale, and lifeless shadows.

10. Juicy Couture Bling Queen Liquid highlighter

Juicy Couture Bling Queen Liquid highlighter


The Juicy Couture offers an exclusive wear-it-everywhere liquid highlighter. It helps catch the light and ensures a smooth, blendable, and buildable effect with an intense appearance and sharper features. You can easily apply it over your cheekbone, eyes, or anywhere you want with your index finger and blend gently to get a perfectly shinier texture.

11. Happy Glo-Lucky Face Bronzer Liquid Highlighter And Illuminator

Happy Glo-Lucky Face Bronzer Liquid Highlighter And Illuminator


Containing natural hydrating and bronzing ingredients, this liquid highlighter ensures a brightening boost to the skin. The highlighter works as a face serum and functions using golden face tanning drops. It nourishes the skin with hibiscus, coconut, and jojoba oils. The product works for all skin tones and ensures a natural-looking radiance.

12. Luxury Liquid Illuminator

Luxury Liquid Illuminator


The multi-purpose liquid highlighter contains a buildable formula, providing intense highlights and sharper features. It results in iconic and radiant-looking skin for every skin tone and type. Applying one to two drops of this liquid highlighter is all you need for subtle and glowing skin.

13. Aliver Contour Makeup Glitter Liquid Highlighter

Aliver Contour Makeup Glitter Liquid Highlighter


The Aliver liquid highlighter is an excellent choice that offers ultra-concentrated, lightning, and bronzing drops. It is a lightweight product that boosts radiance and leaves the skin silky and shiny. The dropper design controls the amount of usage. This specially formulated product with active ingredients regenerates and repairs the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. You can also use it individually for light-reflective strobing and bronzing effects to get an all-over glow.

How To Choose The Right Liquid Highlighter?

Here are some factors you should consider while buying a liquid highlighter for your skin.

  1. Skin type: Pick a liquid highlighter based on your skin type and tone. It will help if you pick a hydrating highlighter in a creamy or liquid formula.
  1. Skin pores: If you have larger pores, pick a thicker highlighter to cover the pores perfectly and provide a smoother texture to your skin.
  1. Shade: Highlighters come mainly in two shades: pink and peach. A pink-colored highlighter is perfect for pale to lighter skin tone and even a medium tone. For medium to darker shades, highlighters with peach and gold shades are ideal.
  1. Ingredients: Check the ingredients before buying a liquid highlighter to protect your skin from allergies. Prefer highlighters with natural ingredients as they have numerous benefits and no side effects on the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use a liquid highlighter?

Get a pea-sized liquid highlighter drop on your finger. Dab the highlighter on your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and nose bridge for an instant glow. Finally, blend the applied highlighter using your fingertips or a soft makeup sponge.

2. Can I apply a liquid highlighter before the foundation?

Liquid highlighters break down the foundation. Therefore, it is advisable to use a highlighter before applying foundation or mix a few drops of it with some moisturizer and apply it along with the makeup.

Liquid highlighter makeup is your one shot at getting that radiant makeup glow and natural-looking shine. With several highlighters in the above list, you can pick the right one for that enhanced look.

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