13 Best LOL Surprise Dolls To Amaze Your Little One In 2022

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LOL (Lil Outrageous Littles) Surprise toys have taken the toy industry by storm due to their surprise element. The best LOL dolls pique children’s curiosity and capture their complete attention. These dolls come in eye-catching colors and with enormous eyes. Each playset also includes a bunch of surprises and multi-layered wrapping to increase little ones’ curiosity as they unbox the doll. And the tiny accessories leave children no less surprised as each one is individually wrapped or comes packaged in a tiny container. Keep reading to learn more about the LOL Surprise dolls you can lay your hands on and surprise your children.

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13 Best LOL Dolls

1. Best Glowing:LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance Dolls With 8 Surprises

This LOL Surprise Dance doll is one of the classic dolls in the LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance Dolls series and comes with eight big surprises. The kit has eight surprises, including a doll, a dance card, black light, a spinning dance floor, and a costume for the figurine. Focus the blacklight on your doll to see the glowing surprises in the dark. You can collect all the Lol Surprise Dance Dance dolls and prepare them for the biggest dance-off. Click this video to get a glimpse of the doll and some cool accessories.


  • Connectible dance floor
  • Colorful design
  • Cute small accessories
  • Includes a flashlight
  • Removable costume


  • Colors might fade over time
  • Some parts may not be tight enough

2. Best Pop-Rock:LOL Surprise OMG Dance Dance Dance Major Lady Fashion Doll

The Major Lady fashion doll by LOL Surprise is characterized by her pop-rock style, appealing features, flawless hair, and fashion sense. She is also popular for her unique dance moves and turns heads whenever she hits the dance floor. The LOL OMG doll set comes with 15 surprises inside, including a garment bag with fashionable attire, black light, a dance screen, a hat box with a dance guide, and exciting accessories. The doll stands ten-inch tall, and its hands can be removed to let your child dress her up in no time. Take a look at this video for a detailed review of the LOL doll set.


  • Styled hair
  • Reusable playset
  • Sturdy build
  • Glows in the dark


  • Flashlight may look flimsy
  • Some may find the dressing age-inappropriate

3. Best Fashionable:LOL Surprise Tweens Fashion Doll Fancy Gurl

Fancy Gurl by LOL Surprise stands 6.5-inch tall and loves everything pink. The playset comes packaged in a reusable box that doubles as a bedroom. The kit includes a shimmery pink coat, glasses, earrings, sandals, and more to let Fancy Gurl make a fashion statement wherever she goes. It also includes a journal that tells you more about Fancy Gurl. Click this video to check out the accessories and learn about this fashionista in detail.


  • Includes 15 surprises
  • Cute removable accessories
  • Fold-out bed
  • Ideal size for little hands to hold
  • Sturdy build
  • Strongly stitched hair


  • Tiny accessories may pose a choking hazard
  • Some may find the design age-inappropriate
Fancy Gurl belongs to the LOL surprise Tweens Series 1 dolls. There are three more characters along with Fancy Gurl–Cherry B.B, Freshest, and Hoops cutie.

4. Best Poseable:LOL Surprise Big BB Bon Bon

The Bon Bon doll by LOL Surprise stands 11-inch tall and comes with a bundle of surprises. The packaging can be converted into a play station with a table, chair, and lovely background. The kit includes shoes, a jacket, a bodysuit, a skirt, an attractive backpack with silver zipping, and earrings to let her make a fashion statement. Your child can mix and match the fashion accessories to give the doll a stunning look. Besides, the poseable doll also features articulated arms and legs, making it a perfect doll for imaginative play.


  • Convertible packaging
  • Easy to move limbs
  • Encourages pretend-play
  • Easy to carry


  • Earrings may not be easy to insert
  • Paper chairs may not last

5. Best For Pretend Play:LOL Surprise Tweens Fashion Doll Hoops Cutie

Hoops Cutie tweens fashion doll set by LOL Surprise has 15 surprises in store for your child. She loves to wear sneakers and sports outfits, and her fashion style makes her a hit among little trendsetters. The journal included in the playset reveals more about her. The doll stands 6.5-inch tall, and her eye-catching features from head to toe make her look stunning. The packaging also doubles as a bedroom to let your children engage in pretend play for hours.


  • Easy fold-out bed
  • Cute handbag
  • Realistic curly hair
  • Durable quality
  • Strongly stitched clothes
  • Encourages imaginative play


  • May be smaller than you expect
  • May not be suitable for younger girls

6. Best Attractive:LOL Surprise OMG Spicy Babe Fashion Doll

LOL Surprise toys are all about surprises, and the OMG Spicy Babe set comes with not ten but 20 surprises, including shoes, a hat box, a hairbrush, and other accessories. Her garment bag reveals fashion outfits with mesmerizing colors and designs, and the articulated figurine can be made to take several poses. The kit also comes packaged in a reusable box that turns into a play space for your children to engage in imaginative play for hours. Spicy Babe stands ten-inch tall, and her hands are removable, thus enabling your child to dress her without much hassle.


  • Beautifully styled hair
  • Sturdy build
  • Cute accessories
  • Convertible package


  • Hair may shed over time
Spicy Babe fashion doll belongs to Series 4. She is the big sister to LOL character Spice.

7. Best For A Sports Lover:LOL Surprise OMG Guys Fashion Doll Cool Lev

LOL dolls are not just about fashion, dance, and rock and roll. Here’s a trendy doll for sports enthusiasts too. OMG Cool Lev by LOL Surprise loves to scribble, roll, and skate, all while being fashionable and cool. The kit comes with a pair of shoes, a skateboard, a jacket, cool glasses, headphones, and more. The articulated doll stands ten-inch tall, and the packaging doubles up as a dressing room for girls and boys to engage in pretend play.


  • Flexible design for creating multiple looks
  • Includes 20 surprises
  • Colorful package
  • Gender-neutral features


  • Tight shoes may be hard to put on
  • Legs might be slightly fragile
Price at the time of publication: $14.97

8. Best With Party Vibes:LOL Surprise OMG Present Surprise Fashion Doll Miss Glam

Miss Glam needs to attend a birthday party and is looking for outfit ideas. Your child can mix and match different outfits to create five different looks for Miss Glam. The set comes complete with a pair of shoes, glasses, an adorable purse, a bow, and more to make her stand out from the crowd. Her unique hairstyle makes her outrageously gorgeous, and her hands are removable to let you dress her effortlessly. Besides, the figurine is articulated for numerous poses, and the reusable packaging doubles up as a dressing room.


  • Fashionable outfits
  • Surprise pop-out confetti
  • Detailed facial features
  • Ideal size for little hands


  • Accessories may look flimsy
  • May not be appropriate for toddlers
The first OMG dolls were released in 2019 under series one, which featured Royal Bee, Neonlicious, Swag, and Lady Diva.

9. Best Combo:LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise Series 2 Slumber Party Theme

The slumber doll set by LOL Surprise includes a queen doll and her sister. These dolls come with a shimmery finish. The kit includes an inflatable mattress that turns into a water bed, six mystery surprises hidden in the sand, and a confetti package. It also comes with a fizz that turns into a cake when dropped in the water. This cake can also be used as a storage case or display box. You will also find a party banner, party invitation, kinetic sand, and other party accessories in this lovely kit.


  • Removable wig
  • Cute accessories
  • Fun to unbox
  • Easy to carry around
  • Sturdy plastic box


  • Some may find the dolls a tad too small
  • May be slightly messy to play with

10. Best Portable:LOL Surprise Color Change Bubbly Surprise Orange With Doll And Pet

Here’s a LOL Surprise doll set to amuse your children. The kit includes a hidden pet and a LOL Surprise doll inside the heart. Your child needs to add water to the heart to reveal the doll and the pet. Watch them as they get fizzy and change color. The packaging includes a portable handle and doubles as a shimmery purse, while the heart can be turned into a storage case. Your children can also uncover the balls and dig the kinetic sand to unravel more surprises.


  • Spacious storage case
  • Engaging playset
  • Easy to play with and carry
  • Available in two colors


  • Doll might be small
  • Might be slightly messy

11. Best Water Surprise:LOL Surprise Winter Chill Confetti Surprise Dolls

The Winter Chill Confetti LOL Surprise dolls are up for parties and runway walks. The toy set includes 15 surprises, including a pop of confetti, a doll with water surprise, and a mystery disguise. Bathe or feed the doll to disclose the water surprise. The attractive attire and shoes complement the doll, and the doll features shiny hair. Further, you can reuse the disguise as a fashion accessory several times.


  • Cute accessories
  • Fun to unbox
  • Attractive gift box
  • Reusable confetti pop capsule


  • May be smaller than the expected size

12. Best Multipurpose:LOL Surprise OMG Glamper Fashion Camper Doll Playset

Travel in style with the OMG Glamper Fashion Playset. It’s not just a car—this four-in-one glamper turns into a house, pool with a water slide, and runway too. It features more than 55 surprises and more than ten hangout areas. Further, the house can accommodate several OMG and Surprise dolls, and the detachable front part of the glamper turns into a car with an adjustable DJ booth. The set also includes bunk beds, a cafe, a closet filled with fashion and makeup accessories, a BBQ patio, lights and sounds, and more exciting features.


  • Two-story water slide
  • Light-up pool
  • Working horn
  • Ideal for pretend-play
  • Easy to store
  • Spacious playset


  • Door may be flimsy
  • Tiny pieces may be easy to lose

13. Best For Movie Fans:LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic Studios

Make your own movie with the exciting LOL Surprise dolls and accessories. This playset has more than 70 surprises for movie buffs. The kit helps children make movies with an entire cast and crew as it includes 12 dolls, including two OMG fashion dolls, six surprise dolls, two little sisters, and two pets. These LOL dolls come with movie-inspired clothes and fashion accessories, and the packaging turns into a movie studio with four stages and a green screen. The set offers perfect 3D fun and entertainment and encourages imaginative play.


  • Fun to unbox
  • Engaging playset
  • Easy to dress up
  • Sturdily dolls


  • Movie studio made of less-durable cardboard
  • May contain too many small pieces

How To Choose The Right LOL Dolls?

Choosing the right LOL dolls might be tricky as most dolls you get inside may not be the same as shown on the packaging. Consider these factors to make an informed choice.

  1. Size: If you are looking for big dolls, consider choosing big balls that reveal big dolls. Medium balls usually contain little sisters and baby dolls.
  2. Surprises: Each doll or playset comes with different surprises. Pick a toy set with a good number of surprises if your child loves tons of surprises.
  3. Features: Choose toys that are feature-loaded. Some dolls come with articulations and convertible packages to offer children more options to engage in imaginative play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is LOL Surprise still popular?

Since their debut in 2016, LOL Surprise Dolls have been one of the most popular dolls. Collecting LOL dolls has become a hobby among young girls. Unboxing these toys with each little accessory packed in individual boxes, colorful outfits, fashionable designs, and surprise elements has made these toys popular.

2. What is the biggest size LOL doll?

LOL Surprise Big BB Bon Bon doll is the biggest LOL doll that is 11 inches tall and comes with multiple cute accessories like shoes, a backpack, a jacket, a skirt, and more to mix and match and create different looks.

3. What’s the difference between LOL and OMG dolls?

OMG dolls are the latest edition of LOL Surprise dolls and are the big sisters of LOL surprise characters. LOL Surprise OMG dolls are poseable as these figures are highly articulated. They also come with mix-and-match accessories and different hair textures that you can style.

4. What ages are LOL dolls appropriate for?

Generally, LOL dolls are recommended for ages three and above. However, these surprise dolls come with several accessories packed individually in opaque boxes and may contain small parts that pose a risk of choking.

5. Why do LOL dolls have balls?

LOL surprise dolls come packed in colorful balls to make them look attractive and to provide a surprising unboxing experience. But recently, manufacturers have replaced plastic balls with more eco-friendly paper balls.

6. What happens to LOL dolls in cold water?

When dipped in cold water, LOL dolls change colors and reveal their secret outfits. Some LOL dolls can also change color when dipped in warm water.

LOL Surprise offers numerous toys with several surprises included in them. The brand comes up with unique themed dolls to match your child’s interest, whether it is a party-themed, winter themed, or fashion-themed doll. These little dolls feature attractive styles and outfits and charming eyes and are specially articulated to be ready for hundreds of poses. So, invest in one of these LOL dolls and surprise your child irrespective of the occasion.

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