15 Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Women In 2021


If there’s one thing that a woman wants from her perfume, it is for the fragrance to linger for a long time. It is refreshing to get a whiff of the perfume they applied in the morning, after a long tiring day. A scent that vanishes quickly is a major bummer, even if the fragrance is a pleasant one.

So, how does one figure out which perfume is long-lasting? MomJunction is here to help. Have a look at our list of best long-lasting perfumes for women.

15 Best Long-Lasting Perfumes for Women

1. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Like its name suggests, Flowerbomb from the fashion house of Dutch designer duo Viktor & Rolf, comes with an explosion of floral scents. A powerful and bold fragrance, Flowerbomb has been a consistent bestseller and  a  signature scent for many. This perfume has been labeled as iconic and is often rated as the best female perfume in the world. 


  • Classic and long-lasting perfume lingers on for many hours
  • Sweet, girly, and feminine fragrance
  • Infused with addictive floral notes of centifolia rose, sambac jasmine, cattleya orchid, freesia, and India osmanthus as well as the always-pleasing patchouli and vanilla


  • Expensive in comparison to other ladies’ perfumes

2. Mixologie – Electric (Citrus Twist)

Mixologie - Electric

One of the eight alcohol-free rollerball fragrances from Mixologie that can be blended together, Electric comes with a citrus medley of pink grapefruit, zesty lemon, and sweet mandarin. This fragrance has been formulated to evoke an electric mood.


  • Not too strong and alcohol-free, which ensure it isn’t overpowering
  • A subtle scent that manages to linger on for a long time
  • Can be layered with other Mixologie fragrances to create a custom mix
  • Fresh and clean fragrance


  • Available in roll-on option only, no spray version

3. 24 Faubourg by Hermes for Women

24 Faubourg by Hermes

Named after the novel written by Maurice Roucel in 1995, Faubourg has been created to be luxurious. A fusion of floral top notes and woody base notes, 24 Faubourg is considered to be a classic.


  • Sophisticated and warm fragrance
  • Intense, sharp, and crisp scent
  • Long-lasting aroma that stays on with the user for several hours


  • Fragrance isn’t very subtle
  • Expensive

4. Philosophy Amazing Grace

Philosophy Amazing Grace

This Eau de Parfum is from the wellbeing beauty brand Philosophy that focuses on combining science with inspiration. This perfume is known for its feminine fragrance that combines floral and fruity notes along with a base note of musk.


  • Simple, light, and elegant scent
  • Soft silage makes it ideal for office wear
  • Fragrance lingers on for many hours post application


  • Sprayer may not be very durable

5. Christian Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Christian Dior Miss Dior

From the top fashion house established by the late French fashion designer Christian Dior, Blooming Bouquet pays homage to the brand’s legendary association with flowers. Its aroma comes from a combination of top notes including Calabrian Bergamont, with Peony and Damascus Rose at its heart. At the base is white musk. All together, they provide a spring-like floral signature fragrance.


  • Feminine and refreshing with a subtle fragrance
  • Long-lasting—stays for a few hours
  • Can be worn by women of any age group
  • Ideal for spring and summer


  • Expensive for an Eau de Toilette
  • Not suited for fall or winter

6. BURBERRY Women’s Classic Eau de Parfum

BURBERRY Women’s Classic

A crowd pleaser for decades now, this fragrance has fruity top notes of blackcurrant and fresh green apple. The heart notes of cedarwood, jasmine, moss, and sandalwood make the fragrance rich and sensual, while the base notes of musk and vanilla add gentle warmth.


  • Classic scent for all ages and all seasons
  • Lasts all day long
  • Clean, light, and not overpowering


  • Slightly expensive

7. Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum

Gucci Bloom Eau

This perfume by the Italian Luxury Brand Gucci has been envisioned as a thriving garden of flowers and created to unfold like its name. Tuberose and Jasmine are the predominant notes, while the Rangoon creeper infuses a powdery, floral edge.


  • Manages to achieve a floral scent without a heavy aroma
  • Clean, youthful, and casual scent that is easy to carry off
  • Reasonable and value for money
  • Manages to last for five hours


  • Not suited for wear in winter

8. Marc Jacobs Women’s Daisy Eau de Toilette Spray

Marc Jacobs Women’s Daisy

Marc Jacobs Women’s Daisy Eau de Toilette Spray is designed to make its user feel as fresh as a Daisy. The fragrance begins with notes of grapefruit, pear, strawberry, and raspberry before moving on to violet, rose, apple blossom, and jasmine, and ends with a woody musk base.


  • Scores high on longevity
  • Good projection and moderate sillage make it a good choice for everyday office wear.
  • Fresh, clean, and airy fragrance that is non-offensive
  • Fruity aroma gives it a sweet smell


  • Fruity-floral combination is not completely original—some may find it generic
  • May not suit winter weather

9. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel Eau de Parfum Spray

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

This is an Oriental floral fragrance for women. This modern fragrance combines citrusy notes with white floral notes of grasse jasmine and may rose, and winds up with notes of  patchouli and vetiver.


  • Smells luxurious, classy, and rich
  • Sweet but not overpowering
  • Feminine fragrance suited for all age groups
  • Good sillage and longevity


  • Hefty price tag

10. Deluvia Hydra Spray – Vanilla Lavender

Deluvia Hydra Spray

This is a moisturizing body spray and face mist with essential oils, organic aloe vera, dead sea salt, and vitamins A and C. The fragrance is a blend of tranquil lavender and creamy vanilla.


  • Paraben-free and cruelty-free
  • Free of alcohol and dyes, so it can also be used as a deodorant or aromatic spray in your room
  • Rich in antioxidants and vitamins
  • Along with providing fragrance, it also acts as a moisturizer


  • May not be concentrated

11. True Star by Tommy Hilfiger for Women

True Star by Tommy Hilfiger

This is an Eau de Parfum spray from the fashion house of American designer Tommy Hilfiger. Endorsed by Beyonce Knowles who wanted the scent to be smart and sexy yet innocent, the perfume was first launched in 2004. It has an aquatic fresh and fruity sweet aroma with notes of honeysuckle, melon, aldehydes, musk, and citruses.


  • Not overpowering
  • Can be worn by women of all ages
  • Universal fragrance that suits most occasions


  • The aroma blend is unique and not everyone’s cup of tea

12. Floratta Rose Eau de Toilette by O Boticario

Floratta Rose Eau de Toilette

This is a Brazilian floral fragrance inspired by the freshness and romance in the air during early spring. Its aroma is that of a bouquet of fragrant fruity, floral, and green-scented tones. The top notes are of mandarin, cassis, peaches, fresh fruit complex, and pink pepper. The middle notes are of woodland lily, rose, ylang ylang, and gardenia, while the base notes are musk, cedarwood, and sandalwood.


  • The scent is fresh and uplifting
  • Light and delicate yet long-lasting scent


  • May not be suitable for fall or winter

13. Pheromones for Women – Body Spray

Pheromones for Women

This body spray contains a scientifically formulated human pheromone blend  for women and is formulated to attract men. It is infused with active ingredients such as estratetraenol, copulins, ginseng extract, ambac jasmine, rose, iris, and Neroli.


  • Lasts for up to 35 hours after application which is much longer than other perfumes and colognes
  • Cruelty-free
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients


  • Consistency of the spray is thick and may not spray easily

14. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau De Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Black

This women’s fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent features a deep base of complex coffee notes, with mellow pear and spicy pink pepper adding balance to the aroma. The sweet floral jasmine and orange blossom notes come out on top. The coffee beans and vanilla aroma makes it a gourmand fragrance that is dark yet feminine.


  • Long-lasting with moderate sillage
  • Strong, confident aroma


  • Could be too warm for summer

15. First Lady Michelle Perfume Body Oil for Women

First Lady Michelle Perfume

Inspired by the former US first lady Michelle Obama, this scent by Cultural Exchange is in the form of a body oil. It is a concentrated perfume oil without alcohol, ethanol, or water.


  • Lasts long because there are no fillers or alcohol that evaporate
  • Expected to last 6-10 times longer than perfumes
  • Apart from providing a fragrance, it also makes skin softer and smoother


  • Consistency is thicker than regular perfumes

How to Choose A Long-Lasting Perfume

  1. Type of scent: Opt for Parfums and Eau de Parfums for long-lasting scents. These have a high concentration of perfume.
  1. Focus on base notes: Perfumes that are base-note heavy tend to last longer as the base notes are those that linger the longest. Heavy base notes include wood, amber, leather, and musk.
  1. Avoid mixing fragrances: When shopping for fragrances, do not wear anything that can interfere with the scent of the perfume you are trying out. Also, do not  try out multiple perfumes at the same time.
  1. Open pores help retain the scent: The best time to apply perfume to make it last longer is immediately after your shower. Your skin can absorb the smell better at this time and prolongs the retention time.

This list contains a combination of scents that follow these principles. When selecting a perfume, pick one that is suited to your skin type, the season you’re wearing it in, and the occasion you’re wearing it for.

Which one of these long-lasting perfumes did you like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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