11 Best Loved Vintage Toys In 2021


We all surely had some favorite vintage toys during our childhood that will always hold a special place in our hearts. We have compiled a list of the best loved vintage toys to help you choose the right one for your collection. While some of the toys from our childhood might still be available, some have been upgraded to an advanced version. Ranging from robots and figurines to building blocks, there is something for everybody. So if you are looking for a vintage toy for your little one to make playtime more interesting, have a look at our list to learn more.

11 Best Loved Vintage toys

1. Basic Fun Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Retro And Vintage Toy

Suitable for children aged four and above, this game is the upgraded version of the Lite-Brite Ultimate classic game. Its screen measures 8.125×6.875 inches. The game includes more than 200 round, colorful pegs measuring one inch each. It helps develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The battery-powered LEDs light up in four different ways, and you can choose from six design templates.

2. Yintlilocn Mini Troll Dolls

The pack of ten mini-dolls is suitable for children of all age groups. You can use these dolls in your school project, collection, art, craft, and even as party favors.

Made from PVC and polyester material, these dolls are non-toxic, strictly inspected, and eco-friendly. Each toy has a different color, adding to its vibrancy.

3. Rocket Box Jacks Game

Including a set of instructions, these vintage toys for babies and adults include two red balls and ten silver and golden jacks. The game is reusable and comes in a portable container.

This game is also known as jackstones, knucklebones, onesies, five stones, and jack rocks. The jacks are durable and long-lasting, and their attractive colors add to the fun.

4. Slinky Brand Retro Slinky Dog

With the original 1950s packaging, the dog toy is seven inches tall, and you can stretch its body from five to 14 inches. Children aged above 18 months can play with this toy by pulling it with the leash. The item measures 12×4.25×7.25 inches and has iconic floppy ears and a coiled body.

5. Star Wars The Vintage Collection Darth Vader Toy

Measuring 3.75 inches, this Star Wars character toy is suitable for children aged four and above. Your child can re-create scenes and adventures from the classic Star Wars movies. It includes premium details and is inspired by the original packing line, with entertainment-inspired, collector-grade deco.

6. AzKrafts Handmade Painted Wood Spinning Tops

Available in a pack of six, these wooden vintage toys are multicolored and have different shapes. Each top has a 1.75-inch diameter and is made from 100% natural wood. It does not contain synthetic materials, plastic, or chemicals. The bright colors in this set are made to attract the child’s attention.

Made by rural artisans, these tops have a splinter-free surface and a glossy finish. They come in a cotton draw-string pouch for easy, eco-friendly storage.

7. Ttkbhhq Vintage Metal Planes

The set of three vintage iron metal planes is hand-painted and made from flexible materials for easy shape retention. They are modeled after the German Red Baron and work well as Christmas tree decorations. You can clean these planes with a dry, clean cloth.

8. Haptime Classic Kaleidoscopes

The kaleidoscopes from Haptime can encourage your child’s creativity, imagination, and color recognition. They offer a colorful presentation with a vibrant light show. There are 12 different wrappers in each kaleidoscope. Children aged three and above can use this product. They are easy to use and are suitable for little hands.

9. ArtCreativity Wooden Catch Ball Game

The catch-and-ball game from ArtCreativity is available in a set of two and can be played indoors and outdoors. Made from high-quality wood, this toy is eight inches tall and will keep your child active.

The ball is attached to the handle with a durable string so that your child doesn’t lose it. You need to catch the ball in the cup with a flick of the wrist, improving hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and focus.

10. Rolife 3D Wooden Puzzle

The vintage camera kit from Rolife is made using German laser-cutting technology. Made from natural wood, this camera features multi-layer wooden pressing and has a smooth, textured finish. It is non-toxic, and this 3D puzzle can be solved by you and your child together.

The kit includes a set of easy instructions and 142 wooden pieces, and it helps promote your child’s imagination and knowledge. Children aged eight years and above can easily play with the toy. The pieces fit each other seamlessly without glue.

11. Ceaco Vintage Toys Jigsaw Puzzle

Ceaco’s jigsaw puzzle contains 1500 pieces and measures 12x10x2.6 inches. The pieces in this puzzle are of standard size, and the entire puzzle measures 32×24 inches once completed. This game can be an effective way to help your child develop team spirit.

The details on this jigsaw puzzle are bold and fun with bright colors to attract your child’s attention. Suitable for children aged 12 and above, this game can improve your child’s focus and problem-solving skills.

How To Choose The Right Loved Vintage Toys?

Consider the following factors when choosing the right loved vintage toys.

  1. Age: Ensure the toy is age-appropriate to help your child play it easily and learn necessary skills.
  2. Upgrades: Make sure the toy has retained the authentic features of the original piece.
  3. Materials: Choose child-friendly toys made of safe, non-toxic materials, including wood and metal, for long-lasting use.

With various options and features, your whole family can sit together and play with these vintage toys for some quality bonding time. These loved vintage toys have not lost their essence over the decades and hold a special place in our hearts. We hope our list of the best loved vintage toys can help you choose the right one for your child.

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