19 Best Makeup Organizers In 2022 For A Neat Setup


Applying makeup to your face can be daunting, especially when you are desperately looking for that one lipstick that gives you the desired look for a party. Be it for a weekend outing or a party; you will need the best makeup organizers to help save your time picking some makeup products. They are available in various sizes and shapes and are easy to use and restock. We have a list of some of our recommended products and a list of features you can consider before purchasing one. Pick the product that suits your needs and keep your makeup products organized.

19 Best Makeup Organizers

1. Best Travel-Friendly:Relavel Travel Makeup Organizer

Relavel Travel Makeup Organizer

This is a travel-friendly makeup organizer that looks like a small briefcase. It has a flat soft opening, with pockets inside to hold makeup brushes. Underneath it is a sleek pouch with a zip to store compacts and other flat products. The main storage has adjustable and removable EVA partitions to hold makeup products of all sizes. The kit is waterproof and shockproof and comes with a two-way zipper and a handle, making it convenient to carry while traveling. Take a look at this video link to get more information on the product.

2. Best 360-Degree Rotation:AmeiTech Rotating Makeup Organizer

AmeiTech Rotating Makeup Organizer

Featuring a 360-degree rotating base, the organizer is comprised of 27 compartments. The top tray has two lipstick boxes that can hold up to 18 lipsticks, and a circular compartment for makeup brushes. The middle portion has four height-adjustable horizontal trays and two vertical supporting frames to form eight compartments where all your cosmetics can be placed. The bottom plate is the rotating base. Made of sturdy PS material, the unit is easy to clean and maintain. This video offers a more detailed explanation of the product.

3. Best Easy-To-Assemble:Sanipoe 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

Sanipoe 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

Made of high-quality acrylic, this makeup organizer comes with a 360-degree revolving shelf and a rotating base disc, making it easy for you to access the products. The top tray can be used to hold nail colors, lipsticks, makeup brushes, etc., while the lower chamber, comprised of four compartments, can be used to store cosmetics of different sizes. The product is easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. It makes a perfect gift for women on all occasions.

4. Best Compact:Masirs Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer

Masirs Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer

Made with transparent acrylic, the makeup organizer features 16 compartments and four drawers. The top portion has 12 lipstick holders, a small portion to keep small containers, and three sleek chambers to hold brushes and other thin bottles. The second level has two small drawers to store flat products like compacts, mascara, etc. The next two levels have two spacious drawers to keep accessories. The organizer is compact and fits well even in small spaces.

5. Best For Storage And Organization:Readaeer Cosmetic Organizer

Readaeer Cosmetic Organizer

Another large capacity organizer with 12 drawers and 16 compartments. The top slot has lipstick and makeup brush holders, while the rest of the organizer has drawers with mesh padding. The product can be divided into four separate portions and can be used individually for storage and organization of accessories and jewelry. It is available in three colors – black, transparent, and purplish-pink. The height of the product is15.9”, the length is 9.5”, and width is 5.4”. You may check this video for a better understanding of this product.

6. Best Interlocked Security:hblife Acrylic Makeup Organizer

hblife Acrylic Makeup Organizer

This is a large-sized acrylic makeup organizer with 16 top compartments, two small drawers, two middle drawers, and two large drawers. While the top portion can be used to hold lipsticks, makeup brushes, nail polishes, etc., the bottom drawers, which vary in sizes, can be used for products and accessories. The boxes can be interlocked securely and can also be detached to use separately. Each compartment has a mesh padding to keep the jewelry protected.

7. Best Easy-To-Clean:DreamGenius Makeup Organizer

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer

This product from DreamGenius is a large capacity makeup organizer with two compartments and nine drawers of different sizes. The organizer is comprised of four individual sets that can be interlocked to make a big organizer and can be detached to act as small standalone organizers. The drawers are easy to remove and have velvet padding to keep the jewelry protected. Made with clear acrylic, the organizer makes it easy to find the content. The organizer fits in any cabinet and is easy to clean.

8. Best ABS Plastic:Maxkim Makeup Organizer

Maxkim Makeup Organizer

Made with ABS plastic, the makeup organizer has nine compartments, including three in one drawer. The top portion with six slots is open and can be used for storing various cosmetic products, lipsticks, and makeup brushes, while the bottom drawer has three slots for jewelry and accessories. Every compartment comes with a velvet pad to secure things in place and features smooth edges to remain scratch-free. The product can be used as a multi-purpose organizer for office, desktop, and bathroom.

9. Best Durable:Bestie Wooden Cosmetic Storage Box

Bestie Wooden Cosmetic Storage Box

Made with eco-friendly, durable, and lightweight wood, the vanity organizer is painted with a white texture that prevents cracking and fading of the wood color. The organizer is comprised of three main slots on the top and three easy-to-pull drawers at the bottom. The top two corner slots have six portions each, while the middle slot is left empty to hold big products. The organizer is available in two shades, rustic and rustic burnt.

10. Best Adjustable:Rayking Makeup Organizer

Rayking Makeup Organizer

Made of high-grade imported material, the steady square base, 360-degree rotating makeup organizer features four pack trays and five adjustable layers. The top open slot holds makeup brushes, nail polishes, etc., while the other trays can be used to place cosmetic and makeup products of all sizes. The height of the trays can be adjusted as per your needs. The square and crystal diamond-cut design further enhances the look of the organizer.

11. STORi Clear Vanity Makeup Organizer

STORi Clear Vanity Makeup Organizer

This is a simple yet stylish cosmetic organizer with six spacious compartments arranged in a sloped fashion. The two sections in the back are less broad, and hence can be used to hold tall items such as makeup brushes, combs, etc. The next four compartments are almost equally sized and can be used for various makeup and cosmetic products and accessories. The organizer is made of premium plastic with transparent design and looks perfect on any vanity table.

12. ZHIAI Cosmetic Organizer

ZHIAI Cosmetic Organizer

This is a stackable and interchangeable cosmetic organizer with 12 top compartments, six small drawers, three large drawers, and two square drawers. The top compartment can be used to hold lipsticks, makeup brushes, and others. The below drawers are for all other products that can be arranged as per your convenience. The organizer has an interchangeable design that allows you to stack it as per your preference. It is made with acrylic and is available in a shade of pink.

13. Cq Acrylic Vanity Desktop Makeup Organizer

Cq Acrylic Vanity Desktop Makeup Organizer

Made of high-quality acrylic, the Cq Acrylic Vanity Desktop Makeup Organizer is a multi-purpose unit with 20 compartments of various sizes. It measures 34x24x8cm in size and can fit on any desk or vanity. With ten lipstick slots and five portions to hold makeup brushes, the organizer has other spacious grids for all your everyday makeup essentials. The organizer is easy to clean and does not discolor over time.

14. Elever Stackable Makeup Organizer

Elever Stackable Makeup Organizer

The top, open section of the organizer has a large compartment for tall products and three-segmented slots to hold lipsticks, makeup brushes, and other small products in place. The bottom section features three dust-proof drawers, in addition to a large and two small ones to store small items. The top and bottom sections can be used together or separately. The unit can be used not just for vanity, but also as a desk and bathroom organizer.

15. DZ Tech 4-in-1 Professional Makeup Aluminum Cosmetics Organizer

DZ Tech 4-in-1 Professional Makeup Aluminum Cosmetics Organizer

Made with ABS, the professional makeup organizer features an aluminum frame and reinforced steel corners. It has four detachable sections with spill-proof and dust-proof interiors. The top portion can be used independently as a portable makeup case. It has four foldable trays that slide inside when closed. The second section has adjustable plastic separators, which can be adjusted to fit products of different sizes. The third and the fourth compartments are left empty to store big and heavy equipment and other accessories.

16. Hersee Antique Large Capacity Makeup Organizer

Hersee Antique Large Capacity Makeup Organizer

Resembling a glass tower, the vanity organizer has ten compartments spread across four layers from top to bottom. With a steady rotating base, the unit is made of thick, durable glass. It has gold trimming to all the edges and borders, making it look antique. It is not only an organizer but can also be used as a cosmetic display unit in your vanity. While the open top and bottom areas can hold tall products, the middle two compartments are for mid-sized cosmetics.

17. V-Hanver Multifunctional Acrylic Makeup Organizer

V-Hanver Multifunctional Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Featuring three functional areas, the makeup organizer has a total of 18 lipstick slots, six compartments, and one open-top holder. The top of the unit has an open diamond-cut design to hold perfumes, nail paints, and other toiletries, while the bottom portion comprises the lipstick slots and sleek slots to hold eye shadow pallets and compacts. Three shelves are removable to adjust to the height of the products. The organizer can stand vertically on your dresser or lay horizontally in your drawer.

18. mDesign Plastic Makeup Storage Organizer

mDesign Plastic Makeup Storage Organizer

With six slots of varying heights, the organizer helps you arrange your cosmetics by size. The tallest four slots of the product can be used for makeup brushes, liquid lipsticks, mascaras, etc., while the shorter compartments can be used for small bottles. The multi-purpose holder can also be used for bath, craft, and office purposes. It is made with BPA and chlorine-free, shatter-resistant, durable plastic and fits wells in smaller spaces.

19. MOOCHI Professional Large Cosmetic Makeup Organizer

MOOCHI Professional Large Cosmetic Makeup Organizer

Made with clear acrylic, the organizer comes in a single piece with integrated molding, meaning you don’t have to assemble it. It features one large compartment and three drawers. The top compartment comes with a curved cover and can hold more than ten tall cosmetic products like toners, perfumes, cleansers, etc. The second tier has two adjacent drawers for small-sized cosmetics like compacts, face masks, etc., and the bottom tier has one big drawer for mid-sized products.

How To Choose The Right Make-Up Organizer?

Now that you have a list of the best makeup organizers available in the market, you can pick the one that is suitable for your needs. Here are a few tips to help you make that choice.

  • Size of the organizer: Makeup organizers are available in all sizes and shapes. Pick one based on the number of products and cosmetics you have. Consider only the products that you need for everyday use or small weekend parties while deciding the size of the organizer. Also, consider the available space on your dresser or the drawer where you would like to place the organizer.
  • Operating model: If you’re considering a large vanity organizer, look for rotating models that provide 360-degree access to all the products. Small and medium-sized organizers, in which items are easy to view and access, a rotating model is not necessary.
  • Material used: Besides durability, visibility or transparency is another factor you need to check when considering the material. Clear acrylic organizers provide better visibility compared to colored models and those made of other materials.
  • Maintenance: Choose the organizers that are easy to clean and maintain. The material should be easy to clean with regular water and soap. Fabric-based organizers might need extra care compared to the acrylic ones.

The right makeup organizer not only helps you keep your space neat and clean but also saves your time, which otherwise would have been wasted in finding that one product at the last minute. We hope that the above suggestions help you find the right organizer that works for you.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag is passionate about skincare and makeup products and conducts extensive research on the products she recommends by analyzing user reviews and product listings. She has compiled this list of the best makeup organizers after ensuring they have plenty of compartments, trays, and brush holders to hold makeup accessories. In addition, the list comprises waterproof and lightweight kits as well as some travel-friendly ones. Poulami has also included a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

What’s your favorite makeup organizer from our list? Let us know in the comments section below.
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