19 Best Makeup Sponge Blenders For Flawless Skin In 2021


Makeup sponges are essential to achieve a smooth base and to blend different products seamlessly. So, here’s our list of the best makeup sponges to help you choose the right one. Makeup sponges are available in different shapes, sizes, and textures. They can reach every angle on your face by blending the creams and powders into your skin, giving you a natural finish. But, choosing one that suits your needs can be a daunting task. So, explore our list to know about various sponges and their purposes to make an informed decision.

19 Best Makeup Sponges

1. Beakey Makeup Sponge Blender

Created to offer professional foundation applications, these teardrop-shaped sponges are made of non-latex material. It is a set of five beauty blender sponges in varied colors. Featuring tiny uniform pores, you can use them to apply all kinds of cosmetics. Durable and reusable, you can use these makeup blending sponges for dry and wet applications to get a flawless finish.

2. BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge

BeautyBlender’s blending sponge is an ideal applicator for foundations, concealers, and highlighters. It has a large surface area for quick application and a contoured tip for precision. This high-quality sponge is designed to absorb minimal product to maximize product application on your skin. It is cruelty-free and grows twice in size when wet.


3. InnoGear Makeup Sponge Set

InnoGear makeup sponges are ideal for applying cosmetics such as foundation, concealer, powder, and liquid products. Available in multiple colors, the sponges have a water drop shape and a cut surface design for optimum blending. They are made of pure sponge material, making them easy to use and clean. The soft and bouncy blender sponges expand when wet for convenient application.

4. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Makeup Blender

Designed for smooth and uniform application, these latex-free sponges offer an airbrushed finish. It is a set of six sponges, comprising two complexion sponges, three mini eraser sponges, and one miracle sculpting sponge. They can be used dry for full coverage or damp to get a dewy glow.

5. Beakey Makeup Sponges With Kabuki Contour Brush

With three makeup beauty sponges and one contour brush, this cruelty-free set caters to all your makeup needs. Made from non-latex material, these super-soft foundation sponges effectively blend all kinds of cosmetics. Available in gourd, oval, and flat-end sponges, you can use these cosmetic sponges for dry and wet applications.

6. Juno & Co. Microfiber Sponge

A set of four double-sided sponges, these are made of non-abrasive, ultra-soft microfiber material. The sponges have rounded sides to blend large areas and pointed sides to contour around the nose and eyes. Suitable for applying blush, powders, liquid foundations, contouring, and concealers, these brilliant multitasking sponges can be used wet and dry.

7. Artist’s Choice Makeup Sponge Mini Applicator Wedges

The wedge-shaped makeup sponge helps to provide a precise and controlled application with its mini sponge crisp edges. It is water-absorbent and suitable for dry and wet applications. Made from soft and durable non-latex material, the disposable sponge helps fade, smoother, and blend.

8. Xing-Ruiyang Makeup Sponge With Holder Stand

Featuring a pointed end, flat bottom, and a curved surface, this set contains 18 makeup foundation sponges. These soft and bouncy sponges are made of non-latex material in bright colors. The set includes two stands for holding the beauty blenders. You can use them with foundations, powders, concealers, and cosmetics for dry and wet applications.


9. Hygea Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender Set

The soft-finished makeup puff sponges by Hygea are environment-friendly and made of durable, bouncy, and elastic material. It is a set of five blending sponges that can blend various facial cosmetics. They are easy to use and clean and can be used dry or wet for the desired finish.

10. Kooba Round Makeup Sponges Supplement

Apply powders, creams, foundations, and other beauty products using these round soft sponges. It is a set of four soft and smooth beauty blender makeup sponges designed for efficient application and makeup removal. Made using Japan NBR material, they are durable and easy to wash and use.


11. Teenitor Makeup Sponge Blender For Curve Blending

Comprising 48 face sponge makeup blenders, this set from Teenitor can blend different beauty products into the skin. These small, wedge-shaped, mass makeup sponges ensure even application all over the face. Made of premium hydrophilic polyurethane, they are washable, reusable, and can be used with wet and dry makeup.

12. Yeotwin Makeup Sponge Set

Blend foundations, powders, BB creams, and other beauty products into your skin with these non-latex, traditional makeup sponges. It is a set of ten 100% vegan squishy makeup sponges with good absorbance that can be used dry and wet. Five of these blenders are drop round-shaped, and five have a cut surface design to suit different makeup needs.

13. Snowflakes Mini Makeup Sponge Blenders

Snowflakes’ set of six mini makeup sponges is designed for under-eye circles, brow bones, nose corners, lips, and other small areas on the face. These reusable and durable blenders are made of hydrophilic polyurethane and can be used dry and wet.

14. Lassum Round Powder Puff Makeup Sponge Blenders

Lassum’s round sponge blenders can be used to apply powder, liquid foundation, cream, etc. It is a set of 20 soft, white makeup sponges, offering flexible makeup applications. These durable and reusable puffs can be cleaned easily using mild cleaners and are replaceable.

15. Teemi Makeup Sponge Beauty Blenders

Made from high-quality sponge, these reusable and durable beauty blenders come in a pack of ten. They are easy to use and clean and are ideal for beginners and professionals. The round base with the pointed end is suitable to reach the difficult areas for precise application. They can be used dry and wet depending upon your makeup needs.

16. Charm Arbre Floral Makeup Sponge Blenders

Made from premium hydrophilic polyurethane, these foundation sponges have a bouncy and soft texture for even application. It is a set of four cruelty-free sponge blenders in teardrop and oval shapes and can be used on large areas as well as tricky corners. They can be used for wet and dry applications.


17. Lily Dreams Cosmetic Makeup Blender Sponges

Made of soft, elastic, and spongy material, this set of three makeup sponges minimizes makeup wastage. Featuring three different head shapes to meet different makeup requirements, these sponges come with handles to keep hands clean and offer better application. Designed to be used with dry and wet makeup, these sponges help absorb oil from the skin.

18. Glammie Makeup Sponges Blender Set

Comprising two classic sponges, two dual-ended sponges, two angled sponges, and two mini concealer sponges, these blenders offer different functions and are designed to absorb the minimal product for optimum application.

19. Fast b. Makeup Sponge Blender Set

The Fast b. makeup set consists of sponges with rounded sides, flat edges, and pointed tips for blending, contouring, and concealing. The mini sponge applicators are for precise application in difficult areas. They can be used dry and damp depending on your needs.

How To Choose The Right Makeup Sponge?

Keep these points in mind while buying a makeup sponge.

1. Texture: Go for a sponge blender with a soft texture and flexible enough to evenly and conveniently distribute the product.

2. Density: The denser the makeup sponge, the lesser the porosity will be. Therefore, it is likely to absorb less of your products. Go with high-density blenders for applying full coverage foundations and low-density blenders for light to medium coverage foundations.

3. Shape and size: Makeup sponges are available in different shapes and sizes for various makeup requirements. You should select the size and shape of the blender based on your needs.

4. Ease of cleaning: Choose sponges that are quick and easy to clean so that there is no product build-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I use a makeup sponge instead of a makeup brush?

Use makeup sponges to apply and blend liquid foundations or products with a creamy texture. On the other hand, makeup brushes are effective in applying powders.

2. How often can I wash makeup sponge?

Wash or replace a makeup sponge every three months to help prevent product build-up and maintain hygiene. Regular cleaning of makeup sponge is important to protect your skin from infections.

Smooth and natural makeup is easy when you have the right product in your vanity. Makeup sponges are designed for even and effective application of several cosmetics for an even finish. This list of the best makeup sponges will help you find a suitable makeup blender.

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