10 Best Massage Shower Head In 2022


Enjoy a spa-like showering experience at home with our list of the best massage showerheads. Massage shower heads can make a huge difference to your showering experience. They work well if you want to address some pain points while taking a shower and help you relax and rejuvenate. While some are fixed, others may contain a 360-degree rotatable head or a long hose that helps reach different pressure points. These showerheads are easy to install and compatible with most bathroom connections and fittings. So, take a look at our list to learn more about the various massage showerheads, including their features, pros, and cons.

10 Best Massage Shower Heads

1. Best Multifunctional:Culligan Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head With Massage

This showerhead from Culligan comes with five spray settings, ranging from full body to invigorating pulse to let you have a refreshing shower and relaxing muscle massage each time. Its advanced filtration system, featuring WHR-140 filter cartridge, removes impurities, such as chlorine, scale, and sulfur odor, to protect your hair and skin. It is further tested and certified by IAPMO and EPA. The no-tool installation shower head is compatible with any standard half-inch thread shower arm. If you want to know more about the benefits of this product, check out this quick review on YouTube.


  • Multi-functional
  • Sturdy design
  • Non-clogging rubber spray nozzle
  • Large range motion
  • Reduces chlorine and rust
  • WaterSense-certified


  • Changing the spray settings may not be a breeze

2.  Best Water-Saving:AquaBliss TheraSpa Hand Shower

The luxurious and contemporary chrome hand shower from AquaBliss is equipped with a six-mode massage shower head. The adjustable shower head and nozzle system are crafted with high-quality plastic and brass nuts for durability, while the 6.5-foot ultra-long and 360-degree rotatable stainless steel hose is perfect for reaching hard-to-reach areas. Here’s an honest review of the product.


  • Water-saving On/Off function
  • Universal fit
  • Flexible hose
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Anti-clog nozzles
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable and removable shower head
  • One-year warranty


  • May not be as durable as you would want it to be

3. Best Corrosion-Resistant: Aqua Elegante Massage Shower Head

Aqua Elegante massage shower head is designed with six spray patterns, ranging from light mist to jet stream, to give you the ultimate showering experience each time. The shower head has an oil-rubbed ABS body that gives it a robust finish, while the nozzles are mineral-resistant and prevent calcium build-up. The installation is easy with step-by-step instructions and the high-quality Teflon tape.


  • Corrosion-resistant and rust-free
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Self-cleaning silicone rubber nozzles
  • Durable brass threads
  • Long-range motion


  • Loud operation

4. Best Lightweight:Chrider Handheld Shower Head

Made of chrome-plated premium ABS material and stainless steel hose, the Chrider shower head is sturdy and durable. The electroplated design makes this showerhead elegant and glossy and prevents rusting and fading. Its five showerhead settings, including two massage settings, give you the best showering experience. It also includes an adjustable overhead bracket with swivel brass ball joints to control the flow of water.


  • Multi-functional design
  • Lightweight
  • Removable shower head
  • Sand filter disk


  • May not be easy to install as claimed

5. Best Convenient:Waterpik Handheld Shower Head

Equipped with four spray settings, this water massage shower head from Waterpik allows you to choose a setting based on your mood. The handheld shower head comes with a five-foot hose for convenience and can be installed without the requirement for tools or a plumber.


  • Adjustable angle bracket
  • Multiple spray settings
  • Long hose for convenience
  • Easy to install—no pipe tape required
  • Includes an instruction manual


  • May have a plastic smell

6. Best Long Lasting:Hammerhead Showers Handheld Shower Head

Hammerhead Showers handheld shower head is one of the best massage shower heads you can find in the market due to its metal components and industry-rated 2.5 GPM flow rate. In addition, it comes with three unique spray settings to offer you a spa-like experience. The shower head is built from durable 304 stainless steel and features a silicone nozzle for easy cleaning.


  • Long-lasting
  • Adjustable 360-degree rotating holder
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Industrial electroplating
  • DIY installation
  • BPA-free


  • Plastic hose

7. Best Easy To Install:Waterpik PowerPulse Massage Shower Head

Designed with the patented PowerPulse massage technology, the massage shower head from Waterpik delivers twice the massage force as regular ones available in the market. The powerful shower head offers six spray settings to give you a full body massage and soothe muscle tension. Further, it comes with a five-foot hose to enhance convenience when bathing.


  • Includes a bracket holder and two washers
  • Water-saving mode
  • Promotes sleep
  • Easy to install


  • Plastic hose

8. Best Lead-Free:Amazing Force Handheld Shower Head

Amazing Force handheld shower head comes with seven spray settings, ranging from simple massage to high-pressure shower. The nozzles are made of soft silicone TPR to prevent any mineral accumulation, while the five-foot hose is made of stainless steel to prevent rusting or fading. Further, the strong suction shower holder allows you to place the shower arm at any desired height.


  • Multiple spray settings
  • Vacuum suction cup holder
  • Adjustable dual brackets
  • Chrome-plated ABS body
  • Lead-free


  • Massage setting may not be powerful

9. Best Anti-Leak:Sinvula Handheld Shower Head

The unique hand spray from Sinvula comes with six different spray modes to provide you with the ultimate shower experience even at low water flow and pressure levels. Further, it comes with a 5.7-foot super flexible and durable stainless steel shower hose and a high-quality Teflon tape for ease of installation.


  • Removable flow restrictor
  • Tool-free connection
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality ABS body
  • Anti-clog nozzle
  • 360-degree adjustable ball joint bracket


  • High pressure even in mist setting

10. Ezelia Fixed Shower Head

Here’s a nine-spray mode fixed shower head from Ezelia to offer you a variety of shower needs for a luxurious showering experience. It has an ABS plastic body and a polished chrome shower head for enhanced durability and long-lasting use. The metal swivel ball joint is 360-degree rotatable to allow you to adjust the angle of the water spray. Furthermore, the set comes with all the accessories for ease of installation.


  • Self-cleaning jet nozzles
  • Durable chrome finish
  • Anti-leak
  • Anti-clog


  • May not be great at low-pressure modes

How To Choose The Right Massage Shower Head?

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right massage shower head.

  1. Multiple settings: Choose a shower head with multiple spray settings, including a massage setting, for a rejuvenating showering experience.
  2. Water pressure: Depending on the place you live in, there may be restrictions on the water flow. Buy a shower head with a flow restrictor installed to save on water bills.
  3. Handheld: Handheld shower heads can be taken off the mount for use. This feature allows you to target specific areas while taking a bath.
  4. Compatibility: It is important that the product you choose is compatible with your bathroom setup, or it will require extensive installation.
  5. Durability: It is not easy to purchase a new shower head now and then; hence, buy one that is designed with high-quality material for durability.

By installing a good massage shower head in your washroom, you can live the spa experience every day at home. They are efficient and relaxing and help relax your muscles to ease pain and stress. However, while choosing a showerhead, ensure to use one with good water pressure that’s not too harsh or slow for effective results. The product should be sturdy and efficient for long-lasting use. Our list of the best massage showerheads includes various stylish designs and finishes that you can compare to understand your requirements.

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