Zodiac Signs That Are Best Match For Pisces Man

Finding the best match for a Pisces man is not an easy task. Being a water sign, Pisces men are highly emotional and tend to look for the same thing in their partner as well. And being diehard romantics, matching up to their level of love, tenderness and affection is not at all easy. Therefore, knowing the zodiac sign of your potential lover can help you find an ideal partner and build a strong relationship. Read on to know about the signs that match the best with a Pisces man.

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Best Match For Pisces Man (Zodiac Signs That Are Most Compatible)

Pisces men are emotional beings who yearn for a soulmate who would pepper them with love and affection. Scroll down to find out some of the best matches for Pisces man that keep them grounded and sweep them off their feet at the same time.


Taurus woman and Pisces man match

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An earth sign, Taurus is one the best matches for Pisces man. Like a Pisces man, a Taurus woman also has no inhibitions in showering their partner with love. Sharing the same amount of passion, a Taurean would never shy away from talking about their feelings to a Pisces man. Their honest and loyal nature would draw them towards each other and help them reach greater heights in life.

Just like the emotional one, their sexual relationship would be spot-on as well, thanks to their compatibility. Taurus’ passion in bed and Pisces’ love out of it is what makes their union a one-in-a-million kind. Apart from their sensuality, a Taurus woman also helps a Pisces man eliminate insecurities.


A blend of fire and love, a Pisces man and a Sagittarius woman are a perfect match. Belonging to the fire element, Sagittarius woman is fearless and draws a lot of attention. Their independent approach might be intimidating to some, but not to a Pisces man who appreciates a Sagittarius woman’s personality traits.

While they enjoy a strong connection, Piscean’s emotions and a Sagittarian’s straightforward nature can prove to be a hindrance. But, their bond can still achieve longevity if they practice patience with each other.

In terms of sexual relationship, both Sagittarius and Pisces will make love like lost puzzle pieces, completing each other. A Sagittarius woman has an unquenchable thirst for sex, and to match up to her level, a Pisces man certainly has to go that extra mile by trying new and extraordinary things in bed.


Emotional connection between Cancer woman and Pisces man

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When it comes to compatibility, one of the best Pisces love matches can be a Cancerian woman. Both the water signs seek emotional intimacy and connect on a spiritual level.

Caregiving naturally comes to a Cancer woman who is quite domestic and puts her family above everything. A Pisces man, on the other hand, appreciates their efforts and resonates with her thought process. While a Piscean can help a Cancerian with their emotions, the latter can help the former understand the practicalities of life. Each of them treats the partner’s emotional world with care and try not to hurt each other’s delicate nature

Although this Cancer and Pisces couple enjoys a great sexual relationship, thanks to their high emotional quotients, they will experience a heartbreak like never before while parting ways.


Compatible Scorpio woman and Pisces man

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Pisces and Scorpio, both being water signs, stand tall on the compatibility meter. They meet on many common grounds like faithfulness, commitment, passion, forming meaningful bonds, and whatnot, making a Scorpion woman the best match for Pisces man.

While a Pisces man is sensitive, a Scorpion woman is head-strong and intense. There is no denying that it is their differences of nature and opinion that make theirs a great bond. They appreciate their differences and work towards meeting on common ground.

Fuelled by intensity and fidelity, they are great in bed and enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship. They push each other to try out new things, bringing innovation to the table.

protip_icon Quick tip
If you are dating a Pisces man, treat him with care and respect. Being a compassionate sign, Pisces will reciprocate your gesture by going above and above to make you feel loved.


Chemistry between Virgo woman and Pisces man

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Virgo and Pisces relationship has power written all over it. The beauty of their bond is that they are both reliable and sensible, making them considerate of each other’s opinions. A Virgo woman is smart and intelligent. On the other hand, a Pisces man is known for his intuition.

One of the best romantic matches for Pisces, they form a deep connection on the edifice of mutual love, admiration, and respect. As Pisceans are excellent listeners, and Virgos, being the talkative ones, they never get bored of talking, which makes them feel special and valued.

Their sexual companionship is also exceptional, considering their burning chemistry. Initially, the Virgo woman may have inhibitions, but with the understanding and compassionate nature of the Pisces man, she will get past them. The only key is to stay patient and keep trying to make her comfortable.


These two signs of astrology are bound to feel an attraction towards each other instantly. Their relationship might develop slowly, but they have every chance to develop something stable and filled with harmony. A Capricorn woman can become his solid rock, while a Pisces man can help her get in touch with her emotional self and open up Belonging to earth and water elements, unlike a Pisces man, a Capricorn woman is not a dreamer but believes in facing the realities of life head-on. Being responsible, hard-working, and goal-driven are a few of the many things common between them that will help them enjoy a steady relationship.

When it comes to their sexual relationship, they want different things from it, but eventually enjoy the shared pleasure. While a Pisces man makes love out of emotions, a Capricorn woman is more about physical intimacy than love when in the act.

All in all, this Capricorn and Pisces relationship needs some work, but it’s worth it.


Leo, an interesting match for Pisces man

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When water and fire come together, is it nothing less than magic? An interesting match, a Leo woman is courageous, righteous, bold, and aggressive in her approach. A Pisces man, on the other hand, is adaptable as water. Their union is a perfect match since a Piscean is well-capable of understanding the generous nature of a Leo.

The compassion between Leo and Pisces will get the compatibility meter soaring, making a Leo woman a great pick for a Pisces man love match. Speaking of their sexual relationship, being a tender lover, the Pisces man will make the Leo woman happy in the bedroom with his sweet ways and gentle touches. His feelings and her love for passionate sex bring them closer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Pisces man’s love language?

The love language of a Piscean is the use of affirmative words. They do not want you to plan any grand gestures or material gifts for them. Instead, simple and meaningful words of comfort and love will make them the happiest and also help them realize your sincerity towards them.

2. Who should Pisces avoid?

The following signs are known to be the least compatible with Pisceans: Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, and Saggitarius. Thus, it is advised that Pisces maintain a formal distance from these signs to avoid any complications. However, you may still go ahead and form a bond before you decide if it works for you or not.

3. What personality traits are most attractive to a Pisces man?

Pisces men are typically drawn to emotionally expressive, gentle, and calm individuals. They value partners who can understand and encourage their aspirations, possess creativity and intuition, and enjoy romantic and peaceful environments.

4. What are the most common challenges in a relationship with a Pisces man?

In a relationship with a Pisces man, common challenges may arise due to his sensitivity, indecisiveness, and aversion to confrontation. He may expect his partner to understand his emotions and thoughts without direct communication, making it difficult to address issues or provide constructive criticism.

5. Who is Pisces’s soulmate?

Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, and Scorpio can be Pisces’s soulmates. Pisces is a sign with nurturing qualities. They are drawn to people who can provide them with emotional support. Pisces gets along with fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio because they can understand each other well. A Pisces-Cancer relationship thrives on empathy and strong emotional bonds. Pisces and Scorpio share a deep connection as they value loyalty and commitment. A Pisces-Taurus union is characterized by comfort and security, while a Virgo-Pisces relationship thrives on practicality and stability.

6. Who is Pisces’s twin flame?

Cancer is the twin flame of Pisces. Pisces and Cancer are water signs and have similar perspectives and values. Both the signs are warm and caring and support each other’s spiritual growth. Because they share the water element, they can create an intuitive connection. They understand each other like no one else and can make a deep and meaningful connection based on trust and empathy.

Pisces men are sensitive and loyal lovers. They crave strong emotional connections and look for a partner with a similar level of romance and devotion. While they connect naturally with certain zodiac signs, they will have a hard time being with other zodiacs. Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, and Leo are considered the best matches for a Pisces man. However, if you are keen on a relationship with a Pisces man and don’t belong to the above signs, there is no reason to be disheartened. You can also work out a fruitful relationship with Pisces with trust, open communication, loyalty, empathy, and understanding.

Infographic: Best Matches For A Pisces Man

In the infographic below, we have listed a few signs that are considered perfect matches for a Pisces man. Keeping this list handy and gathering more information about the signs can help you with finding suitable matches. You can also share the list with your friends and family to help them.

zodiac signs highly compatible with a pisces man (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Pisces men are emotional and highly romantic and look for similar traits in their partners
  • Women belonging to Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and a few other zodiac signs stand tall in the compatibility quotient
  • However, besides compatible zodiac signs, several other factors contribute to a healthy relationship.

Find out which zodiac signs are most compatible with Pisces in this informative video! Learn how to make the most of your relationships with this star sign.

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