25 Best Matchbox Cars To Buy In 2022


Matchbox cars are made on a scale of 1:64 or 1:58 and are mini replicas of the original cars with intricate detailing. If you wish to give your child these miniature toys, here’s our list of the best matchbox cars for you to choose from. Their small design can easily fit well into a matchbox. Although they are tiny, they function as any regular toy car and help improve children’s imaginative play, enabling them to explore, experiment, and develop motor skills. So explore our list to learn more.

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25 Best Matchbox Cars

1. Best For Role-Play: Matchbox Mattel Gift Pack Set

Join your kid in an action-filled role-play scene with the Matchbox Mattel Gift Pack Set. This set includes nine vehicles of 1:64 scale with one exclusive car. The collection consists of racing speedsters, specialty vehicles, heavy-duty workhorses, and more exciting vehicles. The colors and the decors of the vehicle may vary from pack to pack.

2. Best Road Trip Model: Matchbox Polaris Slingshot

Matchbox Polaris slingshot is a road trip model that comes with smooth wheels. This vehicle is designed with a 1: 64 diecast model. It has three wheels – two wheels on the front and one on the rear side. This will allow the car to move smoothly, especially on soft surfaces. Matchbox introduced the first edition of this model in 2014.

3. Best 50-Car Pack: Matchbox Instant Collection

Matchbox instant collection comes with a 50-car pack. These cars look pragmatic and are an ideal gift for your kids. They come with multiple themes, realistic detailing, and can create igniting stories and adventures. Each replica is constructed on a scale of 1:64.

4. Best Candy Theme: Matchbox Candy Theme Car Set

Matchbox candy theme car set includes six vehicles with different colors and decor. All the cars come with textured wheels to move quickly and smoothly. The collection also includes chow mobile, Austin mini-van Volkswagen beetle, and Volkswagen caddy delivery ford GT 40 02 Humvee H2 Suv concept. Each vehicle in the car set is made on a scale of 1:64 diecast.

5. Best County Patrol: Matchbox MBX Rescue ‘51 Hudson Hornet

Patrol your imaginative town to keep safe from nasty thieves. Bring home county patrol Matchbox MBX rescue ‘51 Hudson hornet that comes with narrow wheels. It has a clear window color, and the car is made of metal and plastic material. This car comes with a 1: 64 scale diecast and is first introduced in 2022.

6. Best With Textured Wheels: Matchbox 2022 AutoBahn Express Vehicle Set

You can gift your little one this Matchbox 2022 AutoBahn Express vehicle set. This set includes Volvo wagon, Audi R8, Bentley Continental GT, Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, Lamborghini LMoo2. Each vehicle has textured wheels, comes with front and rear detailing, and looks pragmatic.

7. Best With Diecast Material: Matchbox MBX City 2022 Jeep Renegade

Diecast vehicles are attractive and look realistic. Matchbox MBX City Jeep renegade is made from diecast material with a 1: 64 scale. It has a plastic base, and the vehicle comes in a lime green color. The front and rear detailing of the car ensure that it is well-finished. The textured wheels of this vehicle allow a smooth motion.

8. Best With Smooth Wheels: Matchbox MBX Road Trip ‘55 Cadillac Fleetwood

Here is another pragmatic and detailed vehicle by Matchbox – MBX Road trip ‘55 Cadillac Fleetwood. This vehicle has front and rear detailing and comes with smooth wheels for a smooth ride. It is made from a 1:64 scale and could be a great addition to your diecast collections.

9. Best For Imaginative Adventure: Matchbox MBX Happy Holidays

Go on for an imaginative adventure with the Matchbox MBX Happy Holidays vehicle set. The set includes five vehicles – ‘65 Mustang GT in green with “Happy Holidays” written on the door, a red ‘64 Austin Mini Cooper having white ribbon accents on the car, a pearl Ford F-150 lightning composed with “Happy holidays” on the door, a red MBX with attractive green tires, ‘62 Volkswagen Beetle in red composed with “winter wonderland & snowflakes.” These vehicles are made of diecast metal and plastic material. All the cars either have soft or textured wheels.

10. Best With Detailing: Matchbox MBX Rescue ‘17 Ford F-350 Skyjacker Superduty

Chase the culprit in your imaginative world with Matchbox MBX Rescue ‘17 Ford skyjacker. The pragmatic skyjacker is built with blue tint windows, Stephanie on top, front, and rear detailing. This toy car is constructed using metal material and weighs 0.11 pounds. The diecast vehicle has been built on a scale of 1: 64.

11. Matchbox Moving Parts Lamborghini-Centenario

Opening and closing doors make the car look attractive. Matchbox moving parts Lamborghini-Centenario is designed so realistic that the slanted hood, gold paint, and doors pointing to the sky when opened imitating a bird make the toy car attractive. This well-constructed model is from plastic material and has a clear window color. Front and rear detailing are correctly structured.

12. Matchbox 2022 Bugatti Divo

Matchbox 2022 Bugatti Divo is specially constructed with the same allure and appearance as the original car. It comes with a limited-edition Bugatti Collector Series. The vehicle comes with a detailed blue-trim tampo and smoky window color. The rear and front side of the car features excellent detailing.

13. Matchbox 2022 64 Austin Mini Cooper

Go around the imaginative city, enjoy smooth travel with the Matchbox 64 Austin mini cooper city-center taxi constructed from a metal material. This taxi has excellent front and rear detailing. It has transparent color windows where you can see the inner detailing. The mini cooper comes in a bright color.

14. Matchbox MBX Road Crew Construction Cars

Matchbox MBX road crew construction cars are realistic and highly detailed vehicles. These vehicles are constructed from diecast metal on a 1: 64 scale. All the cars come in a yellow-white combination. The car set includes drill digger, Nissan junior, ground grinder, ‘57 GMC Stepside, and Tilt ‘N tip. Each car in the collection comprises “RANEC equipment” and is numbered from one to five units.

15. Matchbox 2022 Rescue Cars set

Join the rescue team to rescue people with the Matchbox 2022 Rescue car set. The set includes a yellow and white sea hunter helicopter, yellow fire service trail tracker, pink grizzly bear trail riders, Subaru Impreza police car in silver, and a pierce dash fire engine. The vehicles are designed for indoor and outdoor activities. They are built with diecast metal material on a scale of 1:64.

16. Matchbox ‘63 Austin Healey Roadster

Bring home an MBX off-road Matchbox ‘63 Austin Healey roadster to your collection. This roadster comes in a light blue metal flake color with a smoky window color. It has excellent interior and exterior detailing and is the replica of the real roadster in the mini version.

17. Matchbox Mercedes MBX Highway

Matchbox Mercedes MBX highway is built using plastic material in pearl white color with a smoky window. This Mercedes highway is designed with front and rear detailing. The car comes with smooth wheels that help to move the vehicle smoothly. It is a highly detailed model in this MBX series of a diecast replica and 1:64 scale.

18. Matchbox ‘62 Merced-Benz 220 SE Sedan

This mini Matchbox ‘62 Merced-Benz 220 SE sedan is the debut series of Ewy Rosqvist. It is constructed from a matt grey body and chrome chassis and is equipped with ringed disc wheels and blue windows with a black interior. The toy comes in a card version packaging. Toy SE sedan is not suitable for children below three years.

19. Matchbox MBX Highway Polaris Slingshot

Polaris Slingshot is a three-wheeled vehicle with an open cockpit. It is built practically as the original one. This series toy car is made in a blue and orange combination with a Polaris logo. It is a metal diecast highway car modeled on a scale of 1: 64.

20. Matchbox Limited Road Trip Volkswagen Beetle

Go on an imaginative road trip and enjoy a smooth ride with this 8/20 Road Trip Volkswagen Beetle by Matchbox. The mini Beetle car comes with a grey plastic base and has clear windows encouraging the interior view. It has detailed headlights at the front and rear and is structured with internal grey color. Metal diecast makes the car look the same like the original one.

21. Matchbox MBX Adventure City Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is an electric door liftback model. MBX Adventure City Tesla Model S comes in a metal flake, dark blue exterior, and grey interior. It has a clear window and is built with clear head and tail lights. This Tesla comes with a grey plastic base and black tampo.

22. Matchbox City Series City Adventure II

Matchbox City Series city adventure II set includes Honda civic hatchback, Cadillac escalade, Mercedes Benz GLE coupe, Chow mobile, and Meter Made. Orange Meter Made security unit, 3, is designed with a light grey interior and clear window. Metal Flake orange Mercedes Benz GLE coupe is designed with grey interior and smoky window with detailed trim. Metal Flake Black Honda civic hatchback hasHonda logos front and back and a clear window.

23. Matchbox MBX City Mazda MX-5 Miata

Metal flake orange MBX city Mazda Miata is designed with detailed trim and a black plastic base. The clear window and open cockpit make the car attractive. Black interiors, front and rear detailing provide an added look to the vehicle. Diecast MX5 Miata is built on a 1:64 scale.

24. Matchbox MBX Rescue ‘14 Corvette Stingray

Rescue your imaginative town with ‘14 Corvette Stingray by Matchbox police car. This black car comes with a white door and “police” written on it. The toy car has a grey interior and visible window colors, with a plastic base. This diecast vehicle, on a scale of 1:64, comes in a card version package.

25. Matchbox MBX Off-Road Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG by Matchbox is a mainline version designed with no interiors and blacked windows. The red off-road car comes with detailed trim and has soft narrow wheels and a dummy Stephanie. This highly detailed, realistic diecast vehicle is made on a scale of 1:64.

How To Choose The Right Matchbox Car?

Here, we provide vital factors that help you in buying matchbox cars.

  1. Mobility: The cars may look practical and yet fail to provide movement. Well-balanced movements are an excellent advantage for any toy car. So pick a car that travels smoothly on the surface specified for the vehicle.
  2. Material: Matchbox cars are either constructed from metal, plastic or in combination. Metal cars with plastic bases stay for a longer duration and are durable. Vehicles that have plastic opening and closing doors may not withstand usage. Therefore, pick a car mindfully.
  3. Style: Ensure the car you choose looks as described and is built on a specified scale. If you are a massive fan of Matchbox and desire to collect different vehicles, pick your favorite style without delay.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a product writer who specializes in writing about children’s toys and games. Here, she brings a collection of matchbox cars for an action-filled pretend-play session for your children. Our writer explores and compares various products available in the market before composing detailed product descriptions so that you get to choose from the best of the lot. We have included a buying guide with all the necessary information to help you make the right purchase.

If your child is a car enthusiast, surprising them with these matchbox cars would leave them ecstatic. With intricate details and high-quality build, these cars can be a suitable addition to your child’s collection. They promote motor skills and creativity, and you can buy single pieces or sets to meet your child’s needs. However, before choosing the right one, ensure it is made from durable materials, comes in the desired style, and moves smoothly on most surfaces. We hope our list of the best matchbox cars can help you gain better insight into the available options.

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