4 Zodiac Signs That Are The Best Match For An Aquarius Man

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Aquarius men are charming, social, mellow, and fun-loving individuals. Read on if you are curious to know which zodiac signs make the best match for an Aquarius man.

Men born under this air sign crave their own space while respecting the space of their partners. An Aquarius man values friendship and makes a strong connection with certain people. If a woman wants to be with them, she must be his best friend first.

Read this post as we elaborate on the best match for an Aquarius man in love, relationship, and sex life.

Best Match For Aquarius Man

A few zodiac signs bond exceptionally well with Aquarius men, developing unique, beautiful chemistry and a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

1. Aquarius and Gemini

Aquarius men are an air sign and prioritize close friendships. An Aquarian man is a people person and has a great sense of humor. A Gemini woman could be a great friend to an Aquarius man, which could be the primary basis of their relationship.

They both love socializing and have a great mutual understanding. Both Aquarius and Gemini are avid communicators and enjoy discussing everything under the sun. Their strong connection and mutual interests bring them closer, and their emotional relationship could blossom over time.

Both Aquarius men and Gemini women love freedom, and while they give each other enough space, they may take their time to commit to each other. Although they bond well, they may likely struggle to settle into a marriage. An Aquarian man may come across as a stubborn boyfriend, while a Gemini woman may seem unthoughtful. Even though they think in different ways, their mutual interests and communication could help overcome the differences, allowing them to form a close connection over time.

Gemini women love the quirkiness and brilliance of Aquarian men, while Aquarian men love how they can confide in Gemini women as friends. Sexually, their relationship in bed is filled with fun games and experiments. Although they may not always be emotionally engaged, they enjoy their cerebral sexual relationship.

Overall, Aquarian men are highly compatible with Gemini women, and their mutual interests and grounds of discussion could allow them to bond for life.

2. Aquarius and Libra

The two air signs, Aquarius and Libra, could have a positive and pleasant relationship. With a harmonious bond and comfortableness with each other, these two signs could have an amicable relationship that could last forever. Aquarius men and Libra women both love socializing. They have a wide friend circle and are lighthearted, friendly, and compassionate. Being intellectually stimulated, this couple could have deep conversations with several common grounds and opinions. Although their pursuits could be starkly different from one another, they give each other the freedom and space to follow their interests. Besides, they are both secure of their partners and are adventurous and free-spirited, finding comfort in each other’s company.

Aquarius men and Libra women may have some friction in their relationship as well. Being emotionally connected, Libra women are conventional romantics and are very invested in the relationship, which could suffocate the aloof Aquarius men. On the other hand, an Aquarian man could be a little detached in their unconventional way of having a relationship which could be overwhelming for a Libra woman. However, as Libra women learn to adapt to Aquarius men’s uniqueness and teach them to be more passionate about their relationship, their relationship could grow into an inseparable bond.

The sexual relationship between Aquarius men and Libra women could be rocky due to their different ways of expressing love. Libra women are more passionate, while Aquarius men are less attached, affecting their intimacy. However, Libra woman’s sensuality comes to the rescue, and their passionate means of showing love allows the Aquarius man the ability to open up and enjoy their time together.

In all, Aquarius men and Libra women could have a great relationship, one that could seem like a match made in heaven. Their compatibility is high, and their mutual love for the finer things in life brings them closer.

3. Aquarius and Aries

Aquarius men are rich with ideas, and Aries women take the initiative to execute them. Aquarius men and Aries women are both witty and independent with a knack for humor. They are strong-headed with strong opinions about every situation. Although they may have different viewpoints, they love having a battle of words over it. They are both independent and respect each other’s space and opinions.

Aries and Aquarius are both restless. While Aries women are impulsive, Aquarius men analyze a situation well before acting. Aquarius men’s aloofness might hurt Aries women who are sensitive, and while this could bring a ripple in their relationship, their harmony and chemistry could help overcome such challenges.

The sexual zone of Aquarius men and Aries women could be a little tricky. Aries women might be direct about their sexual needs and pleasure, which Aquarius men might find too endearing. Aquarius men expect Aries women to bring fresh ideas and means of sexual pleasure, and when Aries women surprise them with it, their sexual relationship blossoms. Although Aquarian men are reserved, Aries women’s love for sex, their mutual likings, and expectations from each other could make their intimate life fun.

In all, their passion, commitment, and love towards each other could make Aquarius men and Aries women highly compatible.

4. Aquarius and Sagittarius

This air and fire duo is all about fun, spontaneity, and quirkiness. They are both curious and open up about their lives to each other, which brings them closer. Their zest for life and sensitivity towards each other’s independence and space allows them to bond well.

Both Aquarius men and Sagittarius women are philosophical and always strive to learn new things in life. With humor, spontaneity, and both being free spirits, this duo seeks newer experiences and adventures together. They are both happy-go-lucky and socially active without being too intense emotionally.

Both Aquarius and Sagittarius signs are commitment-phobic, and even though they do not fear expressing their love, they are not likely to label their relationship early on. They fear the monotonous life that might ensue, which keeps them from committing. However, over time they could commit and stay together for life. Their love for freedom and space hinders the relationship. However, the sooner they work on this, the better their relationship will grow.

The sex life of Aquarius men and Sagittarius women could be full of surprises and excitement. Sagittarian women are all about passionate love, while Aquarian men are imaginative in bed, and together they could have a great time in bed. Sagittarian women have strong physical needs, and their intellectual stimulation could attract Aquarian men sexually.

In all, Aquarius men and Sagittarius women have a lot in common and could have a lifelong bond despite their commitment issues. Together, their compatibility is on the higher side.

Aquarius men are unique and picky. However, women of the above zodiac signs form a great bond due to their shared interests and mutual respect. Last but not least, with great communication and efforts, other signs can also enjoy a lasting relationship with Aquarius man.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Aquarians loyal in marriage?

Aquarians are usually loyal and faithful long-term partners in relationships. Hence, if you’re married to an Aquarian, rest assured that they are here for the long run and would not deliberately try to hurt you.

2. Which signs make a bad match for Aquarius?

Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn may have low compatibility with Aquarius. However, if both partners put in some effort, they may be able to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

Key Pointers

  • Aquarian men are loyal individuals who love to have honest, meaningful talks with their friends and partners.
  • They blend well with zodiac signs like Gemini as they have mutual understanding and shared love for socialization.
  • The Aquarius man can have a highly compatible relationship with fire signs like Sagittarius.

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