15 Best Maternity Dresses For Special Occasions In 2022


Maternity is a phase that requires care and affection for the baby and the mom-to-be. Since there is a need for specialized clothing for the mother, you will need the best maternity dresses. These outfits help keep your baby bump safe and stay comfortable and add volumes to your fashion statement when you dress for any occasion. They accommodate your growing bump perfectly and are suitable throughout the pregnancy journey. To know the best maternity outfits to consider, check out our compilation below.

15 Best Maternity Dresses

1. Best Wrap Closure: Mother Bee Ruched Maternity Dress

The Mother Bee Maternity Store’s maternity dress is composed of 5 percent spandex and 95 percent rayon. This formal maternity dress has a wrap closure and is machine washable. It has a long length and a three-quarter sleeve, and the stretchy material will flatter the baby bump. It is appropriate for any season. The dress can be worn at any stage of pregnancy and for any occasion, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other formal occasions. You can also wear it daily. After washing, tumble dry this dress and iron it on low heat to achieve the perfect crease.  This maternity dress comes in a light mauve color.


2. Best Breathable: Liu & Qu Women’s Maternity Bodycon Ruched Side Dress 

This casual short dress from the Liu & Qu Store is available in grey and white stripes color and is ideal for everyday wear and is one of the best spring maternity dresses. The light and breathable has three-quarter sleeves and is made from super comfortable, soft, and stretchy fabric, a blend of 5 percent spandex and 95 percent rayon. It will support the baby bump at any stage of pregnancy and is ruched from both sides. It will give you a slim and elegant look. This maternity dress is ideal for several occasions and outings.


3. Best Elegant: Saslax Maternity Off Shoulder Half Circle Gown

Motherhood maternity clothes with a pull-on closure from the Saslax Store are hand-washable. It is available in green and is made from lightweight jersey material that is not see-through since it is double-layered and less stretchable. It has a double-layer top with a half-circle cut as its trail. One of the best elegant maternity dresses, this maxi dress features a sweetheart neckline with an off-shoulder neck style. You can wear it on a photoshoot, maternity sessions, parties, events, occasions, or any other place you like. You can iron the folds of the dress for the perfect seamless look. Do not bleach the dress.

4. Best Skin-Friendly: Jezero Women’s Maternity Dress

Fall maternity dresses from the Jezero Store are elegant, affordable, and appropriate for any occasion. They have an off-the-shoulder neckline and ruffle sleeves. This dress is made of premium fabric, which is stretchy, breathable, and comfortable and will hug your baby bump beautifully and elegantly. You can wear this dress on any occasion, be it a baby shower, marriage, formal event, or any other day. You can even wear this dress on a photoshoot or use it as an everyday essential. In addition, the dress is skin-friendly and does not feel uncomfortable.


5. Best Sleeveless: Rnxrbb Women Summer Maternity Dress

This maternity dress from the house of Rnxrbb Store is made of 95 percent viscose and 5 percent spandex and is lightweight, soft, and breathable. The dress is made of jersey fabric and is one of the best elegant maternity dresses. It features a ruched design on the side that will eliminate all the unwanted stretches from your baby bump. The dress is sleeveless and is available in several colors. It will also allow plenty of room for the growth of the baby bump. You can wear it with sandals for a comfortable look and even style it with boots for a chic look. You can also accessorize it in the way you like.


6. Best Lightweight: Ecavus Women’s Off Shoulder Maternity Dress

The Ecavus Store offers a maternity, long-sleeved maxi dress that is hand washable. The maxi dress is made of 5 percent spandex and 95 percent rayon. The dress is designed to fit all the body types and is made of stretchy and comfortable fabric that is lightweight and breathable. The dress has a high waistline and a scoop-neck neckline that will flatter your shoulders and collarbones. This maternity gown is well-fitting and will give you an elegant and romantic look that is appropriate for any occasion,such as birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, photoshoots, and so on. This dress can even be worn after pregnancy and during nursing, as well.


7. Best For Parties: Myzeroing Maternity Floral Lace Dress

This maxi dress is made from spandex, polyester, and lace, making it one of the best maternity dresses. It is machine washable and features an off-shoulder ruffle. The sleeves are short, and the dress is of full length. It also has a scoop-neck neckline, soft knit, and the entire dress has a lining to prevent sheerness. You can wear it to photoshoots, weddings, engagements, baby showers, or any other occasion. The dress will give you a comfortable feel and will highlight your baby bump. You can hand wash it. The half-circle at the bottom with spread out around your feet in the most beautiful way.


8. Best For Any Occation: Musidora Maternity Dress

Cotton maternity dresses from the house of the Musidora Store are made from premium materials that are breathable and comfortable for mothers. It is soft and stretchy and is available in a simple yet elegant style. The knee-length dress is available in several colors. The dress hugs your baby bump and accentuates it. This product is hand- and machine-washable and can be ironed on low heat. Do not bleach the dress. It is a great choice for everyday wear, and you can elevate it with various accessories to make it suitable for any occasion.


9. Best For All Body Shapes: Xpenyo Maternity Maxi Dress

This maternity dress has a pull-on closure and is made from a blend of 95 percent rayon and 5 percent spandex, making it one of the best spring maternity dresses. The motherhood maternity outfit is characterized by three-quarter sleeves, a wrap crossover, a V-neckline, and elastic under the bust. It will drape nicely and will give a smooth look to the entire body. It is made for any stage of pregnancy, and you can even wear it on multiple occasions. The dress is machine washable, lightweight, and suitable for all body shapes.


10. Best For Photoshoots: JustVH Maternity Dress

This maternity dress from the house of the JustVH store is made from premium quality materials. The top of the dress is made from cotton, while the bottom is made from float chiffon. The dress is ideal for a photoshoot, wedding, party, or any other event. It will suit all pregnant ladies irrespective of their body shape. It has off-shoulder sleeves, and the elegant, scoop-neck neckline will flatter and show your shoulders as well as your collarbone. The bottom of the dress has a slit in the front to add style to the dress. The half-circle at the bottom is see-through to create an alluring effect while shooting. It has a mermaid train that will give you a princess feel.


11. Best Stretchable: Hello Miz Women’s Maternity Wrap Dress

Hello Miz Store’s fall maternity dress features a pull-on closure, three-quarter sleeves, removable belt, and is designed for all the stages of pregnancy. The dress has an empire waist that will define the area around the belly and breast so that you look slimmer. You can use it as a formal maternity dress or even as casual wear. It goes well with both sandals and sneakers. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable. You can wash this dress in cold water. You may tumble dry and low iron the dress occasionally.


12. Best Machine-Washable: Smallshow Maternity Dress

This long-sized maternity dress from the Smallshow Store is machine washable. It is made from a premium blend of 93.1% rayon and 6.9% spandex.  The dress is very stretchy and will hug your curves nicely, making you appear elegant. The ruchingon the sides is stretchy to accommodate your growing bump and can be worn at any stage of pregnancy. You can wear this dress with sneakers, boots, sandals or any other shoe of your choice. You can tumble dry this dress and iron it on low heat.


13. Best For Daily Use: Glampunch Maternity Dress

This bodycon elegant maternity dress from the Glampunch Store is available in several colors. The machine-washable maternity dress features ruched sides, a fitted shape, a round neck, and flying sleeves. It is made from 95 percent rayon and 5 percent spandex. You can wear it to a photoshoot, a wedding, a baby shower, and even daily. This dress will flatter your baby bump at any stage of pregnancy.


14. Best For Breastfeeding: Kim S Maternity Maxi Dress

This maternity long-sleeved maxi dress is made from premium fabric containing 95 percent rayon and 5 percent spandex. The dress features a pull-on closure and is machine-washable. It is suitable for parties, photoshoots, weddings, or any other event. The dress features a V-neckline and is made from stretchable material, and has easy breastfeeding access. You can wear your nursing bras under this dress. The fabric is elegant, comfortable, and will highlight your baby bump. The dress also has a floral belt on it that is even more chic and classy.


15. Best For Comfort: Amazon Essentials Maternity Dress

Maternity clothes from the Amazon Essentials Store are true to size. This motherhood maternity attire comes in four colors and is knee-length. The dress is made of 95 percent viscose and 5 percent elastane. It is machine washable and has short sleeves for a comfortable and effortless style. The dress is below the knee length and has a scooped neckline. The dress is appropriate for various occasions, including birthdays, parties, weddings, or other special occasions. Remember not to bleach the dress and only iron it when necessary.


How To Choose The Right Maternity Dress?

Consider the following factors when selecting the best maternity dresses.

  1. Material:You should choose a dress that is soft, stretchable, and comfortable. A few options are spandex and rayon or a cotton maternity dress for everyday wear. The fabric should be breathable and soft to touch.
  1. Fit: There are various fit options available. You can choose from flowy gowns and maxi dresses to bodycon dresses and the ones with ruched sides. Ensure that the dress fits well at the baby bump and is comfortable to wear for the entire day.
  1. Length: You can choose a maxi dress or a dress that reaches your knees. You can also choose flowy gowns with a train at the back or midi dresses.

Why Trust MomJunction?

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When you’re pregnant, comfort takes priority over style. However, it shouldn’t stop you from going to work or to a party dressed to the nines, should it? The best maternity dresses listed here come in various styles and cuts so that you can choose your favorite ones according to the occasion. They are also beautiful and elegant and help flatter the baby bump. Besides, they are breathable, stretchable, machine-washable, and easy to wear and maintain.

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