9 Best Maternity Scrubs Of 2022


Women in today’s day and age have to juggle multiple roles. And once you realize you are going to be a mother, you have to stock up on all the essentials you need. So, here’s our list of the best maternity scrubs to help you on the journey through motherhood. Once the reality starts to sink in and you absorb more of the news, your priorities will start to shift. Then, finally comes a time where you will have to make changes for the new arrival in your life. You’ll have to adjust to the new addition to your family and all the responsibilities that come with having a baby. But before you get to hold your adorable bundle of joy in your arms, you should find well-suited maternity clothing.

Whatever your body type may be, your pregnancy will make your body go through various changes. And finding the right maternity outfits can be just half the battle. Good quality maternity scrubs will make room for your baby as it grows inside your tummy and provide just the right amount of support you need to get on with your day. You would want to wear something that keeps your growing belly warm so you can keep your little one cozy and secure. So, scroll down to see the available options to choose the right maternity scrubs for yourself.

9 Best Maternity Scrubs

1. Best With Pockets: Cherokee Professionals Maternity Scrubs Pants

This smart pair of maternity work pants come in a variety of colors. They are also available in your preferred choice of cuts such as straight cut, boot cut, or flairs. You can also make your choice between mid-rise, natural rise, and low rise. So you can choose the pants as per your liking and body comfort. They also contain easily accessible pockets, which help keep your smartphone or a tissue while you are on the move.

You can have a breezy workday wearing these pants as the fabric blend is made of cotton, polyester, and spandex, which is super snug and keeps your body well-supported. The expandable waistband grows with your belly and holds up the bump well, preventing the hassle of buying a new outfit every other month.


  • Two-way stretch fabric
  • Has a 31-inch inseam
  • Retains color in the long run
  • Holds shape even after multiple washes
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes


  • May attract lint
  • May be long for some

2. Best Machine-Washable: Cherokee Women’s Maternity Elastic Waist Scrubs Pant

This is another chic maternity wear option from the house of Cherokee and is designed for those who have a hectic schedule and want a super-functional workwear. The pull-on closure makes the clothing effortless to wear. The cargo pockets at the sides are easy to reach and deep enough to hold essential items.

The bottom flair with the side slit makes the scrub pants a very flattering piece of clothing. They pair well with all Cherokee scrub tops. Since the pants are machine-washable, you can pop them in the machine and wear your alternate color to work, paired with a matching top, and make a style statement too.


  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Reduces the need for sizing up
  • Water-resistant fabric protects from splashes
  • Stretch panel supports the baby belly well
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes


  • May not be very stretchable
  • Some may not like the pressure from the elastic

3. Best Wrinkle-Free: Soulful Scrubs Medical Scrub Top For Women

This Chloe 2 scrub top with superior design by Soulful Scrubs could be your ideal pick for a trouble-free work day. The scrub top is made of polyester-spandex fabric blend, and therefore, makes for a very snug and flattering fit. The fabric is machine-washable and can be tumbled dry. It has a super soft feel and is great at absorbing sweat and moisture, thus keeping you dry and comfortable all day long.

The scrub top has a v- neck design for extra room as your upper body grows with the baby. Moreover, the detailing and stitches are impressive, and the side slits provide extra freedom of movement in case your size goes a little up or down.


  • Wrinkle free texture
  • Lightweight and ultra-soft fabric
  • Unique fabric technology offers the desired fit
  • Two front pockets for carrying essentials
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes


  • May shrink after a few washes
  • May run a size small

4. Best Stretchable: Urbane Ultimate Women’s Maternity Scrub Pant

These scrub pants come with a contemporary look and a practical design. Made of a fabric blend consisting of rayon, polyester, and spandex, the pants are soft and offer the perfect stretch. It is also resistant to fading. The cargo pockets at the sides and the two trouser-style side pockets help keep your things neatly organized. This pant is a fine tailoring specimen with a tapered design, flared bottoms, and side slits.

The stretchable waistband allows you to wear it on your waist or pull it over your tummy as desired. The pants are great to pair with your office scrub or uniform too. They are machine-washable, easy to maintain, super comfy to wear.


  • Made of fade-resistant fabric
  • Two-way stretch fabric aids in better mobility
  • Suitable for  all day wear
  • Specially made to not limit movement
  • Designed and created by nurses


  • May not be true to size
  • Legs may shrink after a few washes

5. Best Adjustable: WonderWink Women’s Wonderwork Maternity Top

If you are looking for a modish maternity scrub top, the Wonderwink Scrub top could be your choice. With a comfortable V-neck design and long-length front, this top gives a semblance of a wrap top. It is made of cotton and polyester blended fabric and has two large patch pockets in the front for keeping cell phones, pens, and little notepads handy when at work. Since the top is machine-washable, it is easy to maintain.


  • Drawstring allows you to adjust the fit for every trimester
  • Breathable and soft on the skin
  • Side panels stretch for extra room when needed
  • Comes in multiple sizes and colors


  • May be slightly longer than expected
  • Sleeves may not offer good stretch

6. Best Breathable: Grey’s Anatomy Two-Pocket Empire Line Maternity Top

The Grey’s Anatomy scrub top is a cute maternity scrub top that makes you look and feel good. The polyester-rayon blended fabric is soft on the skin and absorbs moisture and sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable. Style-wise, the top presents an elegant empire waist with a cinch cord to give you a stylish look. The side vents offer good air circulation and breathability. There are two seam pockets on the sides for you to keep your essentials secure and in place.


  • Comes in five sizes and three colors
  • Suitable for tumble drying and low ironing
  • Has added space around the tummy for the last trimester
  • Tie stitch at the back for comfortable fit at any workplace


  • Drawstring may have to be tightened frequently

7. Best Functional: Jockey Scrubs Classic Elastic Waist Maternity Pant

This cool pair of maternity pants from Jockey offers great fit and comfort. The scrub bottom has a stretch band that covers your bump and the back of the waist snugly so that your body is well-supported during those long hours of work. To store your work essentials in an organized way, there is the option of two slip pockets in the front and two pocket patches in the back. You can pop it into the machine after work and wear it when it’s dry and ready.


  • Comfort stretch panels for round-the-clock comfort
  • Does not pill or fade
  • Made with a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex
  • Large leg opening and flare bottoms for free movement


  • Belly band may have a flimsy design
  • Seams may not be durably stitched

8. Best Quick-Drying: WonderWink Women’s Maternity Scrub Pant

Here’s a pair of classy maternity scrub pants from WonderWink. It is made of polyester that has a soft feel and is stretchy. Available in four color options, the pants have a pull-on design for easy use. The cargo pants have flares at the button with side vents that ensure no discomfort while you work. The waist panel provides sturdy support to your baby bump, giving it a seamless look.

For convenience while on the move, the pants provide you with spacious pen pockets and a mobile pocket for a quick reach when you need things. Stay comfortable at work with this pair.


  • Machine-washable and quick-drying
  • No need for ironing before use
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Silk knit texture comes with the same color of the pants


  • Some may find the pants to be slightly baggy
  • May not stretch well near the thighs

9. Best Mock Wrap Design: Cherokee Workwear Professionals Women’s Maternity Scrub Set

This classy scrub set is definitely one of the most elegant dressing options during your pregnancy terms. The scrub top features a mock wrap design with a fashionable empire waist and a side string to adjust the fit as your baby grows. It also has side panels that are made from rib-knit soft fabric. The pants have a straight leg fit for that smart ‘at work’ look. It contains 2 patch pockets and an additional pocket for keeping your mobile phone. The panel supporting your waist and tummy is also made from a rib-knit material that is beautifully snug. The scrub material promises to stretch comfortably as your pregnancy advances, so you don’t need to stock up on bigger sizes. Just wear the set and complement your flattering figure. You can be assured that you won’t feel any restraint to your movement as your baby grows within.

Now that you know all about these wonderful maternity scrub offerings, you must be thinking which one you should pick. Here we are, to help you with our buying guide, so that you can make the correct choice in buying that perfect maternity clothing for yourself.

How To Choose The Right Maternity Scrubs

  • Size

Maternity scrubs, whether tops or bottoms, come in various fits to suit different body shapes and sizes. Hence always make your pick depending on what size and body type you are. If you are of a petite frame, you could choose the size maternity scrub petite, or if you are tall, you can go for maternity scrub tall size. They all come with corresponding waist and length sizes for legs, so you don’t have to worry about running to the tailors for alterations. Remember, you will grow considerably in the final weeks, so ensure that you buy a fit that will accommodate your growing size. Therefore, it is vital that you read the size guide carefully and then make a choice.

  • Material

When it comes to material, always choose something that feels good on your skin. With increased sensitivity in the pregnancy months, the last thing you need is itchy and rashy skin. Always check the label to pick clothing that is most suited for your body and skin type. The fabric used in the scrubs should be stretchable and breathable. Mostly, materials like cotton, rayon, polyester spandex, etc., are commonly used in manufacturing scrubs. As experiencing hot flushes are common during this time, go for scrubs that absorb moisture and keep you cool and comfortable. For example, cotton is gentle on the skin, whereas polyester is low maintenance and easy to dry. In most cases, the fabrics come in a blended form, which is more practical for everyday tough use.

  • Stretch and elasticity

With your tiny one growing inside, it will be essential to buy maternity garments that will expand comfortably to give you adequate ease and comfort of movement. Every maternity scrub has a different design of elastic fit. Some scrubs expand from all sides, whereas some stretch from the front and sides only. Some scrubs provide tummy support with a snug leg fit, whereas some provide a more airy and relaxed fit. Thankfully most maternity scrubs from good retailers provide you with the necessary support and comfort. Still, you have to keep an eye on the exact details of fit and elasticity that the scrubs provide to different parts of your body.

Well, buying comfortable maternity clothes to serve you well during your pregnancy months could be challenging. Whatever you buy has to be well suited to your body and the full range of your movements. But with our compilation above, we are sure that you will find it easy to make that choice and keep yourself stress-free. So go on and order your favorite designs and colors from our list of the 9 best maternity scrubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wear regular scrubs while pregnant?

Regular scrubs are not that stretchable to accommodate your growing belly. Therefore, opting for a maternity scrub would be an ideal choice for pregnant women.

2. Do maternity scrubs shrink when put in the dryer?

Maternity scrubs might shrink when put in the dryer. Therefore, it is recommended to always go up a size.

3. Are maternity scrubs waterproof?

Yes, most of the maternity scrubs are waterproof.

4. Can men also wear maternity scrubs?

Maternity scrubs might not be an ideal choice for men.

5. Are maternity scrubs bleach-resistant?

Maternity scrubs are generally not bleach-resistant. However, you might find one or two exceptions on the market.

The best maternity scrubs come in handy by giving the right support for the little one that grows in your belly by keeping it warm and the mother comfortable. Since comfort gets an edge over style, the key to picking one is to check if the scrubs are versatile enough to be used in any part of the trimester, especially if they can stretch adequately and give you the required comfort. You can also consider one made using fabrics that go soft on the skin but are also breathable and easy to wash.

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