10 Best Maternity Shoes To Buy In 2021


Pregnancy is a lovely phase, but it also brings certain hurdles. For instance, your body undergoes a change, and walking around in your regular shoes might be uncomfortable. Here, the best maternity shoes we have collated for you in this post can come to your rescue. Maternity shoes relieve pressure off your feet as they are soft, breathable, and easy to wear.

Keep scrolling as we bring you a long list of maternity shoes and give you a few tips on choosing the right pair that offers comfort.

10 Best Maternity Shoes

1. Ultraideas Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

Available in various colors, this pair of maternity shoes has rubber soles, 0.79-inch heels, and soft lining made from plush fleece. Its slip-on design will fit your feet snugly and provide comfort. The rubber sole’s traction is suitable for indoor use as they are noiseless, making each step steadier. These comfortable maternity shoes have high-density memory foam lining to relax your feet. They are machine-washable and can be air-dried or flat-dried.

2. Skechers Women’s Plush-Peace And Love Flat

True to size, these shoes will give you comfort and style. With multiple colors available, they are made of high-quality fabric, and the rubber soles are non-skid and can be worn indoors and outdoors. The memory foam insole will give you a relaxing feel, and it is flexible to make your movement easy and convenient. This pair has a canvas upper, and the arch pillow provides extra support while walking.

3. Jessica Simpson Women’s Micro Suede Moccasin

Made from a micro-suede material, these maternity shoes have synthetic, anti-slip soles to provide stability. The thick memory foam acts as a cushion to give you comfort and support throughout the day. They are machine-washable and available in various sizes.

4. Skechers Women’s Microburst One-Up Fashion Sneaker

Available in two colors, the shoes are made from 100% synthetic material. Their rubber soles will help you walk all day long as they are lightweight and flexible. This pair has memory foam cushioning that will protect against impact.

5. Sticky Work Shoes For Women

Made from 100% synthetic material, this pair of shoes has rubber soles and the platform measures approximately one inch. It is lightweight and comfortable with non-slip outsoles. The outsole and upper sole are waterproof, and the footbed is made from absorbent material to keep your feet dry all day. Available in various colors, the shoes have a shock absorber and an anti-torsion system to safeguard your feet.

6. Roxy Women’s Rory Slip-On Sneaker

With synthetic soles, these lace-up sneakers are flexible and have TPR-injected outsoles. It also has a molded arch for all-day support. They are casual and low profile with versatile, hidden stretch panels. The stretchy collar will allow you to wear it with ease, and the insoles are padded with memory foam and are printed.

7. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Ruler Loafer

Featuring a 0.98-inch heel and made from soft faux leather, this pair of comfortable maternity shoes has a comfortable lining and synthetic soles for flexibility and easy wearing. The insoles are cozy and have anatomical cushioning. Available in multiple colors, these shoes are lightweight and have a flexible construction that will move with you. The embossed detail makes it stylish, and you can wear it daily with any attire and on any occasion.

8. New Balance Women’s Ventr V1 Running Shoe

New Balance’s running shoes for women are available in various colors and made from 100% fabric. These shoes are performance-focused and lightweight with an adequate arch support system. The responsive cushioning will give you comfort for miles. Their stitched upper and supportive heel counter will keep the strain off your feet.

9. isotoner Women’s Elastic Knit Slip-On Shoe Slipper

The breathable and lightweight elastic shoes are 50% lighter than most shoes and slippers. They are anti-skid and abrasion-proof. The memory foam and the compression-resistant arch support will provide you stability and comfort all day long. These sneakers are machine-washable, breathable, and have a moisture-wicking mesh design.

10. Solosmart Women’s Cotton Ballerina Slippers

Featuring thermoplastic rubber soles, these comfortable shoes are non-slip and have a classic and elegant design. They are available in four colors, and the ballerina design with a bow decoration will add a sense of style to your wardrobe. The lining is made from pure cotton material that is breathable and comfortable. These shoes are designed to flex with your feet, and the soles have rubber gripping dots ideal for slippery floors. They are foldable, and you can pack them in your handbag. These sandals are machine- and hand-washable and should be air-dried.

How To Choose The Right Maternity Shoes?

Consider the following features when buying maternity shoes.

  1. Type: You can choose from loafers, sandals, sneakers, mules, boots, and others. Make sure you pick a comfortable pair with sufficient support and padding.
  2. Slip-resistance: Your shoe should be slip-resistant for better stability and traction, allowing you to walk comfortably on all terrains.
  3. Material: It is advised to choose shoes made of breathable and stretchable material to accommodate your swollen feet.
  4. Size: Make sure you choose the right size as going a size smaller or bigger can lead to discomfort.

A pair of soft, cozy shoes can do wonders for your feet. Your body undergoes multiple changes during pregnancy, so ensure your feet get the necessary support to prevent aches and discomfort. You can choose shoes with sufficient arch support and memory foam for optimal comfort. We hope our list of the best maternity shoes can help you choose the right one.

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