13 Best Maternity Workout Clothes In 2021

13 Best Maternity Workout Clothes In 2021

Exercise is an integral part of a pregnancy unless a doctor advises otherwise. It maintains the health of the mother and child through better metabolism and circulation. But finding the perfect clothes for exercise can be daunting for expectant mothers because everything seems small and tight.

However, several companies provide you with unique maternity workout clothes that are soft, stretchy, expandable, and breathable. In addition, they keep you cool, secure, and comfortable and can be used for all-day-lounging. Therefore, if you want to feel fashionable and not-so-conscious, choose some excellent activewear from our recommended list of best maternity workout clothes.

Do You Need Maternity Workout Clothes?

Workout clothes for pregnant women are necessary for the following factors:-

  1. Comfort: During pregnancy, your body will experience many physiological and hormonal changes. This can cause excessive heat and sweating, especially during workouts. Maternity workout clothes, made of cotton, polyester, and spandex, are breathable and sweat-proof, keeping the body cool and dry.
  1. Change in size: As you go through the trimesters, your size becomes bigger. Maternity activewear is designed with a soft, expandable material that can stretch to your size and keep you comfortable. As a result, your clothes will not feel tight every few weeks.
  1. Full coverage: Some pregnant women are not accustomed to exposing a stretched abdomen. Thus, if you are one, full-coverage tops or pants can cover your belly.
  1. Support: Exercise during pregnancy is essential, but you need to be careful not to hurt or compress the stomach. Due to weight gain, pregnant women will also feel pressure on the muscles and ligaments. A maternity workout wear keeps the stomach snug and safe while relieving pressure on the back and shoulders
  1. Functionality: Some people believe that activewear is a waste of money because it will be useless once the baby is born. However, this is not the case. The baby’s weight remains for a few months after birth, and these clothes can be helpful before, during, and after pregnancy.

13 Best Maternity Workout Clothes

1. Ekouaer Women’s Maternity Nursing Top

Are you looking for a convenient way to nurse your baby? Choose the Ekouaer maternity nursing top, which is a double-layer tank top made of 95 percent rayon and 5 percent spandex. The loose, elastic T-shirt is perfect for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and provides comfortable expandability. It is soft and comfortable, with simple drop-down cups for easy breastfeeding.

You can wear them for sleep or leisure, or match them with your favorite shirts and jackets. The garment, available in various colors, is both hand- and machine-washable.

2. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Leggings

Motherhood Maternity brings you maternity leggings made of 87 percent cotton and 13 percent spandex. The ultra-soft material is stretchable and crop length with a pull-on closure. The 22.5-inch inseam and the secret fit belly design allow the belly to grow comfortably without the leggings getting tight. These maternity workout leggings provide layering and are perfect when working out and lounging around.

3. Foucome Women’s Maternity Leggings

Foucome maternity leggings have an over-the-belly design, making active workouts comfortable. These yoga pants are 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex, and the non-transparent, elastic microfiber enables free movement. The moisture-wicking fabric of these maternity workout pants can keep the body cool. In addition, the full-belly coverage allows growing space, and the snug fit reduces back and ligament pains.

4. Bhome Maternity Hoodie

Hoodies are perfect for covering baby bumps. The Bhome maternity hoodie features a V-neck and long sleeves. It is made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex and is soft with pleats on both sides to provide space for bulging. The shirt fits the bust nicely and has a drawstring hood. This breathable and flattering top is ideal for workouts, daily wear, or casual outings.

5. Foucome Women’s Maternity Yoga Shorts

These over-belly track shorts are made of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex. Foucome maternity yoga shorts are perfect for workouts and everyday use all-round the year. The activewear shorts with an over-the-belly design are made of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex.

These maternity running shorts are designed with full-panel coverage and 3D tailoring to minimize stress. The shorts fit through the growing stages of the baby bump and relieve pressure on the back. A chafe-free seam, moisture-wicking feature, and four-way stretch technology make these non-see-through shorts extremely comfortable.

6. Ecavus 3PCS Womens Layering Maternity Tank Top

Ecavus provides you with three-piece maternity tank tops that are super soft and comfortable. The material of these maternity workout top is stretchy and does not feel tight around the belly bulge. The layered design gives it extra spacing, and the subtle ruching creates a silhouette feel. The sleeveless scoop neck is sexy without being overly revealing. These vests are available in various attractive colors.

7. Maacie Maternity Yoga Shorts

Maacie Maternity Yoga Shorts are ideal for covering your baby bump while working out. These Active Athletic shorts made of 77 percent polyester and 23 percent spandex are lightweight and super comfortable, with side pockets. In addition, the elegant maternity athletic shorts are stretchy and do not feel constricting on the growing belly. These shorts are perfect for yoga, dance, exercise, and casual loungewear.

8. Fitglam Women’s Maternity Shorts

Fitglam maternity shorts are ideal for lounging or working out. The fashionable over-the-belly shorts are available in stripes and solid colors. The body is soft and light and made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex with elastic, making them stretchy and non-suffocating. They provide a snug fit and support for the large belly. In addition, these shorts have pockets and are machine washable.

9. Terramed Maternity Leggings

Terramed’s microfiber compression leggings are ideal for maternity wear. It contours the belly and provides full coverage, as well as easing postures for postpartum breastfeeding. In addition, it gives the figure a flattering shape while also providing optimal support to the belly.

The footless tights are made of stretchy, breathable, soft material with support bands that expand as you grow. Nylon and spandex keep the body cool and sweat-free.

10. LWJ Maternity Activewear Workout Shirts for Pregnant Women

LWJ maternity activewear shirts are long-sleeved tops that are ideal for yoga or hiking trips. They have no stitch lines and are seamless. The comfy wrap design and breathable material make them a must-have during pregnancy. These pregnancy workout shirts, which come in various colors and multiple sizes, keep the skin dry and cool. In addition, these shirts keep you comfortable even as your body grows.

11. Molliya Maternity Tank Tops

During pregnancy, clothes can feel hot and constricting, but Molliya maternity tank tops alleviate that pressure. With pull-aside access, these racerback exercise vests are ideal not only for workouts but also for nursing. They have a pull-on closure and are made of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex.

The fabric is moisture-wicking, stretchy, and incredibly soft. These tops are versatile and comfortable and can be worn throughout the trimesters and even after delivery.

12. Glamix Women’s Maternity Active Tops

Glamix maternity active tops are ideal for workouts during and after pregnancy. They are available in various colors and sizes and fit everyone. The breathable fabric is made of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex with stretchable and moisture-wicking features.

The tank top includes side ruching which expands with your belly, keeping you comfortable at all times. This T-shirt has short sleeves and can be worn for lounging, gymming, yoga, cycling, hiking, and other activities.

13. Mazusports Women’s Maternity Yoga Shorts

Finding maternity yoga clothes just got easier with Mazusports. The maternity shorts have side pockets and an over-the-belly design for maximum comfort. The activewear is made of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex. The panel design provides good support, full coverage, and space for belly growth.

It relieves back and ligament pressure, as well as aches and pains. A four-way stretch system with chafe-free seams and non-transparent fabric allows moisture-wicking and easy movement. Two side pockets enable you to keep your wallet, phone, and keys at hand.

How To Choose The Right Maternity Workout Clothes?

Here are some critical factors to consider before choosing maternity workout clothes.

  1. Size: Although maternity clothes are designed to accommodate growing bodies, a size up is always more comfortable when pregnant. Choose a size larger than your normal size so that it fits you snugly as you grow.
  1. Breathability and comfort: During pregnancy, the body becomes increasingly uncomfortable. Therefore, lightweight materials that are soft and breathable with moisture-wicking properties are recommended for pregnant women. The fabric must be stretchable so that the clothes do not become too tight over time.
  1. Accessories: Activewear includes tops, hoodies, leggings, and shorts. However, you should not overlook other workout accessories such as socks, head or hand bands, and shoes. The accessories also support different needs during the pre-and-post-natal period.

Don’t be dismayed at your wardrobe as your body grows during pregnancy. You can stay active and in shape while your baby grows inside you, and you can do that in style! Maternity workout clothes are taking the market by storm as they keep the mom-to-be feeling pleasantly comfortable. These clothes are buttery soft and allow the skin to breathe. Say goodbye to excessive sweating and tight suffocating clothes!

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