15 Best Maternity Yoga Pants In 2021


It is crucial to stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible when you are pregnant. And few items of clothing can offer as much comfort and room to breathe as the best maternity yoga pants. These are designed to keep you flexible during your daily activities and workout routines as they are highly stretchable and have provisions for easy adjustment.

Yoga pants are crafted from soft and lightweight fabrics, so you’ll never feel bulky or weighed down while wearing one. We have listed some comfy maternity yoga pants ideal for workouts and lounging. So, keep scrolling and take your pick.

15 Best Maternity Yoga Pants

1. Liu & Qu Maternity Women’s Casual Pants

The stretchy and comfortable maternity lounge pants from Liu & Qu have a simple design that makes them comfortable to wear for long periods. The maternity yoga pants are 95 percent viscose and 5 percent spandex and can be worn for various indoor and outdoor activities such as walking, stretching, and bending.

The pants are lightweight and made of breathy material, making them suitable for all seasons, and you can choose various yoga pant colors to match your outfit. Its high elasticity keeps you light while perfectly covering your body for a slim and elegant appearance. Choose from a variety of abdominal circumference sizes to accommodate your belly growth.

2. Foucome Women’s Maternity Leggings

The Faucome women’s maternity workout pants-cum-leggings are 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex for maximum comfort. Its 3D-cut design with full-panel coverage allows it to support you and relieve pressure on your baby bump while you stand or walk. Its full belly coverage provides enough space for the baby to grow and flexibility to accommodate your body’s growth.

It is a well-balanced mix of fashion and functionality that keeps the mom-to-be high on her style game while ensuring maximum comfort, whether at the gym, grocery shopping, resting, or performing other tasks. With a money-back guarantee and a 30-day full refund policy, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best maternity yoga pants to buy.

3. Alina Mae Women Maternity Pants

If you are looking for a change from your pregnancy tights, look no further than Alina Mae’s comfortable and soft, elastic pregnancy lounge trousers. The lounge trousers have a flared design at the bottom and are made of super soft fabric that is stretchy, lightweight, versatile, and designed for a loose fit.

With a neat hand-stitched fitting for thorough detailing and quality, the yoga maternity pants provide mothers-to-be with the most comfortable experience. They are designed to fit all belly sizes and for all occasions.

4. Felina Velvet Soft Maternity Leggings And Yoga Pants

Felina’s maternity leggings for women come in a set of two and are made of polyester and spandex in an 88:12 ratio, respectively. It has a maturity waistband that stretches for maximum comfort and an extra soft feel that keeps you comfortable with a growing baby bump. Spruce up your gym look with these maternity pants, which can be paired with any clothing for a chic appearance.

You can choose from eight different colors. Its moisture-wicking fabric promotes quick drying, making it easy for you to break a sweat without being noticed.

5. Pacbreeze Women’s Maternity Casual Pants

If you are looking for comfortable yoga pajamas for workouts with your baby bump, Pacbreeze’s true-to-size-fit women’s maternity casual pants are the right choice. It comes in five different sizes to accommodate all stages of pregnancy without having to worry about fittings. The waist is stretchy enough to accommodate a growing belly while providing you maximum comfort. It is fashionable and functional, with a full-size panel for all trimesters and a tapered ankle that keeps you agile and trendy.

Thanks to thoughtful sewing technology and soft fabric, its waistband is adjustable and foldable for a perfect low-rise look. The maternity pant is versatile, allowing for easy pairing with a variety of outfits. Its rayon-spandex blend keeps it ultra-soft, breathable, and lightweight.

6. Maacie Women Maternity Active Lounge Yoga Pants

The Maacie Women maternity yoga pants come in a capris style with 25 different color options. The main fabric is a polyester-spandex blend for easy comfort, while the waistband is a polyamide-spandex blend for maximum elongation during pregnancy.

The pants have two front pockets where you can store your mobile phone, keys, or cash while on the go. The fitness gym workout outfit features skinny legs with mesh panels for an elegant look that is ideal for the gym, exercises, running, and other activities. Check out the size chart to ensure you get the best fit possible.

7. Kim S Premium Thick Maternity Leggings

The premium thick pregnancy yoga pants from Kim S are the best everyday activewear and come in black color to match most outfits. The must-have maternity leggings for moms-to-be are comfortable for worry-free squatting or bending.

The leggings are made of a thick yet lightweight fabric that is breathable and skin-friendly, allowing for maximum comfort even during long workouts. You also don’t have to worry about adjusting it while on the move. Its high waist design provides full coverage to the baby bump while maintaining maximum elasticity for comfort and convenience.

8. CTHH Maternity Compression Leggings

The CTHH Compression Leggings for Women are made of soft fabric that is gentle on the skin and allows maximum breathability. Its moisture-wicking properties aid in absorbing sweat, allowing for comfortable workouts for an extended period. CTHH has the right size for you, whether you need petite or plus-size maternity yoga pants.

It can be worn at home, as a skirt bottom, or paired with any other outfit for a stylish and comfortable gym look. Its support panel is also effective for supporting a growing belly without slipping or digging. It tightens any excess fat on the legs with firm compression on the skin for a slim look.

9. Bubblelime Maternity Leggings Activewear

The Bubblelime Maternity Leggings Activewear is a stretchy pregnancy workout yoga pants that provide maximum flexibility for exercises by removing some of the weight from your belly with the proper support. Its over-the-belly design in various sizes ensures a perfect fit for all pregnancy trimesters.

The pregnancy leggings are made of 87 percent nylon and 13 percent spandex, allowing for easy stretching without worrying about straining your muscles due to ill-fitting. The moisture-wicking properties keep you sweat-free, making the leggings skin-friendly. Further, a pocket makes it simple to carry your phone and keys while on the go.

10. Glampunch Maternity Yoga Pants

Glampunch’s athletic maternity pants have a high waist and full-length fit for maximum body coverage and support during pregnancy for lounge-like comfort while working out. The yoga maternity pants have a four-way stretch and are made of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex for added elasticity. The fabric is soft against the skin and has little friction, allowing you to concentrate entirely on your physical activity.

The front belly panel provides full support to a growing baby bump while working out with the least discomfort. Its side pockets only add to the functionality, allowing you to carry small items, such as keys and mobile phones, without interfering with your wearing experience.

11. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Yoga Pant

The pregnancy yoga pant from Motherhood Maternity has a flared bottom with full-length coverage for easy handling during stretching and working out. It’s made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex and adds just the right amount of flexibility to your everyday activities without putting strain on your baby bump.

The maternity wear is one of the best maternity yoga pants available, with a pull-on closure and easy machine wash care. It is made of cotton and is highly breathable and comfortable in all seasons.

12. Amposh Women’s Maternity Capri Yoga Pants

Amposh’s maternity Capri yoga pants come in five different hip size fits, with a 19-inch waist inseam that stretches comfortably to accommodate a growing belly. The 74:26 nylon-spandex ratio makes it soft on the skin, breathable, and moisture-wicking, with gentle compressive properties to keep you looking slim.

The high-waist front panel provides maximum belly coverage while remaining comfortable for easy stretching. It is one of the best maternity pants for yoga sessions, with plenty of room for a growing baby bump across all trimesters. You can also easily hold wallets, keys, and mobile phones in the side pocket sewn into it for added functionality.

13. Maacie Women Maternity Leggings Drawstring Pants

These Maacie maternity leggings with a unique drawstring closure and a high-waist design stand out for the flexibility they provide. All you’d have to do is tie or re-tie the drawstrings to obtain the right amount of elasticity for optimum belly support during your pregnancy.

The maternity workout pants have an impressive fabric combination, with polyester, cotton, and spandex combined in a 65:30:5 ratio, respectively. It provides improved breathability, comfort, elasticity, and moisture-wick properties. With a full stretch panel across the belly, working out is made easier by allowing your body to bend comfortably without putting strain on the belly. When going out, pair it with a shirt dress, sweater, or any other comfortable outfit for a strong maternity fashion statement.

14. Poshdivah Women’s Maternity Capri Leggings

Poshdivah’s women’s maternity Capri leggings have an over-the-belly fit for full coverage of your baby bump and maximum pressure support to keep you relieved while working out. The stretchy activewear pants also have attached pockets that make it easy to carry mobile phones, keys, and wallets.

The Capri is made of four-way stretch microfiber fabric, allowing easy movement while also wicking moisture away from the body for improved outfit breathability and maximum comfort while exercising. It’s made of 75 percent nylon and 25 percent spandex and has the right amount of elasticity and firmness for a slim look without stressing your muscles. Its comfortable design pairs well with various tops such as shirts, tees, and dresses, rounding out your maternity ensemble.

15. Bhome Maternity Yoga Pants Active Workout Leggings

The Bhome maternity yoga pants-cum-leggings for active workout are well-designed trousers made of nylon and spandex in 80 percent and 20 percent proportions, respectively. Its moisture-wicking, soft-brush fabric comes with a four-way stretch for added support and movement. It is designed to fit four hip sizes and provides full-panel coverage, making it an excellent choice for all pregnancy trimesters.

Wearing it provides gentle support to your belly with fabric that is soft yet firm on the skin. It’s a perfect option for everyday casual wear, whether you’re going to the gym, doing yoga, running, cycling, or any other workout.

How To Choose The Right Maternity Yoga Pant?

Consider the following essential points when selecting the best maternity yoga pants.

  1. Fabric: Maternity yoga bottom wear is available in various fabric combinations with different functionalities. You can choose from nylon, polyester, cotton, spandex, or mixed fabrics.
  2. Comfort: The comfort of maternity leggings is determined by factors such as elasticity, softness, and moisture-wicking properties. You should also consider the type of coverage to ensure maximum comfort.
  3. Fit: Maternity yoga pants are available in activewear, tights, trousers, and other similar fits for the best product fit for the person wearing them.
  4. Trimester: Because the size of a baby bump varies depending on the trimester, it is best to consider the elasticity and size based on your current trimester.

While all these factors help you choose the best maternity yoga pants for pregnancy workouts, you can also shop for other pregnancy outfits for better styling. During your pregnancy, make sure to select a yoga outfit that strikes the right balance of style and comfort.

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