15 Best Memory Books To Buy In 2021

Best Memory Books

After your baby is born, you’ll experience so many beautiful moments that you would want to capture forever. The first smile, first word, first step, first outing, and many more firsts can be captured in the form of a picture or words. The perfect baby memory book is what you will need to secure and cherish all these memories in your life.

In this MomJunction post, we bring you a list of the best baby memory books that you can choose from.

15 Best Memory Books

1. Pearhead Baby Memory Book

Pearhead Baby Memory Book

Record your newborn’s special moments in this creatively designed memory book. It contains more than 50 pages to fill in and has a clean-touch ink pad to print your little one’s tiny hands and feet. You can even add a 3x3in picture of your baby on the top of the book. The book measures 9×10.75x6in and includes pages to record the baby’s firsts, big milestones, and other cute stories. You may pick any from different colors and styles of baby books.

2. Tiny Gifts Baby Memory Book

Tiny Gifts Baby Memory Book

With this book, you can chronicle all your special moments with your baby from the time they are born until they are five years old. The book includes dedicated pages for the baby’s firsts, including birthdays, holidays, and more. There is space to stick pictures, and you also get 29 stickers to highlight the milestones. You can even record your stories related to pregnancy and your lovely experiences with your tiny one. It has environmentally-friendly pages along with several other interesting elements.

3. Ronica Memory Book For Baby

Ronica Memory Book For Baby

Designed with attractive figures, this cute book can be used to record your baby’s precious moments in the first year. It also includes free animal-themed stickers to mark each month of their development. Collect and stick photos, give captions, and record your little one’s first holiday, first festival celebration, and more in this memory book. You can also add your baby’s belongings in the keepsake envelope to add to the memories.

4. As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book For Baby

As You Grow A Modern Memory Book For Baby

The classic book has a timeless and elegant design. You can record every special moment of your journey from pregnancy to five growing years of the baby. The pages have artistic details, making it one of the most memorable baby books. The book includes pocket section dividers to keep your baby’s valuables, such as the hospital bracelet and photos. It is gender-neutral and can be an ideal gift option too.

5. Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year Memory Book

Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year Memory Book

Simple, colorful, and eco-friendly, this is one of the best baby memory books to record your newborn’s adorable instances. The book measures 9x9in and contains 48 colorful pages that are responsibly printed using soy-based inks. Add photos, record stories, mention what your baby likes the most, and make a note of any other moment you find special and worth treasuring for life.

6. Lil Peach First 5 Years Baby Memory Book

Lil Peach First 5 Years Baby Memory Book

Celebrate and record your little darling’s first moments and milestones of five years in this elegant baby book. It contains 42 journal pages and spaces to stick photos of your baby girl or baby boy. The pages are reserved for birthdays, baby’s favorite things, meal and sleep schedules, development chart, first words, and more. The book is available in six different colors and themes.

7. RubyRoo First Year Baby Memory Book

RubyRoo First Year Baby Memory Book

Record your baby’s fun and frolic childhood moments in this ‘All About Me’ book. It contains 56 pages to add the important firsts, milestones, and other interesting stories. The eco-friendly book can preserve photos, stories, and memories of five wonderful, growing years of your baby. It can be used for a baby boy or a baby girl and can be a good choice as a baby shower gift too.

8. Christian Art Gifts Baby Book of Memories

Christian Art Gifts Baby Book of Memories

The colorful baby memory book is available for both baby girls and baby boys. It measures 10.5x10in and has a magnetic flap to keep it neat and tidy. The book contains 64 acid-free pages to capture your baby’s sonogram images, baby shower images, and to record the first moments and other milestones. It also has envelopes to store some of the most cherished accessories of your baby.

9. Le Petit Baby Book

Le Petit Baby Book

One of the best baby memory books, this one lets you record your journey from pregnancy to the first birthday of your baby. The book includes space to add photos, envelopes to store scan images, a family tree to write the names and new relationships with the baby, pop-ups, and many other thoughtful blanks to fill in with the baby’s memorable moments. You can buy this book for a soon-to-be mommy too.

10. Lovely Sprouts First Year Baby Journal

Lovely Sprouts First Year Baby Journal

Early moments of your baby, including first food, first outing, or first festival can be captured in this colorful baby memory book. You can record the baby’s first year’s instances and continue doing so until the baby is five years old. The book includes blanks to write memories, caption or description for photographs, while also tracking their overall development through these years. The book is available in blue and neutral colors and can be an ideal gift choice too.

11. Lucy Darling Baby Memory Book

Lucy Darling Baby Memory Book

The eco-friendly book is made of 48 pages to chronicle your baby’s earl life moments. It includes five birthday pages, space for an ultrasound scan and other photographs, family tree, monthly documentation, school page, and many more where you can record your child’s lovely memories. The cute book can be used for a baby girl or a baby boy, and also includes stickers that make it fun.

12. Pearhead Five Year Memory Book

Pearhead Five Year Memory Book

Milestones, priceless moments, and a lot of lovely stories of your bundle of joy can be recorded in this newborn baby memory book. It measures 9×10.75×0.63in and contains 42 journal pages to add everything, including your baby’s first laugh, steps, favorite toy, sleeping and eating schedule, and more. You can even add pictures of kindergarten, preschool, vacations, and family. The book has a space to print your baby’s cute little hands and feet too.

13. The Wonderful Baby You Are: A Record Of Baby’s First Year

The Wonderful Baby You Are A Record Of Baby’s First Year

The elegant baby memory book is designed creatively to add important milestones of your baby’s life. It also comes with envelopes to store cards, mementos, and other valuables. There is a family tree to fill in with the details of each family member, some pages to mention baby’s developments every month, and 12 stickers to make it all a lot more fun. Get this memory book to keep a note of the beautiful memories that you can cherish later.

14. RubyRoo Baby Memory Book

RubyRoo Baby Memory Book

The RubyRoo memory book comes in two formats, one that of a journal and the other a journal with stickers. The book contains 56 pages and is made of acid and lignin-free high-quality material. It can be used for a baby girl or a baby body. You can use it to record the first-year moments and keep doing it for five beautiful years. The eco-friendly book lets you add your baby’s pictures, tell stories, and record developmental milestones, among others.

15. New Seasons Baby’s First Five Years

New Seasons Baby’s First Five Years

You can treasure all the adorable moments of your baby by capturing them in the best baby memory book. This is a sweet little book where you can stick the ultrasound images and cute photos of your tiny tot. You can even make tiny handprints and footprints for memory. The book contains 65 pages to record lovely instances of the first five years of your baby.

Tips To Choose The Right Baby Memory Book

Here are a few tips to help you pick a good memory book to capture the sweet moments of your little one’s first few years.

  • Find a high-quality book that has a thick cover and thick or acid-free pages so that the book stays intact for many years. Acid-free pages prevent damage and preserve memories.
  • Make sure the book you choose has enough number of pages as you may have a lot of things to capture in the first year.
  • The book should also have spaces to stick photos, envelopes to store keepsakes, and some fun prompts too.
  • It could be much better to find a baby memory book that can be customized as per your needs. This way, you can pick your color, fabric, and pattern that suits your family.
  • You may get a baby book to record memories for the first year or for the first five years.

With a sweet baby memory book, you can keep your baby’s charming moments alive for many years, until the child grows up. You can even give a book to your friend or family member who is expecting a new member of their family. It is an endearing way to capture those first-time memories of your tiny tot.

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