11 Best Mic Stands In 2021


As a musician or a sound engineer, you may be aware of the importance of getting one of the best mic stands for your performances. It is one of the most essential gears required for a studio and stage setup, and they also influence the sound quality of your show. You should consider investing in a lightweight, durable, and easy-to-carry mic stand that ensures easy movement and reduces your strain. These musical gears come in different sizes, styles, and materials to suit your needs. We have compiled a list of some of the mic stands available from the market and recommend you to read the features carefully before making a decision. Trust us, these beauties are eye-catching, and they will help spruce up your musical routines, jams, and performances and bring you closer to your superstar dreams.

11 Best Mic Stands

1. AmazonBasics Adjustable Height And Boom Arm

What makes this one of the best mic stands is that the easily adjustable height can be used with a boom arm, and the height and tilt can be adjusted. The AmazonBasics Adjustable Height And Boom Arm have a tripod stand that provides stability with rubber feet to avoid floor vibration. This way, you can not only promote added stability but also safeguard your floors during a session. The mic stand also folds flat and can be used as a straight mic stand, and is compatible with a ⅜ inch or ⅝ inch adapter.


  • Versatile compatibility
  • 2 clip-on cable holders
  • Keeps cords away
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Ultra-lightweight for easy transportation


  • The boom is permanently mounted on the stand and may sometimes fall short.

2. InnoGear Professional Microphone Stand Kit

Suppose you’re looking for an adjustable, sturdy, and stable microphone arm stand kit. In that case, this one is designed for professional uses and comes with a mic stand, pop filter, and 1-pack microphone windscreen for a studio recording and live sound experience. The stand is easy to use and made of good-quality steel, making it a durable option and versatile as you can easily adjust its angle and position to record your voice at optimum quality.


  • Flexible heavy-duty stand
  • Strong loading capacity of 1.5 kgs
  • Universal compatibility
  • Durable pop filter included
  • 180° rotational mic clip


  • The mic stand cannot hold heavier microphone devices.

3. Tonor T20 Microphone Suspension Scissor Arm Stand

The Tonor T20 Microphone Suspension Scissor Arm Stand is made of steel and weighs about 1.8 lbs, to give you a convenient alternative to heavy mic stands. This one offers a 360° rotational angle for easy movement during recording and comes with a package that includes a desk clamp, mic clip, pop filter, adapter, foam cover, cable tie, and an informative manual to help set it up. The high-grade steel rods are extra durable and the 4 times larger contact area that the clamp offers ensures that it stays firmly fixed to your desk whenever it is in use.


  • High-quality, super-tension springs
  • No vibration noise during use
  • Suitable for different kinds of shock mounts
  • No cable clutter
  • Easy, low-profile fastening solution


  • Does not come with a manual, so navigating its usage may get tricky.

4. Pyle Store Universal Compact Base Microphone Stand

The Pyle Store Universal Compact Base Microphone Stand makes recording feel like a cakewalk with an adjustable height and durable construction. Designed for musicians who often travel to play gigs, the ultra-lightweight stand has a stylish black finish and can easily be transported. The pack is also built to be compact and durable to use on a long-term basis. The stand comes with a mic holder that can be positioned as required for optimal sound pick-up at the studio or during performances and concerts.


  • Reliable and sturdy steel-alloy base
  • Convenient design
  • Ideal for studio and concert use
  • Universal compatibility
  • Pivot angle adjustable mic clip
  • Can be disassembled for portability


  • Some may find the stand to be slightly short.

5. Aokeo Ak-35 Microphone Stand

If you’re looking for a mic stand that is easy on the pocket and comes with an adjustable black scissor arm stand constructed with a high-quality steel frame, then this one is ideal for you. It has a detachable adapter that suits most microphones and also fits most shock mounts. The stand also comes with a plastic mic clip which is sturdy and durable. The standard ⅜ inches microphone threaded mount and ⅝ inches thread adapter is also compatible with most mics.


  • Flexible stand
  • Adjustable screw
  • Anti-rust stand
  • Super spring support
  • Multi-function boom arm stand


  • The threaded adapter may feel slightly flimsy.

6. Hola! Music Professional Microphone Boom Stand

The patented single professional stand is made of strong materials that offer durable and sturdy support. If you’re looking for the best mic stand for both home and on-stage use, then the Hola! The Music Professional Microphone Boom stand is the ideal one for you. It has an ergonomic clutch height that is large and easy to hold on to. The ends of the stand have standard US ⅝-27 threads and a round base, which makes sense if you don’t have too much space for a tripod.


  • Patented leg housing locks
  • Easily adjustable height up to 63 inches
  • Versatile positioning
  • Ergonomic and separate center clutches for angle and length


  • May not be ideal for heavy performance microphones.

7. On-Stage Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

The On-Stage Tripod Boom Microphone Stand is an ultra-portable option for those who want to take their music equipment with them wherever they go. It is composed of hybrid sheet metal and has a composite steel-inforced plastic leg housing, making it both lightweight and durable. The stand also boasts a removable boom arm and fold-flat storage, making these a suitable choice for band members. You can adjust the height up to 63 inches and choose between either a black or chrome shaft depending on your preference.


  • Steel midpoint locking clutch
  • Easy accessibility
  • 30-inch removable boom arm
  • Allows easy positioning during a performance


  • The tightening mechanism may get slightly weaker with gradual use.

8. Samson MK-10 Microphone Boom Stand

This mic stand combines all your definite must-haves, including lightweight, durability, and an attractive, functional design. It also comes equipped with a collapsible tripod base boom stand that folds up easily and works well when traveling with your equipment. If you’re worried about safety when you’re transporting it, this one is safeguarded with a steel-constructed design that offers superior resilience and flexibility of positioning during performances.


  • Sleek black finish
  • Comes with a standard mic clip
  • Suitable for live and studio settings
  • Adjustable tripod base


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty microphones.

9. InnoGear Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand

This one is for podcasters, vloggers, sound engineers, and generally anyone who likes to experiment with recording. The good quality and stable InnoGear Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand is great for beginners and professionals alike because it is super easy to use. You can adjust the height up to 15.4 inches allowing you more control, while the heavy metal base ensures that the mic stays put. The bottom is also secure with a non-slip material that keeps your surfaces free from scratches as you move the mic around.


  • Suitable for different types of microphones
  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • An upgraded knob that screws on and stays tight


  • Does not come equipped with a mic clip.

10. Gleam Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

You can get your hands on the Gleam Tripod Boom Microphone Stand if you want one that can not only be greatly expanded depending on your needs but also come equipped with a storage bag to keep it safe when you carry it around. It also has a mic clip and 3 wire hoops that tie the cables together and avoid tripping during performances. You can adjust the height of the body bracket up to 43 inches to suit you whether you’re standing or sitting down. The length of the expansion pipe can also be adjusted between 4 and 30 inches to accommodate different occasions.


  • Tripod stand secures the bottom of the stand
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Patented design
  • Folds flat for use as a straight mic stand


  • The height may not be ideal for taller performers.

11. K Kasonic Professional Heavy-Duty Microphone Stand

If you’re on the hunt for a professional-grade mic stand that caters to the needs of both studio recordings and live performances, then this one may be for you! It allows zooming freely and is compatible with almost all types of mics. Choose this stable and adjustable mic stand that has a collapsible and ergonomic center clutch to adjust when you’re standing or sitting. The 2 arms and 2 mic holders make it easy to convert from a mic stand to a traditional tripod stand whenever you need it.


  • Quick-release clamp
  • Raise or lower height
  • Durable tripod stand
  • Folding legs have rubber for better grip
  • The large arm extends up to 52 inches
  • Practical, portable, and easy to set up


  • Cannot lock the legs for stable recording like some professional heavy-duty mics.

Now that you have a general idea of all the best mic stands available for you to choose from, you can go ahead and pick one that’s right for you. If you’re confused between more than one option, our buying guide should help make things crystal clear.

How To Choose The Right Mic Stands

  • Base and structure

When you’re looking for one of the best mic stands, you will want to choose one with a base that works for you. At a live studio recording, for instance, you will want to choose a mic stand that is held securely without any movement during use. Choose a mic stand that either has a tripod stand or a round flat base, or even both if you require shuffling between projects.

  • Universality

Another important factor to consider is the versatility that the mic stand offers. Often, you may have more than a single mic and it is important to consider whether your mic stand will be compatible with all of them. Some stands come with additional mic clips and adapters, so as to make them universally compatible.

  • Durability and foldability

Finally, consider the durability of the mic stand because it is going to be that equipment you carry around with you from time to time. You can also opt for a stand that offers foldability, so as to make it more compact before you transport it. Some of the best mic stands offer foldability along with an easily accessible bag to help carry the stand, which is a highly efficient option that you will want to choose.

Those are some of the top features to consider when you are looking for the best mic stand for you. Now that we’ve got that covered, let us tell you a little about some of the additional accessories that you can also buy to make your recording experience more enriching. Not only are these accessories cheap and easily available, but they go the extra mile to simplify your record sessions on stage or in-studio. 

Are There Accessories You Can Buy For Your Mic Stand?

If you are a beginner or pro, when it comes to recording sound or performing vocals, there is one piece of equipment that makes your life easier and that’s a mic stand. You can increase the functionality of the mic stand by choosing accessories. Some of them include:

Boom arms

You can easily attach these to your stand and transform them into a multiple microphone stand. If you’re a musician and want your guitar to sound more amplified, then this is a great addition to your set because it can be aligned with the guitar’s position as well.

Pop filters

Maintaining voice clarity and quality across recording a session is important, and that’s where pop filters come in. They protect the sound from plosives that may cause disturbances to the vocals. Pop filters are accessories that can also help when you are dealing with proximity effects and are available in a range of materials like nylon and metal.

Headphone hanger

If you’re someone who finds themselves recording at home or in-studio often, you may want to seriously consider getting your hands on a headphone hanger. They make it convenient for you to remove and store in between recordings.

Difference Between Studio Mic Stands And Live Mic Stands

The main difference between studio mic stands and live mic stands are perhaps their structural appearance. For instance, the solid base stand is ideal for a solo vocalist performance. If however, you intend to use the mic for instruments, then you may want to choose a tripod mic stand as it’s legs can be widened to hold better weight.

If your mic needs are for a band gig or live-performance, you may have to consider the environment and go for a high-end, robust, durable and heavy duty mic stand.

Given that there are so many microphone stands available in the market, it can get difficult to choose one that is right for you. You don’t have to let the volume overwhelm you, but instead, you could narrow down your options based on things like stability of the stand, joint strength, and durability. The idea is to get a stand that will hold your mic in place without slipping during use and one that could withstand some rough use without giving out.

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