15 Best Mineral Foundations Of 2022 For All Skin Types


For most women, makeup starts with applying the foundation. Foundation is the base over which other products sit. It evens out the skin and hides the blemishes. The best mineral foundations are loaded with much-needed natural minerals such as mica, zinc, titanium oxide, etc., to improve your skin’s health.

Mineral foundations replace synthetic ingredients with natural minerals such as zinc and mica found in earth; thus, the skin is exposed to less harsh chemicals. These products are also gentle on the skin. So, if you’ve been meaning to switch to a more natural and skin-friendly foundation, it’s time to try out the mineral foundations.

Keep scrolling as we have compiled a list of the best mineral foundations available online to give your skin the tender loving care it needs and make your makeup routine more effortless.

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Types Of Mineral Foundations

Given below are the different types of mineral foundations:

1. Powder Mineral Foundation

This mineral foundation in the form of a powder is a versatile type of foundation. It usually does the job of a concealer, powder and sunscreen. Such formulations are light on the skin and are not at all sticky. Perfect for oily and sensitive skin, such products are ideal for covering all types of skin imperfections.

2. Liquid Mineral Foundation

Such foundations are more likely to spread easily onto the skin. These are liquid in consistency and prevent forming a cakey base. These formulations usually hydrate and nourish the skin, and thus are ideal for dry skin.

3. Mineral Foundation Stick

A mineral foundation stick is great for covering the imperfections and is more popular due to its ease of application. The formula usually blends seamlessly. Such foundations are easy to carry and are suitable for travels.

15 Best Mineral Foundations

1. Best 4-In-1: PÜR 4-in-1 Pressed Powder Mineral Foundation

This 4-in-1 pressed mineral powder foundation from PÜR is all you need to keep your makeup on point. The foundation lends a flawless mineral coverage that serves the role of a concealer, powder and SPF 15. It feels very light on the skin and helps you conceal imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles. Whether it is about adding a glow or attaining that magically even skin tone, or protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, this product is good for all. The foundation glides over the skin with a smooth, hydrated looking skin. It is a cruelty-free product.

2. Best For Sensitive Skin: Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation

Neutrogena loose powder makeup foundation is the ideal product to set your base and attain a flawless texture. Made with naturally derived vitamins A, C and E, this loose powder is lightweight and breathable. Available in 8 different shades, it is suitable for all types of skin. From tackling the dark spots, to covering up all types of skin imperfections, this powder foundation can deal with all. It also helps in enhancing skin clarity, texture and tone. This fragrance-free formula is appropriate for sensitive skin. Also, you can stay free from pore-clogging. When in need to get that much-needed full-coverage look, this is the product for you.

3. Best Travel-Friendly: Jerome Alexander Mineral Powder Foundation

Brighten your skin, hide your imperfections and nourish your skin with this splendid mineral powder foundation. With the built-in color correctors, the foundation makes the job of concealing blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines incredibly easy. The formula gives a matte coverage that can last up to 12 hours. Also, with no paraben, fragrance and talc, it is highly suitable for sensitive skin. It is composed of vitamins and antioxidants that give the imperative nourishment that the skin needs. A prime feature of this product is that it adjusts to the skin tone and delivers a fine, smooth matte look. Unlike other foundations, this one does not cake or crease which is a great attribute. Designed like a compact mirror, the foundation is travel-friendly.

4. Best Color-Correcting: Bellaterra Cosmetics Mineral Powder Foundation

When looking for a foundation that might be a solution to all your skin issues, try this one out. It is a lightweight powder that seamlessly blends to give a long-lasting coverage. With 8 different shades, you get the chance to choose the most suited shade for you. Since it is a top-notch mineral powder foundation, it hides fine lines, wrinkles and protects against UV rays of the sun and prevents skin damage. You can even use it for color-correcting and hiding skin concerns like acne, wrinkles, and blemishes.

5. Best Versatile: bellapierre Mineral Foundation

Are you into versatile foundations that can cover up for multiple products? If yes, then this mineral foundation from Bellapierre is the holy grail for you. It has the qualities of a foundation, concealer, finishing powder, setting powder, and sunscreen. Imagine you going for a weekend party where you need to carry all your base makeup products. Instead, you just carry this one product and diminish the need for a heavy pack. Isn’t it really cool that you can ditch tons of products and still get that flawless foundation look. Available in 15 different shades, this brand emerges as a brand for all. This oil-free mineral foundation with SPF15 is ideal for a medium to full coverage. For people with sensitive skin, this product is a must-have, as it is hypoallergenic and has pure mineral pigments. With a dash of this foundation, you can attain a soft plush texture that surely leaves everyone in awe.

6. Best Cruelty-Free: Youngblood Natural Mineral Loose Foundation

The hero in this mineral foundation is the all-natural ingredients that it has. Preferred by makeartists, YouTubers and dermatologists, this mineral foundation is truly outstanding. When used with the help of a kabuki or foundation brush, this foundation can give you full-coverage. Start with concealing your imperfections, then cover your face with the powder and blend well. It serves the role of both a powder foundation and setting powder, so you can skip the application of setting powder. This powder foundation is very light and doesn’t clog your pores. The finish is beautifully dewy unlike the thick liquid foundations. It is PETA certified cruelty-free and also does not contain paraben, talc or non-vegan ingredients.

7. Best Antioxidant: Mineral Fusion Liquid Foundation

If clogged pores and acne are your big problems, then you should try this liquid foundation from Mineral Fusion. Mineral Fusion foundation is a fusion of rich pigments and natural ingredients, that not just hide imperfections but work on reducing them. Induced with vitamin C, pomegranate, peptides and rosehip oil, this foundation moisturizes the skin, primes it and improves its elasticity. Not to forget it also contains antioxidants that fight free radicals and gives a youthful texture to the skin. It blends perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about it creating a cakey base. The foundation gives an undetectable medium-to-full coverage leading to a flawless look. For those who like hypoallergenic, gluten, talc, cruelty and fragrance free products, this is worth investing in. It has all these qualities along with being free from parabens, SLS and phthalates. Looks like a complete package, isn’t it?

8. Best In Matte: bareMinerals Foundation

Love flawless coverage? If yes, this top-notch mineral foundation from bareMinerals will definitely suit you. With the perfect weightless formula that glides over the skin smoothly, this matte foundation is good for quick base makeup. The innovative matte formula minimizes the pores, protects skin from any environmental damage and gives a silky finish to your skin. It contains no harmful chemicals like preservatives, oil, talc, or wax. With just a nickel-size amount all over your face blended well, you are all set to go out.

9. Best Dermatologically-Tested: Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation

Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation does the job of both a foundation and a setting powder. In fact, it works like a skin perfector that helps you take care of all your imperfections and even skin tone. From hiding your acne marks to correcting the dark spots, this does it all. Also, it is dermatologically tested for skin irritations, which makes it fit for sensitive skin. People with oily skin love it because of oil-free formulation. Made with high quality minerals, this foundation provides a smooth base with a velvety feel. The lightweight texture lets the skin feel good all day long. You can expect beautiful radiance and uniform color.

10. Best Extra Coverage: Gaya Cosmetic Mineral Makeup Foundation Powder

Gaya Cosmetics natural mineral foundation is a full coverage foundation that also features as a foundation, concealer, powder and natural sunscreen. It spreads easily on the skin with the help of a big flat kabuki brush. You can use a small concealer brush to cover your imperfections and get that extra coverage. With a few strokes of a brush or dabbing of beauty blender of this long-lasting foundation, you can conceal your under eyes. If you are someone who deals with clogged pores, acne and its related redness, this is a great option. It is good for improving your skin texture and suits all types of skin. Also, it is a perfect option for sensitive skin as it contains no harmful preservatives, parabens, fragrance, talc and mineral oil.

11. Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

This satin matte foundation from Alima Pure is available in 45 shades. It provides buildable coverage in a few easy strokes. Formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients, this mineral makeup foundation evens up your skin tone and feels light on the skin. When looking for natural makeup, this is where your search stops. It can be applied on a daily basis and stays long. With a little extra dab of this powder, you can control extra oil on the skin and have your blackheads reduced. You can expect great texture and light-to-medium coverage with a few strokes of this powder. It is easy on the blending part too. The wonderful range of foundation shades makes the skin complexion natural and beautiful looking.

12. Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation

Only a remarkable mineral foundation like this one has remarkable ingredients that can hydrate and nourish your skin. Other traits of this great mineral foundation is its radiant and smooth finish. Most suited for dehydrated skin, this formula nourishes the skin with chamomile and cucumber extract. It feels very light and gives you light to medium coverage. You can also choose what kind of coverage you want. It even adds a tint of brightness and firms the skin. It has a range of 17 shades that are perfect neutral, warm and cool tones. The formula is soothing and is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

13. Demure Foundation Powder

Demure is known for its amazing makeup range. This mineral foundation is no different. It is designed to keep your skin in great form and add sheer to light coverage. There is no use of chemicals, fillers or fragrances in it. It is super light on the skin and lasts long. Apply lightly with a beauty blender and it blends seamlessly. It is highly pigmented yet so breathable. With this natural foundation, you get to create a flawless, radiant base. This one for medium skin tones is just right for medium skin with rosy undertones. You can find your right shade from amongst the 11 shades it provides. It is hypoallergenic, water-resistant and is suitable for all types of skin. Also, it is cruelty-free.

14. Lure Minerals Foundation Loose Powder

Lure Minerals brings to you a first-rate mineral foundation that helps you attain adjustable coverage with a few simple brush strokes. Formerly known as Pure Minerals, this foundation blends in beautifully and also serves the purpose of sunscreen. The finish is long-lasting and can last all day long. The formula lets you hide your flaws and enhance your facial features perfectly. With this foundation on, you can get a natural, radiant and healthy look. It does not clog pores and stays long. Special feature of this foundation is its chemical-free, perfume-free and talc-free composition. Just take a small amount on your flat or kabuki brush into it. Dust off the extra powder and then apply it in swirling motion on your face. This settles the powder into the brush head. In case you’re someone with dry skin, this foundation should be applied by blending it with eye cream for a creamy base.

15. Glo Skin Beauty Loose Mineral Makeup Powder Foundation

This significantly pigmented, luminescent mineral foundation is an ideal complexion-perfector to revitalize your skin and help you attain full-coverage dewy finish. Formulated with a unique blend of vitamins A, C, E & green tea, this mineral foundation is great for all types of skin, especially dry and combination skin. Free from parabens and talc, this foundation also works well for sensitive skin. You can apply it directly to the skin or layer on a liquid or cream foundation for that additional coverage. The powdered formula is fine and light on the skin. Matching shades to your complexion is very easy, and it can actually take care of large pores on the skin.

How To Choose The Right Mineral Foundation?

Consider the following points while choosing the right mineral foundation for your skin-

1. Use

Always choose a mineral foundation, depending on your use. If you are someone who needs it on a regular basis, it must be infused with natural ingredients like vitamins and sunscreen. Such ingredients keep up with the nourishment of skin and improve skin health.

2. Skin Type

If you have oily or sensitive skin, powder mineral foundations are most suitable. There is less chance of making your skin cakey with such formulas. In case you have dry skin, it is good to go with liquid mineral foundations that have a hydrating formula.

3. Ingredients

A perfect mineral foundation is one that contains no chemicals like preservatives, fragrance, phthalates, etc. An ideal formula must contain ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and minerals like mica, iron oxides, titanium, and zinc oxides. Such composition keeps the skin healthy and prevents damage caused by chemicals.

4. Skin Tone

It is always the first task to choose the foundation shade as per your skin complexion or else your base can be a complete disaster. Before buying any foundation, test it out on your jawline to match your skin tone. Also, keep in mind the kind of finish you want to give to your skin.

This was all about the best mineral foundations available in 2022. The use of each of these foundations is simple and easy. With a few strokes of a kabuki brush of these mineral foundations, you can cover all your flaws and get an even coverage. The prices are also quite easy on your pockets. You can also rely on these mineral foundations for the deep care of your skin as these lack harmful chemicals. Even if you wear them daily, your skin will be healthy and brighter than usual. Hope this article has all the information that you need. Have a great shopping experience!

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