15 Best Minnie Mouse Toys In 2022


Minnie Mouse, with her cheerful smile, bright eyes, cute bow, and polka-dotted dress, is adored and loved by children. Thus, a toy imprinted with Mini Mouse on it can be a perfect gift for your child on any occasion.

Minnie Mouse toys look appealing and are entertaining too. From cars to kitchen sets, board games, and more, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from.

Here’s a list of the best Minnie Mouse toys to let your child have endless hours of fun.  These toys and game sets are not only fun to play with but also help develop your child’s motor and cognitive skills.

Our Top Picks

15 Best Minnie Mouse Toys

1. Best Stylish:Tara Toys Minnie Necklace Activity Set

Let your child create a new look and design each time with the Tara Toys Minnie Mouse necklace activity set. The durable and sturdy box with a portable handle consists of 160 multicolored pieces, including five Minnie charms, 150 beads, and five necklaces.  Your child can mix and match the toy pieces to create necklaces of different designs independently or with their friends.

2. Best For Developing Children鈥檚 Memory:Wonder Forge Disney Junior Minnie Matching Game

Thoughtfully designed, this is a classic game of picture matching from Wonder Forge. The Minnie Mouse matching game set comes with 72 colorful tiles made of high-quality material and clear instructions. This game helps develop children’s memory and fine motor skills. The cards have classic Disney characters such as Minnie, Daisy Duck, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Figaro, and Penelope. The child who matches maximum cards in minimum time wins.

3. Best Non-Toxic:Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box

Are you looking for a perfect birthday gift for your child? Consider this deluxe storage box from Delta Children to let your child store their toys, games, and art and craft supplies. The pink toy box in Minnie Mouse print has a durable wooden construction that is non-toxic, a convenient cut-out handle for portability, and a slow-close cover. Further, the rounded corners and smooth edges ensure the safety of your child.

4. Best For Little Hands:Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique Why Hello Cell Phone

The Why Hello Cell Phone can be carried by little children wherever they go. It features realistic phone sounds and lights, Minnie phrases, and a large keypad for on-the-go fun. It also features a cute bow with Minnie mouse ears, and the phone fits perfectly in the little hands of your child. The Minnie Mouse toy is perfect for children aged three years and above. If you want to find out more about this product and its usage, make sure to check out this review on YouTube.

5. Best Battery-Powered:Kid Trax Minnie Mouse Electric Quad Ride Car

This car from Kid Trax is the perfect Minnie Mouse outdoor toy for children aged three years and above. Let your child enjoy a cool ride on this 6V battery-powered car with child-friendly controls. The car features rubber traction strip tires for a smooth ride on multiple surfaces. In addition, the toy is equipped with an easy push-button accelerator, and the steering wheel is designed to fit the little hands and allow safe and easy driving. If you need further convincing, check this YouTuber’s review out.

6. Best For Easy Operation:Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Roadster RC Car

This RC car from Disney Junior is a hot favorite among little ones. The pink dotted car has a Minnie Mouse seated in the driver’s seat and features simple functions for easy operation. Your child can control this car with the cute-looking remote that not only drives the car forward but also lets it spin. The pink dotted car runs best on smooth surfaces and is suitable for children aged four years and above.

7. Best Vintage:Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers Rotary Phone

Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers Rotary Phone is a trendy and colorful Minnie mouse toy for toddlers. The vintage phone is battery-operated and suitable for children aged three and above. This pink phone features realistic telephone sounds, light-up effects, and dial buttons. It also features adorable Minnie phrases such as “Minnie speaking! How can I help you?” to let your child indulge in pretend play for hours.

8. Best For Imaginative Thinking:Melissa & Doug Disney Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden Doll

Inspire your child and encourage imaginative thinking with this pretend-play set from Melissa & Doug. The playset allows your children to bring their favorite Disney characters to life by letting them change their dresses. The pretend-play set includes two double-sided wooden play figures, two stands, and more than 45 magnetic pieces such as dresses and tiaras. Children can create a variety of outfits by interchanging the magnetic pieces, which are big enough to be grabbed easily by little hands.

9. Best For Pretend Play:Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers Brunch Cafe

The multicolored brunch cafe from Minnie Mouse looks adorable when displayed on a stand. It stands 39-inch tall and features a light and sound burner that sizzles, two waffles, a cereal dispenser, a coffee pot, a muffin tray, two muffins, a spinning waffle maker, and more. It also has cute polka-dot curtains and various decorative embellishments. It is the perfect set to let little children indulge in pretend play for hours.

10. Best Medical-Themed:Minnie Mouse Bow-Care Doctor Bag Set

Featuring a play stethoscope, thermometer, otoscope, syringe, and bandage cuff with two sticker sheets, this pretend-play set from Minnie Mouse is the perfect doctor play set your child would love. The stethoscope comes with lights and sounds, and your child can easily store these medical tools in the doctor’s bag, which features adorable polka dots, glittery accents, and a handle.

11. Best For Motor Skills:VTech Minnie Mouse Smart Wheels Ice Cream Parlor

Develop your child’s motor skills with this Smart Wheels playset from VTech. The set allows your child to drop shapes into the sorter and Minnie Mouse ice cream truck, raise the elevator, and spin the gears.  Place the Minnie Mouse vehicle on the three smart point locations to trigger more than 30 sounds, phrases, and melodies. It makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

12. Best Musical Toy:VTech Disney Minnie Mouse Around Town Play Set

Here’s another playset from VTech that is designed to improve children’s motor skills. It includes a car that can be moved around the track, and as the child places the car in four strategic SmartPoint locations, it plays around 40 different songs, sounds, melodies, and phrases. This set is compatible with other Go! Go! Smart Wheel playsets. The battery-operated set makes a good birthday gift for children.

13. Best Design:Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-Tel Hotel

The two-foot-tall Minnie Mouse Bow-Tel Hotel includes a two-sided playset with seven rooms on different floors. The 20-piece playset includes Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Snow Puff figures with their personnel rooms.

Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-tel hotel is a super fun paradise complete with a slide, movable elevator, two beds, lamp, sofa, bathtub, toilet, computer desk, table, chairs, luggage cart, and more. The top floor has a balcony and hammock for a better feel of the miniature hotel. As your child presses the bow of Minnie Mouse, it lights up and plays different Minnie phrases.

14. Best Machine-Washable:Kids Preferred Disney On The Go Activity Toy

Kids Preferred’s activity toy features textured rings, bead rattle, textured ring clip, and teethers to keep your baby busy when awake. The soft material of the toy is safe for your baby to chew. The interactive Disney toy is an ideal traveling toy that produces a crinkling sound when the ears and donuts are pressed. The classic Minnie Mouse toy comes in bright colors and textures and is machine-washable.

15. Best Long-Lasting:UPD Minnie Bowlicious Tea Set

UPD’s child-friendly Minnie Mouse toy kitchen tea set is a delight for little girls and boys. The cute cups, teapots, saucers, and spoons look attractive, and the different colors allow children to mix and match the tea set while serving bowlicious tea. The lids fit well and stay in place. The toy pieces are made with durable and sturdy material and do not break even after extensive use.

How To Choose The Right Minnie Mouse Toys?

Here are a few factors you should consider to choose the right Minnie Mouse toys.

  1. Material: It is crucial that the toys you purchase are made of non-toxic material for your child’s safety.
  1. Print: Check the character imprint on the toy. The printing should look realistic, and the child should be able to differentiate its features.
  1. Purpose: Look for toys that are practical and designed to boost your child’s skills.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a skillful writer and researcher who loves reviewing children’s toys and gifts. Here, she recommends the best Minnie Mouse toys that are appealing. Whether it is a kitchen set, toy car, or dollhouse, you will find a functional and entertaining Minnie Mouse toy to entertain your little one and help them engage in pretend play. Priti has also provided a detailed description of each product to help you pick the right toy.

Disney toys have been incredibly popular among children since time immemorial, but few have the classic appeal of Minnie Mouse. The bubbly, chirpy mouse with the most adorable smile and polka-dotted dress has captured the hearts of millions over the years. If you’re hoping to make your little one’s day by presenting them with something they will love and cherish, choose from this list of the best Minnie Mouse toys that include a wide range of gift ideas, from activity sets and cell phones to cars and soft toys. Ensure to pick a toy that suits your child’s interests and keeps them engaged for a long time.

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