15 Best Mixing Bowls For All Your Kitchen Needs In 2024

Investing in the best mixing bowls can make cooking special dishes easy. Whether you plan to whip up a cake, cream, pancake, or healthy salad, a portable and easy-to-clean mixing bowl is the answer to most of your problems.

Usually, people make do with any bowl, but you don’t want the bowl to be so heavy that it slips out of your hands or flimsy that the contents fly out of the container. Keep scrolling to find the right bowl for your kitchen needs. The expert-recommended options on this list are easy to clean, durable, and lightweight.

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15 Best Mixing Bowls In 2024

1. Best Dishwasher-Safe:FineDine Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

More than 37,398 buyers on Amazon have said the product lives up to the hype.

Whether it is a small batch of batter or a large one you need to prep, this stainless steel mixing bowl set will fit all your needs. One would call it a perfect mixing bowl, while another may reap its benefits by using it as a stirring bowl or even to knead dough. These metal bowls are durable, easy to clean, and come with an attractive mirror finish. This stackable bowl set does not occupy much countertop or cupboard space, and its flat yet wide base provides enhanced stability. Check out this review video to get more information about these mixing bowls for baking and cooking.

Item Weight: 2 pounds | Product Dimensions: 13.6"W x 13.8"H | Material: Stainless Steel | Shape: Round | Color: Stainless Steel | Bowl Material: Stainless Steel


  • Set of 6 stainless steel bowls
  • Odor-free
  • Stain-resistant
  • Made of shatter-proof materials
  • Freezer and dishwasher-safe
  • Measurement and capacity marks on the outside of the bowls


  • Does not include lids
  • Some may feel that the bowls are too thin
My Personal Experience

"I use these bowls often at home, and I'm pretty satisfied with their utility. They're perfect for everyday cooking but lack high sides for serious mixing. I was surprised by the sheer number, as I only needed a few. However, they're convenient, easy to pack away, and dishwasher-safe."

2. Best Non-Porous:Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowls

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 24,593 positive customer reviews on Amazon attest to the product’s quality.

These glass mixing bowls are an excellent choice for when guests drop in unannounced and you find yourself scrambling to cook, heat, and serve food. The glass bowls, from Pyrex, a tried-and-tested brand are known for their non-porous qualities, which means that they don’t retain any odors or stains. These sturdy glass mixing bowls come in three different sizes, with a maximum capacity of 5 quarts, and can be used to mix or serve food. They can also be used in the microwave. The unique rim of the bowls makes it easy to hold. This video offers more information about these bowls.

Item Weight: 0.01 ounces | Product Dimensions: 11.25"W x 4.5"H | Material: Glass | Shape: Bowl,Round | Color: 3 PC Mixing Bowl Set | Bowl Material: Glass


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Freezer-safe
  • Stackable
  • Thick and durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Does not include lids
  • The size of the smallest bowl is too small making it uncomfortable to use for mixing

Our Tester's Experience

"While these bowls are durable and dishwasher-safe, their shallow design can cause spills when mixing or beating. May not be suitable for bread making. Also, one of them has a slight flaw around the rim. But they nest nicely, and overall, I find them useful for everyday use."

protip_icon Quick tip
Get a glass bowl if you use a lot of citrusy items, as sour food can react when in contact with steel.

3. Best Sturdy:Cuisinart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 4,409 satisfied customers have left positive reviews about the product on Amazon.

If you are looking for a good mixing bowl that is easy to use, easy to hold, and will last you a lifetime, you can turn your gaze toward this one. It comes in a set of three bowls—1.5, 3, and 5 quart bowls—to match your different food items. This high-quality stainless steel mixing bowl set has air-tight lids, so you can store your batter, mixture, or leftovers in the refrigerator and reuse them later.

Item Weight: 3.9 pounds | Product Dimensions: 10.5"W x 10.5"H | Material: Stainless Steel | Shape: Bowl | Color: Stainless Steel | Bowl Material: Stainless Steel


  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Freezer-safe
  • Stain-resistant


  • The lids are not strong enough to stack something over it

4. Best For Storage:KitchenAid Mixing Bowl Set

If you are someone who embraces color in all aspects of your life, even your kitchen, this aqua-blue mixing bowl set will be the perfect addition. You and your child can simultaneously whip up a cake batter and cream for the topping, as this five-piece bowl set includes different sizes of efficient mixing bowls ranging from 1.5 qt to 5.5 qt. These mixing bowls with non-slip bases provide stability and eliminate the possibility of the bowl slipping from the counter or food being spilled. When not in use, you can nest the bowls away for storage. This product testing cum review video tells more about these plastic mixing bowls.

Item Weight: 3.74 pounds | Product Dimensions: 10.63"W x 7.87"H | Material: Plastic | Shape: Bowl | Color: Aqua Sky 2 | Bowl Material: Plastic


  • Each bowl comes with a pouring spout
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free
  • Lightweight


  • May not be microwave-friendly

Our Tester's Experience

"I was unsure about swapping my older mixing bowls, but I'm glad I did. These beautifully colored bowls aren't just pretty; they're practical and stack easily. The handy pour spout and handle are a plus. Cleaning's a breeze, though I prefer hand-washing them. A worthy addition to my kitchen!"

protip_icon Point to consider
Getting a mixing bowl with a spout will help you pour liquid content without making a mess.

5. Best Non-Slip Handle:OXO Good Grips Mixing Bowl Set

Are you ready to prepare the biggest batch of homemade cookies you’ve ever attempted? If yes, these non-slip mixing bowls may come in handy! The 1.5 quart bowl can be used to whisk eggs; the 3 quart bowl can be used to whip up some cream or batter and used with electric mixers; and the 5 quart bowl can be used for tossing popcorn or serving snacks for your guests. It can quickly get expert-approved as it comes with a spout for easy pouring, and the rim features a non-slip handle.

Item Weight: 2.31 pounds | Product Dimensions: 12"W x 6"H | Material: Plastic | Shape: Bowl,Lips | Color: White/Black | Bowl Material: Plastic


  • Three-piece set
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Available in three color combinations
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free
  • Phthalate-free


  • Not microwave-safe
Our Tester's Experience

"I love the variety of bowl sizes this set offers and the practical pour spouts. These are pretty sturdy, lightweight, and nestle inside one another for easy storage. One of the bowls got a slight scratch, but they've stood up to years of use and are easy to clean."

6. Best Durable:Fox Run Large Mixing Bowl

Knead some dough away to glory or prepare a colossal amount of cookie dough with the help of this large-size stainless steel mixing bowl. Its steel construction makes it durable, and it can also take quite a beating if you want to whisk up some vinaigrette. It is easy to hold and use, and it also features a flat bottom for stability. As it is made of steel, this wide-mouthed mixing bowl also retains cold temperatures to allow your fish or meat to stay chilled while marinating.

Item Weight: 9.6 ounces | Product Dimensions: 10.25"W x 5.25"H | Material: Stainless Steel | Shape: Round | Color: Metallic | Bowl Material: Stainless Steel


  • Large in size
  • Available in 6 stackable sizes
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Freezer-safe
  • Can be used as a serving bowl


  • Over time, it may get corroded with exposure to food with high salt concentrations

Our Tester's Experience

"This large stainless steel bowl is perfect for family popcorn nights and kneading bread. Although I found the material thinner than expected, it still served its purpose well. I also like how easy it is to clean it."

protip_icon Do remember
You should wash the bowls after every use or keep separate bowls for raw food to avoid cross-contamination (1).

7. Best Fingerprint-Proof:Umite Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls With Lids

Bring joy and vibrant colors into your kitchen by incorporating these stainless steel mixing bowls with lids in your everyday cooking. These deep metal bowls feature a mirror-finish interior and are fingerprint-proof on the outside. Made of heavy-gauge, food-grade stainless steel to ace the test of durability, it can be used for mixing, storing food, and serving as well. It also comes with colorful air-tight lids that keep your food fresh for long periods.

Item Weight: 1 pounds | Product Dimensions: 1"W x 1"H | Material: Stainless Steel | Shape: Round | Color: Multicolor | Bowl Material: Stainless Steel


  • Set of six
  • Rust-proof
  • Anti-slip silicone base
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • The lids are flexible and BPA-free
  • The bowls are deeper than standard bowls


  • The lids do not snap on easily
Our Tester's Experience

"I adore that these bowls have color-matched lids. They are simple to use and don't slip. They also stack wonderfully, making storage breezy. Though some bowls had minor stains that I noticed during washing, it's a minor concern for me. Would recommend them for daily kitchen needs."

8. Best Lightweight:Priority Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls With Lids


If you want a mixing bowl set that you can use forever, and one that can be passed on to your children as though it were brand new, you can place your bets on this one. Although these reliable bowls are made of thick stainless steel, they are lightweight, making it easy to use and clean. You can also use these metal bowls to store all the right amount of ingredients and keep them fresh with the help of an air-tight fitting lids. In addition, these mixing bowls come with measurement markings for culinary precision and perfection.

Item Weight: 5.3 pounds | Product Dimensions: 10.3"W x 12.3"H | Material: Stainless Steel | Shape: Bowl,Hand | Color: Silver,Black | Bowl Material: Stainless Steel


  • A set of five high-quality stainless steel bowls
  • Bowls feature a non-slip silicone bottom
  • Lids are BPA-free
  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe
  • Nests easily for convenient storage


  • The lids are not dishwasher-safe
  • The measurement markings may fade after repeatedly washing the bowl in the dishwasher
Our Tester's Experience

"What I like the most about these bowls is their neat stacking feature and a silicone coating on the bottom that prevents slipping on the counter. While the lids aren't dishwasher-safe, they're the easiest to clean. They have been a practical addition to my kitchen."

9. Best BPA-Free:Home Gourmet Plastic Mixing Bowls

If glass and stainless steel mixing bowls are not your cups of tea, you can divert your gaze to this colorful set by Home Gourmet. Made of heavy-weight plastic, these multi-purpose mixing bowls are bound to bring excitement to anything you prepare with the help of their vibrant colors. These nested mixing bowls enable easy storage and are available in a set of six in different colors and sizes that fit your every mood and requirement. You can even use these bowls to serve or heat food.

Item Weight: 1.1 pounds | Product Dimensions: 11.75 x 11.75 x 5 inches | Material: Plastic | Shape: Round | Color: Green | Bowl Material: Plastic


  • BPA-free
  • Maximum capacity of 5.8 quarts
  • Made of non-toxic plastic
  • Microwave-safe
  • Freezer-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • The bowls tend to get very hot in the microwave
Our Tester's Experience

"I've been using these bowls for three years, and they've maintained their shape well. They come in six different sizes, so there's one suitable for every need. The dishwasher safety and space-saving nesting features are worthwhile. A durable and handy set- worth recommending!"

10. Best For Easy Pouring:Rorence Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls With Spout

Can a kitchen be called a complete kitchen without a set of durable and versatile mixing bowls? We don’t think so. That is why every kitchen needs mixing bowls like these. With a high-gauge stainless steel body, these multi-purpose mixing bowls are lighter than glass and ceramic mixing bowls. The mixing bowls come with handles, making them easy to hold while mixing, and their silicone base keeps the bowl firmly in place. These metal bowls with spouts facilitate easy pouring and prevent mess and spills.

Item Weight: 3.67 pounds | Product Dimensions: 10.04"W x 5.91"H | Material: Stainless Steel | Shape: Round | Color: Black | Bowl Material: Stainless Steel


  • Lightweight
  • Silicone handles
  • Inner measurement markings
  • Mess-free air-tight lids
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Set of three


  • After extended use, the handles may become loose
Our Tester's Experience

"These mixing bowls ended up being better than my expectations. They nest easily and the lids fit snugly. I like the non-skid base, and the pour spouts are quite useful - features that are hard to come by. The slight lid-positioning trick for the perfect fit was a convenient touch. Overall, they're an attractive combination of function and design."

11. Best Freezer-Friendly: Wildone Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls

One of the best mixing bowls with rave reviews, this five-piece set can help you prep any airy batter like a professional chef and measure, mix, store, and serve food. Made of premium-grade stainless steel, it features a mirror finish on the inside and a brushed finish on the outside. One of the unique features of this set is that the larger bowl comes with a removable center where the three bowl-compatible graters can be used. In addition, these mixing bowls with lids feature a non-slip silicone bottom that keeps them steady. The tried-and-tested metal bowls also feature measurement markings for convenience.

Item Weight: 4.4 pounds | Product Dimensions: 10.4"W x 10.4"H | Material: Stainless Steel | Shape: Round | Color: Black | Bowl Material: Stainless Steel


  • The measurement marking won’t fade
  • Includes three types of graters for easy grating
  • Includes BPA-free lids
  • Deep-bottomed bowls
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Freezer-friendly
  • Safe to be used in a preheated oven


  • Lids and graters are not dishwasher-safe
  • The lids don’t stay on unless properly closed
My Personal Experience

"I replaced my old stainless steel bowls with this set and couldn't be happier. They are quite easy to store, and the sizes are convenient. I also appreciate how they don't slide while mixing. Although the lids can't be washed in the dishwasher, they are still easy to clean, so I don't mind."

12. Best Chip-Resistant:Duralex Glass Mixing Bowls

If you are looking for the best mixing bowls made of glass, you can place your bets on this set. This ten-piece bowl set comes in a variety of sizes, so you and your family can participate in a full-fledged cooking session together. It is 2.5 times more resistant to breaking than other glass bowls available in the market and can also withstand thermal shock from -4°F to 212°F. It is also impact and chip resistant. As these bowls are made of non-porous glass, it doesn’t retain any odors or colors. The tempered glass makes it ideal for both hot and cold foods and liquids.

Color: Clear | Bowl Material: Glass | Product Dimensions : 10.25"W x 4"H


  • Durable glass bowls
  • Doesn’t absorb liquids or flavors
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Freezer-safe
  • Microwave-friendly
  • Features a collar on the rim for easy stacking


  • The smaller bowls are too small and can make mixing uncomfortable
Our Tester's Experience

"I found these high-quality tempered glass bowls really durable. They are pretty versatile; I have used them for my baking needs as well as making salads. Moderately lightweight, they haven't got any scratches or dents till now. However, they may be shallow for blending, causing some spills. The best part is that they are safe for the dishwasher and the microwave."

13. Best Stain-Proof:Anchor Hocking Mixing Bowls With Measuring Cup

Complete with a measuring cup, these mixing bowls mean business. If you are someone who likes to follow the recipe down to every milliliter, consider purchasing these multi-purpose mixing bowls. The tempered glass makes the bowls and the measuring cup sturdy and durable enough to last you a lifetime. Unlike many standard measuring cups, this one is easy to hold while measuring, mixing, and pouring. These deep mixing bowls can even be popped into a preheated oven.

Item Weight: 9.25 pounds | Product Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 6 inches | Material: Glass | Shape: Bowl | Color: Clear | Bowl Material: Glass


  • Set of four, including a measuring cup
  • The glass doesn’t retain smells
  • Keeps stains at bay
  • Microwave-friendly
  • Safe for the freezer and dishwasher


  • Doesn’t come with lids
Our Tester's Experience

"These bowls are pretty sturdy and have a handy glass measuring cup — a win-win. They're deep and wide at the bottom, which is convenient for mixing various ingredients. I wish they were slightly bigger, but still, they serve their purpose well."

14. Best Microwave-Safe:Nordic Ware Plastic Mixing Bowls

Bring the colors of the ocean straight into your kitchen with these coastal colored mixing bowls. The different-sized bowl set can be used for various purposes like mixing, storing, and will be quite a pleasing sight to eyes when used as serving bowls. As it is microwave-safe, you can even heat your food in it. These bowls come in colors like white, navy, mint, and aqua. These colorful mixing bowls are BPA-free and safe to use.

Item Weight: 0.952 ounces | Product Dimensions: 12"W x 5.63"H | Material: Plastic | Shape: Oval | Color: Coastal | Bowl Material: BPA-free and Melamine Free Plastic, High-Heat Plastic


  • Four-piece set
  • Made with melamine-free plastic
  • Non-slip silicone base
  • Nests easily for stacking
  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe


  • Should not be used in an oven or stovetop
Our Tester's Experience

"I love the lightweight design, vibrant colors, and the varied sizes of these bowls. One had a minor defect, but it didn't impact its functionality. Moreover, it's pretty easy to clean and doesn't hold onto food."

15. Best Corrosion-Resistant:All-Clad Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

This durable stainless steel bowl set will serve you well if you enjoy baking and inviting people over for lunch and dinner. The versatile set of three mixing bowls—1.5, 3, and 5 quart bowls—is ideal for food-prepping and mixing batters and vinaigrette. Made of 18/10 polished stainless steel, these bowls also come with integrated handles that lend you a comfortable and secure grip. These kitchen mixing bowls are stain-resistant, and the exterior has an attractive mirror finish to ace the test of aesthetics.

Item Weight: 3.85 pounds | Product Dimensions: 11.4"W x 5.5"H | Material: Stainless Steel | Shape: Round | Color: Silver | Bowl Material: Stainless Steel


  • Stackable design for easy storage
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Non-reactive to acidic foods
  • Dishwasher friendly


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t feature measurement markings
Our Tester's Experience

"I've been using these All-Clad stainless steel bowls for years, and I love their resilient heavyweight design and convenient handles. However, they can slip sometimes, which often leaves marks on my laminate countertops. Thankfully, their convenient design and easy cleaning process make up for this minor inconvenience."

How To Choose The Right Mixing Bowl?

Here are a few factors you should bear in mind when choosing mixing bowls.

1. Material

Choosing the best mixing bowls can be a tricky task, but you need to figure out which material would suit you best. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of glass, plastic, and stainless steel mixing bowls.

  • Glass: As glass in a non-reactive material, it won’t interfere with the taste, color, or texture of the food. It’s also an excellent material to consider if you use your microwave oven often. Since most glass bowls are non-porous, it doesn’t absorb or retain any flavors, smells, or colors. You can also look for tempered glass as they are freezer-safe and temperature-resistant. However, one must be careful while using glass mixing bowls as a slight slip of the hand could make it fall and shatter into a million pieces.
  • Plastic: Plastic mixing bowls rarely need an introduction. It’s the first material we think of when purchasing most household and kitchen items. It’s affordable, lightweight, and takes a lot of force and rough handling to break or crack. Most plastic bowls also come with plastic lids, which can help you store food for later use. The downside is that plastic can melt easily and may also retain odors.
  • Stainless Steel: If it’s a durable and almost impossible to break mixing bowl you want, you should stick to stainless steel. Yes, it won’t shatter even after years of taking a rough beating from hand mixers. It is sturdy, lightweight, and readily available in larger sizes too. However, you can’t use these bowls to heat food in a microwave oven and may not serve as the most attractive serving bowls.

2. The shape of the bowl

It is always wise to invest in an expert-approved deep mixing bowl. It makes whisking, mixing, and even cleaning it easier. It can also help raise dough better and keep it fresh and hydrated. When it comes to larger bowls, it is important to note that when they are not being used in the kitchen, they can be used to serve food items like popcorn and chips.

3. Sturdy base

There are some accidents in the kitchen, which can be avoided like batter spilling out and the bowls falling off the countertops. Look for a bowl that comes with a silicone anti-slip base.

4. Comfortable rim or handle

When buying a mixing bowl, it is also important to check how comfortable it feels in your grip. Pick one with an extended rim or a handle that allows for a firm grip.

Let’s step into the kitchen and prepare a fresh batch of choco-chip cookies or that famous banana-bread recipe that everyone’s been talking about. All you need are some good mixing bowls and a whole lot of enthusiasm. Do let us know if you found a mixing bowl to your liking from this list of the 15 best mixing bowls.

Beverly Ramitan, owner of Bev’s Kitchen PH and a mommy blogger, says, “Mixing bowls are incredibly useful in the kitchen, as they serve various purposes. When choosing a mixing bowl, consider your personal kitchen practices. If you are a baker, opt for a chip-resistant bowl since you may frequently use electric mixers. On the other hand, if you love a well-tossed salad, choose a large and aesthetically pleasing bowl that can also double as serveware.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sized mixing bowl is best?

The best mixing bowl size can differ based on what you plan on mixing or cooking. If you have space constraints, you can get bowls that stack or a single medium-sized bowl to cater to your needs.

2. Can I use a metal mixing bowl as a double boiler?

You can use stainless steel bowl as a double broiler as it is rust-proof and a good conductor of heat. But you should choose the ingredients cautiously, as stainless steel may not be a non-stick utensil.

3. Are mixing bowls safe to put in the oven?

If your mixing bowls are stainless steel, it can be safe to put them into the oven. However, not all microwave modes are stainless steel friendly, so you should read the manual before using one. Further, you should check the instructions provided by the manufacturer before putting the mixing bowl in the oven.

4. Are mixing bowls durable and easy to clean?

Yes, bowls made with sturdy materials such as stainless steel, food-grade plastic, and silicone can be very durable. The bowls are usually dishwasher-safe or have a coating that makes them easy to clean.

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Every cook knows the importance of a good mixing bowl. This essential utensil and kitchen appliance allows you to mix ingredients with ease and whip up delicious dishes in minutes. However, as mixing bowls come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, making the right choice is crucial. The best mixing bowls are sturdy yet lightweight and made of expert-recommended BPA-free and scratch-resistant materials. They are also stackable, easy to clean, and dishwasher- and freezer-safe. To ensure that they do not tip over while mixing, choose those with a non-skid bottom.

Infographic: What Are The Various Kinds Of Mixing Bowls?

Mixing bowls are essential kitchen tools that provide convenience and versatility for salad prep, batter making, cookie dough kneading, marination, and baking. Explore the infographic below to discover the different categories of mixing bowl sets and their unique features, helping you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Different Types Of Mixing Bowls (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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  1. Cross-Contamination in commercial kitchens

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