15 Best Moisturizing Socks To Buy In 2022 And Buyer's Guide


The best moisturizing socks can prevent cracked heels and keep your soles soft, nourished, and supple. While some of these socks come with inbuilt moisturizers, others would need you to apply a moisturizer before putting them on. Available in different designs and sizes, moisturizing socks can suit your needs. So if you have been suffering from dry, cracked heels and loofah and lotions couldn’t help you, it’s time you invest in a good pair of moisturizing socks. Keep reading for our list of products with their descriptions.

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Types Of Moisturizing Socks

There are two types of moisturizing socks available in the market:

  1. Socks with built-in lotion: With moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil, olive oil, vitamin E, or grapeseed oil already infused within the fibers, these socks remove the need for any foot cream. However, since they need to be frequently washed, the moisture content may diminish after a few uses.
  2. Socks with no built-in lotion: With no lotion in them, these are like regular socks but made of cotton or spandex for softness. As they do not have any hydrating ability, you need to apply a foot cream before wearing them.

15 Best Moisturizing Socks

1. Best For Cracked Heels: NatraCure 5-Toe Gel Moisturizing Socks

The pair of 5-toe moisturizing socks offers natural moisturization to your feet and keeps the area between your toes moisturized. The SmartGel formulation contains botanical oils, shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamins. It is useful for preventing dry feet, cracked heels, dead skin, cuticles, and other foot problems. This pair of nourishing socks is great if you don’t have a dedicated foot care routine. For best results, wear the socks for 20 minutes on alternate days.


  • Slow release of oil
  • Lasts long
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Available in three sizes


  • Might be slimy


2. Best Breathable: Moisturizing Socks for Cracked Heels – Aloe Socks to Treat Dry Feet Fast

This pair of moisturizing socks by Armstrong Amerika is designed to pamper your feet. Infused with the goodness of aloe, jojoba oil, rose oil, olive oil, grape seed, and vitamin E, it helps treat dry and rough feet quickly and keeps your feet hydrated for a long period. This pair of toe-free socks covers the heels and is loaded with gel heel cups. The upper mesh layer is breathable and prevents greasiness while keeping your feet cozy and smooth.


  • Works well for cracks
  • Reusable
  • Unisexual design
  • Available in three sizes


  • Has less elasticity


3. Best For Warmth: ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks 2 Pairs Gel Lined Toeless Spa Socks

Need a pair of cute and hydrating socks? This pair of two-lined toeless spa socks will moisturize your cracked heels and keep your feet soft throughout the day. And if you have cracked heels that bleed and hurt, grab this pair of socks that offers deep penetration and heals your feet quickly. The spa socks are made using cotton fabric and features a gel lining that softens your feet and offers gentle repair. This video gives you more information about the gel heel socks.


  • Contains vitamin E
  • Keeps feet warm
  • Can be hand-washed and air-dried
  • Available in three sizes and colors


  • May not fit large feet


4. Best Full Coverage: Moisturizing Socks, Gel Socks Soft Moisturizing Gel Socks

This pair of socks by Pnrskter offers full coverage and deep moisturization to your feet. The gel spa socks are infused with rose oil, jojoba oil, essential olive oil, plant gel, and vitamin E, which are great for moisturizing and softening the skin. It works even on the deeply cracked heels and extremely rough feet. The non-slip grain design offers a good grip to your feet, and the pair of socks is reusable.


  • Hypoallergenic composition
  • Reusable
  • Only need to be worn for 30 minutes


  • May not be durable


5. Best Therapeutic: Earth Therapeutics Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Moisturizing Socks-2 Pack

Keep your feet warm and nourished with this pair of baby blue, plaided, cute-looking moisturizing socks. This pair of therapeutic socks is loaded with the goodness of aloe vera gel and vitamin E, which offer deep conditioning to your feet. The socks are durable even after multiple uses and washes and are designed for everyday use and comfort.


  • Can be machine-washed
  • Fits most feet
  • Contains aloe vera gel


  • May not be durable
  • Might get fuzzy overtime


6. Best For Sensitive Skin: Frederick’s Original Moisturizing Gel Socks

This pair of socks can easily be worn along with your ballerina flats. It is made of breathable silicone and uniquely designed to moisturize your heels. The pair of open-toe socks features specially designed holes for ventilation and is also perfect for people with sensitive skin.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Can be worn during any activity


  • May not be ideal for large feet


7. Best For Grip: White “Stretch Cotton” Overnight Moisture Socks

This pair of soothing white socks is made using 97% cotton and 3% lycra for a better fit and grip. It is comfy to wear and comes with soft soles. You simply need to apply your favorite hydrating lotion and slip on the socks during bedtime for best results. The socks repairs your feet overnight and keeps your feet free from roughness and itching even during winter.


  • Good stretchability
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Breathable fabric ideal for any season


  • May get dirty soon


8. Best Organic: SILKEase Moisturizing Socks

This pair of socks by CareMe+ is gentle on your skin and keeps your skin moisturized for long. It is perfect for those who have a hectic lifestyle and don’t get enough time to heal their cracked or dry feet. The pair of open-toe socks is comfortable to wear and offers a good grip. It is infused with organic and therapeutic grade essential oils and gels.


  • Contains aloe vera gel
  • Durable due to mixed fabric
  • Unisexual design


  • Might feel sticky


9. Best Easy-To-Wash: Deseau Moisturizing Socks – Luxurious Soft Cotton with Thermoplastic Gel Lining Infused with Botanical Oils

This pair of cute and super soft luxury socks features a thermoplastic gel lining and is infused with botanical oils, including jojoba oil, olive oil, lavender oil, and vitamin E to smoothen and soften your feet. The microfiber exterior is breathable, and the socks is washable and reusable. Besides, it gives out a mild and soothing fragrance.


  • Gentle on cracked feet
  • Have good elasticity
  • Easy maintenance


  • Might not be suitable for all feet sizes


10. Best Hydrating: 5 Pair Foot Hydrating Gel Moisturizer Moisturizing Socks for Women

This pair of hydrating and nourishing socks by Kareway Product works great for protecting the feet from dryness, itchiness, and roughness. It features a gel formulation that contains the goodness of avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E. Not only does it keep your feet hydrated, but it also heals callus, deep cracks, and dry patches. Within a few uses, you’ll be able to witness the difference.


  • Can be used in any season
  • Requires only 20 minutes of application
  • Feels soft on the feet


  • May not be reusable


11. Best Durable: Black Moisturizing Socks – Gel Boat Socks for Dry Cracked Feet

This pair of low cut socks is designed to relieve heel cracks and rough skin. It is made using 80% nylon and 20% spandex. The pair of anti-shock socks offers a great solution to problems like dry patches, itchiness, and much more. The low-cut pair of socks is infused with the goodness of jojoba oil, olive oil, lavender essence, and vitamin E to provide complete nourishment to your feet.


  • Ideal for most skin types
  • Durable due to mixed fabric
  • Reduces foot fatigue


  • May not be available in all sizes
  • Might not be durable


12. Best For Pain-Relief: Dr. Frederick’s Original Moisturizing Heel Socks

With their toe-less design, these moisturizing foot socks can be worn by both men and women. Their porous design is highly breathable, thus making the socks comfortable to wear during any time of the day. The moisturizing capacity lasts several washes. This longevity is brought by silicone pad that seals the moisturizing capacity of the socks.


  • Can be worn on sensitive skin
  • Reduces pain caused by cracked feet
  • Can be worn as needed


  • Some users may find them tight


13. Best Sweat-Resistant: Codream Vented Moisturizing Socks

Made of cotton, these moisturizing socks for dry feet are infused with the goodness of rose oil, jojoba oil, mineral oil and other ingredients that give a good hydrating effect. The oils infused into the socks as a gel soften dried and cracked feet to give a smooth look. As these socks are toeless, they can be worn overnight. You can also use them throughout the day since the fabric is highly breathable and flexible. Watch this video for more details about the moisturizing gel heel socks.


  • Has a good stretch
  • Can be hand-washed
  • Causes no sweat
  • Dermatologically-tested


  • Cannot be machine dried
  • May have a strong fragrance


14. Best Machine-Washable: Eurow Therapy Socks

Offering a comfortable fit for all sizes, these foot moisturizing socks can be worn anytime of the day. Made of spandex and cotton, the socks are elastic and breathable. They soothe dried and cracked feet and can be reused after washing. Apply your favorite lotion and get comfortable in these socks to repair your damaged feet.


  • Facilitates absorption of moisturizer
  • Has a soft feel
  • Machine-washable


  • The elasticity may not last long
  • May get dirty too quick


15. Best Comfortable: Selizo Moisturizing Heel Socks

A blend of cotton and spandex makes these moisturizing foot socks highly durable. The mesh-like texture make the socks breathable and comfortable to be worn anytime of the day. These moisture socks for feet have gel infused within them to heal callus, dry feet, and cracked feet.


  • Reduces foot pain
  • Toeless design for comfortable wear
  • Reusable and washable


  • May be too tight for some users


How To Choose The Right Moisturizing Socks

Choose the moisturizing socks based on your lifestyle and feet problems. Besides, there are several things you need to keep in mind:

  • Lifestyle: If you have a hectic lifestyle and are always on the move, you might need an advanced healing option for your feet. You can choose moisturizing socks with infused gel and lotions so you can slip on the socks and soften your feet. You may also need to wear these socks overnight for better results.
  • Footcare routine: If you do not have a dedicated footcare routine, socks infused with lotions and gel could be ideal for you.
  • Foot issues: Some may have foot problems like callus, deep cracks, and dry patches. For such users, moisturizing socks along with lotions and cream are helpful. People who simply want to prevent foot problems and keep their feet warm and soft could opt for the moisturizing socks with or without lotions.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag is a skincare, fashion, and beauty enthusiast. She is passionate about recommending the right products to the readers after extensively researching product listings and user reviews. She has rounded up this list of the best moisturizing socks to keep your feet soft and nourished. This article also includes sections explaining the types of moisturizing socks and how to choose the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to wear moisturizing socks overnight to get results?

This entirely depends on your convenience. Also, you could wear them overnight if you do not like the idea of wearing a pair of gel- or lotion-infused socks during the day.

2. How long will my moisturizing socks last?

Moisturizing socks have high durability and can last for up to seven months. These socks are generally made from silica and spandex, materials that are highly durable. In fact, these socks are designed for durability and everyday use.

3. Should I apply any gel or lotion to the feet before wearing these moisturizing socks?

If you purchase socks with no built-in lotion, you’ll have to apply lotion to your feet before wearing the socks.

4. How do I moisturize my socks?

You don’t need to moisturize socks separately. Instead cleanse and scrub your feet, pat them dry and use a lotion that suits your skin type. Then put on moisture-sealing socks to trap the hydration.

These are some of the premium moisturizing socks that you can choose for healing your cracked and dry heels. You may consider the factors mentioned above before choosing a pair of moisturizing socks. Which of these socks would you consider buying?

The list of the best moisturizing socks provided above can be a great buying guide for you as they have been well researched and curated carefully after considering multiple factors. They are highly recommended by experts in the industry and have been positively reviewed by their previous customers. However, it would help if you considered your skin type and lifestyle while buying these. More importantly, select the socks that best suit your footcare routine to attain the best possible results. Also, don’t go for the ones that are too tight or sticky.

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