15 Best Monster Toys To Buy In 2022

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The best monster toys can make playtime interesting for your little ones. They can enjoy imaginative games and activities with these cute toys and stay away from gadgets and TV screens. So be it a Halloween gift or to satisfy your kid’s monster fantasy, take a look at our list of most popular monster toys and make the right pick for your kiddo. Our post also provides you with the details of every product to help you make the right decision.

15 Best Monster Toys To Buy In 2022

1. Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger All-Terrain Truck

Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger All-Terrain Truck Image: Monsterjam
Price at the time of publication: $89.09

The Mega Grave Digger is a robust all-terrain truck that can be controlled using a remote control. The detailed graphic body, superb headlights, and sturdy chassis make this monster truck stand out from the rest. It comes with gigantic tires, working lights, rubber treads, mega-sized shocks, and authentic graphics. A built-in USB cable helps you power up the Monster truck. Learn more about this product in this video.


  • Measures over two-feet long
  • Can be controlled and driven in any direction using the 2.4GHz dual joystick controller
  • Controller has a range of up to 250ft
  • Lightweight
  • Includes an instruction guide


  • May be slightly slow
  • Remote might not withstand rough play

2. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Downhill Race & Go Track Set

Price at the time of publication: $48.99

The Hot Wheels Monster Truck Downhill Race & Go Track set is nothing like other generic monster truck toy sets. It  includes a 2-in-1 transporter and raceway, a Hot Wheels die-cast car, and a Hot Wheels monster truck. Let your child get the car and truck racing downhill and enjoy the ultimate smash and crash experience. This video will provide you with added insights about the product.


  • Four-feet long race track can accommodates up to six cars
  • Track can be folded for easy storageand transport
  • Doubles up as a car transporter and accommodate up to 12 cars
  • Compatible with Hot Wheels cars


  • Younger children might have difficulty understanding how the ramp works
  • Ramp might not withstand rough play

3. Monster Jam Monster Dirt Arena

Price at the time of publication: $23.01

Now, it is super easy to create your own epic Monster Jam stadium and course with this Monster Dirt Arena. The arena comes with two pounds of kinetic dirt that feels and looks like what the professionals drive through. This playset also comes with four entry ramps, a scoreboard, a large ramp mold, a crushed car mold, a shipping container mold, two sculpting tools, a sticker sheet, and an official Monster Jam monster truck. So, now, they just need to rev up their engine and show the high-flying, gravity-defying moves. At over 24-inches wide, you get to build endless Monster Jam courses just like at Monster Jam events. Take a look at this video to know more about the product.


  • Allows you to add an extra track or even a launcher for better speed and some grinding power
  • Allows children to play in different ways
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Quantity of the sand may be less
  • Some might find the sand a little bit hard

4. Art Creativity Light Up Monster Truck Set

Price at the time of publication: $14.99

Are you looking for a Monster toy car to keep your children entertained for hours? Get them this set by Art Creativity. The jumbo Monster truck comes packed with multi-color LEDs, cool lighting effects, etc. to keep your children excited for hours. It is fitted with a cool friction motor that helps in smooth operation. So, just rev it up and accelerate away. The transparent monster wheels with eye-catching chassis and shocks and the cool gear decals set it apart from other monster toy cars. This monster car is designed to be the pride of their collection and one that stimulates their senses.


  • Truck is easy to use and suitable for children below three years of age
  • Monster truck comes in different colors
  • Includes racing decals and stickers
  • Makes an excellent gift for your little  one
  • Comes packaged in an elegant box


  • May not withstand rough play
  • May require frequent battery change

5. John Deere Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor

Price at the time of publication: $27.99

Light up your little one’s off-road adventures with this monster truck. The John Deere Monster Truck is ready to tackle any obstacle that lies in its path and treads off to a great start. The set measures nine-inch long, six-inch wide, and eight-inch tall. Your child needs to roll the tractor to activate the supercool green LED wheels.


  • Wide and sturdywheels make this truck suitable for all terrains
  • Easy to use and suitable for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Durable design
  • Great for playing in the dark


  • Battery may not last long
  • Battery cover screw could have been designed better

6. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Demolition Doubles

Price at the time of publication: $7.47

These two monster trucks are purposely paired to compete in a race with their giant wheels. They come with wide wheels and rad details. The set comes with stats and details about each truck.


  • Perfect for one-on-one battles
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Ideally sized for little hands
  • Slides smoothly


  • Wheels might not withstand rough play
  • Some might find them a little too lightweight

7. Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Blaze & The Monster Machines

Price at the time of publication: $64.99

The Fisher-Price Monster machine pals include your children’s favorite Blaze, Crusher, and Pickle. The three die-cast trucks come packaged in an elegant colored box.


  • Colorful paints do not fade easily
  • The wheels are wide and sturdy
  • Perfectly sized for little hands
  • Durable design


  • Might be a little heavy
  • Tires might come off with rough play

8. Monster Jam Champ Ramp Freestyle

Price at the time of publication: $19.99

This mega-fun freestyle playset features four unique ramps, a truck launcher, a connecting bridge, and a launch stabilizer to help you perform infinite epic stunts. The playset includes an exclusive truck, the Son-uva Digger monster truck, which can’t be found anywhere else. Bring the excitement of a monster Jam event to your home with this Monster truck set.


  • Play set is easy to set up and even easier to disassemble
  • Four ramps allow for unlimited fun and endless stunts
  • Durable build
  • Keeps children engrossed for hours


  • Younger children might find it challenging to use the launcher
  • Assembly instructions may not be clear

9. CozyBomB Monster Trucks Toys

Price at the time of publication: $12.98

Are you looking for a Monster truck set that is easy to play with? The Friction Powered 3-Pack Mini Push and Go Car Truck Jam Playset is your answer. It is ideal for children aged above three years as it is easy to operate and doesn’t involve any complex winding mechanism. Plus, it is easy to be carried around in a bag or pouch, wherever your children want to go.


  • Truck features 360-degree rotating wheels that are wide and anti-skid
  • Trucks are made of sturdy ABS plastic that is non-toxic
  • Brightly colored
  • Easy for a toddler to play with as well


  • May be smaller than you expect
  • May not withstand rough play

10. EZFun Godzilla Toys

Price at the time of publication: $19.99

Encourage imaginative play in your children with these life-like EZFun Godzilla figures. This EZFun Set of ten Godzilla Toys consists of seven figures with movable joints and three figures with immovable joints. These figures look life-like and are ideal toys for pretend play.


  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, waterproof, and non-radioactive
  • Toy pieces come packaged in a drawstring carry bag
  • Comes with great detailing
  • Durable build


  • Size might be small for some
  • Detachable parts might pose a choking hazard

11. Mapixo Light Up Monster Truck Set

Price at the time of publication: $15.27

This set of four monster trucks is suitable for gifting on a birthday or even holidays. It comes with transparent multi-color wheels that light up. These are available in four colors: red, yellow, blue, and black and are made of 100% safe and non-toxic plastic to keep your child safe. The push-and-go mechanism lets children push the monster trucks in living rooms or other places and play with them to have fun.


  • Keeps children engaged for hours
  • Great for playing in the dark
  • Durable build
  • Fast cars


  • Might be smaller than you expect
  • May not withstand rough play

12. Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Game

Price at the time of publication: $40.44

The Melissa & Doug creative monster bowling set adds color, warmth, and texture to a familiar game of bowling. It includes six textured and furry monster pins along with one beastly ball. Also, these six bowling pins and the bowling ball come packaged in a zippered carrying case for easy storage and portability.


  • Fun bowling game helps children develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance
  • Bowling pins come with weighted bottoms and are easy to set up
  • Multifunctional toy
  • Well-designed and durable
  • Makes an awesome gift for children aged two years and above


  • Might not be very suitable for playing on carpets
  • May not be sturdy enough

13. Hot Wheels Tiger Shark Monster Truck

Price at the time of publication: $35

Get ready to let your child take part in head-to-head battles with this Hot Wheels Tiger Shark Monster Truck? The set is an outrageous assortment of 1:24 scale Monster trucks with sturdy die-cast metal bodies. Each truck comes with its stats, including name, strength, truck type, unique crash attack, and some motivation to inspire your child. The giant wheels give these Monster trucks an edge on mega rough terrain.


  • Oversized sturdy bodies
  • Entertaining
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Quality paint


  • Pull-back feature could have been better
  • Metal axle may break with rough play

14. Monster Jam, Official Grave Digger Monster Truck

Price at the time of publication: $34.02

This monster truck toy is endowed with features and graphics that can easily keep your child busy for hours. It comes with BKT rubber tires that provide excellent traction. The working suspension system readily absorbs impact and takes the monster truck to new heights.


  • Die-cast body
  • Sturdy build
  • Good size for children
  • Great detailing


  • Might not be suitable for driving on grass
  • Wheels can break of from the axle with rough play

15. Sesame Street Playskool Cookie Monster’s On The Go Numbers

This monster toy is ideal for preschoolers. Your child can now explore numbers with their favorite Sesame Street characters. The package consists of 20 colorful play pieces and ten cookies and numbers, which can be stored easily. The monster cookies, when lifted, reveal a Sesame Street character.


  • Super easy to carry around
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings
  • Durable build
  • Helps improve problem-solving skills


  • Design of the cookies could have been better
  • Might not be easy for little ones to remove or place the pieces

How To Choose The Right Monster Toys For Your Child?

Consider the following factors before buying a Monster toy for your child.

  1. Safety: Check the material to ensure it is durable and non-toxic. The toy should not have sharp edges or small and loose components that may cause choking.
  2. Interests: Consider your child’s interests to find designs and themes they may like. You can explore the available features and upgrades to ensure your child has a fun playing experience.
  3. Age: Check the manufacturer’s age recommendations to ensure the toy is suitable for your child.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a skilled writer and researcher who loves reviewing children’s toys and gift items. She recommends the best products to you after analyzing several products and considering various reviews. Here, she brings you a list of the best Monster toys that can engage your children for hours. In addition, Priti has provided a brief description and highlighted the main features of each product to help you make an informed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do monster toys really entertain?

Monster toys come in different varieties that include trucks, diggers, cars, figurines, plush toys, and more. These toys can be unique and entertaining if your child displays interest in the monster theme.

2. Do kids get scared or enjoy monster toys?

Most monster toys are made not to scare children but to entertain them with unique colors and designs. Children enjoy playing with monster toys as they are dramatic, noisy, and also allow pretend play.

3. Are monster toys safe?

Not all toys are safe for everyone. Monster toys that are age-appropriate based on your child’s age are safe. Also make sure the toys you choose are made of safe materials and do not contain harmful chemicals or parts.

4. What is the ideal age to play with monster toys?

Most monster toys are ideal for ages three and above, whereas few are suitable for two-year-olds. When your little one is familiar with monster characters through kid-friendly story books and animations, your child might enjoy these toys.

The best Monster toys can not only introduce your little one to the world of an interesting category of toys but also help them stay away from the screens, stimulate their creativity, and encourage pretend play. When choosing a Monster toy for your child, make sure it is easy to handle, age-appropriate, colorful, safe to play with, and does not contain small parts. Moreover, when browsing for options, do not forget to pick those toys that are easy to maintain and clean.

Infographic: A Buying Guide On Finding The Right Monster Toy For Your Child

Investing in monster toys can be a fun way for children to dive deep into their imagination. However, the market is replete with such toys with numerous features, which can make the buying process overwhelming for you. Here’s a helpful infographic to find a suitable monster toy for your child.

Things To Consider When Buying A Monster Toy
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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