11 Best Morphe Brushes In 2021 To Complete Your Beauty Kit

Morphe Brushes In 2021

Morphe is one of the top brands that makes pro-level makeup brushes. With their comprehensive collection of brush types and a broad market base, it is easy to get your hands on these brushes. Available as makeup blenders, these beauty brushes are of high quality and useful for all, from beginners to professional artists. They give your skin the best texture and make an immense difference when applying makeup.

We have curated a list of the Best Morphe Brushes you can buy right now.

11 Best Morphe Brushes

1. Morphe 7-piece Rose Gold Brush Set

Morphe 7-piece Rose Gold Brush Set


Widely used as a makeup staple, Morphe’s rose gold brush set is a valuable combination having brushes for multipurpose applications, such as foundation, cream, concealer, powder, and more.

The brushes are designed for precision makeup, lending the right blend with every stroke on your skin while offering creative control for the best outlook. With seven varying sizes, they also serve as a suitable accompaniment for travel.

2. Morphe X James Charles Eye Brush Set

Morphe X James Charles Eye Brush Set


These specialized Morphe brushes for eyes are made to provide natural-looking lashes. The set has 13 full-sized brushes and a custom tubby for better blending. Carrying some of James Charles’ favorite eye makeup tools, these brushes help create the best look with the right blends and shadows.

The brushes are soft and luxurious on the skin, enabling impactful updo for your eyes with the right strokes.

3. Morphe 18 Piece Vegan Variety Makeup Brush Set

Morphe 18 Piece Vegan Variety Makeup Brush Set


The set includes 18 brushes useful for different makeup uses. A balanced combination of value, quality, and affordability, these professional-grade makeup brushes help you achieve a flawless makeup experience. Some specialized brushes help in liquid makeup application.

The firm yet soft brush bristles lend the perfect shades to keep your basic look running with the right contours. Available in a decent rollable bag, it is suitable for regular travelers. They feel soft on the skin and works for sensitive skin type.

4. Morphe Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection Brush Set

Morphe Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection Brush Set


The Jaclyn Hill edition is another popular Morphe brushes you can look forward to for a perfect makeup collection. Designed for adult use, these brushes have sleek wands and a separate pouch to carry and keep them handy. Soft bristles are ideal for makeup strokes and lend a luxurious feel to the skin for suitable glimmer and shiny skin. They give a firm grip while users can take the light strokes across the face for right contouring.

5. Morphe 6 Piece Deluxe Contour Brush Set 690

Morphe 6 Piece Deluxe Contour Brush Set 690


The set has six Morphe contour brushes, including three miniature brushes to add finer details to the facial contour, and three larger replicas add depth and lighten the face’s larger areas. It is the perfect accompaniment for contouring the skin with the right blend of bold and suave. You can also count on this contour brush set for sensitive skin types.

6. Morphe Jaclyn Hill The Face Collection Brush Set

Morphe Jaclyn Hill The Face Collection Brush Set


These wand brushes from Morphe designed for adult skin serve as a suitable accompaniment for blending, blushing, and highlighting. With varying brush thicknesses for different contouring strokes, the soft bristles to treat the skin luxuriously. The different wand thicknesses also ensure a comfortable grip for multi-directional makeup strokes. It includes a carrying pouch to use the brush set anytime and anywhere.

7. Morphe Eye Obsessed Makeup Brush Collection

Morphe Eye Obsessed Makeup Brush Collection


The eye obsessed makeup set includes 12 separate brush wands for varying blushing, highlighting, and contouring applications. They add depth to your expertise, graduating from beginner to the expert level makeup artist.

The brushes allow adding the perfect lining to your facial outlook. They also serve as the best Morphe eye shadow brushes and includes a uniquely designed bag, making it a suitable travel companion.

8. Morphe Brush Set Collection Vacay Mode

Morphe Brush Set Collection Vacay Mode


Specially curated to suit your makeup needs, this 12-piece Morphe brush set collection give perfect contouring. It carries brushes for different facial makeup for the right makeup strokes to the skin for that glam-filled look. Varying in thickness, these brushes are soft and made up of bristles that are uniform in thickness.

The shiny black sleek wand with a bump in the middle offers a comfortable grip. Its tubby storage case can fit the brushes in a compact space and is portable. Professional makeup artists mostly prefer the Vacay mode collection.

9. Morphe 1 ½” Flat Contour Brush

Morphe 1 ½” Flat Contour Brush


The 1½” flat contour brush with its thinly arranged bristles is ideal for finer detailing. Serving as a vital staple for your makeup kit, it suits all users, be it beginners, experts, or professional makeup artists.

Ensuring superior quality, the brush is the right fit for your complete kit assortment. It is uniquely flat for the effortless blending of cream or powder throughout the facial region, offering a sculpted look. Its silky soft bristles leave the skin feel luxurious with comfortable and light application.

10. Morphe Rose Baes Brush Collection

Morphe Rose Baes Brush Collection


The uniquely selected makeup brushes give a super soft and luxurious feel on the skin. They lend a rose gold finish to the skin for an ultra-glam look.

Be it the blush, highlighter, blender, or contouring brush, this rose baes brush collection is a one-in-all set for your makeup needs. Their perfectly angled slender bristles provide an effortlessly flawless finish with streak-free coverage. It includes a small tubby to keep all your brushes in place for quick access.

11. Morphe Complexion Crew 5-Piece Brush Collection

Morphe Complexion Crew 5-Piece Brush Collection
Buy-NowThe complexion crew brush collection from Morphe accompanies you for all makeup applications, be it blushing, contouring, blending, highlighting, or any other need. They have well-rounded bristles that land softly on the skin. The thoughtfully shaped wand move the strokes as you dab and sweep your way. This extremely soft tool coordinates with the curves of your face for a gentle and balanced blending. Accompanying a large glitzy bag, this five-piece collection is easy to store and carry.

How To Choose The Right Morphe Brush Set?

Here are some features to keep in mind while buying a Morphe brush.

  • Brush collection: Most collections consist of brushes, eye brushes, face brushes, contour brushes, and liners. Some popular collections have brushes of varying thickness and sensitivity to lend different depths, sculpture, and lining to your face for an elegant and unique look. Choose according to your makeup requirements.
  • Bristle sensitivity: Select brushes with soft and uniform bristles useful for dabbing and sweeping the strokes across varying face curves. Thankfully, makeup brushes from Morphe are elegantly designed to lend a luxurious feel, both with the bristles and wand, while you are sculpting the face.
  • Level of usage (beginner, expert, or pro): Makeup brushes are typically designed to suit user needs based on his/her expertise. While a beginner user may need a set of basic brushes for blending and lining, a professional artist would require a thoughtful brush design that effortlessly lends the right depth and contouring.
  • Budget and affordability: Morphe brushes are available across price ranges as per their expertise and collection association. Finding an affordable makeup brush set is as easy as finding a high-end option.
  • Brush-wand color theme: A matched color theme adds aesthetic richness to an overall appeal of a brush set, and Morphe has something or the other to offer in this selection segment to treat users right.

With the list of popular Morphe brush collections available and the buying guide, you can now select the right product as per your makeup needs. If you haven’t been much of a makeup enthusiast or are just entering the world of glamour, it is best to start with Morphe for exposure to a world of makeup options.

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