15 Best Moscow Mule Mugs for Your Home Bar Cart


If you plan to host a cocktail party, we have compiled a list of the best Moscow mule mugs to help you choose. A Moscow mule mug is a classic copper mug with a wide base and mouth. The name comes from the Moscow Mule drink, which combines ginger beer, vodka, and fresh lime juice.

Moscow mule mugs are a versatile choice for most cold beverages. This popularity stems from their ability to maintain cold temperatures for long. So, choose a few mugs for yourself or give them to your loved ones as gifts. Take a look at our collection to learn more.

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15 Best Moscow Mule Mugs

1. Best Handmade: Moscow Mix Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

The Moscow Mix mule mugs are a set of four mugs made of pure hammered copper, each with a capacity of 16 ounces. The gift set comes with four copper cocktail straws and a copper shot glass packed in a beautiful gift box. The 100% food-grade copper makes these mugs safe to use. Since they are handmade and each has a unique design, no two mugs are the same. They are attractive and functional.


2. Best 100% Pure Copper: Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Gift Set

Advanced Mixology brings you a gift set of Moscow mule mugs made of 100% pure copper. These laboratory-tested and food-grade mugs are safe and healthy and do not contain nickel, tin, or other metals. Each 16-ounce mug is hammered to improve durability and lacquer-coated to maintain its gloss and resist corrosion. The copper is heated, tempered, and polished many times to increase its gloss and luster. The thick walls and special-shaped welded handles on the mugs make them sturdy. The solid copper mugs come with handmade wooden coasters.


3. Best With Coatings: Copper Bars Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

The Moscow mule mugs by Copper Bars are made of pure 100% copper and coated with food-grade lacquer. Its internal and external coatings can maintain gloss and provide safety. These 16-ounce mugs do not contain nickel or other metals, and each hand-hammered mug has a large brass handle and a stable base with a wide straw design. The gift set comes with a shot glass, a stirrer, and two copper straws.


4. Best Engraved: Kamojo Exclusive Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Kamojo Moscow mule mugs have gorgeous craftsmanship and unique design. These mugs are made of copper and have a protective coating to maintain gloss and prevent staining and oxidation. Each mug features exquisite filigree engravings and flower designs, especially handmade with simple tools and a hammer. The 16-ounce mugs do not contain nickel and steel. The set comes in a black gift box with two copper straws and a recipe book.


5. Best Easy-To-Clean: Staglife Black Diamond Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

The Staglife Black Diamond Moscow mule mugs are 100 percent pure copper with a hammered finish to extend their service life and durability. It promotes frosting for three seconds and keeps it cool to prevent the beverage from getting hot at room temperature. This collection of two mugs is food-safe and easy to clean. Each mug has a capacity of 16 ounces, and you can store the beverages and ice cubes without spilling. The copper mug has a smooth lip and a carefully welded handle for a firm grip. Exquisite craftsmanship makes these mugs stand out on your kitchen shelf.

6. Best Glossy: Linall Moscow Mule Mugs

Linall’s Moscow mule mug is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. It has a glossy, mirror-like finish and smooth barrel. Rust-proof and durable, each mug has a capacity of 18 ounces. They are perfect for refrigerated drinks, shots, and cocktails. The handle makes it comfortable to hold, and the smooth lip is drip-free. The price of this set of four cups is reasonable.


7. Best Durable: PG Ultimate Moscow Mule SS Copper Plated Set

Ultimate Moscow mule mug from PG Ultimate has an impressive design and excellent craftsmanship. The copper-plated mugs are durable and have a capacity of 19.5 ounces, ideal for cocktails, cold coffee, or iced tea. This is a much-loved gift for people who like to drink delicious cold drinks.


8. Best Tarnish-Resistant: Krown Kitchen – Hammered Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set

If you want an authentic Moscow mule experience, try the Known Kitchen copper mug set. This 100% copper mug has no steel, tin, or nickel lining. It has a welded and riveted handle to make the mug look exquisite. A lacquer coating offers tarnish resistance. The set includes four mugs, a copper shot glass, four coasters, a cleaning cloth, and a recipe book.

9. Best Easy-To-Grip Handles: Oggi Moscow Mule Mugs

The Oggi Moscow mule mugs are copper-plated on the outside with stainless steel lining on the inside. This set includes two 20-ounce mugs. Each of them is designed with an easy-to-grip handle that can be wiped clean with a warm damp cloth. Copper mugs are easy to maintain, even if they are not conducive to the microwave or dishwasher. They maintain the temperature of drinks for long periods.


10. Best Hygienic: Estilo Handcrafted Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

The Estilo Moscow mule mugs are carefully handmade, and each piece is unique. The four cocktail glasses are made of high-quality copper and stainless steel lining. The handle is made of brass and is easy to hold. Each cup has a capacity of 20 ounces and measures 3.2 inches x 4 inches. Hygienic and easy to clean, copper keeps your iced beverages cold for a long time.


11. Best With Straws: Moscow Mule Pure Copper Mugs Set of 2 by Copper Mules

Pure copper mugs from Copper Mules make your drinks cooler. The Moscow mule mugs are made of sturdy and high-quality copper, with a service life of several years. The welded handles provide a comfortable grip and are durable. Each mug’s inner and outer surfaces are coated with food-grade lacquer to make it resistant to tarnish and scratches and add luster to it. The kit comes with two copper straws, two coasters, a recipe book, and cleaning instructions.


12. Best For Cold Beverages: Tito’s Vodka Copper Moscow Mule Mug Set

Tito’s Moscow mule mug set comes with four 12-ounce copper mugs. Each mug is tarnish-resistant, thanks to a protective coating. The copper exterior of these mugs holds in the cold and keeps the drink cool for longer, making them ideal for cocktails and cold beverages. You have to hand-wash the mugs for the best maintenance.


13. Best Shiny: Scash Handcrafted Moscow Mule Mugs

If you’re looking for handcrafted Moscow mule mugs, look no further than the Scash mugs, which are made of 100 percent pure hammered copper. These mugs quickly frost up and keep the drink cold. The inner and outer surfaces of the mug are coated with food-grade lacquer, which keeps them shiny and tarnish-resistant. The set of four mugs come with one free shot glass.


14. Best Spill-Resistant: Libbey Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mugs

This pack of four 14-ounce hammered copper mugs is beautiful and attractive. The Libbey Moscow mule mugs have a non-reactive stainless steel lining, making them durable and long-lasting. A large handle provides a secure grip and helps prevent spills. Copper aids digestion, and these mugs are free of lead and BPA for added safety. It keeps liquids colder for a longer period.


15. Best Traditional: Cretoni Copperlin Antique Moscow Mule Mugs Set

Moscow mule mug set from Cretoni Copperlin is 100% handcrafted. The hammered copper is 100% original and contains no nickel or tin. With a 16-ounce capacity, this set is ideal for a one-time cold drink. It has a high-quality, traditional feel thanks to the antique polish. The mug’s handle is welded for comfort and durability. This set of cocktail mugs comes with two copper straws, a bar spoon, a jigger, and the best cocktail recipes for the ultimate cocktail experience.


How To Choose The Right Moscow Mule Mug?

Here are some of the factors to consider when buying a Moscow mule mug.

  • Material: A good Moscow mule mug is typically made of copper. Choose high-quality, 100 percent copper mugs that are durable and long-lasting. Copper cups with stainless steel linings are easier to clean. Copper-plated mugs are also available. They may look the same, but they lack the benefits of solid copper.
  • Finish: For a smooth, clean finish, copper mugs are typically heated, hammered, and coated with food-grade lacquer. It also makes the mug shine.
  • Strong handle: Moscow mule mugs are known for keeping your drink cold and frosty. This implies that it could be too cold to hold. Choose a Moscow mule mug set with a sturdy and comfortable handle.

Moscow mule mugs are classic copper mugs that are handcrafted to keep your drinks cold for an extended period. Thanks to the numerous health benefits of copper, along with its ability to retain frost and cold, Moscow mule mugs are widely used to serve delectable cocktails and cold beverages. When looking for the right Moscow mule mug, ensure it is made of the right materials and has a smooth finish and strong handle. Further, you may choose those that come with beautiful designs and durable, tarnish-free surfaces.

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