11 Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads Of 2021


If your inner free spirit can’t help but pine for more adventure and adrenaline rush, mountain biking might be just the action you need. One of the first things you need before you start, however, is the best mountain bike knee pad to keep you safe.

Biking over bumpy dirt roads and hilltops can be extremely challenging. But to navigate them like a pro, you don’t just need a mix of balance and expertise, but also safety measures for your knees and legs in case you slip, fall, or worse, crash.

Knee pads are essential precautionary tools without which you should not even set foot on the pedal. Read on as we have handpicked some mountain bike knee pads to help you select one.

11 Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads

1. JBM International Mountain Biking Pads

Great fit, unparalleled comfort, and uncompromising protection are words that define JBM International’s mountain biking pads. A pack of these pads includes knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads for superior protection and an amazing fashion sense when you hit the roads that lead to the mountains. Wear these stretchable pads and customize them to fit you right by adjusting the super flexible straps. Made of tough and durable PE and PP material, these guards are shock-absorbing too. As the pads are made of breathable fabrics, you never have to worry about your knees and elbows feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. These pads can also be used for skating, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities.


  • Unique design and construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Built for BMX and MTB riders
  • The pad set comes in 3 sizes for adults, youth, and kids.


  • The bindings of the Velcro straps could come undone with extended use.

2. GUTE Protective Knee Pads For Mountain Biking

A crash or fall from your mountain bike could have you bed ridden for days, but not if you invest in GUTE’s Protective Knee Pads For Mountain Biking. The pads are made of durable PE plastic, EVA shields, and aluminum rivets for complete protection for your knee, femur, and tibia. The inner lining of these knee pads for biking has foam padding covered with a soft and breathable fabric to prevent sweating and rashes. The adjustable elastic straps are designed with long Velcro straps that buckle up and help the pads stay snug. Made for both men and women, these pads are perfect for bike riders and sports enthusiasts.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design and support
  • Easy to wash
  • Quick-drying
  • Can be used as biking, skating, and mountain climbing pads.


  • The pads might have wear and tear issues after use

3. G-Form Pro-X Mountain Bike Knee Pads

G-Form’s Pro-X Mountain Bike Knee Pads are perhaps one of the best youth mountain bike knee pads, designed to meet the requirements of today’s youth. Pull them up as you would with socks and they won’t slip or slide down. The foam molecules that line the inner layer of the pad repel each other to keep the pad flexible and soft as you ride in the mountains. During a crash or fall, the same molecules attract and become hard to protect your knees.


  • Durable
  • Breathable pad material
  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof
  • Sweatproof


  • Some may find it slightly thin

4. Demon United Enduro Mountain Bike Knee Pads

The Demon United Enduro Mountain Bike Knee Pads are weightless and super thin MTB knee pads that are ergonomically designed for fast riders. These pull-up mountain biking knee pads come with silicone anti-slip bands on the top and bottom to prevent them from sliding down. A 10-mm EVA foam in the knee area acts as a shock absorber to prevent knee injuries. Your skin remains free of scratches and wounds, thanks to the Kelvar oversheet laver provided on the pads.


  • Slim fit
  • Breathable Lycra fabric
  • Multipurpose knee pads
  • Easy to wash


  • The silicon pads might keep folding.

5. Triple Eight Exoskin Knee Pads

With the Triple Eight Exoskin Knee Pads, any ride will be a comfortable one. This mountain bike protective gear comes with a high-density 8-link foam padding and an outer lining of Kevlar cover to keep the knees safe during a crash and fall. It comes equipped with crash-resistant side padded pockets to protect the legs on the sides. Pull up these pads and fasten them with the Velcro straps provided at the top and bottom, so as to prevent them from slipping down your knee. Get grooving on the mountains or simply use these pads during your skating sessions and stay safe.


  • Lightweight
  • Can be worn under the pants
  • Breathable neoprene body
  • Sweat-proof inner lining


  • May not be very comfortable for slim legs

6. GLEIM Sulaite Super Strong Knee Pads

The best mountain bike knee pads must be strong and durable, and GLEIM Sulaite Super Strong Knee Pads come with most of the desired features. Fasten these knee pads and get a great fit by tightening the dual Velcro straps given. The inner lining of the pad has EVA cotton foam and this gives you superior comfort and maximum shock resistance. With the outer durable plastic shell, you can be sure of having your knees protected as you vroom and zoom over the mountains. You can use these best MTB knee pads during a football or a volleyball game, or when you go snowboarding too.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Wind-proof
  • Weather-resistant
  • Ergonomic anti-collision design


  • The dual Velcro layer might not be comfortable for some

7. Fox Racing Enduro Knee Sleeve Pads

Biking on mountains is not just about uneven paths as the climate can be pretty harsh and unpredictable too. You would need breathable thin and light knee pads like the Fox Racing Enduro Knee Sleeve Pads to keep you going. They look like regular knee pads and just need to be pulled up like socks. It does not slip or move owing to the elastic on the top and bottom of the knee sleeves. Made with neoprene material, these knee pads prevent sweating and keep your legs cool. The front portion of these pads is padded for extra protection when you slip and fall.


  • Pedal-friendly
  • Sleek fit
  • Breathable material
  • Easy to clean


  • May not offer a good fit for women

8. POC Protective Gear For Mountain Biking

Go free and wild with your MTB on the mountains and trust the POC Protective Gear For Mountain Biking to keep you protected. Yes, these are perhaps the best mountain biking knee pads designed to suit a mountain biker. Wear the knee pads and they won’t slip even a bit, thanks to the elastic straps with high-quality Velcro attached to them. One big strap goes around your thigh while the other smaller strap goes behind your knee to keep the pad intact. The neoprene fabric comes with perforated holes to keep your skin breathing and all the sweat and heat away. What’s different about these pads is the 3D model VPD 2.0 knee protector. This tough and durable protector keeps your knees safe from crashes and falls.


  • Stretchable fabric
  • Flexible design
  • Complies to 1621-1 Motorcycle Standards
  • Uncompromising comfort


  • Hand wash only

9. Dakine Slayer Knee Pads For Biking

If you are looking for knee sleeves that offer adequate protection and comfort, get your hands on the Dakine Slayer Knee Pads For Biking. These biking pads are lightweight and made with a sleek design and are as easy to wear as socks. Don’t they slip? Absolutely not! Made with stretchable fabric to which silicone elastic bands are attached, these knee pads mimic the shape of your legs and do not slip and slide. The entire pad is crafted with perforations to make your skin breathe easily. The aramid shell in the front protects your knees during crashes.


  • Flexible
  • Sweat-proof
  • Shock-absorption
  • Body odor control


  • Come as a single pad and not in a pair.

10. 7iDP Sam Hill Knee Pads For Biking

Ready for long rides on the mountain side? The 7iDP Sam Hill Knee Pads For Biking can be the right gear for your biking expedition. These are perhaps the best knee pads you can wear while cycling as they do not make you feel hot and sweaty. While the back has a breathable fabric, the front is well-padded for adequate protection. You can buy these pads and use them while trekking or mountain climbing expeditions too.


  • Snug-fit
  • Odor-proof
  • Pedal-friendly
  • Knee pads to be worn under the pants


  • Some may find the padding slightly uncomfortable

11. Ion K-Pact Select Knee Pad

When you choose knee pads that provide complete protection, there could be a chance that it would restrict your movement. The Ion K-Pact Select Knee Pad brings utmost protection with flexibility. Pull up the pad on your knee and fit it perfectly by tightening the Velcro straps above, below, and behind the knee. While the back of these pads is left open for better breathing, the front comes with Air Prene padding that allows your skin to breathe easily. The protection comes with the aramid material in the front region and withstands shocks and tears to keep your knee safe. They can be safe for MTBs and other hard activities.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Sold as a single pad

Now that we’ve looked at the 11 best mountain biking knee pads that have been the choice of many, let’s take a look at a few things you need to keep in mind when buying one.

How To Choose The Right Mountain Bike Knee Pads

  • Size

The first thing you need to consider while buying MTB knee pads is the size. You wouldn’t want to keep stopping 100 times in the mountains and adjusting the loose-fit pads, would you? Get a knee pad that sits 3 inches above and 4 inches below your knee for better grip. Also, do note that men’s and women’s mountain bike knee pads come in different sizes and fit too.

  • Material

The material of the motorbiking knee pads is to be considered if you would like to have a hassle-free biking experience. Choose breathable fabrics to keep your skin free of heat and sweat. Some materials control odor too and these can be a good option for riders who ride all day. The front padded portion either comes with foam or plastic. If you are choosing knee pads for motorbikes, the durable plastic or Air Prene padded ones can give better protection.

  • Grip

The knee pads that you buy need to offer a good grip. Most pads come with Velcro fasteners and a few come with silicon elastic bands with anti-slip features. Choose Velcro ones as they would last longer and fit correctly. The other advantage of straps oversleeves is that you can easily take them off without removing your shoes.

This buying guide will help you choose the right knee pad from our list of the 11 best mountain bike knee pads. Pick the right one based on the bike you are riding and the trails you would be covering. If you happen to ride with your little one, make sure you keep them extra safe by getting a pair of kids’ mountain bike knee pads. Protecting your knees does not just end with buying the best pads. You need to keep them clean to avoid microbial infections too. Get waterproof pads that are easy to clean and cover milestones at a faster pace.

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