13 Best Multicolor Pens In 2021

13 Best Multicolor Pens In 2021

Pens are super tools that help you translate your thoughts and information onto paper. Whether to take notes, make a to-do list, or create an art project, pens are of great use. You also get different colored pens for visually highlighting your notes or artwork. But carrying multiple pens around seems inconvenient. That is why we recommend multicolor pens to let you switch colors with a single click.

Multicolor pens are versatile, optimal and are ideal for including them in your stationery. Continue reading below to buy the best multicolor pens available in the market.

13 Best Multicolor Pens

1. Hieno Supplies Multicolor Pens

Hieno Supplies Multicolor Pens

Hieno’s six-in-one multicolored ballpoint pen offers six colors in a single pen. Apart from your usual black, blue, and red inks, these pens also include orange, green, and purple inks. It offers a 0.5mm fine point tip that allows a smooth and non-clogging writing experience. This retractable ballpoint pen lets you effortlessly change colors with a single click. With its clip-on feature, you can slide the pen into your shirt, pant, or bag pockets with ease. For color-coding your notes or creating artwork, this is one of the best multicolor pens.


2. MiSiBao Stylus Pen

MiSiBao Stylus Pen

If you use a notebook and an electronic device simultaneously, MiSiBao stylus pen will come in handy. Each pen includes four assorted color refills: blue, black, red, and green, along with a round rubber piece that lets you navigate a touchscreen device. The pen has a 1.0mm medium point tip that provides smooth and solid lines, and its rubberized grip makes it comfortable to write. This retractable pen lasts longer, and you can replace its refills when required.


3. Favide Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

Favide Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

Favide’s multicolor ballpoint has a stylish, lightweight, black shell covering. Its retractable feature lets you switch between four colors: black, blue, red, and green with a single click. The 0.7mm point tip gives you nice, even lines, and its ribbed design offers an easy grip. The pen has a clip-on that lets you easily fasten to pockets and notebooks.


4. Zebra MultiColor Multi-Functional Pen

Zebra MultiColor Multi-Functional Pen

Zebra’s multi-functional pen is ideal for shading. You will find four colored refills: blue, black, red, green, and a mechanical pencil all, included in one. Both the pen and pencil have a 0.5mm point type that offers fine and smooth lines. Its ribbed, rubberized grip makes it easier to hold, while its clip facility lets you secure the pen to pockets and notebooks.


5. Jpsor Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

Jpsor Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

Whether it’s for adult coloring books or highlighting notes, Jpsor’s offers one of the best multicolor pens. Besides the standard colored inks of black, blue, green, red, the pen contains additional orange and purple colors inside a transparent pen case. The pen barrel has a spring-retractable design that lets you change colors with a press of the button. It has a 0.5mm refill point tip that offers solid lines with perfect thickness. The anti-fading ink maintains your notes and artwork for a longer time.


6. TecUnite Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

TecUnite Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

TecUnite offers one of the best multicolor pens. You’ll find four colors: blue, black, green, and red, each within a single pen. You can use this pen while traveling, for it is portable and comes with a keychain buckle that lets you hang the pen to bags, pant pockets, etc. The pen also comes with a sturdy white shell and a rubberized grip for a comfortable writing experience.


7. Jovitec Multicolor Pen

Jovitec Multicolor Pen

Jovitec retractable ballpoint pen features a spring design that will let you switch between blue, black, red, and green inks instantly. The 0.7mm point tip will provide you fine and sleek lines that make your writing look nicer. The pen has a stylish, thick, black shell with a ribbed, rubberized grip, and a clip that will let you attach your pen to notebooks and pockets.


8. Mr. Pen Multicolor Pen

Mr. Pen Multicolor Pen

Mr. Pen multicolor pen has a unique barrel, where the upper half is transparent, and the lower half has attractive colors. Each pen contains five colored inks: blue, black, green, red, and pink. It has a 0.7mm point tip that offers neat and even lines suitable for doodling, note-taking, bullet journaling, and more. The pen has a thin and sleek design that provides a comfortable feel while writing.


9. Shuttle Art Multicolor Pen

Shuttle Art Multicolor Pen

Shuttle Art six-in-one multicolor pen has an assortment of blue, black, green, red, orange, and purple colored inks in a single pen. This pen has a retractable design where you can change color with a push of the button. It has a 0.7mm point tip, which allows a smooth glide, and its anti-fading, quick-drying ink ensures your work is smudge- and smear-proof. This pen is suitable for daily use for color-coding your notes, drawing, art projects, marking tasks, etc. It is ideal for all ages, especially children, as it is non-toxic and acid-free.


10. Szsrcywd Multicolor Pen

Szsrcywd Multicolor Pen

The retractable ballpoint pen from Szsrcywd comes in a transparent barrel that looks simple yet stylish. Its six-in-one assortment lets you write in blue, black, red, green, orange, and purple inks without changing the pen. The retractable mechanism of the pen enables you to switch between colors with a click of a button conveniently. If you are looking for a pen that offers thin lines, this could be a perfect choice as it has a 0.5mm point tip. The clip feature lets you easily fasten the pen to books, folders, and pockets.


11. Eeoyu Multicolor Pen

Eeoyu Multicolor Pen

The Eeoyu pen comes in a transparent plastic barrel with a retractable spring that lets you switch between colors with a push of the button. It is a six-in-one pen offering black, blue, red, orange, green, and purple inks in the same pen. This 0.5mm broad point tip pen provides those bold, solid lines if you want moderately thick lines. The ink used in the refills is water- and fade-proof, so you don’t have to worry about losing your work.


12. Cmecial Unicorn Multicolor Pen

Cmecial Unicorn Multicolor Pen

Cmecial’s unicorn multicolor pen could be a perfect gift you can give your kid who loves unicorns and drawing. The pen has an adorable plastic and metal blend barrel with a unicorn sticker at the bottom and a unicorn head at the top. You’ll find these pens in multiple colors, with each pen offering ten multicolored ink refills. Besides the standard black, red, green, the pen also has orange, yellow, light blue, dark blue, brown, purple, and pink colored inks. The 0.5mm point tip offers smooth and fine lines ideal for drawing, note-taking, etc. Made from non-toxic, high-quality materials, the pen is safe for children above three years.


13. Hutou Multicolor Pen

Hutou Multicolor Pen

The pen has a simple yet strong, lightweight, transparent plastic barrel with a ribbed grip that provides comfort while writing. If you want a mix of colors to highlight your notes, color-code your task list, or do an art project, this pen can help as it offers six colors in a single pen. You’ll find a combination of bright and dark-colored inks of blue, black, red, green, orange, and purple. The 0.5mm fine point tip lets the ink flow smoothly without any clogs, producing neat and solid lines.


How To Choose The Right Multicolor Pen?

Here are some factors to keep in mind while buying a multicolor pen.

  1. Application: It is essential to determine what you need it for – is it for your daily general writing, an art project, or something else. Accordingly, choose the right one suitable for your requirements.
  2. Tip: If you want a pencil-thin font, consider using tips less than 1.0mm. Conversely, you may choose a 1.0mm tip or above if you’re looking for a thick font.
  3. Design: Design is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing any pen. Look for a pen with a good design and a soft grip that allows comfortable writing.
  4. Ink quality: Choosing a pen with high-quality ink that doesn’t smudge or fade and is water-proof is an ideal pick. Consider a pen with non-toxic ink if you’re purchasing it for a child.

Multicolor pens are an excellent addition to your stationery, for they save your time, improve your focus and make your writing or artwork look colorful. With the help of this pen guide, we believe you will select the best multicolor pen and make good use of it.

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