10 Best Natural Shampoos For Dry Scalp In 2022

Best Natural Shampoos For Dry Scalp


Dealing with a dry scalp can be an arduous task, especially if your scalp gets itchy and forms a layer of flakes within days of washing your hair. Hence, investing in the best natural shampoos for dry scalp is a good idea. These shampoos not only help avoid problems associated with dry scalp, but are also gentle on your scalp and hair.

And when choosing a shampoo for your hair and scalp type, it’s crucial to consider the ingredients used. To help you find the right shampoo with nourishing ingredients, we’ve come up with a list of the best products from reputed brands with shining reviews. Go ahead and have your pick to fight dryness, itchiness, and dandruff.

10 Best Natural Shampoos For Dry Scalp

1. Best For Greasy Hair:Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo

Known to be one of the best natural shampoos for dry hair and scalp, the sage cleansing shampoo by Maple Holistics rids the scalp of flakes and offers sweet relief from itchiness. It is infused with peach kernel oil, tea tree leaf oil, and rosemary oil that care for your tresses from root to tip. This shampoo is an ideal solution for those with dry scalps but greasy hair as it washes away any trace of oil and greasiness from the hair strands while adding vibrancy to them.


  • Has clarifying and moisturizing properties
  • Paraben- and sulfate-free
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free


  • Bottle may not be user-friendly

2. Best Dermatologist-Tested:Yes To Tea Tree Scalp Relief Shampoo

Pamper your hair and scalp with this dermatologist-tested shampoo by Yes To. It is infused with the pleasant scent of carrots and enriched with hydrating and soothing ingredients, such as tea tree oil, sage oil, and salicylic acid—a perfect combination to tackle dryness and itchiness of the scalp. As a plus, the Yes To scalp relief shampoo boosts hair growth, making it a one-stop solution for your hair care needs. Here’s a video that highlights more of its benefits and features.


  • Over 95% natural ingredients
  • Free of parabens
  • SLS-free
  • Silicone-free
  • Cruelty-free


  • Might be a little difficult to wash off

3. Best For Dandruff:Selsun Blue Naturals Antidandruff Shampoo

Selsun Natural’s Blue shampoo is specially formulated to tackle dry scalp and dandruff and eliminate flakes when used regularly. While the active ingredient, salicylic acid, helps with flakiness, matricaria flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, and aloe extract offer intense hydration. Other botanicals and vitamins B5 and E pack nourishment for the hair, restoring the health of your tresses over time. Watch this brief review video to learn more about the product.


  • Ideal for daily use
  • Pharmacist-recommended
  • Offers dandruff control
  • Makes hair silky


  • Some might find the fragrance overpowering

4. Best Moisturizing:Dove Hydration Spa Therapy Shampoo

Say yes to this ultra-hydrating shampoo by Dove to give your dull hair the transformation it needs with a spa-like experience. This shampoo nourishes your hair and leaves each strand feeling smooth and shiny. The formula packs potent moisturizers that work at your hair’s cellular level while refreshing the scalp. It is also infused with the goodness of hyaluronic serum that ensures your hair retains moisture for up to 24 hours after each wash.


  • Sulfate- and paraben-free
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Cruelty-free
  • Has a clean scent


  • May not lather well

5. Best For Oily Hair:Maple Holistics Degrease Cleansing Shampoo

Finding the right shampoo for greasy hair and a dry scalp can be tricky, but your search for a good shampoo ends here. The Maple Holistics Degrease cleansing shampoo is a combination of natural clarifying agents and botanicals, such as lemon peel oil, peach kernel oil, rosemary leaf oil, and basil oil, which help banish greasiness while restoring the health of your hair. These oils relieve your scalp of excessive dryness and rinse away flakes, giving you non-greasy tresses and a clean and hydrated scalp. This review video will help you make an informed purchasing decision.


  • Ideal for daily use
  • Climate pledge-friendly
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Cruelty-free


  • May not be suitable for dry hair

6. Best Cruelty-Free:Packer’s Pine Tar Shampoo

This cruelty-free pine tar shampoo by Packer’s Pine combines the goodness of Pinus Palustris oil, Pinus Palustris, and wood tar. These ingredients help address dryness and itchiness and are also helpful in relieving symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Made without sulfates and parabens, it is gentle on your scalp and is suitable for all hair types. The shampoo helps eliminate flakes and also enriches your hair to give you a bouncy and healthy mane. Therefore, when hunting for the best natural shampoo for dry hair and psoriasis, this one is worth considering.


  • Has soothing properties
  • Concentrated formula
  • Made with natural active ingredients
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • Cruelty-free


  • May not have a pleasant scent

7. Best Color-Safe:Naturtint Color Care Shampoo

Formulated for sensitive scalp, the Naturtint Color Care shampoo is free of parabens and other questionable ingredients that can trigger allergies or irritation. If you color your hair on the regular, trust this shampoo to retain and prevent premature fading of the color. The shampoo boasts 98.8% natural ingredients, including sunflower seed extract, lemon fruit water, and lavender flower water, which not only nourish your hair but also offer intense cleansing.


  • Anti-freeze formula
  • Free of synthetic fragrance
  • Silicone- and sulfate-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free


  • May not be suitable for extreme flakiness

8. Best For All Hair Types:Majestic Pure Himalayan Shampoo

Show your hair some tender loving care with the Majestic Pure Himalayan shampoo loaded with hair-loving ingredients. It is infused with unique ingredients such as Himalayan salts, jojoba seed oil, vitamin E, carotene, and essential fatty acids that eliminate dandruff while strengthening your hair. The argan oil in the shampoo helps add shine to your hair strands while keeping them hydrated, making this one of the best all-natural shampoos for dry scalp.


  • Free of parabens and sulfates
  • Cruelty-free
  • Suitable for all hair types and textures
  • Safe for colored hair


  • May not lather well

9. Best Aloe-Based:Honeydew Moisturizing Aloe Shampoo

Enriched with a truckload of botanicals, such as jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and aloe vera leaf extract, the Honeydew shampoo soothes sensitive scalp. It is formulated with vitamins A, B, C, D, and E and fatty acids to repair thin hair and strengthen each strand from the roots to the tips. When used regularly, the shampoo adds volume to your hair, making it look fuller. Further, it is also paraben- and sulfate-free, which means you can care for your hair and scalp without exposing them to harsh chemicals.


  • Ideal for damaged hair
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Has antioxidant properties
  • Safe for color-treated hair


  • Contains fragrance

10. Best For Seborrheic Dermatitis:Avlon Kera Care Shampoo

When dealing with conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, you need more than a regular shampoo. The Avlon Kera Care shampoo is infused with 1% zinc pyrithione and other soothing ingredients, such as apple extract, green tea leaf extract, aloe leaf juice, and lemon peel extract, to remediate flakiness and dandruff while caring for your hair. Moreover, this shampoo is also formulated to be suitable for all hair types and general dryness of the scalp.


  • Sulfate-free
  • Suitable for chemically-treated hair
  • Helps with detangling
  • Cruelty-free


  • May have a watery consistency

How To Choose The Right Natural Shampoo For Dry Scalp?

When choosing a natural shampoo for dry scalp, keep the following aspects in mind.

  1. Active ingredients: Since dry scalp can result in dandruff and flaking, choose a clarifying shampoo formulated with effective ingredients that work against flaking. Some of the ingredients worth looking for in natural shampoos and conditioners for dry scalp are zinc pyrithione, aloe vera, and salicylic acid.
  2. Hair type: Some shampoos made for dry scalp may also strip your hair of natural oils because of their composition. Therefore, determine your hair type, whether dry, oily, chemically treated, or damaged, and ensure the ingredients used are safe for your hair.
  3. Harsh chemicals: Certain ingredients in your shampoo can trigger flakiness. To prevent flaking, always pick a shampoo formulated without harsh chemicals, such as parabens, sulfates, and silicones. Also, ensure they are free of artificial dyes and strong artificial fragrances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of shampoos for dry scalp?

Shampoos formulated for dry scalp can help prevent dandruff, itchiness, flaking, and irritation. Such shampoos have ingredients known to soothe common issues associated with a dry scalp.

2. How often should I use a shampoo for dry scalp?

Using a shampoo twice or thrice a week can help ensure your scalp stays hydrated enough not to encounter issues related to dry scalp, such as flaking.

3. How long do shampoos for dry scalp take to work?

When made with potent ingredients, such as zinc pyrithione and salicylic acid, these shampoos can deliver evident results within two to three washes.

Finding the right natural shampoo that you would want to keep using for an extended period to treat your dry scalp can be a little daunting. However, the process becomes a lot simpler when you know what ingredients to look for and understand your hair type and texture. A shampoo with nourishing ingredients, such as aloe vera extract, essential oils and botanical extracts, salicylic acid, and zinc, can restore the health of your hair and scalp. Furthermore, when you choose a shampoo sans chemicals, you can care for your hair gently, without exposing it to nasty ingredients.

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