11 Best Nebulizers In India In 2024

A nebulizer is medical equipment that converts liquid medication into ultra-fine air droplets to directly deliver the medicine to the bronchial tubes and respiratory tract. It is used for treating respiratory problems such as asthma, COPD, and seasonal allergies. Depending on the compressor’s pressure, airflow delivery, and medication capsule size, nebulizers are available in many types. Here is a list of the best nebulizers in India to help you pick the right one.

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11 Best Nebulizers in India

1. Handynab Nulife Piston-type Compressor Nebulizer

Featuring a powerful compressor, this nebulizer is adept at atomizing the medication to deliver it to the respiratory tract. It has an airflow of 8LPM and 2.5 bar max pressure that suits the basic needs. It is lightweight,  compact, and comes in a handy, shock-proof carry case.


  • Includes adult and child masks
  • Medicine compartment has markings for measuring the medication
  • Extra bag is provided to carry the entire kit
  • Includes a safety fuse


  • Compressor is not powerful

2. Omron NEC 101 Compressor Nebulizer

Developed in conjunction with respiratory therapists, this product is designed to treat asthma, chronic bronchitis, and allergies. It administers medication at the touch of a button. The nebulizer breaks down the medication to the median particle size to ensure effective transfer of the medicine.


  • 12ml medication capacity
  • Noiseless operation
  • Efficient nebulization rate of 0.3ml/min
  • Atomization mean particle size is 3.9µm


  • Medication cabinet lock may come off easily
  • No pediatric mask available

3. Dr. Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit

This nebulizer is a uniquely powerful device to convert saline water and medicines of different viscosities into a mist. It is easy to operate and can be conveniently used by adults and children. The fine particle mist reaches the respiratory tract effectively.


  • Low-noise operation (55dB at one-meter distance)
  • Average nebulization rate is more than 0.3ml/min
  • Made with RespiRight technology for thorough dispersion of medication
  • Includes two masks and one mouthpiece


  • Vapor flow controller may become loose and cause wastage of the medicine

4. Rossmax NA100 Piston Nebulizer

Featuring a powerful piston compressor, this product produces a high-quality aerosol for treating many respiratory disorders. It has an adjustable valve technology for spraying different liquid medicines. Weighing 100grams, it is lightweight and easy to use.


  • Twist mechanism for the valve to control the airflow
  • Built-in nebulizer holder and kit
  • 96 bar piston-driven compressor
  • Atomization particle size is between 2µmand 4.3µm


  • Noise level may be high

5. Control D Complete Kit Nebulizer

The Control D Nebulizer is simple to operate with a single on/off button. It contains a long tubing for ease of use with child and adult masks. The compressor is covered in a stylish ABS plastic casing and has air vents for cooling the motor.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Low noise
  • 5ml medication capacity
  • 75W piston-driven compressor


  • Oil may spill from the compressor

6. Philips Home Nebulizer With Side Stream Disposable Kit

A home nebulization system comprises a side stream nebulizer, mouthpiece, tubing, filters, and two masks for pediatric and adult usage. This product offers complete aerosol therapy at home. High-quality nebulization is useful in combating many respiratory disorders.


  • Delivery of consistent aerosol starts within 6min
  • Equipped with clinically proven SideStream nebulizer technology
  • Small and compact compressor
  • Mistformed by the machine is uniform


  • Noisy operation
  • Air pressure may not be strong

7. K-Life Neb-101 Nebulizer

The K-Life Nebulizer is made of premium materials, including a copper motor for long-lasting performance. It has an easy one-touch operation and is ideal for both kids and adults. It produces noise as low as 40dB during operation.


  • Includes two masks for pediatric and adult usage
  • Comfortable and convenient to use
  • Portable and compact design
  • Nebulization rate is 0.3ml/min


  • Tubing on the nebulizer may be loose

8. Dr. Morepen CN10 Compressor Nebulizer

Dr.Morepen Nebulizer is designed for delivering medication in aerosol form to the respiratory tract. It has a durable, long-life compressor and is easy to clean and maintain. The device has a sleek, compact design.


  • 5ml medication capacity
  • Average nebulization rate is 02ml/min
  • Open/close vent for control of airflow rate


  • May get heated after prolonged use

9. Elkoneb Handy Piston Compressor Nebulizer Machine

Light in weight, this device provides effective aerosol therapy for respiratory ailments. It is simple to use and carry. The kit includes a complete mask system and an oil-free piston compressor for medication delivery. It is compatible with saline water and a host of medicines.


  • Single-button operation
  • Low-noise level of less than 60dB
  • Average nebulization rate is 0.25ml/min
  • Includes two-year warranty


  • Medicine cup quantity may not be optimum for daily usage

10. Beurer Nebulizer

Made from German technology, this product delivers medication via compressed air for respiratory disorders. It includes extensive accessories and a storage bag for the accessories. The device nebulizes medicine in a short duration, providing immediate relief to the patient.


  • Optimum particle size is 3.16µm
  • Nebulization rate is 0.4ml/min
  • Operating pressure of the compressor is 0.8 to 1.45bar
  • Includesmouthpiece, child mask, and adult mask


  • Airflow may not be strong

11. AmbiTech NC 10 Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit

Chiefly designed to mitigate respiratory disorders, this device can help you with different breathing issues. The machine works on advanced nebulization technology for delivering effective medication. It has a full family kit and is easy to use.


  • Low noise level of 70dB (at one-meter)
  • Includes an adult and child mask
  • Lightweight
  • Compressed air output of 10LPM


  • Compressor is not powerful
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Nebulizer?

Here are the essential points to keep in mind while choosing a nebulizer for home or personal use.

  1. Tabletop or handheld: Nebulizers are available in tabletop and handheld models. Handheld models are smaller, easy to carry, and have less powerful compressors. While on the other hand, tabletop nebulizers are standard, bulkier, and have high-rated compressors and airflow delivery.
  2. Speed of medication delivery: Speed of medication delivery is directly proportional to the airflow rate. You may consider buying a low-powered model that operates at a speed of 0.25 to 5ml/min for adults. For children, the speed rate of 1 to 2ml/min is ideal.
  3. Noise level: A low-noise machine is preferable for a comfortable treatment. But lower noise levels would mean a compromise on airflow and compressor strength. Therefore, choose the machine after careful evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are nebulizers good for asthma patients?

Nebulizers are generally used to deliver bronchial medication for asthma patients. They are essential for asthma patients to ensure the medication reaches the optimum place. In any case, talk to your doctor before using them.

2. How many times a day can you use a nebulizer?

The nebulizer usage depends on the medication. Some medications such as Albuterol require three to four times a day, while some medications require only two times a day.

When buying any medical equipment, including a nebulizer, it is important to consider the product’s safety and quality standards. Nebulizers are available in tabletop and handheld models to suit your needs. While handheld ones are portable, they feature less powerful compressors. Tabletop compressors are more powerful but bulkier. When you choose a nebulizer with the right airflow rate, the medicine will be efficiently delivered without hassle. We hope our list of the best nebulizers in India can help you understand the available options and features for your convenience.

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