15 Best Neck Gaiters And Warmers For Women


If you want to keep the area around your neck warm during outdoor activities such as running, cycling, and snowboarding, you may be looking for the best neck gaiters for women. Gaiters are a piece of clothing that covers the neck and extends up to the nose.

These neck gaiters can keep you warm and toasty in cold weather conditions and protect you from pollution, pollen, and smoky air. Also, these gaiters can be rolled and twisted to double up as bandanas, scrunchies, beanies, headbands, and more.

In this post, we have shared reviews on various neck gaiters that may be helpful during your outdoor activities.

15 Best Neck Gaiters For Women

1. Turtle Fur Heavyweight Fleece Warmer

Turtle Fur Heavyweight Fleece Warmer

Turtle fur neck gaiters are soft and ideal for snowboarding, skiing, or just taking a walk during cold winters. Made of original Turtle Fur Fleece, which is 100% acrylic, the neck gaiter is soft, warm, and comfortable to wear when the weather is cold. The double layer of this product prevents heat from touching your skin and keeps you comfortable even when you are outdoors for long.

It is available in nine colors.


  • Original classic fleece
  • Comfortable and very warm
  • Must-have winter accessory
  • Machine-washable
  • Dries quickly and sweat-resistant

2.  Joeyoung Multifunctional Balaclava Sweatband

Joeyoung Multifunctional Balaclava Sweatband

This multipurpose neck gaiter is all you need when you head out on an adventurous trek, hike, or a road trip. The Joeyoung neck gaiter comes in funky designs and shades and can be used to cover your face, neck, and even your head. Made of 100% microfiber, the neck gaiter is stretchable and also breathable. Use this as a neck gaiter, bandana, face mask, or head or wrist band when you’re running, cycling, biking, or hiking.

This versatile product can also be used as a fashion accessory that makes you look cool.


  • Comes in varied 3D prints that look stunning
  • Protects you from dust, heat, and snow
  • Has wicking properties to keep you dry
  • Causes no allergy and itching
  • Machine-washable

3.  Obacle Seamless Protection Hardware

Obacle Seamless Protection Hardware

The brand brings you the expressive neck gaiters with appealing 3D prints that are unique and impressive. Made of polyester microfiber, this neck gaiter can absorb sweat and prevent an allergy from heat. If you are looking for an accessory to cover your neck or face when running, cycling, hiking, or snowmobile riding, this can be a good choice.


  • Offers UV40+ Sunscreen to protect your skin
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Elastic tensile keep it intact
  • Available in over 40 colors and patterns
  • Best for cycling or casual wear, or used as an accessory to go with a party outfit

4.  Women’s Neck Warmer Snowboarding Versatility

Women’s Neck Warmer Snowboarding Versatility

Suitable for commute or snow activities like skiing or snowboarding, these fleece neck warmers could keep your neck and head warm in cold weather. They are available in seven unique designs that can change the look of your sporting outfit, while also keeping you comfortable.


  • Instant warmth
  • Stretchable and soft on the skin
  • Wind resistant
  • Reversible neck warmers
  • Multifunctional – use as bandana, neck warmer, headband or face mask

5.  Turtle Fur Double Layer Warmer

Turtle Fur Double Layer Warmer

A double layer neck warmer is all you need for snowboarding, cycling, or running during cold winters. This neck gaiter is comfortable and soft to wear, and the warmth it provides is unmatchable. Pick one from the 12 color options of this neck gaiter to match it with your beanie or headband.


  • The thick, double fur provides extra warmth
  • Easy to wear and multifunctional
  • Ideal for use during winters
  • Lightweight and machine-washable

6.  AXBXCX Neck Warmer Gaiter

AXBXCX Neck Warmer Gaiter

This thermal neck gaiter protects your ears, head, and neck from cold winds during snowy weather. Suitable for use during snowboarding, skiing, or motorcycle riding in winters. The thick cloth keeps the nose, ears, neck, and cheeks warm while keeping it breathable for you.


  • A must-have winter gear for protection from freezing colds and windburns
  • Keeps your head warm
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Suitable for asthmatic patients
  • Suitable for those who stay in places with erratic temperatures

7.  Long Long Warmer Gaiter Thicken Elastic

LongLong Warmer Gaiter Thicken Elastic

Neck gaiter with an adjustable rope leaves no space for cold winds to get to you. This winter accessory is essential for those who live in frigid temperatures. It can be worn as a beanie, face mask, or a pirate hat during outdoor winter activities.


  • Thermal Fabric with adjustable rope
  • Windproof and skin-friendly
  • Should ideally be hand-washed
  • Super soft and comfortable to wear
  • Available in over ten colors

8.  Tough Headwear Reversible Microfiber Fleece

Tough Headwear Reversible Microfiber Fleece

The neck warmer cum headgear is ideal for protecting yourself from cold winds and frigid temperatures during winters. The polar fleece keeps you warm, and the microfiber keeps you dry and free of moisture even during activities, such as snowboarding, shoveling, or just walking your dog on a cold, snowy day.


  • Soft, stretchable, and comfortable to wear
  • Extra warmth with additional fleece
  • Machine-washable
  • Can be worn on the head and face and neck.

9.  Meriwool Unisex Gaiter

Meriwool Unisex Gaiter

Knitted from the luxurious merino wool, the neck gaiter is a perfect choice to beat the winter winds. Pair it up with party dresses or office wear to complement your clothing. Suitable for use during cold winters, rains, autumn, and summers. The smart wool technology keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers.


  • Stylish and multifunctional
  • Thermal wear with maximum heat retention
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Breathable and sweat-resistant
  • Made of 100% merino wool

10.  BINMEFVN Polar Fleece Neck Warmer

BINMEFVN Polar Fleece Neck Warmer

These fleece neck warmers are made of soft and high-quality fabric that protects you from cold, wind, and UV rays. The neck warmer is available in dark shades of Black Grey, Coffee, and Blue, and can be worn as a head mask, face mask, neck gaiter, or headband. It is suitable to wear during activities like snowboarding, skiing, cycling, and other outdoor sports.


  • Suitable for different occasions
  • Multifunctional – used for several outdoor activities
  • One size that fits all
  • Machine-washable and quick-drying


11.  Woolx Unisex Merino Gaiter

Woolx Unisex Merino Gaiter

The trendy neck warmer is all you need to slay the winter styles. Made of merino wool, this absorbs moisture and keeps you dry and warm during activities like snowboarding and skiing. A multifunctional neck gaiter covers your neck and ears.


  • Warm and breathable
  • Available in more than 15 colors
  • Odor resistant
  • Good for winter sports
  • 10 inches long and 2.4oz in weight

12.  Pieces Summer Bandana Cooling Sunblock

Pieces Summer Bandana Cooling Sunblock

This sunblock face scarf can also double up as a neck gaiter. Made of polyester, this can cover your face and neck at the same time. Polyester does not let the wind pass through and keeps you warm throughout. Available in varied designs, this stylish neck gaiter for women is ideal for winter sports.


  • Multifunctional – can be worn in different styles
  • Durable
  • Machine-washable
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Windproof
  • Comes in a set of four

13.  Winter Infinity Warmer Fleece Windproof

Warmer Fleece Windproof

The soft and warm infinity neck gaiter is designed for women and kids. Made of cotton and acrylic, this knit neck warmer is super soft and skin-friendly. It has faux fleece inside, is windproof and keeps you warm as you step out on a cold winter day for sports, drives, or walks.


  • Available in varied knit designs
  • Hand-wash recommended
  • Breathable and comfortable – fits the neck comfortably, without being too constricting
  • Comes in one size and over ten patterns

14.  Blackstrap Weather Gaiter Warmer Pastel

Blackstrap Weather Gaiter Warmer Pastel

This dual-layer neck gaiter is made for the frigid temperatures and is suitable to wear during outdoor activities, such as cycling, skiing, or snowboarding. It offers UV protection and can be used in all seasons.


  • Dual protection from dust and cold
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Has moisture-wicking properties and keeps you dry even during strenuous activities
  • Helmet-friendly
  • Machine-washable
  • Anti-microbial and odor control

15.  Friendly Swede Balaclava Face Mask

Friendly Swede Balaclava Face Mask

The neck gaiter comes in three designs: Standard, Nordic, and Arctic. Standard design neck warmers are lightweight and are best for a morning walk on chilly days. Nordic neck gaiters are made of fleece and are warm as well as skin-friendly. Arctic neck gaiters are extra windproof and offer protection in frigid temperatures.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Soft fleece to keep you warm
  • Windproof
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Sweat resistant
  • Machine washable and quick drying

How to Choose Neck Gaiters?

There are a variety of neck gaiters you can choose from in the market. So, spend some time to pick what suits your needs the best. Here are a few things to check when buying a neck gaiter:

  • Material – polyester, fleece or wool are common
  • Softness and comfort
  • Skin-friendly and breathable
  • Sweat-resistant and quick drying
  • Must have thermal elements if used for winter sports
  • Multifunctional

If you love adventure, travel on bikes often, need to keep your neck and face warm or protect them from wind and dust, then these neck gaiters are worth a buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are neck gaiters made of?

Neck gaiters can be used throughout the year and in different climate conditions. The material used to make a neck gaiter depends on what it is designed for. Neck gaiters for summers are usually made of polyester, spandex, microfiber, and acrylic, for protection from sun/heat and wind. Winter neck gaiters or warmers are made of thermal material like smart wool, merino wool, fleece, and synthetic fabric.

2. How often should you wash neck gaiters?

The frequency of washing depends upon the fabric of the neck gaiter. A few neck gaiters are machine-washable, and a few need to be hand washed. Most neck gaiters are odor resistant and do not require washing often. But you can wash them every day or as often as you think necessary depending on how you use it.

3. Do I need to wear something under my wool neck warmer to prevent skin irritation?

No, neck warmers contain fleece or other soft material inside, which is soft on the skin. If you have wool sensitivity, you could pick a neck gaiter made of fleece or other material.

4. Does the fleece neck warmer scarf “shed”?

No, the scarf doesn’t shed and stays intact to keep you warm.

5. Are long neck warmers long enough to cover face and neck?

Yes, neck warmers are available in different sizes and shapes. Long neck warmers cover both your face and neck.

6. Which winter neck gaiter material is more durable, fleece or merino wool?

Both the fleece and woolen neck warmers are suitable for winter temperatures. The quality of the material used will depend on the brand you choose.

7. What are the different ways to wear a neck gaiter?

You can wear it over the neck, pull it up over your chin, and use it as a mask to cover half your face to prevent sunburns and dust.

8. Are neck gaiters useful when riding a bike during cold temperatures?

Neck gaiters can keep you warm and protect you from chilly winds and dust when you are riding a bicycle or motorcycle.

9. How does a neck gaiter work?

A neck gaiter works to prevent heat loss when in cold temperatures with the help of thermal material it is made of. However, in summers, it soaks the sweat to keep you cool and protects you from sunburns and dust.

Neck gaiters versatile sports clothing that can keep you warm and comfortable so that you can focus on the sport or activity and not be bothered by the cold weather, wind, or dust. Choosing the right neck gaiter, by keeping in the material it is made of and where you are likely to use it, will ensure you get your money’s worth.

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