11 Best Nespresso Capsules In 2021


For many of us, the morning doesn’t commence until we have our first cup of coffee. Nespresso lovers swear by their Nespresso machines. Of all the capsules out there, you would like to have only the best Nespresso capsules for the most refreshing hot beverage at home or office.

Nespresso capsules are available in a wide variety of strengths and flavors. And if the high caffeine content is a concern for you, you can always opt for the decaf options. The Nespresso machines allow you to have flawless coffee in seconds right at home. And there is no chance of you getting bored of the same old flavor as you can choose from a wide selection of capsule flavors.

So, bring home some awesome Nespresso capsules and fill your home with the rich aroma of quality coffee. Read on as we have listed some of the best Nespresso capsules for you to try your hands on. We also tell you a few tips on choosing the right Nespresso capsules.

Benefits Of Nespresso Capsules

  • If you want a quick cup of delicious coffee to start your day with, these capsules will give you just that. The coffee pods are ideal for providing you with a single cup of coffee and keeping them fresh, unlike a larger pack of unsealed coffee.
  • Nespresso capsules guarantee a consistent taste and allow you to make your coffee without worrying about wasting too much as they have precise measurements with each capsule.
  • They come in various flavors that cater to your different moods, so you never have to worry about not finding the right blend.
  • These capsules are no doubt simple to use without creating a mess in your kitchen.
  • The best capsules to go with your Nespresso machines are also sustainable and fully recyclable.

Types Of Nespresso Capsules

We get that your coffee needs may vary based on the hour of the day, so you will want to choose from a range of blends, be it light roast or decaf. If you are a coffee newbie, you’ll want to check out the different machines like the Original Line from Nespresso and choose a coffee pod variant accordingly. Some of these coffee creations are crafted especially for milk, while others have unique, indulgent flavors like vanilla or caramel. You can also choose your coffee capsules based on the different origins the beans are cultivated from, like Peru, India, Guatemala, and Brazil, for their rich and unique tastes. There are varying blends for you to choose from, including Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, and Decaffienato.

Nespresso capsules usually contain roast and ground coffee and have variable intensities between 0 and 13, so you can choose according to your taste and preferences. Get your hands on a fresh brew from this list of the 11 best Nespresso capsules that we’ve rounded up for you.

11 Best Nespresso Capsules

1. Nespresso Barista Creations – Vanilla Custard Pie, Hazelino Muffin, And Caramel Cookie

Inspired by your favorite desserts, the Nespresso Barista Creations brings you a range of 3 unique flavors, including Hazelino Muffin, Vanilla Custard Pie, and Caramel Cookie. These options will allow your favorite hot beverage to leave a lingering taste that you will love. While the Vanilla Custard Pie flavor tastes creamy and gives you a smooth-textured coffee, the Hazelino Muffin is sweet and nutty with a yummy pastry flavor. The Caramel Cookie has a touch of caramel to provide you with a butter biscuit note and will leave you feeling nostalgic about being a child. Inspire the barista in you with these easy-to-use coffee capsules that you can brew hot or cold, or maybe even with a dash of milk.


  • Versatile flavors
  • Medium roast coffee
  • Sustainable and recyclable capsules
  • Made from Arabica and Robusta beans


  • You may find the hazelnut and caramel flavors to be relatively intense.

2. Nespresso Ispirazione Italiana Collection

Shake off that sleepy feeling with this range from the Original Line that contains 5 delicious crafted flavors. This variety pack is inspired by coffee beans roasted in Italy to give you exceptional flavor and taste, all in a single cup. With strengths ranging from 5 to 10, you can choose one that best suits your mood each day. Choose between an intense and creamy dark roast with the Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio to a more full and balanced medium roast with the Ispirazione Roma. Other options include the round and balanced medium roast Ispirazione Genova Livanto, the powerful and contrasting dark roast Ispirazione Ristretto, or the Capriccio’s distinctive and rich light note. Roasting experts craft a select range of coffees to capture the taste of Italy so that you can take a trip with each sip!


  • Made from sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Fully recyclable capsules
  • Can be used to create a hot or cold brew
  • Designed for the Original Line for a fresh cup of coffee
  • Makes smooth, rich, and creamy coffee


  • The capsules may be slightly delicate and need to be handled carefully.
  • You may experience a strong lingering aftertaste.

3. Nespresso VertuLine Variety Pack

If you’ve just invested in a Vertuo coffee machine and want to sample a few exquisite flavors, the Nespresso VertuoLine Variety Pack offers a 3-variety assortment of capsules to savor. This pack comes with 3 best-selling coffee blends, including the Stormio, Odacio, and Melozio, with varying intensities. The distinctive range provides you with a 7.8 oz serving, ideal for a more extended drinking experience. While the Stormio is a rich and strong coffee blend made from Central American beans, the Odacio is a lively and long bold coffee blend crafted from Central American and East African beans. The Melozio is a lighter, smooth, and balanced blend made from South and Central American beans. Whatever your pick, you can get a freshly brewed cup of assorted coffee with rich tastes when you invest in these Nespresso capsules.


  • Sustainable and recyclable aluminum capsules
  • Can be enjoyed as a hot or cold brew
  • Made from Arabica beans
  • Versatile flavors with variable intensities


  • Not compatible with the Original Line machines

4. Nespresso Barista Creations Pack Vanilla

A single touch can give you an exceptional cup of indulgent espresso coffee inspired by desserts like Vanilla Éclair, Cocoa Truffle, and Caramel Crème Brûlée. This variety pack from the Nespresso Barista Creations includes 3 assorted flavors compatible with the Original Line to give you a 1.35 oz serving. You can choose the Caramel Crème Brûlée for a rich and creamy taste with light toasted notes of the Vanilla Éclair to bring a velvety vanilla flavor to your Nespresso coffee. The Cocoa Truffle is for those who love a rich and refreshing dark chocolate truffle flavor. You can pick from these split roast classic favorites for a sweetened cup of Brazilian coffee blend roasted lightly for a smooth blend with malted cereal notes.


  • Dairy-free
  • Sweetened range
  • Finely aromatic
  • Fully recyclable aluminum coffee pods
  • It can be served as a hot espresso or a cool beverage


  • Not compatible with the VertuoLine machines
  • Some may find these a bit too sweet for their liking.

5. Starbucks By Nespresso – Favorites Variety Pack

What if we told you that you could get a cup of Starbies right from the comfort of your home? The Starbucks By Nespresso offers the same high-quality coffee with blonde to dark roasts to guarantee a fresh brew. With options like the smooth and sweet Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast, Cacao And Toffee House Blend, Chocolate And Toasted Nut Pike Place Roast, Dark Cacao, and Burnt Sugar Caffè Verona, and the earthy and herbal Single-Origin Sumatra, you can savor these Starbucks flavors. Made with 100% Arabica coffee sustainably grown, you can enjoy a dense coffee cream and high-pressure extraction that is a Starbucks signature while also choosing a roast level of your preference in the 4-6 blonde, 7-9 medium, and 10-12 dark range.


  • Blonde to dark roasts
  • Unique tasting notes
  • 100% recyclable aluminum Nespresso pods
  • Can be used to make Americano, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, and affogato
  • Designed to work with Original Line Nespresso machines


  • May not be compatible with all Original Line Nespresso machines

6. Nespresso Ispirazione Italiana – Palermo Kazaar

Do you find that your taste buds have an affinity for long and dark roasts with woody or spicy tasting notes? Look no further than the Nespresso Ispirazione Italiana – Palermo Kazaar. The bold blend of 2 Brazilian robustas and a separately roasted South American Arabica in the Nespresso Palermo Kazaar is for those who love bold and rich coffee flavors. The intense flavor has a strong bitter coffee taste combined with pepper notes to deliver a full and creamy balanced texture. Spice things up and brew yourself a fresh cup of this intense espresso coffee compatible with Nespresso Original Line machines.


  • Intense and syrupy
  • Easy-to-use pods
  • Provides 1.35 oz serving
  • Fully recyclable aluminum coffee pods
  • Can be used with or without milk


  • May not be suitable for those who dislike bitter aftertaste

7. Starbucks By Nespresso – Veranda Blend

These VertuoLine exclusive coffee pods in the blonde roast Veranda Blend are just right for a cup of coffee that tastes just like Starbucks! The coffee pods contain beans blended from Latin America and have mellow and soft notes with a profile level intensity of 6 for those who enjoy a sweet flavor. Each capsule brews a 7.77 oz mug of fresh coffee that contains notes of toasted malt and baking chocolate to help you feel revitalized and get your day going. Taste a blend of soft cocoa and lightly roasted nuts in this flavor that has a smooth body. These roast and ground coffee capsules are ethically sourced and have a perfect brewing precision to give you tasty coffee at the push of a button.


  • Comes with 32 coffee capsules
  • The aluminum capsules are fully recyclable
  • Tastes like original quality Starbucks coffee
  • An intensity level of 10


  • Some may find these coffee pods to be slightly acidic.

8. Nespresso Volluto Decaffeinato

The Nespresso Volluto Decaffeinato is concocted from selected pure Arabica beans of South America that are lightly roasted to highlight a sweet and fresh fruity tasting note. The decaf coffee has a rich flavor highlighted by the cereal notes to give you a lasting freshness and taste with each sip of your coffee. What you get is a strong and aromatic coffee that is carefully preserved by the decaffeination process of the beans. Get your hands on this decaf range that serves 1.35 oz of a beverage that you can brew to your liking!


  • Easy to use
  • Fully recyclable aluminum coffee pods
  • Creates recipes with and without milk
  • Compatible with Nespresso Original Line machine


  • Some may find the light roast taste a bit woody.

9. Nespresso Master Origin Columbia

Do you want to indulge in a medium roast espresso and lungo coffee? The Nespresso Master Origin is an ideal choice for those who enjoy a lively acidity and burst of winey red fruit aromas. Crafted from high-grown washed and processed Columbian Arabica, this blend has been mastered with patience. These Nespresso capsules boast a smooth and fruity flavor with notes of blackcurrant and cranberry that will give you a delighting and flavorful beverage. Brew yourself a 1.35 oz cup of this late harvest vivacious blend of roast and ground coffee that preserves the deep, delicate, and balanced aromas of Master Origin Colombia.


  • Easy to use
  • Has an intensity level of 6
  • Can be used for recipes with and without milk
  • Compatible with Nespresso Original Line machine
  • Fully recyclable, environmental-friendly aluminum coffee pods


  • Some may find the flavor to be slightly watered down.

10. Nespresso Volluto

This non-decaf version of the Nespresso Volluto has a round body with a sweet biscuit and light fruity aromatic profile that will leave a lasting impression. Start your day with a cup of this fresh and aromatic combination of Colombian Arabica and Brazilian blends that are lightly roasted to enhance the Grand Cru flavor. These Nespresso capsules are fully recyclable and truly preserve the cereal notes of the Brazilian Arabica and the fresh and fruity Columbian beans. Choose this light roast with an intensity level of 4 with balanced aromatic notes encapsulated in a gold coffee pod for an enticing coffee drinking experience.


  • Easy-to-use capsules
  • Suitable for Original Line coffee machines
  • Espresso capsules for milk and non-milk recipes
  • Provides a 1.35 oz serving


  • Slightly acidic flavor

11. Nespresso Master Origin – Nicaragua

If you’re a coffee aficionado with a keen eye for rare and uncommon coffee, the Nespresso Master Origin – Nicaragua is crafted through a systematic process involving scrupulous monitoring just for you. The Black Honey processing contains Arabica with a smooth, honeyed texture and sweet cereal notes. With low bitterness, these lightly-roasted Nespresso pods are also low in acidity and can be brewed to make a perfect hot or cold cup of coffee. It’s no wonder that the coffee has an intensity rating of 5 with its sweet and harmonious aromatic profile with its roots in Nicaragua. Whether you’re looking to make a cappuccino or latte, you can bet that this flavor is just the right one for you.


  • Medium roast coffee
  • For espresso and lungo
  • Less time consuming
  • Come in recyclable aluminum capsules
  • Compatible with Nespresso Original Line machines


  • Some may not be able to detect the honeyed texture.

There you have it! These are some of the best Nespresso capsules that are one step away from making your day. You may want to consider a few things before getting your hands on these coffee pods, and we’re here to help!

How To Choose The Right Nespresso Capsules

  • Tasting notes

When choosing a new coffee flavor, you can start by tasting them and determining whether you prefer a light, medium, or dark roast. To avoid confusion about the intensities and roasts, you can check the Nespresso capsules box covers to identify the blend’s primary tasting notes. If you’re looking for a dark roast, you could choose one with chocolatey overtones and lesser smokiness, and avoid these notes if you prefer medium or lighter roasts.

  • Intensity

Nespresso capsules are labeled on a range of 1 to 13 to help you identify the level of intensity of the brew. The lower the number, the lighter it is, and the higher numbers offer a darker coffee. This is a quick and straightforward way to figure out which capsules are ideal for you based on your preferences. Of course, if you’re interested in brewing different drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, you can indulge in the varying options Nespresso has to offer.

  • Vertuo or Original Line

VertuoLine and Original Line are 2 different types of machines that Nespresso crafts. The VertuoLine, albeit slightly heavier on the pocket, concentrates on helping you brew larger espresso-sized beverages. The Original Line focuses on smaller, espresso-sized coffees. Each machine requires a different type of capsule that you cannot use interchangeably, so make sure that you know what kind of Nespresso machine you have before buying capsules.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Nespresso capsules be recycled?

Yes, all Nespresso capsules are constructed of recyclable aluminum, and the used coffee grounds can even be composted. Nespresso also provides free capsule-recycling bags to make the entire disposing procedure easier.

  • Do Nespresso capsules expire?

Yes, Nespresso capsules do expire, although it doesn’t happen for an extended period. The company assures that its capsules will be useful for at least a year after they are manufactured. The sealed packaging that these aluminum pods come in is responsible for their long shelf life. To increase the shelf life of your capsules, you’ll have to store them in a dry, cool area.

Let’s face it, brewing a cup of fresh coffee amidst the bustle of your morning routine can be taxing and time-consuming. That’s where the Nespresso capsules come to your rescue. For its Vertuo machines, Nespresso offers 9 flavor lines, while its Original machines provide 8 unique tastes. Each series includes capsules with distinct flavor profiles, and with so many options, it’s understandable that finding the best Nespresso capsules that appeal to you can be tricky.

The only difference between Original and Vertuo Nespresso capsules is that the former makes espresso while the latter brews espresso and more extensive coffee-style drinks. You can choose between varying flavors, roasts, and intensities to get a quick and delightful brew that’s perfect for getting you going!

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