11 Best Night Lights For Kids To Help Them Sleep In 2022


If your little one cannot sleep alone or is afraid of the dark, you can surprise them with the best night lights for kids. These lights have different designs, colors, brightness and have features, such as music and projected images. These can bring comfort to your child and enable a restful night’s sleep. Here is a list of night lights that you can get for your child.

11 Best Kids Night Light In 2021

1. Best Touch-Based Control: Asani Night Light for Kids

Asani Night Light for Kids


This night light for kids has an adorable shape, along with several convenience features for easy of use.


  • All functions are controlled by touching and tapping the top of the night light. It saves you the hassle of toggling through switches to change the night light’s settings.
  • It comes with a high-capacity rechargeable battery and a USB cable.
  • You can control the brightness of the light – the battery can provide 300 hours of dim light use and eight hours of bright light use.
  • The toy is shaped like a chick hatching from an egg. The toy wobbles a little when touched, making it entertaining to babies and toddlers.


  • The controls can be a bit confusing.

2. Best Customizable: Hatch Baby Rest Light and Sound Machine

Hatch Baby Rest Light and Sound Machine


The night light from Hatch Baby lets you personalize the lighting to meet your little one’s requirements. If you are still unsure, check out this honest review.


  • The night light connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth. You can adjust the light color, shade, and brightness remotely, without disturbing the child.
  • The lamp can also play sounds for a set tome. There are several preset sounds to choose from.
  • You can turn the light on and off automatically, by setting it to the sleep schedule of the child.
  • The light also features touch-based controls. Tapping the top of the lamp changes the color of the light.


  • The smartphone app is not easy to use and may not be reliable.
  • Despite its smartphone connectivity features, the night light itself is not portable and has to be plugged into a power outlet.

3. Best Brightness-Adjustable: VAVA Night Lights for Kids

VAVA Night Lights for Kids


You will love this night light for its simple controls and the bright light mode. Click this video to learn more about the product.


All the controls of the night light are touch-based. Control its brightness, and turn it on or off by touching or tapping it.
The simple touch-based controls make it easy for children to use too. A button at the base of the lamp lets you cycle between 100%, 50%, and 10% brightness levels of the light.
You can choose between bright white light and soft yellow light. The white light can be used to illuminate the room while the yellow light can help the child calm down.
The light is portable, and one charge gives you 200 hours of dim light.


Some buyers noticed that the internal battery loses its ability to hold a full charge after a few months of use, eventually rendering it useless.

4. Best For Starry Night Projection: Bubzi Night Light and Sound Machine

Bubzi Night Light and Sound Machine


A light and sound machine that is shaped like an adorable soft toy owl, this night light will be loved by a baby or a toddler. Learn more about the product in this video.


The main light and sound module of the lamp gets a plush owl-shaped cover. You can remove and wash the cover by hand.
The lamp starts a starry night projection at the press of a button. You can adjust the positioning of the owl to project the light on any surface of your choice.
The sound module can play ten lullabies and other songs for up to 30 minutes. You can play the sounds and turn on the projection at the same time.


Some buyers noted that the device takes in a lot of power, causing the batteries to drain out quickly.

5. Best Waterproof: AUKEY Night Light

AUKEY Night Light


This night light has several color and light temperature options.


  • You can choose between cool white light and warm light. You can also cycle through several colors and pick one that works best for your child.
  • The back of the night light is magnetic, which means you can affix the light to any metal surface. The manufacturer also provides a flexible handle and carabiner to suspend the light from other objects.
  • The night light has an IP65 rating, which means you need not worry about your little one spoiling the lamp by splashing water on it.


  • Some parents experienced a battery-fail within a few months of use, thus rendering the light useless.

6. Best Light Sensor: Lofter Plug-in Night Light for Kids

Lofter Plug-in Night Light for Kids


This night light for kids from Lofter can emit a plethora of colors and comes with some amazing features.


  • The night light can rotate through eight different colors patterns. You can set it to the standard white color more, pick a single color, or let the machine cycle through all the colors.
  • The front of this plug-in night light contains a light sensor, which turns on the night light automatically at dusk and turns it off at dawn or when it senses bright ambient light.


  • A few buyers experienced malfunctioning of the inner light. The light would be too bright, cycle through colors quickly, or repeatedly flash without turning off.

7. Best Energy-Conserving: Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight

Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight

The night light from Munchkin works for children of all ages, from babies to older children.


  • Place the night light on a flat surface to comfort a baby or let the child carry the lamp around to find their way in the dark.
  • There is only a single button to operate the LED light. Children and even toddlers can figure the functions of the light within seconds.
  • There is an auto-timer that turns off the light after 20 minutes of use, thus conserving energy.


  • The light does not provide constant light and needs you to press the button and turn on the light every 20 minutes.
  • Some parents felt that the on and off button is recessed and can be a bit difficult to find in the dark.

8. Best For Remote Control: Moredig Night Light Projector

Moredig Night Light Projector


Fascinate your little one with the fantastic display of a starry night from this wonderful night light with a built-in projector.


  • You can use it in the projector mode and standard night modes. The projector plates are removable so that you can use it as a conventional night lamp.
  • You get two projector plates out of the box. One projects stars while the other projects sea life.
  • Along with the light, you can also play sounds, including lullabies and songs.
  • The night light can be controlled remotely, within a range of five meters. All the features of the night light, including the projector and the sound volume, can be controlled remotely.


  • Some parents did not like the overall build quality of the light. The motor that rotates the projections tends to stop working after a few months of use.

9. Best Sound Sensor: VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo

VTech Baby Lil' Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo


The adorable hippo shaped toy projects a fascinating light show that will entertain and also soothe a baby.


  • You can choose from four colors of night light. The toy also projects stars on the ceiling.
  • The night light toy also plays over 100 songs, sounds, melodies, and phrases.
  • The toy has a sound sensor. The night light turns on automatically when the baby cries.
  • You do not have switch-off the night light manually. You can set a timer of 15, 30, or 45 minutes to shut down the night light after the set time automatically.


  • Some buyers experienced problems with the sound module, which caused it to skip a song and eventually stop working after a few months of use.

10. Best For Stability: KiBlue 3D Unicorn Light

KiBlue 3D Unicorn Light


The fascinating and elaborate design makes it an ideal night light for kids and pre-teens.


  • A transparent acrylic sheet with lines drawn to create an illustration of a unicorn. The drawing is such that it creates a three-dimensional look.
  • Tapping the base of the lamp changes the color of the light that passes through the acrylic. You can pick one of the seven colors or cycle through all the colors.
  • The wide base lets you place the lamp on any surface. The acrylic sheets can be removed from the base for storage when the lamp is not in use.


  • Some buyers were not happy with the quality of the product since the night light stopped working after a few months of use.

11. Best For Easy Charging: MICCKE LED Silicone Night Light

MICCKE LED Silicone Night Light


This night light for children is made entirely out of silicone and is shaped like a kitty.


  • The night light is controlled by touch/tapping. Tap it to turn it on or off and to change the color of the light.
  • The silicone night light can be charged using a micro-USB, thanks to the in-built rechargeable battery. The manufacturer ships the night light with a micro USB cable.
  • The silicone material is soft to touch and also absorbs minor bumps.


  • The charging port is at the base of the night light. The light needs to be placed horizontally while charging.
  • A few buyers felt that the overall quality of the night light could have been better.

The Different Types of Night Lights

Night lights are small lamps that usually emit low-intensity light that softly illuminates the room. They can be categorized into one of the following types.

  1. Standard plug-in: These lights plug into a power outlet of the wall. Some night lights have a power cord while others plug directly into the power socket.
  1. Portable battery-operated: These work with rechargeable or standard batteries. The main advantage of these lights is that you can carry them wherever you want.
  1. Projector-type: A small built-in projector displays an image on the wall or any other surface. The lamp also emits soft light along with the projection.
  1. Soft toy lights: The light is fixed inside a soft toy that can be carried by the child. The outer layer of the toy has a thin cloth material so that the light can emit outwards. Alternatively, the light can be encased inside a plastic center of the soft toy.
  1. Light and sound: These have a night light and a speaker to play sounds, with buttons to control the music and the volume. Some of these night lights may also have sensors to activate sound when the child is crying.

Installing a night light in your child’s room can be a good idea. Read on to know why.

How To Choose A Night Light For Kids?

Keep the following points as a checklist when buying a night light for kids:

  1. Brightness: Check how bright the night light can be and whether it will work in your child’s room.
  1. Light color: Most night lights have a single color while others have several that you can adjust the light to. Pick a light accordingly.
  1. Portable or fixed: If the child wants the night light close to them when they sleep, then you can consider a soft toy night light. Consider a fixed night light when the power outlet is far from the bed, and you do not want the light to disturb the child. Battery-operated night lights are more flexible.
  1. Durability: Consider the make and the external shield of the light to determine the product’s durability. You would want a light that lasts at least a few months to a year and one that is less prone to breaking in case of accidents.
  1. Extra features: You can pick a light with additional features such as light or sound sensors, in-built speakers, and music nodules to get better value for your money.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Our list of night lights is for the rescue of all the children who dislike darkness. Our writer Wedetso Chirhah has chosen products that provide dim lights which wouldn’t interrupt your child’s healthy sleep patterns while eradicating their fear of darkness. We have selected lights with adorable designs and good battery life. Products with adjustable brightness and additional lullaby features were our preference too. We hope our products help your child sleep fearlessly.

If you think your child is ready to sleep independently, the best night lights will make them feel comfortable. Night lights are not too bright, but allow them to partially see everything around them and ensure that they don’t feel afraid alone in the dark Always choose a light after checking its brightness. It would be better if the brightness could be adjusted as your kids might begin to get more comfortable with a darker mode later on. Lastly, go for a portable night light so it can be placed at any corner in any room that needs to be brightened up a little.

Did you buy a night light for your child? Do tell us about it in the comment section below.

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