11 Best Nursing Bras For Large Cup Sizes, In 2022


Breastfeeding is a beautiful moment in a new mother’s life, but uncomfortable, poorly fitted bras can cause unnecessary troubles. So, here’s our list of the best nursing bras for large cup sizes to provide you with the necessary support and comfort. These bras prevent your heavy breasts from sagging and contours to give you a natural shape. They are made of soft, comfortable materials to offer breathability and moisture-wicking qualities. Women with large cup sizes find it challenging to find the right bra, so our list includes various shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

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11 Best Nursing Bras For Large Cup Sizes

1. Best Adjustable: Momcozy Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Comfortable cotton MomCozy adjustable nursing bra is comfortable to wear throughout the day. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps. The X-structure design gives proper shape to your breasts and helps prevent them from sagging. It has a proper space for breast milk pumping and a detachable clip for convenient breastfeeding and privacy.

Made from 95 % cotton and 7 % spandex, it is ideal for working moms that help them to breastfeed or pump milk.


2. Best Full-Coverage:  Hofish Full-Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras

Hofish full-bust nursing bras are designed to provide full coverage and extra support to your large breasts. The one-hand access, adjustable shoulder straps allow you to size it to the point as per your comfort. This seamless bra has a convenient side widening feature that provides unlimited support and the perfect shape.

The bra has removable foam cups and is 100% breathable to offer you the comfort you need. It’s made of nylon and spandex material, which provides a custom fit.


3. Best Comfortable: Suekaphin Nursing Bra

Made of nylon and spandex, the Suekaphin nursing bra offers significant comfort. The removable paddings provide an easier washing experience. Its one-step feeding clasp allows you to remove the cup separately so that you can breastfeed your baby easily while maintaining privacy.

You’ll be able to adjust the straps easily to ensure a custom fit. There is a wide sideband that conceals the armpit fat and ensures a close fit.


4. Best Easy-To-Wash: Motherhood Maternity Nursing Bra

Motherhood Maternity nursing bra is a seamless bra that offers full coverage support and comfort throughout the day. The clip-down function and removable cups allow you to breastfeed your baby with ease. This makes the washing easy and quick. The adjustable strap enables you to adjust the bra to suit your comfort. This bra is suitable for new and expecting moms.


5. Best Skin-Friendly:  Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Busty Nursing Sleep Bra

If you don’t like bras with snaps and hoops to mess around with, then you’ll love this busty nursing bra from Kindred Bravely. It’s designed to make your postpartum life simple and convenient. The bra is made of 100% rayon of bamboo, friendly to the mother’s and baby’s skin. The busty size is designed specifically for moms with E cups and up.

The expanded fabric will provide extra coverage to larger busts. Additionally, the elastic band under the bust helps the bra to sit in place comfortably throughout your day at work. Its ultra-soft and flexible design makes it ideal for any nursing mom.


6. Best Breathable: Cooshco Women’s Sleeping Nursing Bra

Offering comfort and convenience, this breastfeeding bra from Cooshco provides one-hand access and adjustable shoulder straps to ensure a custom fit. The easy-drop cups let you feed your baby comfortably in public. There is a breathable, stretching ribbed gore that will give you a snug feel while accommodating the normal fluctuations of the bust size.

The nylon and spandex materials used in making this bra are super soft and incredibly comfortable for the mom’s and the baby’s skin.


7. Best Push-Up Design: Playtex Women’s Nursing Sports Bra

Designed for quick breastfeeding, this nursing bra from Playtex allows great convenience for a new, busy mom. It is made mainly of polyester and a small percentage of spandex material. The bra is super soft, stretchy, and comfortable to wear. It provides support and flexibility to adjust the size of the breast.

The bra features a push-up design that accommodates a proper shape and helps prevent sagging, especially following the nursing period. The racerback strap, one-hand access, and adjustable shoulder straps allow for a custom, cozy fit.


8. Best 3D Design: Icvwiafny Support Nursing Bras

The wireless design of Icvwiafny bra helps keep your breasts in shape. This set of three nursing bras are designed to provide good support. The fabric is breathable and flexible to accommodate your breast size fluctuations.

The removable pads, 3D design, and under-bust band effectively support your chest. The sturdy, flexible, one-hand access adjustable shoulder straps unhook and fall open easily in the front to allow easy breastfeeding, especially at night.


9. Best For Light To Moderate Support: Bravado! Designs Women’s Original Maternity And Nursing Bra

The wrap-style neckline offers light to moderate support for large cup sizes. Bravado features a wireless design, smooth feel, wide bottom band, and modern racer-back style without a back closure. Whether you’re at home, sleeping, or on the go, the nursing bra offers the convenience you need for smooth breastfeeding.

The full drop-away cup not only makes it easier for you to breastfeed but also allows maximum skin-to-skin contact. It is the perfect blend of cotton, modal, and spandex that guarantees comfort throughout your breastfeeding period.


10. Best Racer-Back Design: Cakye Racerback Maternity Nursing Sleep Bra

A mixture of high-quality materials, Cakye racerback nursing bra, ensures maximum breathability, stretching, and ultra-softness. It provides optimum support and comfort. The contemporary racer-back design is meant to ensure the shoulder straps don’t slip off. Its front has a crossover design, and the one-hand drop-down cup allows quick, convenient breastfeeding.

The bust elastic-free band won’t pinch or constrict. This wireless bra is equipped with a built-in bag to store the nursing pads.


11. Best Stretchable: Playtex Women’s Nursing Shaping Foam Wirefree Bra

Playtex wireless nursing bra is made of 92% polyester and 8 % spandex, which keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day. The easy-access adjustable straps allow for an easy nursing experience. The stretchable material allows the bra to grow with your breasts and accommodate bust size changes.

Its wireless design enhances seamless flexibility to provide a snug feel even when your body undergoes significant changes. The smooth foam cups and inner side sling offer the maximum support you need during nursing.


How To Choose The Right Nursing Bras For Large Cup Sizes?

Here are some essential factors you should consider before buying a nursing bra.

  1. Breathability: Your skin needs to breathe because sweat combined with breast milk can cause rashes or even mastitis. Look for bras made of cotton materials, although certain synthetic materials also let your skin breathe.
  2. Pumping and nighttime: If you’ll be pumping milk often, consider purchasing a nursing bra that will work with a hands-free pumping system. At night, you ought to wear a nursing bra that is more comfortable than day-wear nursing bras.
  3. Size: Women with large breasts require a tight bra band to hold their bust perfectly in place. A bra that is too loose is likely to pull down on your shoulder straps. When it comes to cup size, you should try on a bra in your correct band size. A correct cup size means that the bra cups fit all of your breast tissue. Ensure there is no bulge at the sides or the top of the cup.
  4. Bra back extenders: During engorgement, your already large breasts will become larger. Consider bra back extenders that allow you to add some inches to the bra band and make you feel more comfortable.
  5. Openings or flaps: Nursing bras come with different opening designs. Those bras that allow you to open the entire cup can pose a challenge for any well-endowed mom. Therefore, choose a bra with a flap or stretchy fabric that lets you open the cups partially and offer support to your breasts simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I wear an underwire nursing bra?

Many women with large breasts utilize under-wire bras. But, it is recommended to avoid under-wire nursing bras when breastfeeding, especially during early postpartum weeks. They can exert a lot of pressure on your milk glands, which can lead to less milk production.

2. How do I get the perfect fit when buying online?

Ensure you measure yourself for your bra. The ideal size for you is likely to have changed as a result of your changing body. A good rule of thumb is to measure yourself one month before your due date, purchase a few bras and then measure yourself again after a month. The size of your bust can change significantly within that frame. You can also take some time to get a professional sizing done.

3. Do I care for my nursing bras differently?

You should wash your bras with cold water if you want them to last longer. Hot or warm water can break fibers down and accelerate your bra’s deterioration. Washing them in cold water will ensure the color and fabrics of the bra look new and fresh for longer.

Breastfeeding becomes a lot more comfortable and convenient when you wear the right nursing bras. These bras come in all sizes, including the larger cup sizes. When choosing a bra for large cup sizes, ensure it is the right fit and the material is breathable, stretchable, and moisture-wicking. And as your breast size changes during this phase, choose a bra with back extenders to ensure there are no side bulges. Further, ensure you avoid underwire nursing bras.

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