17 Best Nursing Nightgowns For Moms To Give A Comfortable Feed In 2022


As a new mother, your comfort is as important as your baby’s comfort. Wearing the best nursing nightgown in those early months can make all the difference to your breastfeeding sessions.

Comfy nursing nightgowns keep you relaxed all day while giving your little one unrestricted access. Pick one from our list of nursing nightgowns and forget about annoying buttons and clasps.

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17 Best Nursing Nightgowns

1. Best Eco-Friendly: Ekouaer 3-In-1 Maternity Nightgown

Ekouaer’s three-in-one delivery, labor, and nursing nightgown for women is made of a soft, eco-friendly fabric with 95percentrayon and 5percentspandex. It does not deform easily because of natural flower extraction dyeing. Its comfortable yet stylish neckline with a solid tie-dye print makes it a nursing gown suitable for sleepwear and casual loungewear. If you want to find out more about this product and its usage, make sure to check out this review on YouTube.


  • Made of soft and stretchy fabric for maximum comfort
  • Sufficient elasticity offering space for belly growth
  • Postpartum zipper unfastening on both sides for feeding
  • Discreet breastfeeding with optimal security when not feeding
  • Available in three styles


  • The design may vary with color


2. Best Chic: Baby Be Mine Maternity Nightgown

This maternity nightgown is designed to give a chic feel and stylish look as your baby bump grows. It is also equipped with a pull-down elastic neckline for night feedings. With sizes ranging from S to XL, it is suitable for maternity photoshoots before you welcome your little one. The nightgown is made by blending 95% cotton and 5 % polyester and is available in colors to choose from, such as amelia, camo, elise, isla, navy stripe, and willow.


  • Suitable for gifting
  • Suitable for breastfeeding
  • Features floral prints
  • Machine washable


  • Some may find the shoulder straps a little uncomfortable


3. Best Skin-Friendly: Ekouaer 3-In-1 Pleated Maternity Nightgown

Ekouaer maternity nightgown is a sweet blue dress designed for pregnancy and nursing. The breastfeeding sleep dress is made of 95percentrayon and 5percentspandex for maximum stretch. Its cross V-neck design facilitates childcare and breastfeeding while thoroughly covering the chest. When wearing this maternity dress, the loose-fitting elastic design allows for abdominal growth.


  • Breathable, skin-friendly, and highly elastic fabric
  • Ultra-soft surface for utmost comfort
  • Stylish design with lace décor
  • Suits eveningwear as well as home wear
  • Available in nine different shades


  • Color may fade over the time


4. Best For Easy Nursing Access: iloveSia 3Pcs Women’s Maternity Nursing Nightgown

The iloveSia women’s maternity breastfeeding dress comes in a pack of three. This nursing nightgown is super stretchy and features a built-in seamless nursing bra. They have adjustable straps that allow a new mother to adjust the bust depth to meet the baby’s breastfeeding needs while also conforming to her body shape.


  • Made of comfortable fabric that keeps the skin breathable
  • Provides easy nursing access with one-handed clips in a drop-down design
  • Adjustment discretion and shape with removable foam inserts
  • Suitable for lounging, nursing, or breastfeeding
  • Sagging prevention and ribbing support with a wide nursing sling on the inside


  • Size may be slightly different than expected


5. Best Stretchable: Swomog Women’s Maternity Sleepwear Nursing Nightgown

Swomog Women’s Maternity Sleepwear is stylishly designed to offer a blend of nursing convenience and fashion. This maternity nightgown is available in 17 different shades, allowing you to match it to your baby’s outfit. In addition, it is specifically designed to meet the needs of a growing baby bump while also allowing for easy breastfeeding. Itis simple to maintain with a simple machine wash.


  • Made of high-quality modal fabric
  • Highly elastic, breathable, and soft material
  • Suits maternity wear during and after pregnancy
  • Designed in contrasting colors with a short raglan sleeve and loose hem
  • Zipped fastening on both sides for instant nursing
  • Thoughtful design allows comfortable breastfeeding in public


  • Tight zipper; may get stuck during unzipping
  • May not suit all body shapes and sizes


6. Best Lightweight Fabric: Kindred Bravely Lucille Nursing & Maternity Nightgown

Kindred Bravely nursing and maternity breastfeeding nightwear has a lacey design in ultra-soft fabric and provides ultimate comfort to the mother’s and baby’s skin. The nightgown is made of 95 percent modal fabric and 5percent spandex for maximum stretching. It is one of the best nursing nightgowns for the pre and post-pregnancy phases.


  • Lace accent for fashionable wear
  • Stylish racer back cut
  • Comfortable clip-down breastfeeding access with light support
  • Lightweight fabric for cool and comfortable wear during summers
  • Available in sizes XS to XXXL for the right fit for all


  • May not suit body shape with a larger bust
  • Can be insufficiently supportive on the shoulders


7. Best Breathable: In’Voland Women’s Plus Size Maternity Nightgown

In’Voland short sleeve maternity sleepwear is an excellent fit for all body shapes and sizes. It is made of 95percentrayon and 5percentspandex and is comfortable and stretchy to provide enough space for the growing baby bump without straining the fabric on your skin. The nursing nightgown features a pull-on, double-layered nursing closure that allows easy breastfeeding.


  • Super soft, stretchy, and breathable fabric
  • Useful during labor and delivery
  • Knee-length double-layer closure for easy wear and nursing
  • Suitable for all stages of pregnancy
  • Available in ten different shades


  • Dress’s top may come off loose after a few wears


8. Best Cooling: Latuza Women’s Bamboo Viscose Nursing Nightgown And Robe Set

The Latuza Women’s Bamboo Viscose Nursing Nightgown and Robe Set is a two-piece maternity wear available in nine different shades. It is made of 95percentbamboo viscose and 5percentspandex and is exceptionally soft on the skin. You can choose from six different sizes to find your perfect fit during pregnancy and lactation. Its breathable bamboo fabric also keeps the skin cool during warm weather.


  • Minimally clingy on the skin
  • Easy and convenient machine wash and drying
  • Comes with two belt loops on the sides for an easy closure
  • Elastic empire waist for maximum belly stretching
  • Stylish lace trim neckline with adjustable spaghetti straps
  • Pull down fitting for comfortable breastfeeding


  • Fabric dye can be strongly smelly
  • May come with loose threads around the stitches


9. Best Machine-Washable: Swomog Women 3-In-1 Pleated Maternity Sleepwear For Breastfeeding

Swomog Women’s three-in-one short sleeve nursing nightshirt is designed to fit perfectly during pregnancy, delivery, and nursing. This pleated maternity sleepwear comes in five sizes to help you find the best fit for your body shape and size. It comes in 15 different shades and is machine washable and tumble dryable. In addition, its modal fabric provides an ultra-soft touch against the skin for maximum comfort.


  • Sufficiently stretchy and breathable fabric
  • Easy-open function with V-neck front for convenient pull-down breastfeeding
  • Loose-fitting gown that suits all pregnancy stages
  • Contrasting lace detailing on the cuffs and neckline
  • Knee-length, pleated stylish feminine design


  • Size and fit may differ for different colors
  • No added support for the bust
  • Lacks leak lining


10. Best Stylish: Sexyfree Maternity Gown Women’s Sleeveless Nursing Nightwear

The Sexyfree sleeveless maternity nightgown is a fashionable nightdress that provides a convenient balance of fashion and comfort during pregnancy and nursing. It is made of 95percentrayon and 5percentspandex, is soft on the mother’s and the baby’s skin, and is super stretchy and lightweight. Its three-in-one design is suitable for pregnancy, labor, and nursing.


  • Easy breastfeeding access with the open-down button
  • Doubles up as a casual nightgown for any woman
  • Available in several colors and sizes
  • Breathable cotton soft fabric for all seasons
  • Suitable for easy hand wash


  • No real nursing feature, lining, or support


11. LecGee Women’s Nursing Nightgown Button Maternity Dress

The LecGee women’s nursing postpartum nightgown is well-thought maternity wear with exceptional detailing for easy breastfeeding. It comes in a striking sleeveless design with contrasting hemlines. It is made of skin-friendly, soft, and breathable modal fabric that is highly elastic for suitable wear during and after pregnancy. The chemise nursing sleep dress, with its stylish spaghetti strap, is an appropriate fit for all occasions.


  • No fabric shrinking or odor with fade-free 12 different shades
  • Front open button design for convenient pull-down breastfeeding
  • Does not smother the baby’s face
  • Comfortable and soft fabric
  • Superior stitching with seamless plying
  • Suitable for hand and machine wash in cold water


  • Bottom lining band not of stretchy material
  • Wide gaps between buttons


12. Enjoynight Women’s Short Sleeve Nightgown Tie Dye Loungewear

Enjoynight’s long nursing nightgown is a comfortably designed breastfeeding sleep dress made of 60percentcotton for maximum breathability and convenience. Its 40percentspandex mix makes it super stretchy and soft on the skin. It is suitable maternity wear for the early stages of pregnancy and during lactation due to its loosely designed fitting. The functional cotton nursing nightgown completely covers the chest and abdomen, keeping you comfortable while breastfeeding.


  • Tie-dyed from vegetable dyes with fine workmanship
  • Bright-colored, non-fading wear
  • Super soft and non-irritatingfor the baby’s skin
  • Stylish round neck design
  • Convenient front button open fit for comfortable breastfeeding at any time
  • Fashionable short sleeves for casual wear


  • Size fit may differ
  • Does not suit postpartum body shape


13. Sexqero Women’s Maternity Robe Nursing Sleepwear

The Sexquero Women’s Maternity Robe is a stylishly designed nursing sleepwear with fine lacey details that extend from the neckline to the bottom length. This breastfeeding nightwear also functions as a bathrobe and features a tie-around design for easy opening and closing. The tie-closure robe is made of 95percentrayon and 5percentspandexfor super soft, comfortable, and stretchy wear during and after pregnancy.


  • Ultra-soft on the skin and breathable
  • Fixed strap design on the back for convenient strapping
  • Two-way fastening with inner drawstrings and outer waistband
  • Suitable maternity wear for all occasions
  • Loose fit sleepwear with full belly coverage


  • Thin fabric but does not keep the body sufficiently cool
  • Can be tight around the waist during advanced pregnancy


14. Poshglam Women’s 3-In-1 Maternity Nightgown

Poshglam’s three-in-one maternity wear provides exceptional fitting for pregnant women during pregnancy and nursing. It is designed to be a comfortable breastfeeding sleepwear and functional maternity gown. It has V-neckline and short sleeves and comes in 18 different shades. It is comfortable to wear because it is made of breathable rayon and spandex fabric.


  • Made of soft and stretchy fabric for all stages of pregnancy and lactation
  • Elastic waistband for maximum stretchiness
  • Discreetly designed with pocket closure on both sides for breastfeeding
  • Suitable wear for lounging around with the knee-length fit
  • Suits easy machine cold wash
  • Available in five different sizes for suitable fit


  • Can be too short for tall women
  • Has a high slit, which can be uncomfortable for some


15. U-Pretty Maternity Nursing Dress For Women

The U-Pretty Maternity Nursing Dress For Women is stylishly designed for optimal function and fashion during pregnancy and nursing. It’s one of the best nursing nightgowns because it comes in eight different solid shades and is made of soft, elastic, and breathable fabric. In addition, you can wear it during the hottest summers because it keeps your skin cool. It is one of the best nightwear options for nursing mothers because it is designed to fit insert nursing pads.


  • Stretchable waistline for during and post-pregnancy fit
  • Adjustable straps for improved body fitting
  • Built-in pouches on both sides
  • Practical nursing clasps for easy breastfeeding
  • Elegant and comfortable style


  • Can be too small for women in the advanced pregnancy stage


16. Lamaze Intimates Womens V-Neck Maternity Nightgown

The Lamaze Intimates Womens Maternity Nightgown has a V-neckline for easy breastfeeding. This nursing nightshirt is made of stretchable fabric and is comfortable to wear during pregnancy and nursing stages. It comes in eight different shades and has adorable prints that will make you look fashionable. In addition, it has a lacey design that stretches across the neckline, waist, and bottom for optimum comfort.


  • Pull-on closure for comfortable breastfeeding
  • Easy access to dress front with V-neck design
  • Elegant lace trim design
  • Easy to hand wash and line dry


  • Runs a size smaller
  • Fabric may not be of high quality


17. Poshglam Women’s Nursing Nightgown Maternity Dress

Poshglam’s women’s nursing nightgown is another product that ranks as one of the best nursing gowns to have in your maternity wardrobe. The maternity wear has pocket closures on both sides for easy breastfeeding. It’s also stylish, with a knee-length fit and a contrasting neckline. It comes in ten different shades and can be easily matched with your baby’s clothing.


  • Double layers wrap design for easy access
  • Stretchy empire waist for easy pregnancy fit
  • Conveniently elastic material in rayon and spandex
  • Soft on the skin and breathable
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Available in five different sizes for a suitable fit


  • Not sufficiently supportive of the bust


How To Choose The Right Nursing Nightgown?

Consider the following factors before selecting the best nursing nightgown for maternity wear.

  1. Fabric: Ensure that the maternity wear fabric is soft, stretchy, and comfortable for the mother’s and the baby’s skin. You can choose various fabrics, including rayon, cotton, and nylon.
  2. Front style: Pay attention to the front style, which should have a convenient design or cut for easy breastfeeding.
  3. Length: These nightgowns come in a variety of lengths ranging from short to long length. Different sleeve sizes are available for a suitable fit.
  4. Occasion: Ensure that the right maternity wear is suitable for all occasions. For example, you can choose a nightgown for maximum comfort based on whether you are visiting the hospital or receiving maternity care at home.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag is a writer and editor who reviews fashion, clothing, and wellness products. Her detailed product research ensures high quality, durability, and comfort. Having comfortable maternity wear is a must after delivery and while nursing your baby. Therefore, she brings you a collection of the best nursing nightgowns to help you choose the right one. Poulami has also included a buying guide to help you find a nightgown that suits your needs.

Just-born babies or newborns need to be fed eight to twelve times a day. Feeding at night is challenging, and a dress that causes discomfort while feeding might add to the stress. So investing in the best nursing nightgowns can be of great advantage. The nightgowns provide easy accessibility allowing the child to latch smoother. Look for nightgowns made of soft, breathable fabric that offer great comfort and are breathable. Also, stay away from the nightgowns that cause you discomfort.

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