17 Best Office Chairs To Buy In 2021

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When you work on a laptop or computer for long hours every day, you need to have a comfortable chair. Sitting in the correct posture on an ergonomic chair can help prevent back, neck, and shoulder pain, eye strain, headache, and such related problems.

In this MomJunction post, we bring you a list of best office chairs, along with their details. You may shortlist a few and decide which one could be most suitable for you.

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17 Best Office Chairs

1. Flash Furniture Swivel Ergonomic Chair

Flash Furniture Swivel Ergonomic Chair


The business or office chair is made with premium-quality material to offer extreme comfort. The back of the chair is designed with ventilated mesh material to provide airflow and lumbar support. The chair can be tilted back as per your need, and its armrests and seat height are adjustable. It can rotate 360 degrees and is easy to move with the help of swivel wheels. The chair comes in 15 colors and four styles.

2. BestOffice Office Chair

BestOffice Office Chair


The modern and sleek chair is designed with soft PU leather to provide comfort and reduce body aches when working for long. The height and angle of the chair can be adjusted. The chair gives you mobility with its 360-degree swivel wheels. It is not only stylish but also functional as it comes with cushion and pads. The chair is available in three colors — white, brown, and black.

3. Flash Furniture Quilted Office Chair

Flash Furniture Quilted Office Chair


Made with tufted upholstery, the chair promotes circulation and removes pressure when you are seated. The height of the seat can be adjusted as per your requirements. It doesn’t have arms but is sturdy enough to withstand a weight of 250lb. The chair is available in six different colors.

4. Modway Articulate Office Chair

Modway Articulate Office Chair


The plush-looking office chair comes with adjustable seating. You may adjust the height of the armrests and the chair and tilt the seat back. The chair has a breathable mesh for back support, and the seat is padded to offer comfort. It comes with five dual-wheel casters that make it easily movable on hardwood floors or carpeted floors. This office chair can withstand a weight of 330lb and is available in six different colors.

5. OFM Essentials Executive Office Chair

OFM Essentials Executive Office Chair


The stylish chair is made with smooth SofThread leather and stitched to detail. It is heavy-duty and can hold a capacity of 250lb. The chair is durable and offers support with fixed arms and integrated headrest. It comes in two variations, with padded arms and non-padded arms. It fits both office or home use.

6. Flash Furniture Swivel Office Chair

Flash Furniture Swivel Office Chair


Available in ten styles and six colors, the contemporary office chair is made with faux leather, plywood, metal, and foam. It comes with a tilt and lock mechanism, along with a seat adjustment lever for the height. It is glossy and suitable for a professional environment. You may pick from different variations.

7. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Chair

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Chair


This chair is made with good-quality materials such as rollerblade caster wheels, soft cushion, and durable head and armrests. It is easy to install and comes with adjustable features to change the height of the seat and angle of the backrest as per your convenience. The breathable mesh provides support and circulates cool air to keep you sweat-free when working.

8. Hbada Desk Chair

Hbada Desk Chair


The rocking chair is uniquely designed to use at home and in the workplace. It is made with high-quality materials to offer support to your body and prevent body aches. The heavy-duty base makes the chair sturdy and durable. It has adjustable features for seat and armrests. The chair can be rotated 360 degrees and is easy to assemble.

9. Smugdesk Office Chair

Smugdesk Office Chair


The high back chair is made with high-quality leather. The height of the chair can be adjusted from 20.3 to 24in, and comes with durable and flexible wheels. It is light and easy to assemble. The chair has three levels of curved design to compliment your body curve. It has adjustable armrests and tilting back support to give you complete rest at work.

10. Hbada Reclining Desk Chair

Hbada Reclining Desk Chair


The exclusive reclining chair is designed with a kinematic tilt mechanism to alter the angle from 90 to 150 degrees. It is durable and has an ergonomic design to offer complete support to your head, neck, shoulders, and back. It has a comfy padded cushion and mesh back to keep you cool and comfortable when working for hours. The chair has a leg rest when you are in a reclined position. It is a durable and functional executive chair.

11. Smugdesk armless chair

Smugdesk armless chair


This chair is easy to assemble and has a curved ergonomic design. It comes with ventilated, breathable mesh that keeps you comfortable when working all day or night. It doesn’t have armrests, but the seat can be adjusted as per your comfort. The backrest is designed in a curve style to support your spine. The chair is durable and comes with five-claw chair legs that make it long-lasting.

12. Vecelo Office Chair

Vecelo Office Chair


This curved-back chair is designed to support your back and keep your body relaxed. It can be adjusted from 18 to 20.5in; the armrests and the back can also be adjusted. It comes with a padded cushion and breathable mesh back to keep you at comfort when sitting for a long time. The encased casters help to move the chair smoothly without any noise. It is also easy to assemble and durable.

13. Xuer Ergonomic Office Chair

Xuer Ergonomic Office Chair


The multi-functional executive chair has a solid base and a classic design. It is made with premium-quality materials such as thick steel and mesh fabric to make the chair last long. The chair comes with a headrest and a curved backrest to prevent body pains and headaches. The seat of the chair and the 3D armrest can be adjusted as per your needs.

14. Hon Ignition 2.0 Adjustable Work Chair

Hon Ignition 2.0 Adjustable Work Chair


The simple-yet-functional office chair is manufactured using good quality material. The cushion offers soft padding, and the breathable mesh promotes airflow at the back, preventing any sweat. It is easy to adjust the height of the arm and seat. The chair also comes with a tilt mechanism that gives you support and rest. It is available in four different styles.

15. Cedric Office Chair

Cedric Office Chair


This chair can be assembled in seven easy steps. The ergonomic design, with adjustable handrail and 3D headrest, provides comfort. It has breathable mesh backrest to allow airflow and keep your back sweat-free when working. The back of the chair can tilt from 90 to 130 degrees. It has an electroplated steel framework behind, making the chair sturdy and durable.

16. Sidiz Adjustable Office Chair

Sidiz Adjustable Office Chair


The sturdy office chair has an aluminum frame and a mesh backrest. Its S-curve design offers lumbar support for your back. The height of the seat can be easily adjusted, and you may tilt the seat whenever you want to rest. It comes in five different colors and patterns.

17. Novelland Ergonomic Chair

Novelland Ergonomic Chair


This swivel chair comes with supportive features and ergonomic design to keep your body comfortable when working on the desk. The lumbar support prevents backache and reduces pressure on your spine. The seat cushion keeps your legs and hip sweat-free and avoids any pain. It comes with a mesh backrest to keep your body cool and comfy when working. The sturdy wheels offer smooth movability on any floor.

How To Choose The Right Office Chair?

Here are a few tips for selecting a comfortable office chair for yourself.

  1. Adjustability: Look for adjustments for armrests, headrests, and the seat. Also, the seat should have tilt and lock features that make it easy to move back and rest when required.
  1. Lumbar support: Back strain is one of the common problems people face when working for long hours on the chair. Adjustable lumbar support for the back and lower back area prevents straining and keeps your body at comfort all day.
  1. Fabric: Look for a chair that has breathable mesh as a fabric. It provides airflow and keeps sweat away when you are at work. Also, you may look for soft cushions on the chair that doesn’t put pressure on your hips or legs.
  1. Others: Some additional features that you may look for include swivel wheels, sturdy material, 360-degree rotation, and ease of assembly. All these make a chair comfortable for you to work.

We do not purchase office chairs often. Hence, it is essential to be careful when going through the features. Make a note of your requirements and the extent of usage and choose a chair that suits your requirements.