15 Best Body Massage Oils For Glowing Skin In 2023, Makeup Artist-Reviewed

To give life to dull-looking skin and relax well during your next massage session, use a product from our list of the best body massage oil for glowing skin. These oils contain both carrier and essential oils mixed proportionately.

The oils release soothing aromas that help relieve aches and pains. Their skin rejuvenation properties also help smooth wrinkles and lighten scars over time. With so many aromatherapy oils in the market, choosing the right one could be difficult.

Hence, in this list, we have listed some of the best massage oils recommended by masseuses that will help you de-stress and make your skin glow.

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Benefits Of Body Massage Oils

Massage oils are an essential part of a good massage because they can make it easier for hands to glide on the skin. Besides, different massage oils may have the following benefits.

  • Nourishes, moisturizes, and reduces the effects of premature aging on the skin
  • Promotes blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage
  • Eliminates toxins and impurities
  • Promotes restful sleep by calming nerves and relieving stress
  • Tones the body and relieves joint pain
  • Gently removes dead skin cells
  • Improves mood and lifts the spirits
  • Relieves skin irritation and inflammation
  • Promotes collagen production and improves skin elasticity and suppleness

15 Best Body Massage Oils For Glowing Skin

1. Best Moisturizing: Maple Holistics Sensual Massage Oil


Maple Holistics sensual body massage oil is formulated with nourishing almond and jojoba oils to deliver intense moisturizing effects to the skin. It is rich in vitamin E, which can combat dryness while leaving you with soft and supple skin. This non-viscous oil has a lightweight texture, penetrates deeply, and does not stain. The addition of this lavender-containing essential oil can enhance the benefits of aromatherapy massage. This vegan and cruelty-free product does not contain artificial fragrances, additives, or fillers. It is suitable for all skin types. Check out the review of this product on YouTube to know why it is one of the best out there.


  • Suitable for intimate massage
  • Flip-top cap
  • Soothing scent
  • Non-greasy


  • May be a tad slippery
  • May be less suitable for sensitive skin

protip_icon Quick tip
Before massaging, warm up the oil by placing the bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. It will help make the oil more fluid and easier to apply.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

More than 30,272 independent reviewers on Amazon have acknowledged the product's durability and functionality.

2. Best For Dry Skin: Majestic Pure Sore Muscle Massage Oil


Majestic Pure massage oil is a blend of essential oils that can relax and soothe tired feet and sore muscles. The oil is suitable for at-home massages as well as for professional use by masseuses. It is formulated with sweet almond oil blended with arnica oil, reducing skin dryness and relieving soreness. Lavender and chamomile essential oils give it a natural fragrance and release tension. This light oil is easily absorbed so that the skin gets good nutrition and moisture. It has a gentle warming effect and gives the skin a natural glow.

Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 8 inches | Weight: 8 Ounces


  • Free of nasty chemicals
  • Free of additives and cruelty
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Easy to use


  • May have a slightly medicinal scent
  • Bottle may not be leak-resistant

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product boasts 26,638 reviews on Amazon, and many buyers have said they would purchase the product again.

3. Best All-Natural Ingredients: Brookethorne Naturals Refresh Therapeutic Massage Oil

 Brookethorne Naturals Refresh Therapeutic Massage Oil Image: Brookethorne Naturals

The exhilarating and therapeutic massage oil from Brookethorne Naturals is a mixture of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, which can effectively relieve pain, provide vitality to the body and mind, and reduce stress and tension. This nut-free formulation contains coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, and apricot kernel oils to moisturize and nourish the skin. All-natural ingredients ensure a light, non-greasy texture, revitalizing the skin gently. Loved by many reviewers, you can use this oil with various massage tools, including a roller, handheld massager, or foot massager, to relax muscles and reduce joint discomfort.


  • Ideal consistency for a smooth glide
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Relaxes muscle
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • May be slightly watery
  • Scent may be light
Maple Holistics Sensual Massage Oil
Best Moisturizing
Majestic Pure Sore Muscle Massage Oil
Best For Dry Skin
Brookethorne Naturals Refresh Therapeutic Massage Oil
Best All-Natural Ingredients
Dimensions- 2.5 x 2.5 x 8 inches-
Weight- 8 Ounces-

4. Best Cold-Pressed Formula: Premium Nature Sweet Almond Oil


Premium Nature’s cold-pressed sweet almond massage oil is a natural and gentle carrier oil that you can blend with various essential oils to create a customized massage experience. This light oil penetrates deep into the skin to draw out skin impurities and dirt that collect in open pores and hair follicles. Rich in vitamin A, it can be a beneficial massage oil for acne-prone skin, preventing blackheads and breakouts. The omega fatty acids and nutrient-rich lipids help prevent dry skin by raising moisture levels and giving your skin a soft and smooth texture. You can use this hypoallergenic oil as a makeup remover, hair oil, nail strengthener, and facial oil on all skin types.

Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches | Weight: 1 Pounds


  • Lightweight and odorless
  • Glides smoothly
  • Irritation-free
  • Free of hexane, BPA, and cruelty


  • Bottle may leak
  • May have a thin consistency

5. Best Versatile Oil: Pure Body Naturals Cellulite Smoothing Oil

Pure Body Naturals Cellulite Smoothing Oil Image: Pure Body Naturals

The grapeseed and eucalyptus essential oils in the Pure Body Naturals cellulite calming massage oil work together to reduce the presence of cellulite while firming and tightening the skin. The circular massage motion aids in the breakdown and detoxification of fat cells through the elimination channels. This multitasking oil also contains lemon and grapefruit oils for a post-shower rub, making it profoundly moisturizing and nourishing. This non-comedogenic blend absorbs quickly and helps improve dull and tired skin. In this YouTube video, you will find a detailed review of this product.

Product Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 8 inches | Weight: 8 Ounces


  • Ideal for tummy and arms
  • Non-greasy and non-comedogenic
  • Has no parabens
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free


  • Consistency may be slightly thicker than expected
  • Cellulite removal may be slow for some

protip_icon Do remember
Applying massage oil when using a body roller or receiving a massage can help prevent unnecessary tugging and pulling of the skin, which can lead to skin irritation over time.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 6,900 positive customer reviews on Amazon attest to the product’s quality.

6. Best Stress-Relieving Oil: Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil

Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil Image: Elemis

Elemis’ massage oil soothes the mind and relieves stress from the body. It contains a combination of pure essential oils, including chamomile and lavender. The sweet almond oil nourishes and conditions the skin by penetrating deep to moisturize and smoothen it. The addition of melissa, rosewood, marjoram, rosemary, and geranium essential oils provides a spa-like luxurious aromatherapy experience. This tried-and-tested, harmonizing oil gives the skin a soft glow and leaves it smooth and supple.

| Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.7 x 6.25 inches | Weight: 8.96 Ounces


  • Vitamin-rich formula
  • Calms the skin
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Prevents scarring


  • May be less effective for muscle soreness
  • May leave residue

7. Best Non-Greasy: Gya Labs Energizing Massage Oil

Gya Labs Energizing Massage Oil Image: Gya Labs

Gya Labs’ invigorating massage oil has a natural, non-greasy composition of organic ingredients that nourish the skin. It contains a unique combination of jojoba, sweet almond, sunflower, and organic argan massage oils, which hydrate the skin, relieve muscle aches, and boost energy levels. It contains essential oils of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, and pine needle to promote blood circulation, firm the skin, reduce stretch marks, and fight fatigue and cellulite. This fast-absorbing formula leaves no oily trace and is suitable for massage therapy by licensed masseuses as it promotes positivity, uplifts the mood, and clarifies the complexion.

| Product Dimensions: 1.97 x 1.97 x 5.71 inches | Weight: 7.37 Ounces


  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines
  • Relieves body swelling
  • Protects dry skin
  • No animal testing
  • Tested for safety and quality


  • May be a tad thick
  • May have the powerful scent of mint

8. Best For Aromatherapy:Brookethorne Naturals Passion Massage Oil

Brookethorne Naturals Passion Massage Oil Image: Brookethorne Naturals

Experience the tropical scent and nourishing benefits of the Brookethorne Naturals aromatherapy massage oil. Formulated with all-natural ingredients, including almond oil, grapeseed oil, and jojoba oil, this couple’s massage oil offers aromatherapy benefits and relaxation. Its nourishing properties leave your skin supple and smooth after massage therapy, relieving muscle pain and aches. This tried-and-tested massage oil is suitable for both at-home use and for professional massage therapy. Additionally, it has a non-greasy, non-sticky formula that allows you to relax without worrying about staining your sheets or clothes.


  • Gentle on skin
  • Cruelty-free
  • Allows smooth gliding
  • Non-GMO formula
  • No-residue formula


  • Some may find the consistency thick
  • Dispenser may be a bit flimsy

9. Best Calming:Cosmetasa Sensual Lavender Massage Oil

Cosmetasa Sensual Lavender Massage Oil Image: Cosmetasa

Experience a soothing and refreshing massage with the Cosmetasa lavender-scented massage oil. The package includes an aromatic massage oil and a 360° rotatable massage ball that smoothly glides onto the skin, delivering a calming scent and massage experience. Enriched with the goodness of various natural oils, including lavender, frankincense, coconut, grapeseed, orange peel, and geranium, the massage oil nourishes the skin. The almond oil and tocopherol offer deep hydration to your skin, leaving it conditioned, moisturized, and healthy. Add this massage oil to your skin and body care ritual for the ultimate massage therapy experience.


  • Leaves no greasy residue
  • Absorbs deeply into the skin
  • Not tested on animals
  • No added artificial fragrances
  • Sulfate-, paraben-, and phthalate-free
  • Non-GMO formula


  • Some may find the lavender scent overpowering
  • May absorb into the skin faster than expected

10. Best For Sensitive Skin: Honeydew Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Honeydew’s sensual aromatherapy massage oil comprises 100% pure lavender, jojoba, and almond oils. Sweet almond oil is high in natural vitamin E, moisturizing and softening the skin, giving it a vibrant glow. Jojoba prevents moisture loss and improves skin health. With many positive reviews, this cruelty-free emollient contains lavender essential oil and helps with tension and stress relief. Minerals and antioxidants nourish the skin, maintain the pH balance, and protect it from UV ray damage. This unisex skin-safe preparation is suitable for sensitive skin.

Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 2.1 x 7.25 inches | Weight: 8 Ounces


  • Glides smoothly
  • Subtle scent
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Has a pleasant lavender fragrance
  • For both men and women


  • May have a sticky residue
  • May be slightly hard to rinse off

protip_icon Point to consider
After the massage, let the oil absorb into the skin for a few minutes before getting dressed. It will help the oil fully absorb and make the skin soft and supple.

11. Best Smell:Skinsations Body Massage Oil

Skinsations Body Massage Oil Image: Skinsations

Indulge in the benefits of massage therapy with this vanilla-scented massage oil by Skinsations. Crafted with natural ingredients such as almond oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and golden jojoba oil, the oil provides ultimate relaxation for the mind and body. Infused with Tahitian vanilla extracts, it offers a soothing, warm fragrance. Its formula is enriched with skin-nourishing components such as fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants that help repair damaged skin tissue and improve skin health. Moreover, the silky consistency of this massage oil allows for easy hand movements making it ideal for massage therapy by trained masseuses and leaves your skin feeling energized.

Product Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 7.38 inches | Weight: 8 Ounces


  • Non-sticky and non-greasy formula
  • Deeply penetrates the skin
  • Improves skin firmness
  • Reduces stretch marks and wrinkles


  • Fragrance may not be long-lasting
  • May have a slightly thick consistency

12. Best For Pain Relief:Shankara Muscle Release Muscle & Joint Body Oil

Shankara Muscle Release Muscle & Joint Body Oil Image: Shankara

The ayurveda-inspired massage oil by Shankara is infused with ingredients like lavender oil, sesame oil, aloe vera oil, and arnica extract that deeply penetrate the skin and quickly act on sore and tensed muscles to provide relaxation. It also contains the goodness of turmeric, almond oil, and other organic ingredients that give the massage oil its exhilarating fragrance. According to the reviewers, the oil could be an effective remedy for joint and muscle pain, as it directly targets the root cause of discomfort. You can use the oil to relieve aches and pains in the neck, back, knee, elbow, shoulder, and hip.


  • Helps improve sleep quality
  • Reduces scar appearance
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Quick-absorbing oil
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Not tested on animals


  • May not be effective for chronic pain

13. Best For Softening Skin:Earthly Body Hemp Seed Massage Oil

The Earthly Body hemp seed massage oil’s nutrient-rich formula conditions and moisturizes the skin, leaving it plump and supple. It is made from sweet almond and hemp seed oils to moisturize and soften the skin without leaving any greasy residue. Grapeseed oil ensures the skin’s elasticity, while apricot gives it a radiant complexion. This vitamin E-rich formula has antioxidant properties that help soothe irritations and protect skin from pollutants. It glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly, ensuring a mess-free application.

Product Dimensions: 7.09 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches | Weight: 8.36 Ounces


  • Doesn’t leave greasy residue
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free
  • Smells like cotton candy and vanilla
  • Safe for sensitive skin


  • May be somewhat slippery

14. Best For Relaxing:Dude’s Love Body Massage Oil


Relax and unwind with the soothing effect of Dude’s Love body massage oil, specially formulated to minimize stress and tension. Made with a blend of organic ingredients such as coconut oil and sesame oil, this massage oil helps nourish your skin and rejuvenate tired muscles. Massaging with this oil helps pamper and soothe your skin, while the infused coconut oil hydrates, and the sesame oil’s antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties keep your skin glowing. This lightweight oil has a non-sticky, stain-free formula that won’t adhere to your clothes or sheets after use.

| Product Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.57 x 5.91 inches | Weight: 4.66 Ounces.


  • Long-lasting moisturization
  • Non-greasy texture
  • Non-toxic and allergen-free
  • Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly
  • Available in multiple scents


  • Fragrance may be overpowering for some
  • May have a thin consistency

15. Best Non-Greasy:Viva Naturals Organic Massage Oil


Relieve muscle tension and stiffness with the Viva Naturals organic massage oil. With a whisk of organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and almond oil, it works great as a hydrating oil and keeps your skin soft and supple. The non-greasy consistency of the oil helps with convenient and mess-free massaging. In addition, this massage oil has a refreshing scent of lavender and a blend of essential oils that keeps you energetic and therapeutic.


  • Absorbs quickly
  • Free of hexanes, parabens, artificial dyes, and synthetic fragrance
  • Non-GMO
  • Not tested on animals


  • May stain sheets
  • Pump may not be as efficient
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Oil For Body Massage?

Here are certain factors to keep in mind while buying body massage oils.

1. Carrier oils: Massage oils are a combination of carrier and essential oils. Carrier oils are beneficial for obtaining a healthy glow. A few examples are sweet almond, coconut, olive, jojoba, sesame, avocado, grapeseed, and sunflower seed oils. All of these have deep-penetrating properties and can address different skin concerns.

2. Essential oils: The essential oils present in the massage oil play a vital role in your skincare routine. They also promote healthy skin. A few examples of essential oils are argan, eucalyptus, grapefruit, neroli, peppermint, orange, lavender, rosehip, frankincense, tea tree, chamomile, and rosemary oils.

3. Skin type: It is essential to understand your skin type and skin problems because different oils have different properties and are suitable for specific skin types. Remember to patch test the oil to see if it suits your skin to avoid rashes and irritation. Simone De Vlaming, a beauty expert and blogger, says, “Lightweight oils are absorbed sooner by the skin while allowing smooth gliding during a massage and preventing excessive greasiness. Moisturizing massage oils, such as jojoba and almond oils, can be chosen if you also wish to hydrate and replenish the skin.

4. Variety: If you plan on getting a massage regularly, you can choose from a wide range of massage oils to reap the many benefits they provide.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Body massage oils can help you obtain glowing skin on regular use. In this post, Poulami Nag, who loves reviewing everything related to beauty and skincare, has rounded up a list of the best body massage oils for our readers to choose from. She has extensively researched the benefits of each product and analyzed the ingredients of the massage oils to bring you a reliable list. Furthermore, she has included a buying guide to help you procure the right product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I apply massage oil?

You can apply the massage oils during or after the massage therapy sessions or massage your body with these oils before a shower and leave it for at least 30 minutes.

2. Is it okay to use body massage oil on my face?

Massage oils made with natural oils and ingredients are safe to apply on the face. However, these massage oils are not typically intended for use on the face. Check the product description before using it on the face.

3. What should I keep in mind before using massage oil?

Keep the following pointers in mind before using massage oil.

  • Check the ingredients to ensure that the oil is safe for your skin.
  • Test the oil on a small patch of skin before using it on a larger area.
  • Use the oil in moderation and keep it at a comfortable temperature.
  • Avoid using too much oil.

The Bottom Line

If you want to relax at the end of a long day and take care of your skin, luxurious body massage oils are essential. Hence, our top recommendations include the Majestic Pure Sore Muscle Massage Oil with muscle relaxing properties and the Brookethorne Naturals Refresh Therapeutic Massage Oil, which helps relieve aches and pains. The deeply moisturizing Brookethorne Naturals Refresh Therapeutic Massage Oil can also be a good pick. Before choosing the best massage oil, think about what kind of carrier oil and essential oil would soothe you the most, whether it’s suited to your skin type, and what benefits it provides. Also, check the oil’s consistency, texture, aroma, benefits, and many other factors to find a suitable match.

Infographic: Benefits Of Getting A Massage Using Massage Oils

Massaging is an excellent therapy for managing stress and pain. Using body massage oils further enhances the benefits of massage for the body. These oils are often formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils to provide relaxation and other advantages mentioned in the below infographic.


Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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