13 Best Belly Oils For Pregnancy In 2024, As Per A Certified Dermatologist

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The nine months of pregnancy followed by the painful labor take a toll on the mother’s body. The quick weight gain and then loss often leave stretch marks across the body, especially the belly region. Seeking the best oil for stretch marks is essential for reducing the appearance of scars and marks on your body. Though stretch marks are natural during pregnancies, they still leave you in discomfort. And if these stretch marks continue even weeks after your childbirth, it can cause worry.

Using oil to massage is an age-old way to help nourish the skin. However, regular use might slowly help you get rid of the stretch marks. If you’ve been looking for lotions and oils for post-pregnancy stretch marks, we are here to guide you on how to choose the right product. We have listed some tried-and-tested belly oils that you may pick from.

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13 Best Pregnancy Belly Oils

1. Best For Safety: The Moms Co. Natural Stretch Oil

The Natural Stretch Oil is suitable for moms-to-be who struggle with itchy and dry skin during pregnancy. It is a plant-based oil made by combining seven oils, including olive, jojoba, coconut, sea buckthorn, almond, rosehip, and wheat germ. This formulation provides deep nourishment to the skin that faces any discomfort due to stretching. It helps prevent further damage to the skin owing to the presence of skin-loving ingredients like vitamins E and C. It is made free from sulfates, toxins, parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, and other harmful chemicals, making it suitable for sensitive skin. It is best used after a bath to restore moisture and in the mornings or at noon. The Moms Co. Natural Stretch Oil can also be used to massage the skin to potentially help avoid tearing during childbirth.

Color: White | Material: Pumice Stone


  • Reduces redness
  • Improves skin elasticity and boosts collagen production
  • Safe to use on hips and breasts
  • Mineral-oil-free
  • Australia-certified toxin-free
  • Cruelty-free product


  • Some may dislike the smell
  • Some may find it sticky
protip_icon Did You Know?
Sea-buckthorn oil helps moisturize and soften the skin while improving elasticity and reducing inflammation (2).

2. Best Lightweight Oil: Earth Mama Belly Oil Light Herbal Oil

Earth Mama Belly Oil Light Herbal Oil Image: Earth Mama Organics

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 4,295 customers on Amazon have opined that this is one of the best products in its category.

Incorporate the herb-infused Belly Oil by Earth Mama into your skincare routine to promote the natural elasticity of the skin and mask the appearance of stretch marks. It is formulated with oils like grape seed, orange, jojoba, neroli, and chamomile extracts and contains no mineral oils, parabens, or petroleum. It is also free of artificial fragrance, which can be aggravating during pregnancy, and its natural, pleasant scent is easy on the senses. The stretch mark product is lightweight and easily absorbs into the skin. For visible results, gently follow the belly massage therapy after a hot bath.

Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 inches | Weight: 4 Ounces


  • Certified organic
  • Ideal for dry and itchy skin
  • Non-greasy
  • Vegan and cruelty-free formula


  • Quantity may not be sufficient
  • Some people may experience breakouts

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I started applying this oil early in my pregnancy and have been free of stretch marks so far. While its absorption could be better, it's lightweight, and a little goes a long way. Considering its benefits, despite the minor hiccup, it has proved beneficial to me, and I am going to continue using it throughout my pregnancy."

3. Best Allergy-Tested: Belli Elasticity Belly Oil


The Belli Elasticity Belly Oil is a luxurious formulation composed of pure plant extracts such as almond and lavender oils, Gotu Kola, grape seed, cocoa butter, and vitamin E. This natural product is safe for pregnant women as it contains no preservatives, artificial fragrances, and dyes. The brand especially conducts screening tests to filter out synthetic or natural ingredients that might be harmful and cause congenital disabilities to the mother-to-be. This skincare product has a slight but natural lavender scent and helps smoothen the skin. The stretch mark prevention oil is allergy-tested, making it entirely safe for those with allergies or sensitive skin. You can use this oil on the hips, buttocks, and breasts throughout your pregnancy, as it helps moisturize and nourish the skin affected by stretch marks. This video covering a tester’s experience will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

Number of Items: 1 | Item Weight: ‎3.84 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎8 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches.


  • Anti-scar properties
  • Reduces drying and itching
  • Promotes production of collagen
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Non-sticky and easy to apply
  • Free of parabens and phthalates
  • Gluten-free


  • Some may dislike the smell
  • Some may find the dispenser inconvenient to use

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This oil has been my loyal friend during my two pregnancies. No stretch marks, and it hydrates my skin nicely while easing the uncomfortable "tight" feeling. Nice aroma too. Though the pump was faulty on one occasion, it didn't affect the functionality of the oil. Highly recommend it!"

protip_icon Quick fact
Lavender oil is said to have many therapeutic properties, such as antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin (3).
The Moms Co. Natural Stretch Oil
Best For Safety
Earth Mama Belly Oil Light Herbal Oil
Best Lightweight Oil
Belli Elasticity Belly Oil
Best Allergy-Tested
Color White--
Material Pumice Stone--
Dimensions- 5 x 5 x 5 inches ‎8 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches.
Weight- 4 Ounces-
Number of Items-- 1
Weight-- ‎3.84 ounces

4. Best Cruelty-Free: Provence Beauty Belly Oil


Provence Beauty’s Belly Oil is formulated with oils rich in nutrients to help nourish and hydrate stretched-out skin to keep it healthy. With nourishing ingredients like ylang-ylang, sweet almond, lavender, and argan, these powerful ingredients work together to brighten, soothe and soften the skin. As a plus, the Provence Beauty Belly Oil provides anti-aging effects, increases elasticity, and helps skin regeneration. The goodness of vitamin E contains antioxidants that may help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and provide visible results. This supportive belly oil is made without any parabens, alcohol, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals. Due to its natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, it is safe for pregnant women and for those with sensitive skin.

Number of Items: 1


  • Fast-absorbing oil
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Relieves from itching
  • Helps improve uneven skin tone
  • Gluten-free
  • Not tested on animals


  • Results may be slow
  • Some may find it sticky and shiny
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I've used this product throughout my pregnancy and am pleased with the results - zero stretch marks so far! I find the scent a bit strong, but soothing nonetheless. The oil absorbs nicely and leaves a refreshing glow."

5. Best Nutrient-Rich: Hatch Mama Belly Oil

Hatch Mama Belly Oil Image: Hatch

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

About 384 reviewers on Amazon have given their seal of approval to the product.

The Hatch Mama Belly Oil supports stretching skin during pregnancy with a nutrient-rich formula that provides intense hydration, moisture, and nourishment. The fragrance-free product is formulated with a blend of oils like sweet almond, sunflower seed, jojoba, grapefruit, rosehip, argan, and olive. Extracts of radish seed, calendula, and rosemary leaf are also present, which help in cell regeneration and promote skin elasticity. The plant-based and vegan ingredients are gentle on the skin, making them safe and suitable for pregnant women. The tried-and-tested stretch mark product is also gluten-free, allergy- and dermatologist-tested, and without parabens, artificial dyes, or fragrances.


  • Quick-dry formula
  • Soothes itching skin
  • Keeps the skin hydrated
  • Antioxidant-rich formula
  • Pleasant citrusy smell


  • Some may find it stickier than expected
  • Dropper may be flimsy

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I use this oil to fend off stretch marks. It feels nice, absorbs well, and moisturizes the belly without feeling oily. It is fragrance-free which is a blessing for those sensitive to smells during pregnancy. Packed with nourishing vitamins and antioxidants, I'd recommend this product for its nourishing capability."

protip_icon Did You Know?
A comparative study involving sunflower oil revealed that sunflower oil preserved the integrity of the skin and improved hydration (4).

6. Best For Skin Repair: Avishi Organics Intensive Stretch Mark Oil


The intensive stretch mark oil by Avishi Organics is a powerful blend of ten medicinal plants and is packed with skin-repairing nutrients. Its bio-compatible key ingredients include clinically proven Gotu Kola, aloe, tamanu, sea buckthorn, borage, rosehip, lavender, macadamia, and helichrysum. These oils and extracts contain antioxidants and vitamins that reduce the appearance of belly stretch marks and make the skin soft and supple. They increase the elasticity of the skin in areas like the belly, breasts, and hips, that are prone to stretching during pregnancy. Its fragrance is mild and has aromatherapeutic advantages. The tried-and-tested ingredients of this stretch mark product help you maintain a healthy pregnancy and care for your skin without any hassle.


  • Breastfeeding-safe ingredients
  • Non-greasy
  • Quick-absorbing
  • Paraben-free formula
  • No animal testing


  • Some may find the stopper difficult to use
  • Quantity may not be sufficient for some
Our Reviewer's Experience

"Having used this organic stretch mark oil since my early pregnancy days, I can vouch for its effectiveness. With no harsh chemicals, I can safely rub it on my skin, and the light texture is pleasing. I appreciate the all-natural scent and the non-greasy formula, and I plan to keep using postpartum."

7. Best For Skin Renewal: Mambino Organics Oh Baby! Anti-Stretch Body Oil

Mambino Organics Oh Baby! Anti-Stretch Body Oil Image: Mambino Organics

Oh Baby! Anti-Stretch Body Oil by Mambino Organics is formulated with organic oils like tamanu, shea butter, rosehip, olive, and jojoba, which help renew skin tone, improve elasticity, and seal in moisture to prevent drying. The oil helps calm the itchiness by providing ample hydration to the skin, making it best suited for rough and dry skin types. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles, and fine lines. Made with no parabens, synthetics, or fragrances, the tummy care oil for pregnancy is safe to use for all skin types, including sensitive skin. You can use this massage oil on your belly, hips, and breasts throughout pregnancy and even after childbirth. Reviews suggest that continued application of this anti-stretch mark solution ensures that your skin remains firm and elastic.

Number of Items: 1 | Product Dimensions: 1.94 x 1.94 x 5.75 inches | Weight: 4 Ounces


  • May fade existing scars
  • Promotes skin healing
  • Enhances skin firmness
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • USDA organic-certified
  • Vegan and cruelty-free product


  • Some may find it less hydrating
  • Scent may be overpowering for some
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I used this product from my fourth month to my seventh month of pregnancy. Its moisturizing effect surpassed other lotions. I enjoyed its scent, although depending on your morning sickness, it might differ. It also helped soothe itchiness effectively. While the pump can be a bit messy, it's not a deal-breaker for me."

8. Best For All Skin Types: Badger Organic Belly Oil

Badger Organic Belly Oil Image: Badger

The organic belly oil can be your go-to option if you are planning to pamper yourself. The stretch mark product is lightly fragranced with a vanilla scent, along with organic plant extracts and a rich essential oil blend to relieve stretch marks during pregnancy. The ingredients used in this massage oil, right from jojoba to coconut oil, are not only organic and vegan but are also certified organic by the USDA, making it the gold standard for personal care ingredients. Moreover, this gentle belly care product for expectant mothers does not contain artificial fragrances, parabens, or dyes and is suitable for all skin types.

Number of Items: 1 | Product Dimensions: 1.9 x 1.9 x 6.25 inches | Weight: 7.76 Ounces


  • Gentle and nourishing formula
  • Hypoallergenic and safe to use on sensitive skin
  • Helps to relieve dry and tight belly skin
  • Quickly absorbs into the skin
  • Not tested on animals; suitable option for vegans
  • Gluten-free
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Some may find the smell overpowering
  • Spray dispenser may not be convenient to use
Our Reviewer's Experience

"Using the belly oil has been a comforting experience for me. I enjoy the light, natural scent and it leaves my skin glowing. It's been my favorite tummy moisturizer during my pregnancy, as it has a non-greasy texture that is soothing for my itchy skin. I've even noticed my pregnancy stretch marks appearing less prominent."

9. Best Plant-Based: Green + Lovely Better-Than-Butter Belly Oil

Green + Lovely’s Better-Than-Butter Belly Oil is a cruelty-free, vegan, and natural oil formulated without parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, GMO’s, gluten, dyes, chemical emulsifiers, and synthetics, making it safe for people with sensitive skin and allergies. This stretch mark product contains a rich blend of skin-loving key ingredients like organic olive and coconut oils, sweet almond and sunflower oils, and vitamin E. The professional-grade belly oil is made with plant-based ingredients that effectively moisturize and deeply hydrate the skin without a greasy feeling. It is best applied after a shower to the belly, inner thighs, hips, and breasts to help retain moisture. The fragrance has a hint of lavender, which is blended with pure essential oils and provides calmness to the mind.

Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 6 inches | Weight: 8.8 Ounces


  • Prevents the formation of stretch marks
  • Helps to heal existing scars
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Makes skin healthy, smooth, and soft
  • Mineral-oil free


  • Might require frequent application
  • May stain the clothes
Our Reviewer's Experience

"Using this belly oil during my pregnancy kept my growing belly itch-free and smooth. It is available in multiple soothing scents and even an unscented formula if that is what you prefer, and the comfort and relief it offered made it an essential part of my routine. I recommend this product for its effectiveness in preventing stretch marks."

10. Best Organic: Zoe Organics Belly Oil

Formulated with 100% organic ingredients, Zoe Organics’ Belly Oil is cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. The key ingredients of this oil include sunflower, jojoba, olive, grapeseed, rosehip, and pumpkin seed. They effectively help nourish and moisturize the skin that stretches during pregnancy and soothe inflammation. The lavender, geranium, and ylang-ylang extracts give off a natural, subtle, and calming aroma. Loved for its proven efficacy, this quick-absorbing formula glides on your belly, hips, and breasts to ease any pain or dryness.

Weight : 2 Fl Oz


  • Aids in healthy skin cell regeneration
  • Safe to use postpartum
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, and surfactants
  • Soothes itching skin


  • Some may find the smell overpowering
  • Some may find it slightly oily
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I find the subtle scent of this product appealing as it is not too overpowering. It easily seeps into my skin, leaving it soft. Moreover, it helps in easing the tightness and itchiness associated with a growing belly. Hopefully, it will help prevent stretch marks. It's a quality item that I'll certainly go for again."

11. Best For Nourishment: Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Stretch Oil

Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Stretch Oil Image: Attitude

The Byron Bay Bellies organic belly oil is a plant-based, organic blend of only five oils — jojoba, sweet almond, lavender, argan, and rosehip. It is rich in vitamin E and contains no parabens or mineral oils, making it safe for sensitive skin. Infused with antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help maintain healthy skin cells and rejuvenate the skin, this oil promotes skin elasticity and plumpness. It moisturizes the skin and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. The tried-and-tested oil calms and soothes skin prone to dryness, itchiness, and inflammation.

Number of Items: 1 | Product Dimensions: 1.97 x 2.76 x 6.3 inches | Weight: 5.29 Ounces.


  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Contains plant- and mineral-based ingredients
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Prevents drying
  • Vegan and cruelty-free product


  • Some may find the smell overpowering
  • Some may find it less effective on itching skin
Our Reviewer's Experience

"In my experience, this product has been a reliable choice. This oil has a pleasant, light scent and feels like a comforting balm on my growing belly. Although I have some stretch marks from previous pregnancies, I’ve noticed no new ones. It is free from harsh chemicals, and though it can stain clothes if not left to dry, it's okay with me."

12. Best Non-Greasy: Element Mom Belly Fabulous Oil

Element Mom Belly Fabulous Oil Image: Element

Minimize the appearance of stretch marks with the Element Mom Belly fabulous oil. It has an ultra-light formula that ensures quick absorption. This skin care product is formulated with the goodness of jojoba oil, camellia japonica, and green tea to nourish your skin. Additionally, vitamin E and mango butter revitalize the skin, offering visible results. The non-greasy oil also helps improve the skin’s elasticity and is free of parabens and other nasty chemicals.

Number of Items: 1 | Product Dimensions: 1.73 x 5 x 1.73 inches | Weight: 4.16 Ounces.


  • Toxin-free
  • Vegan-friendly belly oil
  • Balances complexion
  • Reduces sun damage
  • Calms skin irritation
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • May take some time to witness results
  • May not be moisturizing
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I've been using this oil to combat stretch marks and my skin appreciates the extra hydration. It has an appealing scent and surprisingly quick absorption, leaving no oily residue. The feel of the oil is luxurious and calming, and it delivers supple, moist skin. It has become a part of my self-care routine, and I'll continue using it throughout my pregnancy."

13. Best Hypoallergenic: TriLastin Nourishing Body Oil

TriLastin Nourishing Body Oil Image: Trilastin
Now 26% Off
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Suitable for all skin types, the nourishing body oil by TriLastin fades stretch marks, improves the skin’s elasticity, and smooths skin texture. Enriched with sunflower oil, olive oil, and rosehip oil, this stain-free oil keeps the hydrated skin nourished as well. The gentle formula ensures the reduction of the appearance of both new and old stretch marks. You can safely use the professional-grade hydrating skin oil during pregnancy, post-partum, for weight fluctuation, and while bodybuilding. Additionally, the non-greasy formulation of this hypoallergenic oil for pregnancy ensures ease of application.


  • Non-toxic
  • Allergy-tested 
  • Free of parabens
  • Has a pleasant scent of coconut
  • Not tested on animals
  • Lightweight oil
  • Hypoallergenic option


  • May have a thin consistency

How To Choose The Right Pregnancy Belly Oil?

Here are a few factors you should bear in mind when choosing belly oils for pregnancy.

  1. Ingredients: Stretch marks are caused by stretched skin on pregnant bellies, hips, breasts, thighs, and buttocks, making them prone to dryness, itching, and inflammation. Oils formulated with hydrating, moisturizing, and clean ingredients like aloe, jojoba, bitter or sweet almond help rejuvenate the skin from within. Additionally, the antioxidants present in vitamins like A and C also help skin cell turnover and replenish dry skin.
  2. Safety: Pregnancy is a time when the body and mind of the mother are vulnerable, so the belly oils we choose must be formulated without the use of any harsh chemicals. One must make sure to look for oils that are free from parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, SLS, GMOs, synthetics, artificial fragrances, and dyes. These ingredients can be harmful for both the mother-to-be and the child, and you must make sure to read the packaging and ingredient list thoroughly before making the purchase. They must also be tested for allergies to make them suited for people with skin conditions like eczema.
  3. Fragrance: During pregnancy, some women cannot stand overpowering, strong scents as it can make them nauseous. Since belly oils usually contain a blend of different oils and flower extracts, they can contain a small amount of natural fragrances. If you are extremely sensitive to smells, seek out products labeled as ‘fragrance-free’ on the packaging. Some oils have light scents with therapeutic benefits that can calm the mind and help manage the mood swings that pregnant women go through.

Dr. Dmitriy Schwarzburg, a renowned New York-based dermatologist and owner of Skinly Aesthetics, says, “If you have sensitive skin or are acne prone, always start with a patch test to confirm that you don’t experience any breakouts after using a new product. Also, remember that during pregnancy, you may develop dry skin and stretch marks in more than just your belly and breast region due to weight gain. You may choose a natural and chemical-free oil to pamper yourself.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are belly creams and oils good for stretch marks?

Creams and oils can reduce the appearance of the stretch mark. Be aware that stretch marks are permanent, and topical application of these formulas can only reduce the appearance of the stretch marks and not eliminate them (1).

2. Is olive oil better than coconut oil for stretch marks?

Both oils can help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Coconut oil has excellent moisturizing properties and can keep the skin soft. Olive oil, on the other hand, is rich in antioxidants and has skin-regenerating benefits.

3. What is the fastest way to get rid of stretch marks?

You cannot eliminate stretch marks completely. However, you can camouflage them by treating the early stretch marks. Dermatologists and health professionals usually prescribe medicines that include hyaluronic acid and tretinoin as they make early stretch marks less noticeable (1).

4. Is vitamin E oil good for stretch marks?

Vitamin E oil is rich in antioxidants and has skin regenerating benefits. The topical application of this oil can minimize the appearance of stretch marks. However, vitamin E is not helpful in preventing the formation of stretch marks (1).

The Bottom Line

The expanding belly and weight gain during pregnancy and the weight loss thereafter can leave stretch marks on your body. So it is essential for pregnancy belly care. While you can’t avoid these stretch marks, you can manage them using belly oils. When choosing belly oils for stretch mark removal, settle for one that absorbs quickly into the skin, increases skin elasticity, boosts skin regeneration, and is fragrance-free and non-greasy, like the Earth Mama Belly Oil Light Herbal Oil. if your skin dries quickly. Further, make it a point to go through the ingredient list of the products and choose oils like the Badger Organic Belly Oil, made of natural ingredients, or ones that are hypoallergenic and have hydrating and moisturizing properties, and avoid those with artificial dyes and harmful chemicals.

Infographic: How To Choose The Right Oil For Stretch Marks?

Anti-stretch mark oils are natural alternatives to conventional stretch mark treatments. They are used during pregnancy to improve the skin’s elasticity. However, selecting the right belly oil is crucial to prevent skin irritation. Check out the following infographic to learn how to pick the most suitable belly oil.

Tips For Selecting The Right Belly Oil For Stretch Marks (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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MomJunction's articles are written after analyzing the research works of expert authors and institutions. Our references consist of resources established by authorities in their respective fields. You can learn more about the authenticity of the information we present in our editorial policy.
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  3. Effect of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Essential Oil on Acute Inflammatory Response
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