3 Best Online Inspirational Stories For Kids

Motivational And inspirational stories for kids With Pictures

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One of the major influences for a kid is the stories that he or she hears as a child. Some stories might have a strong impact on your child and she might carry the moral of the story for the rest of her life.

So I am sure, you would want to recite some of the best inspirational and motivational stories for kids. As parents, you are the one who will lay the foundation of learning and development in your child.

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3 Best And Short Inspirational Stories For Kids:

Let’s now talk about three short stories that are loved by the kids as it inspires them hugely and will make bedtime more intriguing for your little one.

1. Dream, Dream And Dream:

Best Online Inspirational Stories For Kids

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This heart touching inspirational story for children that helps them to work with determination. Once there was a little girl named Lilly, who was shy at school as she used to be ridiculed by her fellow mates for nursing the desire of being a football player. However, she was determined and wanted to prove to her friends that she could be a football player.

  • Lily thus attended school during the day. At night, after finishing her homework, she practiced football in her home.
  • Her mother understood her desire and supported her by installing additional lights in the garden where she could practice football.
  • The next day, an inter-school football competition was announced. Lilly naturally decided to take part in the selection process.
  • Her friends mocked her again when she participated in the selection process and was shocked to see her perform and play brilliantly.
  • The judges were impressed with her performance and selected her for the team to represent the school. Her critical friends were silenced by her performance.

Moral: Nothing is impossible. Your child should know that with determination and focus, you can achieve any dream of yours.

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2. You Are As Brave As You Think:

Best Online Inspirational Stories For Kids

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Another best and short inspirational story for kids. Once there was a Mahout who had five elephants that he used to train for shows in a circus. He would tie them with a single light rope.

  • Since the elephants were huge in size it appeared that the elephants could break them anytime and run as they were very strong.
  • So one day a man who happened to notice that the rope was not strong enough to hold the 5 elephants asked the Mahout why the elephants were not trying to escape.
  • The Mahout replied that the elephants were conditioned to believe that they are weak and that they can break the rope and run so they never tried.

Moral: Do not limit yourself and belief in yourself. You must tell your children that if they think they are strong and brave then that is enough to face any difficult situation.

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3. Are You A Potato, An Egg Or Some Coffee Beans?

Best Online Inspirational Stories For Kids

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One of the best short inspirational stories for kids to impart moral values in life. One day a boy named John was sitting on the stairs of his house and crying. His father asked him what was wrong. John replied in a very sad tone he was always stuck in problems.

  • Listening to John’s woes, his father got a bowl and placed a potato, an egg and some coffee beans in it. He asked John to touch each of them and say what he felt about them.
  • John touched each of the things with his hands. He then told his father that the potato was hard, the egg seemed to be liquid and moving on the inside and the coffee beans were all separate and too many.
  • The father smiled and then he poured some water in three separate bowls with a potato, an egg and the coffee beans in each one of them.
  • He then placed the bowls over the fire so that the water could boil. After some time, he removed the bowls and after they were cold.
  • Now, he asked John to touch each bowl and then say what he observed.
  • John replied that the potato had turned soft and could be peeled easily, the egg had hardened and the coffee beans had produced aromatic coffee.
  • Listening to John’s observations, his father smiled and replied, the potato chose to become soft and fragile, the egg became strong and the coffee beans took a new form altogether, when were faced with the testing time with boiling water.

Moral: Everyone has problems, but it is the choice of an individual on how he or she reacts or handles them. Your child should know that he or she can either be weak or stand strong or can give your life a new meaning and shape all together.

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There you go, a nice way to impart morals in impressionable minds. Hope, you had a great time reading these short inspirational stories for children with moral, so read them out to your kid and watch them smile and get inspired.

Do share your experience of storytelling with other readers and tell us which inspirational story for kids has inspired you below!

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