11 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers In 2021

11 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers In 2021

Finalizing premium-quality furniture items for your sweet abode is a time-consuming and exhaustive process. Once you have bought all the items of your choice, keeping them protected against harmful elements becomes even more important. Protecting outdoor furniture items in your garden and patio is crucial as they are more prone to harmful elements, such as snow, rain, condensation, discoloration, and dust.

An outdoor cover is an easy-to-use and compatible waterproof product that can conveniently protect versatile furniture items. Scroll down to know more about the best outdoor furniture covers to keep your furnishings pristine.

11 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

1. Vailge Patio Chair Covers

The Vailge patio chair cover is a stylish two-tone durable cover equipped with a brown bottom and sand-colored top. Available in three sizes to suit your needs, the cover’s fabric is made up of 600D polyester oxford. Enhanced with UV protection and waterproof coating, the sides of these waterproof outdoor furniture covers feature vents to allow moisture to escape easily.


2. King Do Way Patio Furniture Covers

The patio furniture cover from King Do Way is made up of premium-quality 600D oxford fabric. It is a durable product equipped with windproof elastic straps and a buckle. The large size waterproof cover provides a wide range of protection to your furniture. It is tear-resistant and windproof, featuring a UV-protected inner lining. A zippered storage bag comes with the product for convenient storage.


3. Amazon Basics Deep Lounge Sofa Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

The three-seater outdoor sofa cover is designed to protect against harmful outdoor elements. Made up of all-natural woven polyester fabric, the cover is equipped with a laminated undercoating to protect from rainwater. Click-close straps keep the cover in place, and the interlocking seams add to its stability. The cover provides ample protection against elements, such as sun, wind, snow, and rain.


4. Modern Leisure Heavy Duty Patio Loveseat Cover

The Modern Leisure heavy-duty patio loveseat cover is a custom design fit product equipped with tie closures to protect different loveseats. Super easy to clean and manage, the cover is made up of water-resistant and long-lasting polyester material. The durable cover protects against harmful UV rays and other environmental elements, such as dust, snow, and rain.


5. Ultcover Waterproof Patio Lounge Chair Cover

The lounge chair cover from Ultcover is a 600D polyester canvas fabric material equipped with waterproof backing. Durable and tough built, the cover protects against rain, snow, dust, and leaves. This breathable cover features heavy-duty elastic drawcords and seam tapes for enhanced reliability. The product comes with a three-year warranty period.


6. NasumPatio Furniture Cover

The 600D high-density nylon oxford built furniture cover is tear-resistant, long-lasting, and offers enhanced protection against uncertain weather elements. Equipped with a drawstring and four buckles, the seat cover stays stable and intact. Easy to clean, the cover is resistant to water, dust, and wind. A branded zippered bag comes along with the cover for easy transport. The user-friendly patio cover is durable.


7. Cosfly Patio Furniture Covers

The patio furniture cover from Cosfly is a premium-quality outdoor cover that protects your furniture from elements, such as wind, rain, snow, debris, and condensation. Built using 600D polyester oxford fabric and equipped with UV stability coating, the cover protects against harmful UV rays. The water-resistant and tear-resistant durable cover features two adjustable toggle drawstring hems and four buckle straps. There are four padded handles to make fitting and removal easy.


8. Tempera Round Patio Furniture Cover

The Tempera round patio furniture cover is a high-grade solution-dyed polyester fabric cover enhanced with UV stability. Apt for standard size round patio tables, the waterproof cover is PU coated and can easily withstand environmental elements. This round outdoor furniture cover also features two padded handles and air vents for easy fitting and reduced inside condensation. The elastic hem cord provides it with a custom fit, and the click-close straps enhance its stability. This durable cover comes with a one-year warranty period.


9. Patio Watcher Medium Outdoor Loveseat Bench Cover

The loveseat bench cover is made up of 100% woven polyester fabric enhanced with a water repellent durable coating apt for outdoor furniture. It features four strap buckles over its legs to provide stability even on windy days. Easy to use and fit, the versatile design fabric is compatible with different furniture items. Padded handles of the cover make the removal process smooth.


10. YoungBee Patio Furniture Set Covers

The high-performance patio covers from YoungBee are made up of 420D yarn-dyed oxford that provides resistance against tearing, water, crackling, and fading. This waterproof material can easily bear water pressure up to 15000pa and features PVC lining and double stitched rot-resistant seams. Equipped with four buckle straps and a drawcord locking system, the covers offer a tight fit and a custom look. Available in 12 sizes, you can use this easy-to-clean cover for several furnishings.


11. ClawsCover L-Shaped Sectional Sofa Covers

The L-shaped sectional sofa cover is made of 420D oxford woven polyester fabric and a layer of PVC waterproof coating. This unique design cover features waterproof strips that seal the fabric and provide enhanced protection. Resistance against heavy winds and tearing, the sofa cover features six adjustable windproof straps and two vents for free airflow. It is easy to install, remove and quick to clean.


How To Choose The Right Outdoor Furniture Cover?

Here’s a list of the key features you should keep in mind when shopping for outdoor furniture covers.

1. Weather: All furniture covers might not work throughout the year; thus, it becomes essential to look for a cover that goes well with the season. A winter cover for your patio furniture will not be apt in the summer and vice-versa.

2. Waterproof: Look for waterproof furniture covers for your patio or garden. Such fabrics ensure protection against heavy rains and do not let mold or mildew grow over time.

3. Vents: Buy outdoor covers that feature vents for enhanced air circulation and ventilation. They also protect against mold and bad smell.

4. Fabric: Patio covers are available in different fabrics and materials in the market, such as polyester, nylon, and vinyl. Polyester fabric is more durable and provides resistance against water and wind.

5. Breathable: Buy lightweight and breathable covers instead of heavy-duty material. Such covers efficiently keep off the dust and dirt and are easier to maintain.

Outdoor furniture covers ensure your valuable furnishings remain intact and last longer. All the covers listed in this article are worth investing in and serve your needs. Buy any one of these best outdoor furniture covers and extend the life of your patio’s furniture.

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