11 Best Outdoor Misting Fans In 2022


When the heat gets to you, a misting fan can offer great relief. The best outdoor misting fans are similar to regular fans, but they are designed to run at low voltage and provide effective cooling.

These fans come with a powerful mist spray that cools the space and reduces high temperatures. They are similar to a jet spray coupled to a fan that uses water to lower temperatures. They use the process of evaporation and condensation—when the temperature rises, the fan distributes mist into the heated atmosphere, which evaporates and cools the area.

In this post, we have listed some amazing misting fans. Read on to know about their features and bring home one.

Types Of Misting Fans

Here are the different types of misting fans that you need to know about:

  • Misting Kits

Misting kits contain hoses and nozzles that can get attached to the regular fan and keep the space cool.

  • Compact Mist Fans

These are small-sized misting fans that can be kept anywhere. Such fans are usually light in weight and are easily portable. You can carry them and connect to a garden hose to enjoy a misty cool day. These fans are usually powered by batteries or electrical outlets.

  • Wall Mounted Mist Fans

Wall mounted mist fans are mounted on the wall and offer multiple benefits. These fans are attached to the wall and help prevent any kind of injury. Such fans store less water, but surely avoid taking any floor space.

  • Floor Standing Mist Fans

Floor standing mist fans aka pedestal misting fans rest on an extended pole standing on a solid base. These fans are easy to move around and function really long. You just need to connect them to a hose connection and plug it in an electrical outlet. Such fans can be adjusted and can oscillate to cool the entire space.

What Precautions Should I Take When Using A Misting Fan?

Misting fans should be kept away from any electrical devices. Electrical wires and other devices can lead to short circuits or any other electrical mishappening. Also, the misting fan wire should be carefully laid so that it doesn’t become a trap for anyone.

We have brought to you some of the best outdoor misting fans here. These are exclusive and can make your outdoor area stay simple, relaxed, and cool. The list has all types of misting fans. Have a look!

11 Best Outdoor Misting Fans

1. Best Adjustable Speeds:Handfan Handheld Misting Fan

Handfan Handheld Misting Fan

This is a handheld misting fan from the Handfan Store. It measures 9.84 x 4.49 inches and is uniquely designed with a 55 ml large water tank. The fan is powered by a 2000 maH battery and can work for around nine hours. The fan can spray actively for around 40 minutes when the tank is completely filled. With merely holding the power button for a few seconds, you can activate or inactivate the mist mode. You can use the fan to keep your face moist in hotter areas. It is of small size and can be folded and kept in your bag.


  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Ergonomic handle for easy grip
  • Has three adjustable speeds to generate strong wind
  • Can be used on a desk and as a hanging fan


  • Mist may not be sufficient for humid climates
  • Stand may not be sturdy

2. Best Portable:Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

When looking for a perfect patio or camping misting fan, this is the best one. It is compact and can be used to cool large outdoors. Since this misting fan is rust-resistant, it can be kept freely anywhere without the fear of rust. With this fan you can easily keep your outdoors cool and beat the heat. Made of plastic, this mist fan is light and easily portable. Whether you wish to use it at picnics, decks, events or gardens, this misting fan serves you really well. This video takes you through this product’s details.


  • In-line GFCI cord for safe use
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Has three refreshing speeds for customized comfort
  • Has automatic louvers for wide sweep
  • 90-degree pivot function for direct mist flow
  • Has a blue plug to cut off electric current


  • May require more water for usage
  • Mist may cover only a small area

3. Best With ABS Plastic:Geek Aire Outdoor Misting Fan

Geek Aire Outdoor Misting Fan

When looking for a power packed misting fan that can keep you and your pets happy, this is the best outdoor misting fan. The fan is cordless and can be carried anywhere without any hassle. Since it can be easily charged, the fan is highly preferred. Made of ABS plastic, this fan is rustproof, weighs 7.1 lbs in weight, and works at 24v DC much lower than usual voltage. This misting fan sprays mist to 11.5 feet and helps you enjoy a cooling sensation for up to three to 24 hours with a fully charged battery. It effectively sprays cooling mist with the presence of three nozzles. For a more detailed review of this product, here’s a video.


  • 15000maH detachable battery for enhanced performance
  • Delivers 1500 CFM powerful airflow
  • Compact size for on-the-go usage
  • Water- and UV-resistant


  • Battery cover may come off easily
  • May wobble a little

4. Best Dual-Purpose:Ryobi Misting Fan

Ryobi Misting Fan

The portable cordless misting fan by Ryobi works on a powerful battery and provides 28X faster cooling. It has a dual-purpose foot design that allows you to lay the fan on a flat surface to be connected to a hose or place it on a bucket. You can adjust the pump speed that offers noiseless performance. The two brass nozzles help in releasing the mist for powerful cooling. You can use this as a normal fan or as a mist fan. Know more about this product in this video.


  • Pivoting head for optimal angle
  • Two adjustable speed and mist settings
  • Five-ampere battery works up to 3.5 hours
  • Cordless design for easy portability


  • May not suit humid environments
  • May require a garden hose for sourcing water

5. Best Lightweight:O2cool Fml0001 Elite Misting Fan

O2cool Fml0001 Elite Misting Fan

O2cool Elite misting fan is apt for cooling your face. The fan is powered by two AA batteries, has small and flexible blades that do not make any sound and are really light weight. The fan is handheld and can be easily carried anywhere. It is made of plastic and comes in a variety of colors. If you are someone who likes to keep skin soft and moist, choose this fan and keep yourself well aerated.


  • Ergonomic mist trigger
  • Powerful speed
  • Finger-safe blades
  • Can be filled with ice


  • May be prone to rusting
  • May leak occasionally

6. Best Easy-To-Assemble:Newair Af-600 Outdoor Misting Fan

Newair Af-600 Outdoor Misting Fan

This easy-to-assemble outdoor misting fan is the ideal choice. It is an 18 inch powerful dry misting fan that gives cooling coverage up to 600 square feet. The fan has a wide-angle oscillation and an attractive design. Suitable for backyards, parks, patio or outdoor spaces, this fan saves energy and helps in climate control.


  • Comes with three fan speeds and wide oscillation
  • Visually appealing bronzed fan blades
  • Adjustable height for comfort
  • Compatible with a standard 0.75-inch garden hose


  • May be a bit noisy
  • Some may find the misting heavy

7. Best Detachable Battery:Koonie Battery-Operated Misting Fan

Koonie Battery-Operated Misting Fan

While you can expect your AC to work its magic at home in summer, what about when you step out? That is when this feature-rich misting fan can be immensely useful. Featuring a 200 ml tank, this misting fan works for up to two hours. And, the 10000mAh detachable battery allows you to use the fan anywhere between six and 48 hours. Besides, it comes with a clip, which means you can attach it to your desk, an umbrella pole at the beach, and several other places.


  • Two mist modes-continuous and intermittent
  • Features a sturdy two-inch clamp for secure grip
  • Three speed adjustable airflows
  • Designed to function quitely
  • Offers good coverage for outdoor spaces


  • May require frequent refilling
  • Low air setting may be weak

8. Best Easy To Install:Frigidaire Outdoor Misting Fan

Frigidaire Outdoor Misting Fan

This is a high quality pedestal fan that does a great job as an outdoor misting fan. It measures 11.3 x 19 x 54 inches and can cool space up to 500 sq ft with its powerful oscillation. To use it like a mist fan, use it with a garden hose. The fan is very easy to install and has push button controls to choose the setting as per your choice. With the integrated GFCI plug, this misting fan is absolutely safe to use.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Connects directly to garden hose for refill
  • Has three speeds and works on 2,400 CFMs of power
  • Suitable for hot and arid climates


  • Misting may be heavy
  • Plastic hose attachment may be flimsy

9. Best Battery:Taipow Outdoor Misting Fan

Taipow Outdoor Misting Fan

With amazing features and multi functions, this fan is one of the best outdoor mist fans. It is powered by a 7200 mAh battery and has a brushless DC motor that makes no sound and gives you wind at three speeds. It comes along with a high volume humidifier that not just allows cool air flow but also gives a clean, comfortable feel. With a large capacity of 285ml, this mist fan can work all night long. The height can be easily adjusted within 30-90cms in range and can also be used as a standing floor fan or desk fan. It can also be used as a nightlight, humidifier and liquid diffuser. Since it comes along with a battery, you can easily charge the fan and use it at outdoor locations. The remote control makes the use easy and comfortable.


  • Adjustable height
  • Has a lightweight build of two pounds
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Front cover can be disassembled for cleaning
  • Can be charged with power banks


  • May not indicate low battery life
  • Some may find the mist to be mild

10. Best Easy-To-Use:Alpharan Handheld Misting Fan

Alpharan Handheld Misting Fan

This portable misting fan has a 20 ml water tank and can function for around two hours with a full tank of water. It runs on five volts of electricity and helps keep your face moist in those hot days when you just can’t relax. It can be of great help to cool your desk area. With just a double click, it activates, and you can feel the cool wind. The fan is really easy-to-use and can serve as a wonderful present for kids and friends.


  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Lightweight
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Can be charged with a computer


  • May require keeping the fan close

11. Best Aluminum Blades:Mistcooling Mist Fan

Mistcooling Mist Fan

This mist fan kit comes with a high velocity fan that is great for outdoor locations. The fan is great at lowering temperatures up to 25 degree. It is black in color, measures 18 inches and made with premium-quality stainless steel and nickel plated finish misting nozzles, along with a five micron filter. This hose is used for generating water as mist. You can use it to cool your backyard, patio or lawn. The fan design is quite intriguing and makes your surroundings beautiful.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Has industrial-grade aluminum blades
  • Works at the water pressure of 40-100PSI
  • Fan speed adjustable to three levels
  • Made with in-line water filter and stainless steel misting nozzles


  • May need to be professionally installed

These are some of the best options of misting fans. Given below are certain points that clear the confusion and help you buy the right outdoor misting fan for you.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Misting Fans?

Keep the following points in mind before choosing a misting fan-

  • In case you are choosing a standalone misting fan, it must be large enough to keep the entire area covered. Also, it should be adjustable in height.
  • When looking for a fan that can fit your desk area or any area, make sure the fan is light and compact. It should be light in weight so that you can carry it easily.
  • A misting fan should come with a large water tank so that there is no refill needed.
  • Always look for fans that are UV resistant and do not rust. This helps you install your fan safely at outdoor locations without any fear of rusting or damage.
  • A good mist fan uses low voltage.
  • Fans that can operate on batteries should be highly preferred.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah writes well-researched articles on electronics, automobiles, and books. With his deep knowledge of these topics, he has prepared a list of the best outdoor misting fans to help you enjoy cool surroundings during hot summers. You may read the post to understand more about the special features of the different fans mentioned in the list. In addition, you may also find a buying guide to help you select the right product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are misting fans useful in areas with a high humidity level?

Yes, misting fans are useful in areas with a high humidity level.

2. What to do if the nozzles of my misting fan become clogged?

When the nozzles are clogged, remove the clogged nozzles and soak them in a solution. Solutions like white vinegar that can dissolve cloggings by hard water are used here. Soak it for 2-3 minutes and then reinstall nozzles back.

3. Are filters necessary to use with misting fans?

No, filters are not necessary to use with misting fans but it is always better to install filters with misting fans. These prevent any type of impurities from reaching you.

4. Which is better: an air cooler or a mist fan?

Air coolers or mist fans, the best option for any space depends on the area, budget, and your needs. Air coolers provide better cooling for large spaces but need frequent cleaning and maintenance to keep them hygienic. They also need more water than mist fans but are less expensive.

Mist fans, on other hand, don’t require frequent cleaning to avoid bad odors. They also keep flies and insects away from the fan. Mist fans are easy to move, less bulky than air coolers, and are ideal to add humidity to the space.

5. Can a mist fan work without water?

Yes, mist fans can work without water, but they do not provide the same cooling effect as they do with water.

6. How much water does a mist fan use per hour?

The water usage of a mist fan depends on factors like the type of water pressure system, the number of nozzles, types of nozzles, and frequency of use.

7. How do I clean an outdoor misting fan?

Wipe and clean the grill with a soft cloth and use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the fan blades and other hard-to-reach areas. You can use a mild soap solution and scrub the water tank once in a while to keep it clean.

Whether you are trying to relax outdoors or indoors, the scorching summer heat will get to you unless you have the best missing fans for company. Although these fans function just like traditional fans, they use water to cool you down and reduce the temperature of your environment. They let you enjoy the summers in your backyard without feeling too sweaty or unpleasant. The options listed here are lightweight, ergonomic, easy to operate, and speed-adjustable, and you could carry the more compact ones with you anywhere you go.

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