10 Best Outdoor String Lights To Make Any Space Vibrant In 2022


The best outdoor string lights are those that can transform your garden, balcony, or patio into a vibrant environment. That’s what good lights do; they illuminate any space and add color and energy to any occasion, be it a birthday party, festival, anniversary, wedding, or a simple family gathering.

We bring a good collection of versatile string lights with bulbs that can be placed on a line or a string. These lights on our list are available in multiple lengths, shapes, and colors. Also, the products offer flexibility with power sources since they work with batteries, electricity, and even solar energy. So, go ahead and choose the lights that you fancy.

Our Top Picks

10 Best Outdoor String Lights

1. Best Easy-To-Install: BrighTown 100 Foot Outdoor String Lights

 This 100 ft string of lights by BrighTown consists of 104 clear Edison G40 bulbs. The bulbs are dimmable, with each consuming 5 W of power. This set of string lights has a tail with a connector and is best suited for outdoor purposes. To ensure durability, the company has designed its string light with weatherproof technology, making it able to withstand extreme climatic changes. Being built in a parallel circuit ensures that one spoilt bulb doesn’t impact the rest of the bulbs in the string. This decorative light is easy to install and is user-friendly. You can use it to light up a Christmas tree or even decorate the outside of your house. It is lightweight, practical, and helps create a warm and romantic atmosphere.


2. Best Waterproof : Brightech Ambience Pro-Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

This 48 ft strand of lights boasts 15 S14 Edison LED bulbs with a soft light capable of transforming your patio into an old-school bistro. These energy-saving bulbs are easy to use and set up as decorative lights at any outdoor spot. Each bulb is rated for 2 W and is dimmable. These light bulbs are heavy-duty and commercial-grade bulbs that can withstand extreme temperatures and weather changes. They are waterproof and are resistant to wind speeds of up to 50 MPH. Brightech prides itself in the durability of its product and offers consumers a warranty of 3 years as an assurance and testimony to the quality of its string light.


3. Best Easy-To-Assemble: Afirst 20 Foot Outdoor String Lights

Made for outdoor use, this 20 ft string light is ideal for celebrations like weddings and anniversaries. It consists of 22 incandescent Edison bulbs that offer a vintage and warm feel.  These lights can be used to light up the outside of your house, backyard, or patio. Each bulb is tested for 48 hours to meet quality check measures. They are IP144 waterproof and are replaceable in case of a fuse. The string light is built with end-to-end connectable plugs with a spare fuse stored in the plug. This set of lights is easy to assemble and store in a box when not in use.


4. Best Energy-Efficient: Brightever Outdoor Solar String Lights

This set of string lights consists of 4 packs that have a total length of 288 ft. These energy-saving string lights come with 4 durable panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity. That is a renewable energy source that will lower your electricity bills and provide you with all the light you will need. On a full charge, they are capable of 10 hours of continuous usage. The string lights have 8-modes of operations, including steady on, waves, combination, sequential, etc. These lights can withstand extreme kinds of weather and will not fall victim to the clutches of summer, monsoon, and winter. If you’re looking for energy-efficient string lights that work like a charm, these will not disappoint.


5. Best Wind-Proof: Amico 48 Foot LED Outdoor String Lights

Amicio’s 48 ft string lights consist of LED Edison bulbs that are dimmable. These vintage bulbs are crafted from thick plastic that makes them shatterproof. The lights are equipped with 4-modes of brightness that range between 25-100% brightness level. To ensure durability, the company has made them windproof, waterproof, snowproof, and sunproof. These warm strings of lights are ideal for decorating your patio, park benches, fences, and trees. The highlight feature of this string light is its remote functionality that operates at a maximum distance of 15 m. The remote controls brightness level, timer, and flash mode. The company slaps a 5-year warranty on its string lights.


6. Best LED Bulbs: YUNLIGHTS Solar String Outdoor Lights

This string of multicolored lights by YUNLIGHTS will transform your dull and gloomy garden, backyard, and patio into a well-lit and vibrant area. The 50 ft string consists of 30 bulbs that have an IP65 waterproof rating. The LED bulbs are built with music sync technology, making the lighting effects sync with the sound of talking, clapping, and stamping. To make this possible, the company uses a highly sensitive built-in microphone. The lights have 38 different modes to switch between, with some of them being strobe, random, twinkle, chaser, and RGB flash. These solar-powered lights can also be charged through the USB port. They are equipped with a 440 mAh battery that lasts for around 8-10 hours. These shatterproof bulbs are easy to install and are user-friendly.


7. Best Decorative: Govee Bluetooth 48 Foot RGBW Outdoor String Lights

One of the most remarkable features of this set of string lights is their smart control ability. The multicolored corded lights offer brightness control, alternating between a lively and romantic atmosphere. The Govee lights have 8 scene modes, with some of them being illumination, gradient, colorful, snowflake, and blink. They can also be controlled via the remote or through Bluetooth on the Govee Home app. Users can customize effects and colors from a wide range of 16 million colors. This set of string lights is equipped with a built-in microphone for any music sync. These lights are suitable for decorating trees, backyards, houses, and even fences for various occasions.


8. Best 8-Unique Lighting: Albet 2-Pack 40 Foot Star String Lights

This pack of star string lights by Albet consists of 2 sets, with each having 200 warm LED bulbs that are super bright. They have 8-unique lighting modes that set the mood and atmosphere to suit the occasion. These lights are energy-efficient since they are powered by solar energy. This makes them a good option when being used regularly. They have a large capacity built-in battery, which is capable of working for 10-12 hours a day on a full charge. Albet has equipped its string lights with IP65 waterproof technology and a built-in memory chip capable of saving your last used settings. These outdoor lights are ideal for decorating a balcony, garden, house, and patio. Last but not least, the start pattern makes them a noteworthy mention on our list of the 10 best outdoor string lights.


9. Best Solar-Powered: SANJICHA Ultra-Long 2-Pack 46 Foot Solar String Lights

Each string of lights in this pack by SANJICGHA is 46 ft long. The warm light emitted from these circular-shaped LED bulbs creates an ambiance for a romantic dinner and a memorable experience. The company equips its lights with a built-in memory chip and 8-different lighting modes. The lights also have an auto-on and off feature, whereby they come on as soon as darkness strikes. The large battery is capable of delivering 10-12 hours of continuous usage on a full charge. Since it is solar-powered, the lights should be in a sunny and not shady area. To ensure durability and resistance to water, the company has designed this set of string lights following IP65 waterproof standards.


10. Best Eco-Friendly: BHCLIGHT Super-Long 105 Foot Solar String Lights

Distinguishing itself from the rest of the outdoor string lights is this set of rice string lights by BHCLIGHT. This 105 ft long string of lights comprises 300 small-sized LED bulbs that offer warm light. Like most other string lights, they also have a memory function and an auto on and off function. They rely upon solar energy and are eco-friendly. The built-in battery of 1850 mAh can be 8-10 hours of continuous light on a full charge. While they are outdoor lights, they can also be used to decorate the balcony and windows. These lights look and make one feel festive. If you find yourself needing to get into the festive mood, these string lights are just what you need.


Now that you’ve had a look at some of the best outdoor string lights that money can buy, it’s time to learn about some considerations to keep in mind when purchasing string lights. Here are a few things to bear in mind when making that important purchase.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor String Lights?

  • Power source

When it comes to a power source for LED string lights, there are 3-options. String lights can be powered through an electrical outlet, USB, or solar power. While neither of these affects the performance of lights, the difference lies in convenience and energy efficiency. Many may not have access to an electrical outlet, in which case, one that is powered through USB or solar energy could be a viable solution. If one is looking to save energy, the only option would be to choose solar-powered string lights. This consideration depends upon individual preference and the availability of electrical outlets.

  • Bulb material

Before one decides upon the bulb type, one must decide upon the light and shape of the bulb required. Sterling lights come in different forms like stars, orbs, bulbs, and rice lights. The choice of bulb shape is entirely dependent on the place to be decorated and the type of occasion being celebrated. Most lights either fall into the category of a warm or cool glow. Like the shape of the bulb, this too depends upon the situation. Warm light is advisable during the evening or night, while a cool light is preferred during the day.

  • Bulb type

Before one decides upon the bulb type, one must decide upon the kind of light and shape of bulb required. Sterling lights come in different shapes like stars, orbs, bulbs, and rice lights. The choice of bulb shape is entirely dependent on the place to be decorated and the type of occasion being celebrated. Most lights either fall into the category of a warm or cool glow. Like the shape of the bulb, this too depends upon the situation. Warm light is advisable during the evening or night, while a cool light is preferred most during the day.

  • Lighting effects

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, string lights are now equipped with numerous lighting modes or effects. Some of the most common ones include strobe, flashing, random, slow fade, twinkle, waves, and sequential. These various lighting options are given to set the mood and tone of the celebration.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Combining his impeccable writing and reviewing skills, Wedetso Chirhah presents his readers with engaging and informative content. He has used his experience in analyzing household and electronic products to bring you this list of the best outdoor string lights that will add color and life to any outdoor space. He has also considered factors like bulb material, type, and lighting effects to help you choose the right product from the overwhelming options in the market.

The beauty and functionality of outdoor string lights can never go unappreciated, especially in homes that boast a patio or backyard. They come in various designs, light types, and sizes to transform any open space into a page out of a fairy tale book. Further, they also provide generous coverage without consuming too much energy. The options handpicked for you here are not only uniquely designed but also durable, waterproof, and capable of enduring the elements without malfunctioning or rusting. When choosing the right outdoor string lights, check the power source, bulb material, lighting effects, and any other features you might be looking for. Some of these also come in different shapes, such as stars, to enhance the aesthetics of any outdoor space.

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