13 Best Outdoor Toys For 4-Year-Olds And Buying Guide 2022


Outdoor games help a child explore their creativity, boost their physical health, and give them plenty of opportunities to learn and explore. To help a child make the best of this external environment, we bring you a list of the best outdoor toys for 4-year-olds.

An enticing outdoor toy could make them spend more time outdoors. These toys also help them unplug from their screens. Moreover, they help improve teamwork, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving abilities, balance, social skills, and persistence.

All the toys on our list are durable and portable, enabling your child to play with them in backyards or playgrounds. So keep scrolling and take your pick.

Our list of the best outdoor toys for 4-year-olds will help you play outdoor games with your toddler in any place, such as your backyard or a playground. You can also take them to the woods or green space to spend more time with nature.

13 Best Outdoor Toys For 4-Year-Olds

1. Best Lightweight: The Big Dig And Roll Ride-On Working Excavator

Let your little one enjoy outdoor play with this dig-and-roll ride-on excavator that is highly functional. The excavator is ideal for all seasons and is safe for use in sand, dirt, or snow. The handles are flexible and easy to operate, while the digging bucket can dig up to 15inch deep. It also has a 360-degree swivel crane arm. The wide base wheels and comfortable seat offer a perfect ride-on experience. This excavator is suitable for children aged three years and up and can support up to 110lb of maximum weight.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable paint
  • Easy to transport
  • Sturdy construction


  • Might be smaller than expected
  • May require frequent tightening of screws

2. Best BPA-Free:  Auuguu Kids Dinosaur Race Car Track

The 156-piece dinosaur race car track set is ideal for children aged three to five years. It includes dinosaur toys, ramps, bridges, two race car toys, and a flexible track. It is designed to spark children’s imagination and develop their problem-solving and social skills.

The two electric cars are made of environmentally friendly, durable, and non-toxic materials. This BPA-free product is safe for children to use and has passed the US and European safety standards.

The flexible track piece can be curved into several configurations, such as raised eight figures, rolling tracks, and banked circles. It is a perfect gift for your child on their birthday or Christmas.


  • Helps teach children about dinosaurs
  • Improves children’s storytelling skills
  • Cars run on AA batteries
  • Suitable for playing with friends


  • May not come with assembly instructions
  • Dinosaur figures may tumble frequently

3. Best For Motor Skills:  Radio Flyer Deluxe Big Flyer

This scooter, measuring 35.43×24.41×20.67 inches, will surely improve your child’s motor skills. The product has a 16-inch large front wheel that has an excellent performance grip since the tread prevents spins and skids.

The adjustable seat allows your child to play with it even as they grow taller. This large flyer designed for children aged three to seven has chrome handlebars that add a sleek touch to its unique design.

The scooter weighs 5.6 kilograms and can carry up to 65 pounds of weight. The tricycle’s chopper style makes it stand out. You can check this YouTube video for more information about the product.


  • Improves muscle memory
  • Sharpens hand-eye coordination
  • Suitable for gifting for any occasion
  • Available in two styles


  • May not suit concrete surfaces
  • May require more time to assemble

4. Best For Group Play: ToyVelt Kids Camping Tent Set

ToyVelt’s camping tent includes a telescope, two walkie-talkies, compass, whistle, watch, thermometer, shovel, spoon, fork spoon set, three ag3 batteries, and a tent. The set can improve the child’s social skills and develop their creativity.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, this outdoor activity kit for four-year-olds will guide your child to explore the world. All the accessories have a realistic appearance, so your toddler can gain an in-depth understanding of a real camping site. The camping tent, made of high-quality plastic, weighs two pounds, making it portable and easy to carry.


  • Suitable for adventurous children
  • Teaches about essentials of survival
  • Keeps children entertained for long
  • Long-lasting


  • Batteries may heat upon usage
  • Walkie talkie may seem flimsy to some

5. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

Step2’s slide for four-year-old toddlers is a small roller coaster toy designed to provide your child with hours of fun. When children feel the wind on their faces and the sound of wheels on the track of this slide, they will have a deeper understanding of various sensory concepts.

You can quickly assemble and disassemble the roller coaster without the use of tools. It is an ideal supplement to your toddler’s outdoor space, helping maintain balance and develop hand-eye coordination. The roller coaster comes with two sets of non-slip steps for your child to easily climb up and down the slide. The car has a handrail, footrest, and a high back. The slide is nine-feet long and weighs 31.7 pounds.


  • Features motion-activated sounds and lights
  • Retainer keeps coaster car intact while in use
  • Vibrantly designed with a variety of colors
  • BPA-, VOC-, and phthalates-free
  • Available in two designs


  • Stickers may peel off upon usage
  • Parts may not fit evenly while assembling

6. Best Easy-To-Install: Cuku Two Pack Led Light Airplane

This set of lightweight LED airplanes, made of EPP polymer, weighs 2.39 ounces and measures 17.9×6.3×1.4 inches. It is one of the best garden toys for improving your four-year-old’s sense of direction, observation, and hand-eye coordination.

The throwing airplane includes two easy-to-assemble wings and fuselage. Your toddler can throw the aircraft vertically or horizontally.

It has a dual flight mode function, which means it can fly parallel or in rotation, depending on how you install it. The fuselage has an LED light that can illuminate the area where the game is being played.

These airplanes are resistant to impact and have good flexibility. The airplane set is an ideal gift for children aged three and above.


  • Can be flown at night
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Lightweight design
  • Sharpens child’s practical observation ability


  • Lights may glitch at times
  • May not be pressure-resistant

7. Best Attractive: Hahaland Kids Soccer Ball

This soccer ball for four-year-olds features a stunning glitter effect and a high-quality unicorn print. The ball easily stands out due to its high visibility and attractive design, and its size is perfect for children above three years old. You can place it in the garden, backyard, playground, and beach.

The ball is made of high-quality faux leather that is water- and abrasion-resistant. It has a gentle touch and is easy to control. This machine-stitch construction makes it sturdy and long-lasting. Its inner rubber bladder is sealed to keep the air inside for a longer time and prevent the ball from deflating.


  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Induces muscle development
  • Made from eco-friendly rubber
  • Toxin-free
  • Comes with a hand pump for easy inflation


  • Size may be smaller than expected
  • Colors may fade

8. Best Durable: Nova Microdermabrasion Kids Seesaw

Nova’s seesaw is comfortable and durable and can rotate 360° and move up and down, making it one of the best outdoor toys for a toddler. It can carry weights up to 200 pounds and has a weather-resistant powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion. The padded, elongated, and large seats offer comfort.

The ergonomically designed handles ensure a firm grip on the bar without affecting the balance, while the bump absorption mechanism of the seesaw reduces the impact, making it safer than other traditional products. The product measures 78.7×39.4×24.8 inches, and the frame is adjustable from 72 inches to 78.7 inches to fit smaller places.


  • Made with UV-resistant finish
  • Rubber stopper prevents scratches
  • Promotes motor skill development
  • Teaches coordination skills
  • ASTM, TUV/GS and CE-certified for safety


  • May contain sharp tips and edges
  • Seats may be slippery

9. Best Adventure Kit: Europa Kids Bug Catching Kit

The outdoor adventure kit includes a magnifying glass, binoculars, insect-catcher, butterfly net, and compass. This kit will enable your children to observe birds, plants, critters, and insects, allowing them to learn all aspects of nature in the comfort of your home or garden. You can carry this kit to campsites, beaches, and playgrounds.

Children aged three to 12 can use the nets and catching tongs to catch insects and store them in a container for observation. The gear pack is waterproof, making it suitable for any weather. The compass can give children an insight into the directions, and the binoculars can help them monitor birds and insects.


  • Outdoor hat comes with SPF 50 protection
  • Compass teaches children about directions
  • Flashlight does not require additional batteries
  • Teaches environmental awareness
  • Suitable for parent-child bonding time


  • Some pieces may be thinner than expected
  • Small parts may lead to choking hazards

10. Best Racing Toy: Narrio Monster Trucks Remote Control Car

Narrio’s monster truck is suitable for anyone who likes racing, speed, cars, and control. The toy is specifically designed to give your toddler a realistic feeling. This RC racing car will enable your child to play interactively and improve their social skills and hand-eye coordination.

The brightly colored graffiti on the car makes it look sporty, and the four sturdy rubber tires on the power wheels add much-needed robustness to the product. The truck can move left or right and forward or backward.

The toy measures 5.7×3.2×3 inches and is made of non-toxic ABS plastic, making it suitable for children aged three to eight years. The remote control truck weighs 8.05 ounces and requires four AA batteries to run.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Offers easy installation of batteries
  • Operated by easy-to-follow remote control
  • Comes in three colors


  • May drain battery charge quickly
  • Car may be smaller than expected

11. Best For Gifting: Kaufam Gun Toy

The set includes a standing moving target, two toy guns, 18 blue and orange foam bullets, an instruction manual, and a USB cable. You can use this gun in two speed modes according to the situation and the target, and the bullets are made of child-friendly foam material. All your child has to do is load the foam bullets into the gun and start the game.

You can gift this toy to your child on any occasion. The static mode of the game is ideal for beginners, while the slow and fast modes increase the difficulty level and enhance the child’s shooting experience. Just charge it for 1.5 to three hours, and your child can play with this gun continuously for one hour.


  • Foam bullets covers a range of up to 20 feet
  • Bullets induce minimum impact without any harm
  • Helps improve hand-eye coordination
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play
  • Available in three styles


  • May require adult supervision while playing
  • Guns may get jammed at times

12. Best For Problem-Solving: Fat Brain Toys 2-In-1 Musical Jump ‘N Toss Set

This spinning hole and hopping toy set can be transformed into a spiking ring and toss set in a matter of minutes, making it one of the best sports toys for four-year-olds. To set up the game, connect the poles, choose a suitable speed, and begin tossing to the beat of the music. This active play set will improve children’s problem-solving and decision-making skills, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills.

You can install it in your room, backyard, and garden. It is easy to assemble and does not require any tools, and ideal for boys and girls. The product runs on three AA batteries and is made of sturdy and long-lasting materials perfect for your toddler.


  • Pole is adjustable to three heights
  • Spins at two speeds
  • Encourages cooperative play
  • Batteries included


  • Sticks may fall out frequently
  • May be lighter than expected

13. Best For Social Skills: Selieve Walkie Talkies

The two-way radio set is ideal for children aged three to ten years and has a range of three kilometers and features 22 channels. It is designed to improve children’s social skills and boost their confidence.

The three walkie-talkies run on 12 AAA batteries. Each walkie-talkie is designed to provide clear, high-quality sound, and the in-built flashlight function adds convenience even in low-light situations. It has a keypad lock function, which prevents the child from changing the settings once the walkie-talkie is turned on.

It comes with a VOX function which means your child won’t have to press the ‘talk’ button every time they use the gear.


  • Comes with adjustable volume levels
  • Non-toxic ABS plastic
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Available in three color combinations
  • Smooth finish


  • May drain battery upon usage
  • May connect with unknown frequencies at times

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Toy For A 4-Year-Old?

Consider the following factors while looking for an outdoor toy for 4-year-old toddlers.

1. Durability: Make sure that any outdoor toy you buy for your child is weather-, dust-, rust-, and corrosion-resistant. It shouldn’t break easily. Choose a toy made of plastic because it is sturdy and lasts longer.

2. Safety: Avoid buying toys with sharp edges because they can injure a child. Choose toys made of non-toxic, environmentally safe materials, and make sure that the toy has passed security tests.

3. Selection: When purchasing a toy for your toddler, allow them to select their gear. This way, you’ll be able to select a product that the child enjoys.

4. Price: Make sure you do not spend too much money on high-end products. Although a durable toy is essential, it does not have to be costly. Remember to buy a product that not only piques your child’s attention but also doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet.

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In this era of smartphones and digital devices, getting children to play outside has become increasingly challenging. But with the right outdoor toys, you can help your little ones enjoy nature in all its glory and reduce screen time, which is beneficial for both the eyes and mind. The outdoor toys you pick can range from race tracks to roller coasters and soccer balls to see-saws to keep your children busy and entertained for hours on end. And yes, ensure you choose those that are made of child-friendly materials and are safe, durable, and toxin-free.

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