13 Best Outdoor Toys For 6-Year-Olds To Stay Engaged In 2022


Keep your child away from screens and video games with our list of the best outdoor toys for 6-year-olds. These toys can keep your tiny tots engaged and make them excited and happy while helping them constructively release their pent-up energy. Outdoor toys are not all fun and games. Most of them are uniquely designed to help develop and improve your child’s motor and cognitive skills.

It’s no surprise that outdoor toys benefit children in more ways than one. They give your little one the space and opportunity to develop their social and interpersonal skills from a tender age. These toys are fascinating and help your children bond with their friends. If you are looking for the right toy, check out this list of our top choices.

Our Top Picks

13 Best Outdoor Toys For 6-Year-Olds

1. Best Easy-To-Assemble: Duckura Kids Jump Rocket Launchers

These cool rocket launchers by Duckura come in a pack of six and are made of foam, making them super soft for children. The entire kit is easy to assemble and consists of a base, six rockets, a pipe, and an air pump. This toy is suitable for children aged between three and six years and does a good job of keeping the little ones on the playground. Moreover, this toy also offers educational value, as the rocket model uses air as its launching power. The plastic base is adjustable, allowing the rocket to shoot sideways or upwards. This safe toy provides your little ones with the opportunity to exercise and develop social skills on the playground.


  • Introduces STEM subjects to children
  • Made of safe material
  • Ideal for group play
  • Safe for use indoors
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • Some rockets might get stuck in the launcher
  • May not be highly durable

2. Best Portable: Gdaytao Dart Board With Sticky Balls For Kids

Gdaytao brings you this tailor-made game of darts for children between the ages of three and six years. The 14-inch dartboard is multi-colored to make it appealing and attractive for children. It is made of soft fabric and uses sticky balls instead of sharp darts. The numbers on the board denote points and help children learn and practice mental mathematics. There are 12 red-white and blue-white striped sticky balls with a strong adhesive to ensure they stick to the dartboard. The toy can be used indoors and outdoors. Click this video for an unbiased review of the product.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Suitable for group play
  • Helps improve hand-eye coordination


  • Hook may not work on all surfaces
  • Sticky balls may attract dirt

3. Best Safe RC Car: Threeking RC Stunt Remote Car

The fierce and fun green look of this car complements its beastly nature. As its name suggests, it is a stunt car equipped with all the basic skills of a remote-controlled car. It can effortlessly roll and rotate at 360°. When challenged with obstacles in its path, you can use the remote control to move for an enjoyable experience. In terms of functionality, Threeking has given its stunt remote-controlled car almost everything.

The car can also reverse in fast motion, turning itself into an entertaining dance car. It can be controlled from a long distance by an anti-interference remote, allowing multiple cars to compete against each other without any problems. With its soft and elastic rubber tires, anti-skid design, and shock absorption capability, it ensures safety. Powering this beast is a rechargeable lithium battery that works effectively. Here’s a personal review video to help you get a better understanding of the product.


  • Made of safe ABS plastic
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Suitable for children aged six years and up
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Available in bright colors
  • Durable and lightweight


  • May not be easy to recharge
  • May have a poor battery life

4. Best For Developing Creativity: Power Your Fun Fun Forts Glow Creative Building Set

Made of safe and non-toxic material, this toy is visually appealing and offers a great learning experience. Apart from the enjoyment it offers, it helps children develop motor skills and provides a hands-on engineering experience. This super fun glow-in-the-dark toy fosters a sense of imagination and creativity in little ones as it allows them to build whatever they choose to create. They can build a tent, fortress, or even a castle by connecting the rods.

The entire set consists of 81 glowing pieces, including 53 connecting rods and 28 multi-link spheres to create multiple shapes and designs. It makes for a great outdoor toy on a playdate or at a birthday party. Click here to check out a detailed personal review of this product.


  • Helps improve STEM skills
  • Offers endless possibilities
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Includes a building guide
  • Suitable for children aged four years and above
  • Allows you to add more pieces


  • Rods may not be sturdy enough
  • May not be easy to assemble

5. Best For The Summer: KKones Sprinkler Splash And Play Outdoor Mat

Playing outdoors in the summer is made fun and exciting, thanks to the KKones sprinkle and splash mat. The 68-inch sea-themed pad is round and crafted from heavy-duty PVC material that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The sprinkler pad is easy to assemble and only requires water to get the fun rolling. It is equipped with a plug for effortless filling and draining of water. The mini swimming pool also functions as a sprinkler with adjustable water splash heights. This outdoor toy is ideal for a beach party in your backyard.


  • Thick and soft material
  • Suitable for ages 18 months and up
  • Easy to attach the hose
  • Convenient to fold and store
  • Shallow pool for safety


  • May develop leaks with time
  • Some may find the spray height a bit low

6. Best For Exploring Nature: Small Discoverer Outdoor Exploration Set

It’s a common fact that children learn better while exploring. That is made possible, thanks to this outdoor exploration set by Small Discoverer. The set includes binoculars with 4x power magnification, LED mini flashlights, a compass, a magnifying glass, and a whistle. It develops a thirst for adventure and scientific exploration in your little ones. Whether at summer camp or in your backyard, this set will provide your six-year-old with all they need to explore nature. Last but not least, the set includes a handy hiking backpack.


  • Suitable for camping games
  • Functional equipment
  • Rechargeable flashlight
  • Suitable for children aged three years and above
  • Convenient to store


  • Some parts may not be long-lasting
  • Some may find the toy pieces smaller than expected

7. Best Educational: VLusso DIY Garden Set Outdoor Toy For 6-Year-Olds

Playsets can be fun, interactive, and educational. That’s precisely what VLusso offers with its DIY Garden playset. Made of toxin-free plastic, this playset teaches your little one about the different parts of a plant. In addition, it also develops hand-eye coordination by providing the opportunity for different kinds of floral arrangements. The multi-colored flowers, coupled with the versatility that this playset offers, spark children’s creativity. The playset consists of 150 pieces, including bases, stems, leaf pieces, flower cores, colored butterflies, flower pots, and a watering can.


  • Easy to build
  • Washable pieces
  • Smooth and soft edges
  • Includes a storage bag
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play


  • Some pieces may not fit well
  • Some pieces may not have smooth edges

8. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: Lydaz Pop And Catch Kids Outdoor Game

Crafted from environmentally safe materials, this pop-and-catch game consists of a basket and launcher. It’s easy to assemble and simple to play with. The basket attaches to the launcher, which also serves as a handle. An ergonomically placed non-slip lever is attached to the handle and, when pressed, propels the ball forward.

It is a fun game to play with family at the park or in your backyard. The set includes two green and two red balls. Apart from fun and games, it can also be used as a tool to develop hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes.


  • Suitable for group play
  • Flexible baskets
  • Ideal size for children
  • Smooth edges for safety
  • Easy to store


  • Basket handles might be slightly fragile
  • Toy balls may be smaller than expected

9. Best Easy-To-Use: Happitry Bubble Blower Machine

This bubble blower machine has a wide spout with six small bubble-blowing wands that blow out one large bubble and numerous small ones. Its simple design makes it easy to use, and one only has to dip the ring into a tray of bubble solution. The entire bubble blower is made of high-quality, non-toxic plastic that is safe for use by children. It is the perfect way to get your children to enjoy the outdoors and get a daily dose of exercise. If you have a six-year-old at home, this dinosaur bubble blower is for you.


  • Easy-to-hold handle
  • Creates a long-lasting large bubble
  • Durable machine
  • Suitable for children aged three years and above


  • May not be easy to replace the batteries
  • Some parts may not fit well

10. Best Interactive: Tal Ennt Walkie-Talkies For Outdoor Play

This set of walkie-talkies by Tal Ennt is bundled with multiple features and resembles real-life walkie-talkies. The realistic look, coupled with its interactive features, makes it appealing to children. It has a small screen on the front with fully functional lamp, mute, menu, and power buttons. The walkie-talkies support 22 main channels and have a range of three kilometers.

They are equipped with a built-in flashlight, push-to-talk button, and VOX functionality. The hands-free design makes it easy for children to communicate, even while running or hiding. Moreover, its continuous tone-coded squelch system (CTCSS) eliminates background noise.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ergonomic design for a firm grip
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Drop-resistant design
  • Easy to operate


  • Does not include batteries
  • No turn-off button

11. Best For Keeping Children Fit: Bufeeaye Paddle Catch Ball Toss Game Set

Whether it is a sunny or dull day, lighten up your child’s mood with a game of tennis. This set of tennis paddles is constructed from high-quality plastic and nylon. Each paddle is designed with two sides, with a sticky Velcro side for catching the ball and the other black rubber side for hitting the ball. This allows children to have twice the fun. Bufeeaye has crafted the handle to provide a non-slip and firm grip. The game helps develop hand-eye coordination and keeps children healthy and fit. Included with the two paddles are a softball and a hardball.


  • Strong viscosity
  • Adjustable straps
  • Strong stitching and sturdy material
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Suitable for two to four players


  • May not withstand rough use

12. Best Easy-To-Store: SISLAND Bean Bag Toss Game Toy

This fun and interesting game consists of a corn hole board constructed from durable polyester and a highly elastic base, and six bean bags. The objective is fairly simple–children need to throw the bean bags through either of the three holes on the cornhole board. The cornhole board is decorated with attractive colors, with a dinosaur theme on one side and a sea theme on the other side. Either of the sides can be used for playing the game. It also folds into a bag, making it easy to store or carry. This outdoor game is ideal for a six-year-old birthday party or the kid’s section at family gatherings.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • No sharp edges
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Suitable for group play


  • Bean bags may be a tad too lightweight

13. Best For Motor Skills: Cute Stone Kid’s Gardening Tool Set

This cute kid’s gardening set consists of a wheelbarrow, a spade, and a watering can. The wheelbarrow is easy to assemble and comes with storage space for housing the spade and watering can. It has a sturdy wheel and extra-long stand, making it easy for children to maneuver and station. This gardening set mimics a real-life gardening set and is made of safe and quality material. The gardening equipment is well-designed to fit small hands and teaches children how to garden while developing their motor skills.


  • Lightweight and sturdy material
  • Durable and sturdy wheel
  • Functional watering can
  • Smooth edges
  • Non-toxic and odorless plastic


  • Some may find it smaller than expected

Now that you’ve had a look at some of the best outdoor toys that money can buy, it’s time for you to learn how to choose the best outdoor toys. Here are a few key considerations that you should bear in mind.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Toys For 6-Year-Olds?

  • Materials

One major consideration when purchasing outdoor toys for 6-year-olds is the material of the toys. Toys must be made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. It is necessary to ensure that only high-quality plastic that is free from chemicals is used. That is because children have the habit of putting things into their mouths.

  • Appearance

It’s well-known that children are attracted to bright and shiny things. That is why you must ensure that the toys look attractive and appealing. You should purchase visually appealing toys. Having them based on certain themes like dinosaurs, superheroes, or even cartoons will make children like them even more. The appearance of the toy will play a huge role in determining whether or not your kid will like it.

  • Skills

While toys are designed to be enjoyable and exciting, they are also fashioned to help develop different skill sets. For instance, a game of catch or tennis is designed to develop hand and eye coordination, while a game like arrange the glow sticks is meant to build creativity and imagination. It is important to help your kid develop these essential skills from a young age as they come into use in the future.

  • Safety

Last but not least, the safety of the toys must be taken into consideration when purchasing toys for a 6-year-old. The toys should not contain any sharp edges as that may lead to injuries. Ensure that all toys are lightweight and have smooth or rounded edges. Toys that are too heavy may put a strain on your child.

  • Portability

Since most outdoor toys are stored inside the house, the toys must have a foldable and portable design. Having a portable design will make it easy to carry from the house to the outside and vice versa. Big toys should have a foldable design so they can be stored even in small spaces.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Choosing an outdoor toy for little children can be challenging. Hence, Priti Bose, who is passionate about reviewing children’s toys and gifts, has handpicked some of the best outdoor toys for six-year-olds to make your search for the right toy hassle-free. She has also added important tips on choosing the right product. These products have been chosen considering the developmental needs of children and the user reviews posted on different websites.

The best outdoor toys for 6-year olds are just what you need to keep your children away from screens and let them enjoy their time outdoors. These toys are fun to play with and also help improve their motor and cognitive skills. You may also use these toys to bond with them or help them improve their social interaction or collaboration skills. Right from outdoor building sets to garden sets and RC cars to walkie-talkies, there are a plethora of gift ideas that your child might fancy. So, pick a toy made of durable, child-friendly, and non-toxic material and is vibrant and visually appealing.

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