9 Best Outdoor Toys For Babies In 2021


To encourage your little one to play outside, the best outdoor toys for baby are important. These toys can foster healthy development in babies, encourage them to explore, and focus on their vision. In addition, the right toys offer fun for the entire family while teaching them some new skills and keeping them active. Here are some top picks of outdoor toys that you can purchase for your baby.

9 Best Outdoor Toys For Babies

1. EocuSun Kids Ball Pit

The bright EocuSun pop-up ball pit playhouse is easy to assemble and works well to enhance the baby’s coordination skills. Easy to carry around in a lightweight zippered storage bag, the toy is suitable indoors and outdoors. It is built with soft polyester fabric that is water-resistant, long-lasting, and has a high-strength memory steel holder. Easy to clean, this ball pit is suitable for babies of six months and above.

2. ComogooKids Bowling Set

The bowling set for kids is made of premium-quality PU foam, free of toxins and sharp edges to ensure enhanced safety. Suitable for children from three to six years, they can use the easy-to-carry bowling set indoors and outdoors. The twelve pieces of squeezable stress balls and pins work well to provide relief from anxiety and stress. This educational toy features different colors that enhance recognition, gross and fine motor skills in children.

3. GeerWest Toddlers Tunnel

The GeerWest tunnel is a well-stitched pop-up tunnel with round corners, safe for crawling babies. Apt for children of three years, the play tunnel is suitable for indoors and outdoors, including your backyard. Easy to clean with a damp cloth and a mild soap, its steel-spring construction helps enhance the toddler’s arm and leg muscles and their gross motor skills. This toy also helps strengthen the child’s creativity and imaginative skills. This multicolored polyester tunnel is made of flame-retardant and long-lasting material.

4. ZmzsPush And Go Cars

The four-piece, friction-powered, push-and-go car set includes a bulldozer, a tractor, a dumper, and a cement mixer. These vibrantly colored toys are made from superior-quality ABS material that is eco-friendly and non-toxic and can be easily operated without batteries. They help enhance the toddler’s sensory skills, imaginative skills, and hand-eye coordination. Suitable for children of three years and above, this toy also helps them distinguish between different vehicles, shapes, and colors.

5. BeewarmKids Sprinklers For Yard

The turtle sprinkler toy from Beewarmhassixcolorful wiggle tubes with an extra-wide water-spraying feature. Free of BPAs and phthalates, the outdoor water toy ensures enhanced fun and entertainment for your baby. Easy to connect with a garden hose, the toy allows you to adjust the water pressure, and its sprinkler can reach a maximum height of 8ft. Suitable for children of three years and above, the toy comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

6. Joyin Beach Sand Bucket Toys

The seven-piece set of summer beach toys from Joyin includes non-toxic, high-quality toys that have been safety-tested and approved. This sand baking set helps enhance the baby’s exploration skills. Suitable for beach and pool games, the sand toys are based on mixing, sifting, and baking. The toys are apt for babies of one year and above and are free of BPAs and phthalates.

7. TsomttoToddler Pools

The two-pack inflatable kiddie pools are 47-inch-wide and 12-inch-high, suitable for holding three to four babies together. Made from premium-quality materials, these above-ground pools are safe and free from harmful chemicals. Vibrant colors and cut animal patterns make them more appealing. Suitable for children aged four to eight, the three-ring circle pools for your backyard feature three separate air valves on each circle, making it easier to inflate and deflate.

8. Fixget Bubble Machine

Fixget push mower is easy to assemble and disassemble. Equipped with realistic gear sounds, the bright bubble maker encourages babies to walk around. The set comes with a bubble mower, a bottle of bubble solution, and a screwdriver. Suitable for children aged three and above, this machine can create 2000 bubbles per minute and is made of environment-safe materials.

9. Hopoco Bubble Guns

The two-pack bubble guns produce several colorful bubbles both manually and automatically. You can pull the trigger or use the automatic mode to release bubbles. Apt for outdoor activities, backyard parties, carnivals, birthday parties, and other occasions, the red and blue guns operate on three AA batteries. The set also includes two bottles of bubble solutions and screwdrivers.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Toy For Babies?

Here’s a list of essential factors to consider before buying an outdoor toy for babies.

  1. Safety: Ensure the toy is made from eco-friendly, premium-quality, and non-toxic materials. Check if the toy is free of hazardous chemicals, BPAs, and phthalates.
  1. Durable: Pick toys made from high-quality materials that are long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.
  1. Engaging: Toys and games are to be visually appealing and engaging. Keep your little one’s interest in mind and purchase toys that will keep your baby
  1. Lightweight: Look for an outdoor toy that is compact, easy to carry around, and travel-friendly. Also, it should be easy to assemble and disassemble.

An outdoor toy is a great way to spend time with your babies out in the sun and fresh air. The toys listed in this post are made from high-quality materials and are long-lasting. You can choose from this list of the best outdoor toys for babies for them to explore around and have fun.

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