13 Best Outdoor Toys For Boys To Play With In 2022


Keeping your child away from screens and video games can be challenging, especially during a pandemic. We have compiled a list of the best outdoor toys for boys to engage your child in outdoor games. Although it is important to stay indoors to stay safe, you can go out to your backyard to play.

Outdoor toys will help your child develop their motor skills, muscles, heart, and health. They will allow you to keep your child active for hours and improve bonding and social skills. So, explore our list to learn more

13 Best Outdoor Toys For Boys

1.  Jasonwell Sprinkler Splash Pad

Children never get tired of splashing and playing in the water. This sprinkler pad is all you’ll need in your backyard to let your boys splash about and jump around for hours. It is large enough to accommodate a group of kids or a family. You need not worry about the risk of drowning because the shallow waters will keep them safe.

The children can splash around in the water pools in the center.  It is simple to assemble the splash pad, connect the water hose to the hole and adjust the pressure to lower or raise the spray height. This toy is free from BPA, lead, and other harmful chemicals.


2. Essenson Outdoor Explorer Kit

Your little boy might love to play the explorer with this wonderful kit that has everything he needs to start the adventure. The kit includes a sun hat, magnifying glass, insect net, ecological cage, push on flashlight, compass, binoculars, bug tongs, tweezers, bug observation cup, bug jar, whistle, insect book, bug toys, and a backpack.

It offers many learning opportunities for your boy as he inspects and learns ecology. This sensory exploration kit will encourage your boy to love nature and have fun outdoors.


3. Stomp Rocket Three Stunt Planes

Stomp Rocket’s toys have won numerous awards, and this is one of their best outdoor toys. These are stunt planes that are entirely kid-powered and do not require batteries to launch. The set includes three different planes, an adjustable launch stand, and a stomp pad with an air hose. Setup the launch stand as instructed, and all your boy needs to do is to run, jump and stomp on the pad to watch the planes flying in the sky.

The looper plane makes massive loops, the wild cat plane flips, rotates, and soars through the sky, and the glider plane glides over 100 feet. This STEM toy can keep your child active and excited to play outdoors.


4. Wishouse Three Pack M8 Walkie Talkies

Wishouse walkie-talkies are easy to use by children and adults because they are compact. So when going on an outdoor adventure such as camping or hiking, your family can comfortably converse with one other while maintaining a safe distance. The set includes three walkie-talkies with rechargeable batteries, making them convenient to use anywhere.

They deliver the ultimate outdoor play experience with features, including VOX, HD voice, flashlight, one-to-many transmission, and a communicating range of one to five kilometers. Other features include 22 channels, volume control, channel scanning, and auto squelch for interference reduction.


5. Threeking Fancy Stunt Remote Control Car

Your little boy might instantly love this remote control stunt car for its rugged look and flexibility. Threeking’s remote control car can rotate 360° and can drive in both directions. The anti-skid design wheels with a strong grip and shock absorption capacity are made of elastic rubber. So this RC car can make a fast move on different terrains, making it a suitable choice for outdoor play.

Operating this car is easy with just a button press on the remote. Its anti-interference feature allows your children to play with multiple sets at once with no interference. It is available in two colors and is made of high-quality ABS plastic for child safety. It works with a rechargeable battery that can last for about 25 to 30 minutes and is recommended for boys over six years.


6. PGXT Parachute Toy

Flying toys are a lot of fun to play with outside, and these parachute toys are simple to use. They’re made of non-toxic, recyclable nylon that’s durable and environmentally friendly. In addition, they’re fuss-free parachute toys, thanks to their tangle-free design and slow landing parachutes.

The kit comprises four parachutes in various colors that children can use to play together. They don’t need batteries and assembly; toss them as high as you can and watch the paratroopers land.


7.  Tsomtto Kids Adjustable Basketball Hoop Stand

Tsomtto bubble gun toy set comprises two bubble guns and four bubble solution bottles for replacement. They can last for hours to have a nice outdoor time. These bubble guns work in two modes, one with music and the other with no music.

Thanks to their five outlets, they can continuously release rich bubbles and shower the surrounding area with bubbles. It is suitable for youngsters aged three to eight years old.


8. Laradola Bean Bag Toss Game

If you are looking for a simple outdoor toy for your toddler, you should try this toss game. This toy is easy to install and has a double sideboard with a dinosaur theme on one side and sea animals on the other side. You can fix this corn hole board to the ground in two positions with the plastic nails.

The set includes eight colorful bean bags for your little boy to aim them into the holes. It is a perfect toy for group play and is easy to carry and install anytime, anywhere. It is suitable for children aged three and above.


9. Cubicfun Two In One Tennis Baseball Pitcher

Motivate your son to have a healthy and sporty lifestyle with this two-in-one pitcher set. This battery-operated pitcher, once turned on, automatically pitches the ball every eight seconds. That means your son can play tennis or baseball either alone or in groups. The set includes a pitching machine, five tennis balls, five baseballs, a tennis bat, and a baseball bat.

The pitching angle is adjustable to four angles, making it convenient for children of different ages to play together. In addition, the EVA foam balls are soft and safe to play outdoors.


10. Geerwest Toddlers Tunnel

Geerwest offers a pop-up tunnel for your toddler to enjoy crawling through a tunnel. This toy is suitable for indoor and outdoor play. It is quick to install and comes with a carry bag to store and transport. It can be folded flat when not in use and is designed with bright colors resembling a caterpillar.

This toy tunnel can keep your toddler active outdoors and helps in muscle strengthening as he tries to crawl through the tunnel. It is safe and comfy for kids to play and have adventures.


11. Temi Beach Toy Table

Let your baby enjoy beach time at home with this simple but beautiful setup. This toy table has three sections to fill with sand, water, snow, or anything else to create a beach atmosphere. A dolphin funnel, tree tower to make waterfalls, crab and crocodile mold, watering can, boat, scoop, shovel, and sieve are among the accessories included in this kit.

The toy table helps children play together as a group and develops good social skills while playing in the sun. It also includes a small stool to let them sit and play. It is easy to install and is made up of durable, high-quality ABS material.


12. Tsomtto Two Pack Bubble Gun Toy

Tsomtto bubble gun toy set comprises two bubble guns and four bubble solution bottles for replacement. They can last for hours to have a nice outdoor time. These bubble guns work in two modes, one with music and the other with no music.

The guns can continuously release rich bubbles and shower the surrounding area with bubbles, thanks to their five outlets. It is suitable for youngsters aged three to eight years old.


13. Sephix Water Blaster Gun Set

Your whole family or just the kids can have fun and safe water battles with these guns. The set includes four guns with different animal heads. They have no sharp edges, and the guns are covered with an EVA sponge making them safe and floatable in water.

The guns have a long shooting range of six to nine meters to aim at the opponent and are fun to play and enjoy splashing water. The set includes a storage bag making them convenient to carry along.


How To Choose The Right Best Outdoor Toys For Boys?

Here are a few factors to consider while selecting the right outdoor toys for your boy.

  1. Age-specific: Look for an outdoor toy for your boy that is appropriate for his age. Check the manufacturer’s age recommendation on the package before buying the outdoor toy.
  2. Outdoor space: Consider a toy appropriate for the outdoor environment, such as the beach, public parks, backyard, camping, or hiking trails. Try to strike up a conversation with your son to learn about his preferences for outdoor activities. Then, based on his hobbies, pick a toy that helps him explore nature or the ecology, and so forth.
  3. Type of activity: Before buying the toy, understand your’s boy’s interest in outdoor activities. Then choose a toy based on his interests, such as sports, water toys, or cars.
  4. Individual or group play: Will your son play alone or with his friends or family? Choose a toy that allows group plays if you want your boy to foster friendships or choose something your child may enjoy playing alone.
  5. Safety features: Playing outdoors poses a risk of injuries depending on the terrain and place. Make sure that your boy is safe to play outdoors with the toy you choose.

Spending time outdoors is crucial for children as it helps in their overall development. Outdoor toys help children learn how to play in a group setting and foster a feeling of belongingness and oneness in them. It becomes much easier to encourage children to step out and play when you add outdoor toys to their playtime. And when the toys meet all the safety regulations and are age-appropriate, your children are bound to have a fantastic time while socializing with their peers.

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