11 Best Outdoor Toys For 5-year-old Boys In 2022


The digitized world has left a permanent mark in our lives by reducing our time outdoors. This post on the best toys for 5-year-old boy can help them step outside and observe the world. In addition, these toys encourage children to look at a life beyond cellphones, laptops, and tablets by stimulating their creativity and imagination. To help you buy one, you can check out the list of toys and the buying guide, which can help you choose the right product.

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11 Best Outdoor Toys For Five-Year-Old Boys

1. Best For Improving Social Skills: Essenson Outdoor Explorer Kit

Essenson Store’s outdoor toys for five-year-olds are ideal for boys aged three to 12 years. This camping kit includes binoculars, a butterfly net, magnifying glass, a whistle, a critter case, bug containers, tweezers, a backpack, and a hat. This kit will allow your child to explore nature in a much clearer way. It will also teach your children the fundamentals of maps and navigation. In addition, the kit can keep your boy occupied for hours and allow your child to conduct investigations both outside and inside.

The kit will keep your children away from screens while also educating your child on various significant topics such as the animal kingdom, nature, water, and many others. They can also use the magnifying glass to examine bugs they have captured. The toy is designed to improve their sensory system, interactive, and social skills.

2. Best For STEM Learning: Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes Launcher

Improve your child’s hand-eye coordination with this set of outdoor toys for a five-year-old boy that will enable him to learn about aviation in a better manner. This kit includes three stunt planes, a looper, a glider, and a Wildcat, an adjustable rocket launcher stand, and a stomp pad. The rocket can fly up to 100 feet in the air, perform various stunts and tricks and teach your child about STEM subjects such as science, technology, engineering, and math.

Your child can also adjust the angle of the flight. The durable tripod stand with customizable angles is easy to use. The entire set is easy to assemble and store. No batteries are required to run this set.

3. Best For Improving Counting Skills: Rabosky Bean Bag Toss Game

The game is thoughtfully designed to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, motor skills, counting skills, and number recognition. Specifically designed for kids, this set is appropriately designed, has an optimal hole size, and is lightweight. You can play with it on many occasions where many families are involved. In addition, it comes with a portable handbag so that all the belongings can fit inside and can be carried easily.

The board is double-sided and is durable. You can also choose the level of difficulty. The scoring system has been minimized so that your child can concentrate on having fun and learning rather than winning.

4. Best Lightweight: Cuku Store Two-Pack LED Light Airplane

Outdoor games from the Cuku Store are durable and long-lasting. Each throwing plane in this set is 17.5 inches long with two detachable wings and is simple to assemble. Even the tail is detachable.

These planes, made of high-quality foam, can fly in rotation or parallel mode depending on how the parts are applied. The planes have LED lights that flash and add to their beauty. The polymer material used for making these planes is impact-resistant, lightweight, and flexible. Its round edges will not hurt your kid’s hands, and they are also tested to ensure your child’s safety.

5. Best For Critical Thinking Skills: Tiny Land Store Kids Fort Building Kit

Fort building set that incorporates 130 pieces from the Tiny Land Store is suitable for boys of the age group five to seven years. This set includes 44 joint balls and 86 rods. The set also includes a carry bag where you can put all the parts. This set of fun outdoor toys for five-years-old is designed to improve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills and can be used as a gift for various occasions. It also aids in the development of the child’s problem-solving, imagination, and critical thinking skills.

This DIY pack would bring endless fun to the children and would improve their coordination and motor skills. All of the parts in this set are made of child-safe materials and are lead-free, BPA-free, and non-toxic.

6. Best For Off-Roading: Free To Fly Remote Control Car

This remote-controlled car is made of plastic and is ideal for off-roading. The cars have high power thanks to two powerful motors and four wheels. These blue RC cars can run on any surface, including sand, roads, rocks, and grass. Batteries power it, and your child can play with them for 15 minutes between recharges. The entire control is simple to use and will never rollover.

Ideal for boys of the age of five and older, this car’s remote control has been designed with two joysticks so that your boy can easily play with it. In addition, it features a high-speed motor, and it runs at 6-7mph. Screwdrivers and rechargeable batteries are also added to the set to make it even more convenient. You can gift this set to a boy on any occasion, be it Christmas, birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving, or any other event.

7. Best For Developing Motor skills: Street Walk Store Hockey Soccer Ball Set

One of the best outside toys for five-year-olds, this hover hockey and soccer set incorporates two rechargeable balls, one basketball, pump, two hockey sticks, one cable, one screwdriver, and two goals. It is easy to assemble, and the multi-colored lights will grab your child’s attention almost instantly. The game will also improve your child’s relationship, social skills, hand-eye coordination, and other motor skills.

The ball slides well on any flat surface, and this multi-player game is made from non-toxic plastic that is child safe and has foam edges to avoid injuries. It also helps your child develop sports skills and can be played indoors and outdoors. The USB charging of the balls works with most USB ports.

8. Best Engaging: Jumella Lawn Mower Bubble Machine

Let your kid form giant bubbles with this water toys game set from the Jumella Store, one of the best outdoor toys for five-year-olds. This set includes an electric bubble mower, five bubble wands, one bubble tray, five mini bubble wands, three bottles of solutions, and a screwdriver. It can be given to a boy for any occasion, such as his birthday, Christmas, or Thanksgiving.

Your child makes more than 2000 bubbles in a minute with this in the yard, playground, park, or any other place they like. This outdoor game set will make their childhood memorable, and the bubble solution is non-irritating to the eyes and skin since it is made from mild ingredients. The machine also plays music while making bubbles, which your child will find even more engaging and interactive.

9. Best Ergonomically Designed: Selieve Walkie Talkies

Walkie-talkies from the Selieve Store have a maximum range of three kilometers. This set of three walkie-talkies runs on 12 AAA batteries and is ideal for boys three years and above. You can use this STEM skill enhancer toy both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it has an intelligent and smart alarm system that will help you in real-time monitoring of the child.

There are 22 channels in the game, and they also feature built-in flashlights that are perfect for night and complex environments. It is lightweight and is ergonomically designed so that your child can easily hold it. The paint used on them is water-based, and the plastic from which these are made is non-toxic. The edges are smooth and round, and the display function is also LCD. The push-to-talk button will allow your child to use it easily.

10. Best Portable: Magic Zone Airplane Toys

This airplane set is ideal for children aged four and above because it is sturdy and long-lasting,. This one-click ejection set includes a gun with airplane slots to insert the glider planes. They are specifically designed for children and have passed all safety tests. The aircraft has a range of 9-12 feet, and the game is portable and multi-player. It has a three-step installation.

There are eight aircraft in the set, and each measured 3.5×5.5inches. Your child can play with them indoors as well as outdoors. Just insert then planes in the slot and pull the trigger to enjoy. This ergonomically designed set will improve hand-eye coordination and provide them with a good understanding of direction and speed.

11. Best Easy-To-Install: Fovrpuib Dinosaur Toys for Kids

Durable and made from premium-quality materials, this dinosaur set for kids is ideal for boys of three to seven years. The board game, made of environmentally friendly materials, will improve concentration, hand-eye coordination, and strategy skills. This two-player set contains 48 bullets made from plastic, one game board, two removable launchers, and 16 dinosaurs. The two handles provided are flexible as well as easy to install.

One of the best outside toys for five-year-olds, this game can be gifted to a child on any occasion, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, or birthdays. They have a colorful and interesting design that will be attractive for children, and the bullet will automatically recycle back into the slot so that you can reuse it.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Toys For Five-Year-Old Boys?

Take a look at the following features before selecting some fun outdoor toys for five-year-olds.

  1. Level of difficulty: The game you choose for your boy must be age-appropriate and of his level of difficulty. If the game is too simple or too difficult, the child will lose interest and refuse to play with it.
  1. Type of toy: The type of toy is also important. Ensure that the toy that you choose is beneficial to your child’s physical and mental well-being. Easy games that are only meant to be played in one location will not result in overall development. Games that promote communication, hand-eye coordination and motor skills that contribute to the child’s overall well-being should be chosen.
  1. Interest: When selecting a toy for your child, keep their interests and preferences in mind. This way, he’ll spend more time playing it and get the most out of it.
  1. Materials: Whatever game you choose, ensure that the materials are non-toxic, lead, and BPA-free. Children have a habit of putting things in their mouths, which can lead to dangerous situations. As a result, choose toys with safe and round edges that have also been tested for safety.
  1. Multi-player: It is recommended that you choose a multi-player toy. This encourages your child to interact with other children and make new friends. In addition, when you both play a game, your child will develop a better relationship with you.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose writes dependable product reviews on children’s toys and gifts. While preparing this list of the best outdoor toys for 5-year-olds, she has included fun yet educational toys. This list was made after thorough research and includes a range of adventurous playsets that encourage single and group plays. To help you choose better, Priti has also included a few tips to help you make an informed choice.

There’s a wide range of educational toys that can help 5-year-olds revive their fascination with the outside world. These toys are not only fun to play with but also stimulate creativity and engage children’s imagination. From explorer kits and remote control cars to bubble machines and walkie-talkies, there’s something for everyone on this list, so choose something appropriate and interesting for your little boy. And when making a pick, determine the child’s interests and preferences and consider the toy’s quality.

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