15 Best Outdoor Toys For Kids To Motivate Them To Play Outside In 2022


Get some of the best outdoor toys for kids and save them from the trap of extreme screen times and the gadget world. Children need to go out and indulge in physical activities. However, it is not an easy task to make the tiny ones play out in the outdoor world. The trick is to buy them outdoor toys that are beneficial for the development of a child. So to ease up your quest for informative toys that are safe, hazard-free, and beneficial for development, we have listed a few toys.

Here you’ll find 15 outdoor toys that are perfect for kids of all ages. Running and chasing in the nature outside has immense benefits when it comes to a child’s overall development. Do not ignore its importance. Outdoor toys listed out here are of all price ranges; take a look.

15 Best Outdoor Toys For Kids

1. Best Durable Rocket Launcher:MotoWorx Rocket Launcher

The Motoworx Rocket Launcher is an all-foam rocket and launcher set that makes for a fun and exciting day outdoors. Watch your child load, stomp, launch, and run after these foam rockets that are not only easy-to-assemble but also have a durable-quality build. The dynamic set does not require batteries and includes 8 foam rockets in 3 fun colors along with a folding yellow launcher stand. Your kid will have a blast with these high-flying rockets that can soar up to 100 feet high. Don’t wait to get your hands on this fun outdoor toy if you want your child to engage in an energetic game while they learn about adjusting angles, jump force, and so much more! Know more about this product in this video.

2. Best For Pretend Play:Lydaz Bubbles & Go Mower

Encourage your kids to head outside and move around in the garden with the Lydaz Bubbles & Go Mower. This outdoor toy features a realistic engine with gear sounds that mimic an actual lawnmower, so your child can play pretend. The easy-to-assemble and disassemble mower comes with an electronic bubble machine with an activated fan to blow tons of bubbles as they walk around. The super realistic design also has a flexible handle and is fun to get your kids to go outdoors. Inspire your child with this brightly colored, durable, portable outdoor toy to encourage them to think of yard work as a fun playtime activity. Learn more about this product in this video.

3. Best For Honing Coordination Skills:South Beach Bubbles WOWmazing Kit

If you are on the lookout for an engaging outdoor toy for kids, what better way than playing with giant bubbles. This unique toy comes with large bubble wands that create huge and long bubbles that will keep your kid entertained on a day out at the park, beach, or even in your backyard. The 2-handle design adds to the wow factor and helps to enhance your child’s imagination, coordination skills, and vastly decreases general stress levels. All it takes is one pouch of the bubble concentrate mixed with water to make these giant bubbles, and you can watch your child happily playing outdoors. This video will provide you with added insights about the product.

4. Best For Fine Motor Skills:Toy Velt Super Archery Bow And Arrow Set

Let your kids have the best time playing outside under the sun with this light-up archery set that comes with 6 suction cup arrows. Designed for dramatic and imaginative play, this set comes with 3 lighting settings that keep your child thoroughly engaged. The toy set is both fun and educational as it helps your little one practice their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, balance, and stability. Watch them aim and fire at a target with arrows that also glow in the dark. You won’t have to worry about safety as this toy is made with premium, non-toxic, and safe materials that are entirely suitable for your kids’ health.

5. Best For Little Explorers:Meland Pretend And Play Camp Set

The Meland Pretend And Play Camp Set include 20 camping accessories, including a play tent, binoculars, oil lamp, magnifier, and so much more. This must-have for little explorers helps them enjoy a true camping adventure with all the necessary tools that can be set up in just a few minutes. The true-to-life stove and oil lanterns can even light up with 2 AA batteries while your kid makes the best of this realistic camp set. The outdoor toy helps toddlers build a unique interest in outdoor adventures while also teaching them to be more independent. Get your kids excited about backpacking while also focusing on developing their imaginative skills with a definite hands-on approach.

6. Best For Stimulating Imagination:Power Your FunForts Glow Creative Building Set

This glow-in-the-dark fort kit will help your child’s imagination run wild as they create countless geometric structures using the 53 building rods and 28 multi-link connector spheres. The creative building set doubles up as a fun outdoor activity and helps to master basic engineering skills. The safe and non-toxic outdoor toy for kids is super easy to assemble and comes with 81 pieces that enable free creative thinking. You can count on this kid-friendly play tent made of BPA-free plastic to provide a safe playing experience for curious-minded children aged 4 and above.

7. Best With Fun Features:Obuby Kids Walkie Talkies

The long-range Obuby Kids Walkie Talkies are designed for kids aged 4 and above and make for an engaging outdoor toy. These walkie-talkies also deliver long-range access up to 3 km in an open field. Not only do they support 2-way communication with smooth sound quality and adjustable volumes, but also come equipped with 22 channels that are reinforced by 99 CTCSS sub-codes. The auto-squelch function mutes unnecessary background noises to enable clear conversation even in crowded places like parks. This entertaining outdoor toy has fun features like 10 call tones, roger beeps, and a backlight display. The ergonomic design can easily be operated with one hand and stored with the help of belt clips. Made from high-quality materials, these walkie-talkies have long battery life and consume low power.

8. Best For Improving Balance Skills:Happinest Turtle Stepping Stones

Create and connect with your little one using the Turtle Stepping Stones with 6 differently colored turtle shells, 1 spinner, and 24 fun activity cards. Designed with durable plastic and anti-slip edging, this outdoor toy for kids helps to improve your kid’s balance and coordination skills. Watch them play and learn with this toy that promotes social development with 5 different games using the durable turtle shells that can also be stacked for easy storage when they’re done playing with. You can encourage pretend play and improve gross motor skills as you watch your kids hop around fun and challenging obstacle courses.

9. Best Length-Adjustable Bubble Wand:E-Know Amazing Bubble Wand

A great way for parents to share a fun experience with their children can involve an outdoor activity that encourages young imagination. The E-Know Amazing Bubble Wand lets you make giant, long-lasting bubbles with its unique stainless steel telescopic wand design. You can change up to 6 different lengths with the 2 soft, non-slip bubble stick sponge handles that are both sturdy and durable for extensive use. The lightweight bubble wand is easy to carry around and manage, making it suitable for children of all ages. Let your kid dip the wand in a soapy bubble solution and run around in the breezy outdoors.

10. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination:Duckura Pop And Catch Game

Want to encourage your kid to head outdoors and get some fresh air? The Duckura Pop And Catch Game is one of the best outdoor toys for kids as it keeps them on their toes as they play a fun ball catch game. This 2-player game comes with 4 pop-launcher baskets and 6 balls, so the entire family can get involved tossing and catching the balls. Teach your little ones the importance of sportsmanship along with basic hand-eye coordination, spatial, and communication skills. Made from premium and high-quality ABS plastic, this toy won’t hurt your child and can easily be carried along when you’re headed on a vacation or a picnic at the park.

11. Best For Child-Parent Interaction:Eagle Stone Mini Golf Trainer

If you’re on the lookout for an educational toy to help your kid improve their knowledge about sports and other on-field skills, then this one is right for you. The easy-to-assemble golf toy set enhances child-parent interaction, as well as promotes early development activities, sports skills and so much more. The durable set is ideal for indoor and outdoor games for children above the age of 4. Parents and kids alike will enjoy the 15-piece golf playset that is light, portable, and does not require batteries, so all you will need to do is assemble the club and base unit before you head out for a fun day outdoors.

12. Best For Developing Sportsmanship:MagicWe Dart Board Game Set

The MagicWe Dart Board Game Set is a thick and durable game set that is made of soft and high-quality fabric. This classic game can help to improve your child’s concentration as well as hand-eye coordination skills. The interactive outdoor toy for kids contains a 14-inch fabric dartboard and 12 sticky balls in blue, red, yellow, and green colors. Watch your child cooperate and take turns with this multiplayer game as they build their sportsmanship skills. You can easily hang the target with the hook design anywhere on a wall inside or outdoors as it is super lightweight and easy to install.

13. Best Multiplayer Set:Kidpal Laser Tag Set

You won’t have to worry about your kids glued to a video game all day with this fun outdoor toy that gives you a real laser tag experience. The multi-player set comes with 4 different colored laser tag guns and vests which can be used to separate teams. Suitable for children over the age of 6, these laser tag guns work on 12 AA batteries and can also be used in different modes like solo, pistol, machine gun, and rocket launcher. Your children will have loads of fun as they can easily reload their laser tag guns themselves after every 10 shots. For endless hours of fun, this laser tag toy set offers a range of 130 ft and uses 100% safe infrared technology that parents won’t have to worry about.

14. Best For Honing Interaction Skills:Aunnitery Toss And Catch Ball Set

This entertaining Toss And Catch Ball Set is just what you need to keep your kids both active and healthy. With just 2 necessary players, this game is a great way to promote interactive skills as well as hand-eye coordination. This outdoor toy for kids includes 6 rackets and 3 balls to allow your child and their friends to participate in this game. The convenient paddle ball game set also comes equipped with a drawstring bag that can be easily stored after a fun game outdoors. You can use the adjustable straps according to your palm size and easily carry them around through your backyard, beach, or park.

15. Best Eco-Friendly Set:Unanscre Kids Gardening Tool Set

Teach your kids to cultivate their imagination and creativity with this outdoor gardening playset. This game can enhance hand-eye coordination, roleplay skills, and problem-solving abilities. The easy-to-install set comes with 15 pieces including a wheelbarrow, watering can, a rake, shovel, flower pots and so much more. The gardening kit will keep your child motivated to head outdoors and nurture their garden. Made from environmentally friendly and child-safe plastic, this design has smooth and rounded edges which make it suitable for children over the age of 3.

There you have it! These are some of the best outdoor toys for kids that are available on the market, so you can go ahead and make the best buying decision. If you’re still wondering what some of the factors to consider before you hit “add to cart”, we’ve got just the right guide for you.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Toys For Kids

  • Quality

When you’re on the lookout for the best outdoor toys for kids, you’ll want to keep in mind that they’ll appreciate colorful ones, and well-designed ones to keep them occupied for hours of fun. You will want to invest in durable toys that are made from good quality materials which can withstand some amount of rough play. You’re good to go if you look for a functional product that won’t require too much cleaning and maintenance so they can use it for years to come!

  • Practicality and portability

If you want to keep your young one entertained while simultaneously teaching them a new skill or perhaps even improve their developmental skills, then look for outdoor toys that are instructional or instructive. Kids that tend to be curious would enjoy assembling their toys, so you can look for a simple toy that they will want to interact with. Consider that most outdoor toys can tire out your child at the end of a game, so you won’t want to waste any time packing and moving the toy when you’re done. Opt for lightweight and easy to assemble toys that will help you on this front.

As more children get hooked on electronic devices, buying them toys that encourage them to spend time outdoors becomes more than necessary. There are many fun and exciting outdoor toys such as bubble blowers, a light-up archery set, mini-golf trainers, laser tag sets, pushing your kid to spend more time in nature. Some of the best outdoor toys for kids can enhance cognitive behavior and stimulate creativity while helping them develop essential physical and mental skills.

However, before choosing the perfect one, ensure that it is one that deeply interests them. For instance, if they love to garden, buying them a gardening set would be helpful, whereas if your child has a passion for golf, you could get them started with a golf training kit. Apart from their interests, ensure that it is made from high-quality, durable materials and is lightweight and portable when choosing a toy.

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