17 Best Packable Backpacks For Travellers In 2022


If you are looking for high-quality and space-saving backpacks for your next trip, check out our list of the best packable backpacks to help you choose. Packable backpacks are highly compressible, easily portable, and lightweight. These backpacks are versatile and can serve as a carry-on bag, travel backpack for short trips, or shopping bag. You can easily pack them in your suitcase and unpack them for optimal convenience.

Made of durable materials, these backpacks let you pack light for trekking and hikes. With various options available, choosing the right backpack can be challenging. So, explore our list to learn more.

17 Best Packable Backpacks

1. Best Lightweight: Venture Pal Packable Travel Backpack

The Venture Pal 40l packable backpack is ideal for travelers or hikers looking for an ultralight backpack that allows them to travel comfortably. This daypack has a main zippered compartment, one front pocket, and two mesh side pockets. The main compartment includes two internal pockets and a waterproof pouch for storing wet items. The sponge-padded shoulder straps and chest buckle make carrying your fully loaded bag a breeze.

Despite being larger than most backpacks, this bag weighs less than a pound and folds into a compact pouch. In addition, the water- and tear-resistant ultralight nylon ripstop fabric of the daypack ensures long-lasting durability.


2. Best Water-Resistant: Outlander Packable Backpack

Outlander’s packable backpack is made of lightweight, water-resistant, and anti-abrasive nylon fabric that weighs less than a pound and folds down to the size of a small pouch. This backpack has two front pockets, the main compartment, an internal pocket, and two side pockets with a security keeper. Its breathable padded shoulder straps absorb sweat and relieve shoulder stress. In addition, the backpack includes a carabiner clip for attaching items to it.

Outlander packable daypack is available in storage capacities of 20 liters and 33 liters, allowing you to carry everything from personal belongings to water bottles and other gear.


3. Best Compact: G4Free Packable Travel Backpack

The G4 packable daypack is compact, foldable, durable, and lightweight and is made of tear- and water-resistant nylon with two-way metal zippers. Its breathable mesh shoulder straps allow for easy airflow and reduce sweat. The daypack’s 20-liter storage capacity is divided into three zippered compartments: a large main compartment, an outer smaller pocket, and an internal pocket for storing valuable items.

In addition, it has two side mesh pockets for water bottles or umbrellas and an earphone cord outlet. This small, foldable bag is ideal for day trips, vacations, and hiking because it fits easily into your luggage and is light to carry.


4. Best Breathable: 4Monster Packable Backpack

If you’re traveling, hiking, or going on an outdoor adventure, you’ll need a packable backpack such as the 4Monster pack that allows you to travel light. This backpack has a large main compartment, a front pocket to quickly access items, and two side mesh pockets for storing water bottles. The packable daypack from 4Monster is made of lightweight, easily compressible, water- and tear-resistant 30D nylon fabric for maximum durability.

Further, the backpack’s breathable and shock-absorbing straps help reduce sweat and shoulder strain. It is available in 16 liter and 24 liter capacities and folds up compactly to fit on the palm of your hand.


5. Best Anti-Abrasive: Gonex Packable Daypack

Gonex’s packable daypack keeps your belongings organized, safe, and easily accessible with its multi-compartment design. It has two side pockets, a large front pocket, and a zippered compartment that houses the bag’s storage pouch. Despite being lightweight and compactly foldable, the daypack’s 20-liter storage space can easily accommodate a substantial amount of items.

The lightly padded shoulder straps allow you to carry your fully loaded bag without straining your shoulders, while the anti-abrasive, waterproof nylon material shields your belongings from water and the bag from scratches. The daypack is ideal for hiking, shopping, and traveling.


6. Best Tear-Proof: Maxtop Travel Daypack

Maxtop’s multipurpose daypack is ideal for everyday use, vacation, day hikes, etc. The daypack’s tear-proof and waterproof ripstop-polyester fabric, two-way metal zippers, and reinforced bartacks keep the bag dry and prevent it from damage. It’s a roomy daypack with a 30-liter capacity. It has a main compartment divided into two sections that can hold a laptop, clothes, and books and three front pockets with additional inner pockets that can store smaller items such as wallet, phone, etc.

It also has two side pockets with security buckles for holding water bottles and other travel essentials. The adjustable shoulder straps are covered in mesh for breathability and have chest buckles for securely fastening the daypack. The Maxtop’s daypack is lightweight, folds compactly, and fits easily into your luggage.


7. Best Sturdy: Sinotron Packable Backpack

The Sinotron packable backpack is packed with features and is ideal for camping, daily use, day hikes, and short trips. The daypack uses nylon fabric for increased water resistance and has sturdy metal zippers for closure. This lightweight packable daypack has several compartments, including two side pockets, a large front pocket with a buckle, and the main pocket with internal storage.

The mesh-covered shoulder straps relieve stress on your shoulders and allow for easy airflow. This 22-liter backpack compresses easily and folds into its small storage pouch, which is sold separately. It is available in five different colors.


8. Best Spacious: Tumi Just In Case Backpack

Tumi’s Just In Case backpack folds flat into your luggage to save space, holds a substantial amount of items, and is easy to carry. The nylon fabric with gold zippers makes the backpack abrasion-resistant and long-lasting. The bag has a zippered front pocket and a main compartment for storage. While traveling, you can carry the backpack using the adjustable shoulder straps or the handle.

The bag’s wide belt at the back allows you to attach it to your wheeled luggage for easy transportation. It is ideal for business trips, daily use, and sightseeing due to its lightweight, compact design, and spacious storage.


9. Best SBS Zippers: Neekfox Packable Backpack

If you want a bag that allows you to carry your travel and other gear without weighing you down, the Neekfox packable backpack is a good option. The packable backpack is made of ripstop nylon fabric, which resists wear and tear and is water-resistant. It also has two-way SBS zippers that are abrasion- and water-resistant. The shoulder and sternum straps fit your body well and allow you to carry the pack for long periods.

Despite its lightweight and compact design, its main compartment, two side pockets, and two front zippered pockets provide plenty of space for storing tech devices and other travel essentials. With this backpack, you can go on day trips, international vacations, camping, and more. It folds compactly into its storage pocket and saves you space.


10. Best Comfortable: Peak Gear Foldable Backpack

The Peak Gear backpack weighs less than a pound, folds into a small pouch that is easy to carry, and is made of durable materials, such as anti-tear, waterproof 210D nylon fabric, and YKK double zippers. In addition, this backpack has main compartments with internal pockets, two mesh bottle sleeves, and a zippered front pocket. The bag’s mesh padding in the shoulder straps helps reduce stress from your shoulders and makes it comfortable to carry.

Peak Gear has also included a bag ID tag as a bonus feature, which allows you to quickly and safely recover your lost bag from anywhere in the world. You can carry this compact and portable backpack for hiking, day trips, picnics, and shopping.


11. Naturehike Packable Backpack

Naturehike’s packable backpack is made of high-quality materials such as tear- and waterproof 30D nylon fabric and YKK silicone zippers, protecting your belongings from getting wet and damaged. It weighs less than half a pound but has 22 liters of storage space, including a large main pocket, an outer pocket for easy access to items, an internal storage pouch for valuables, and two side mesh bottle holders.

The adjustable mesh padded straps reduce stress and prevent sweat marks as you carry the backpack on your shoulders. In addition, this waterproof packable backpack folds into a small storage pouch, making it ideal for travel, hikes, school, gym, and other activities.


12. HawLander Travel Daypack

Organize all your daily or travel-related items in HawLander’s multi-compartment daypack. Its spacious main storage space includes a keychain holder, three mesh pockets for holding small gadgets, an elastic pocket, and a water bladder compartment. Other features include an outer front zipper pocket, two bottle holders, and an elastic band on each side for holding trekking poles. In addition, the backpack has padded shoulder straps, an adjustable chest buckle, and a waist belt that evenly distributes the weight and ensures little to no stress on your shoulders to make your travel more comfortable.

In addition, the reflective strips, D buckles, and a whistle ensure safety. You can choose between a 28-liter or 40-liter storage capacity bag based on your travel needs. Regardless of the size, it folds down to a small storage pouch that is ideal for traveling.


13. Columbia Packable Backpack

Columbia’s packable backpack weighs less than a pound, has a storage capacity of 21 liters, and packs down compactly into its internal sleeve for easy portability. In addition, the backpack is lightweight and durable, thanks to the high-quality materials such as nylon fabric and two-way zippers. You can keep your essentials in its main storage compartment and quickly access items in the outer front pocket.

This backpack is ideal for short trips, overnight stays, and everyday use. Columbus offers the bag in more than ten different colors.


14. Ozaeo Foldable Daypack

Ozaeo offers designer daypacks in multiple colors and floral prints that are appropriate for men and women. This multipurpose backpack is made of tear-and water-resistant 63D polyester and features sturdy waterproof zippers to ensure minimal weight and durability. The padding on the shoulder straps alleviates the strain on your shoulders caused by carrying a fully-loaded bag, and the adjustability feature allows you to fit your backpack snugly to your back.

The mesh padding is breathable and keeps your shoulders and back free from sweat. The 16-liter storage capacity backpack includes two zippered compartments and two side pockets. You can travel light with this backpack because it rolls up into a palm-sized pouch that is easy to carry and store.


15. Matador Freerain24 Packable Backpack

Matador’s Freerain24 packable backpack, made from 30D Cordura ripstop nylon, has a waterproof coating that seals water from entering the bag. In addition, unlike the traditional backpacks, Matador’s 24-liter main compartment has a Hypalon roll-top and clip closure that increases water resistance. It also has two external side pockets and a zippered front pocket.

Apart from its multiple compartments, the Matador has other features, such as the adjustable sternum and shoulder straps that evenly distribute the load and securely fit the pack to your body. The shoulder straps, which are padded with breathable mono mesh, relieve stress on your shoulders. This lightweight bag folds down to a palm-sized pouch, making it ideal for all-weather and all-location use.


16. Waynorth Packable Travel Backpack

The Waynorth backpack may be just what you’re looking for if you need a backpack that can hold travel essentials to sustain for three to four days. This 45-liter backpack has a main compartment to hold tech gadgets, clothing, books, a front pocket for smaller items, a rear security pocket for storing valuable items, and two side bottle holders. The main compartment has a drawstring closure for added security, preventing items from falling off.

The backpack is ideal for travelers or hikers because the mesh shoulder straps allow you to travel comfortably, relieve stress, and provide adequate ventilation. In addition, the backpack lasts a long time because it comprises tear- and water-resistant nylon fabric, SBS metal zippers, and reinforced seams. You can fold the bag into its pouch and carry it wherever you go.


17. Zofow Travel Backpack

Zofow offers a durable and lightweight packable backpack made of 420D polyester fabric that is tear and water-resistant. It has a roll-top zippered compartment, two front mesh pockets, two side pockets, and a large storage capacity. Further, it includes a waist bag to store quick-access items. This multifunctional backpack is ideal for hiking because it has dual water tube holes and water tube straps for your water bladder, as well as gear loops for hiking poles.

In addition, the mesh shoulder straps provide stress relief, while the adjustable chest and waist buckles evenly distribute weight and increase stability. Pack down this backpack into its storage pocket to conveniently carry it in your hand or store it in your luggage.


How To Choose The Right Packable Backpack?

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing packable backpacks

  1. Storage capacity: Packable backpacks are available in various sizes, from 16 liters to 45 liters. If you’re looking for a daypack for a few days, one with a smaller storage space will suffice. However, if you need it for a more extended trip, you may choose a backpack with a larger storage capacity.
  1. Materials: While a large storage capacity allows you to store more items, the backpack must be able to hold them. To achieve this, the backpack must be made of high-quality and long-lasting materials, such as ripstop nylon fabric.
  1. Weight: The weight of a packable backpack is another crucial factor to consider when purchasing a packable backpack. You might want to choose a lightweight backpack so that it folds compactly and is easy to transport. But, at the same time, ensure it isn’t too light, or it won’t be able to hold heavier items.
  1. Padding: Padded and breathable shoulder straps are essential if you do not want to injure your shoulders or have sweat marks after carrying your backpack for several hours.
  1. Easy and compact folding: Daypacks must fold quickly and compactly so that you can carry them easily when traveling.
  1. Compartments: The more compartments you have, the better organized your belongings will be. The best packable backpacks should have a large main pocket, side bottle holders, and a small front pocket.
  1. Closure: If you don’t want your belongings to fall out or be damaged, look for a backpack with robust, waterproof metal zippers or a roll-top closure.
  1. Waterproof: You don’t want your belongings to get wet if it rains. So, before purchasing a backpack, make sure it is made of waterproof materials.

Why Trust MomJunction?

A spacious backpack to organize all your essentials can help you during vacations and trips. After carefully considering the quality and durability of multiple products, we have put together this list of the best packable backpacks you could carry for your next trip. These products are versatile and have multiple uses for optimum convenience. A buying guide has also been added to help you make an informed choice.

Packable backpacks are an essential part of every traveler and adventure junkie’s packing list, thanks to how easily they fit into your luggage. The backpacks are designed to compress into a compact pouch so that you don’t have to lug a bulky bag around but travel light instead. The best packable backpacks listed here are available in a broad range of styles and sizes and are water, tear-resistant, and as light as a breeze. When choosing one, consider its storage capacity, weight, padding, and foldability to get the perfect backpack for your needs.

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