15 Best Paw Patrol Toys For Kids In India-2024

Paw Patrol is a TV show that premiered on Nickelodeon. The animated show tells the story of a young boy named Ryder, who leads a group of search and rescue dogs. The crew of dogs is called Paw Patrol.

The popularity of the show has led to the creation of various toy lines based on the characters of Paw Patrol. The series of toys include figures like the Paw Patrol truck toy, Paw Patrol dog toy, and more. In this MomJunction post, we present a list of best Paw Patrol toys that you can consider buying for your young Paw Patrol fan.

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15 Best Paw Patrol Toys

1. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Mini Figures

Paw Patrol mini figures set consists of six miniature figures that include Rubble, Chase, Skye, Zuma, Rocky, and Marshall. The product is easy to carry and can be taken anywhere. Each figure measures about 1-¾  inches in height. This pack is for kids to revive and enact the TV show and use their bravery with Paw Patrol.

2. Paw Patrol Rescue Training Centre

This Paw Patrol Rescue Training Centre is built to enhance skills with tennis ball target practice, zip line rides, and tree rescues. The training centre does not require batteries and is specially made for children of ages three years and above. The toy depicts Paw Patrol on a roll to collect both Marshall and chase jumbo action pups for a team adventure.

3. Paw Patrol Chase’s Transforming Police Cruiser

The police cruiser has working wheels and a flip-open megaphone for an exciting mission. The cruiser comes with one chase figure and one transforming police cruiser. The product is a great gift to kids aged three years and older. Push the Paw Patrol badge on the back of Chase’s cruiser to open the side doors and reveal the Megaphones.

4. Paw Patrol Rescue Racers

The character and vehicle in the toy contain a high level of detail. It helps bring the imagination, heroism, and bravery right to your home. The Rescue Racers pack is designed to enable problem-solving skills and have a great adventure spirit. It is a good gift for your child to have a role-playing and adventurous experience at home.

5. Paw Patrol Marshall’s Transforming Fire Truck

This fire truck with water cannons is a great gift pack for your child. The fire truck has extendable water cannons that get activated by pushing the Paw Patrol badge on the back of Marshall’s fire engine. It also comes with a ladder that lifts and lowers. The pack includes one Marshall figure and one transforming fire truck.

6. Paw Patrol Basic Vehicle Sea Patrol

This sea patrol vehicle comes with all features needed for land and water rescue missions. The product includes one Sea Patrol Vehicle, one Marshall Figure, and one bonus sea friend figure. Each vehicle comes with a Marshall figure in a Sea Patrol uniform to make missions more fun for kids.

7. Paw Patrol Skye’s Transforming Helicopter

This toy comes with one Skye figure and one transforming helicopter. The Skye figure comes wearing her signature uniform and is all set to head the mission. The product is a wonderful gift for kids aged three years and above.  It is easy to flip open the doors and reveal the helicopter’s turbines by pushing the Paw Patrol badge.

8. Paw Patrol Mission Paw – Mission Cruiser – Robo Dog and Vehicle

The Mission Cruiser includes one mission cruises, one mini-vehicle, one Robo dog, one mission card, and one instruction guide. The Mission Cruiser set is for kids aged three years and older. The mission cruiser toy requires three AG 13 batteries that are included in the pack. Paw Patrol pop up screen and animated mission card that is sold separately is compatible with this toy.

9. Paw Patrol Don’t Drop Chase Board Game

Paw Patrol Don’t Drop Chase Board Game is a fun-filled game for kids. The game set comes with a spinner that tells you which color to knock out. The interactive game for friends and family helps develop problem-solving skills. The product is certainly quite a fun toy for young Paw Patrol fans.

10. Divine man Toys Paw Patrol Action Figure

This rescue training centre is the ultimate training ground. It includes two Pup Patrol unique figures, one boy and girl, three Pup Patrol pull back vehicles and four animal figures. The set comes along with various styles of the rescue team and requires no batteries at the time of operation. It is designed to enhance a child’s role-play, imagination, and ability to work in a team.

11. Radhey Preet Paw Patrol Action Pup & Badge

The Paw Patrol Figure Set comes with exciting toys and figures that let your child take the play to a new level. The set includes four figures, namely Marshall and Chase, the rescue dogs with special talents, Ryder, who is a tech-savvy boy with an appetite of adventure, and the Robo Dog. Kids can re-enact the scenes from the TV show and have more fun while playing.

12. Paw Patrol Basic Vehicle Rubble Toy

This toy vehicle set comes with one Rubble figure and one transforming bulldozer. The bulldozer comes with a scoop on the front and back that moves up and down. It is used to pick heavy loads on construction sites.  The pop-out tools can be activated by pushing the Paw Patrol badge on the front of the Rubble figure. The set is a good gift for kids aged three years and above.

13. Paw Patrol Basic Vehicle Skye Toy

The helicopter toy car includes a collectible Skye figure wearing her signature uniform and is all set for the mission. The pack is designed to enhance the imagination through role-playing several exciting rescue missions from the TV show. The set also contains a helicopter with movable turbines.

14. Paw Patrol Basic Vehicle Rocky Toy

This set includes one Rocky figure and one highly-detailed ultimate rescue recycling truck. This ultimate rescue recycling truck comes with a rear flap that opens and closes like a real truck. The front forks on the truck are movable too. The Rocky figure can be placed inside a slot on the truck. The toy is suitable for children aged three years and older.

15. Paw Patrol Pup Buddies

Paw Patrol Pup Buddies is the only pack where you can find all your favorite characters, including Chase, Marshall, Zuma, Skye, Rocky, and Rubble. The set is for kids aged three years and older. The set is perfect for taking your kid on an adventurous experience.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the best Paw Patrol character?

Ryder is the main and the best Paw Patrol character that gives instructions to dogs to carry out the missions.

2. What does the Paw Patroller do?

Paw Patroller is the ultimate rescue vehicle in the series and can transport three other Paw Patrol vehicles inside and display six vehicles when opened.

3. What size cars go with the Paw Patrol Tower?

A standard vehicle size between 5.5-6 inches will fit the Paw Patrol tower. The mission patrol vehicles are small.

If your child loves Paw Patrol, our list of the best Paw Patrol toys can help you analyze the available options to suit your child’s interests. Available in various designs and themes, these toys come as different characters with fun accessories and features to add to the fun. Your child can enjoy imaginative playtime with these toys. When choosing the right toy, ensure it is made of safe and durable materials for long-lasting use and is age-appropriate to help your child learn the necessary skills. So, bring a smile to your child’s face with these exciting toys and enjoy a fun parent-child bonding experience.

Infographic: How To Choose Paw Patrol Toys For Children?

Airing on Nickelodeon since 2013, Paw Patrol has been a popular cartoon animation show among young children featuring six-brave puppies and a boy. Whether your child loves dogs or this show, giving them Paw Patrol toys is a great choice. Go through the following infographic for some pointers to remember when selecting these toys.

Buying Tips For Paw Patrol Toys For Children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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