8 Best Pedialyte Flavors In 2024, According To Childbirth Educator

Are you one of those busy moms who keeps the home and hearth together and also thinks about their kids getting the right nutrition and hydration? Well, that can be tiring, and many times as you might have grabbed a bottle of fizzy drink or a sugary, caffeinated drink for a quick burst of energy. But did you ever think there might be something even better than those syrupy sports drinks and caffeine loads?

Lisa Holloway RN, MSN, WHNP, an OB/GYN nurse practitioner and mother of three, says, “Nothing replaces water, but when you are looking for a drink that provides more replenishment than water and with less negative effects than higher sugar content and caffeinated options, consider Pedialyte.

Pedialyte is formulated under the superior mentorship of Abbott Laboratories and has a higher concentration of electrolytes and much less sugar compared to fizzy or usual sports drinks. They work towards restoring the optimal balance of fluid levels in your body, thus giving you quick relief from dehydration.

Lisa Holloway adds, “You should, however, avoid taking Pedialyte on a daily basis. Use it post vomiting or diarrhea or intense activity to get your nutrition back on track and feel better.

Here, we have rounded up the best Pedialyte flavors that you will love. Keep scrolling and take your pick.

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8 Best Pedialyte Flavors For Quick Relief From Dehydration In 2024

1. Best Rapid Rehydration Formula:Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder – Orange

Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder – Orange Image: Pedialyte

Whether you had an intense workout session, a tiring journey, or a night of crazy binging, these little sachets of Pedialyte orange hydration drink will get you up and about within moments. This doctor-approved drink will restore the electrolytes lost due to workouts and sweating and its proactive formulation is just as great for patients on antibiotics or who face digestion issues like nausea or sickness.

The tried-and-tested orange flavor is very pleasing, especially after a heat stroke or heat exhaustion. So next time when you or your child goes for a match or trekking, don’t forget to tuck this electrolyte powder packet in your bags to enjoy a splash of renewed energy whenever you need it.

Number of Items: 1 | Product Dimensions: 2.94 x 4.31 x 6.03 inches | Weight: 12.8 Ounces


  • Mild and refreshing orange juice flavor
  • Convenient sized packs
  • Easy to store and use
  • Rapid rehydration formula
  • Less sugar content (12 grams of sugar per serving)
  • Promotes better fluid absorption


  • Flavor may not be liked by all
  • May contain the artificial sweetener sucralose

2. Best Medical-Grade Hydration: Pedialyte Advance Care Oral Electrolyte Solution – Strawberry Lemonade

Pedialyte Advance Care Oral Electrolyte Solution – Strawberry Lemonade Image: Pedialyte

If you like your electrolyte beverage with a sweet tropical twist, the strawberry lemon flavor will undoubtedly leave you asking for more. This refreshing flavor belongs to the advanced care series and is a trusted choice to get that instant boost of energy.

It contains a replenishing blend of three essential electrolytes i.e., sodium, chloride, and potassium, which is also great for promoting digestive health and alleviating symptoms of dehydration during sickness. The tasty fruity flavor and its seven grams of sugar content per serving help uplift any bitter metallic aftertaste in the mouth after a hangover or bouts of vomiting.

Tastewise, it is a flavor that is quite a hit among the kids too. So in case you are packing their bags for sporting sessions or matches, don’t forget to pack a bottle along.

Number of Items: 4


  • Easy-to-carry one-liter bottle
  • Contains pre-active prebiotics
  • Contains zinc for added immune support
  • Medical-grade hydration
  • Balanced sugar content


  • May contain the artificial sweetener sucralose
  • May contain artificial fruit flavors

protip_icon Do remember
Never mix Pedialyte solution with other fluids like fruit juices or other liquids, as the mixture may alter the effects of electrolytes on your body.

3. Best With Organic Ingredients: Pedialyte Organic Electrolyte Solution – Crisp Lemon Berry

Pedialyte Organic Electrolyte Solution – Crisp Lemon Berry Image: Pedialyte

Suppose you are looking for a dietary supplement that will make your tiredness disappear and give you a healthy fluid balance in your body. In that case, Pedialyte organic crisp lemon berry electrolyte solution could be your safe bet.

Without any GMO nasties, this safe and effective drink will supply you and your kids with optimum electrolyte sugar balance and help restore the lost vital minerals and fluids. It is great to treat mild to moderate dehydration with its medical hydration standards.

Moreover, the refreshing flavor of lemon berry will add a sweet, tart, and aromatic aftertaste to your mouth that is sure to refresh your tired taste buds. Packed in easy-to-carry one-liter bottles, this drink is your one-stop solution for heat strokes, tiredness, and jet lags. The drink contains nine grams of sugar per serving (360ml). To learn more about this naturally flavored drink, have a look at this video review showcasing the tester’s experience.

Number of Items: 4 | Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 9.13 inches | Weight: 8.81 Pounds.


  • All organic ingredients
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or synthetic sweeteners
  • Keto diet-friendly formulation
  • Zinc for added immune function
  • Sweetened with a natural sweetener—stevia


  • Some may find it sweeter than expected
  • May have a chemical aftertaste

4. Best Low Calorie: Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution – Grape

Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution – Grape Image: Pedialyte

When it comes to energy or sports beverages, grape remains one of the most popular and preferred flavors. Pedialyte is already known to have a balanced, optimal sugar level in its electrolyte solutions, so it’s no wonder that people love it so much.

The trusted grape fruit flavor is not only unique but also has a delightful aroma to it. This bottle of the grape electrolyte solution is great to be carried for family outings or general gatherings like sports day, matches, etc. The expert-recommended grape Pedialyte solution offers complete hydration after strenuous activities, and during long flight journeys, or heat strokes. You got to use it to believe it!

Number of Items: 8


  • Combats dehydration in adults as well as children
  • Good for large servings
  • Medical-grade rehydration formula
  • Balanced blend of electrolytes
  • Ideal for post workout-hydration
  • Available in easy-to-carry one-liter bottles


  • May not be suitable for people allergic to citric acid
  • May contain artificial colors

5. Best Gluten-Free: Pedialyte Electrolyte Water With Zero Sugar – Fruit Punch

Pedialyte Electrolyte Water With Zero Sugar – Fruit Punch Image: Pedialyte

Pedialyte Electrolyte Water With Zero Sugar is a perfect solution for health enthusiasts who want the benefits of complete hydration but without any calorie load. The subtle mixed fruit flavor is very revitalizing, and the presence of key electrolytes, sodium, potassium, and chloride, fortifies your body with essential fluid replenishment.

The trusted drink helps combat dehydration in adults and does not contain any artificial colors or flavors, so that you are assured of its health benefits without any harmful additives. Unlike common beverages, this solution even contains zinc to give you that added immunity boost.

Number of Items: 4 | Product Dimensions: 7.06 x 7.06 x 9.13 inches | Weight: 9.7 Pounds.


  • Easy-to-carry bottle
  • Contains 50% more electrolytes than other sports drinks
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Natural delightful flavors


  • May contain the artificial sweetener sucralose
  • Some may find the flavor slightly mild

6. Best With Balanced Sugar:Pedialyte AdvancedCare Electrolyte Solution – Blue Raspberry

This pediatrician-recommended product is another great alternative from the Pedialyte Advanced care series and can be your savior when faced with difficult times with your little one. If your child is unwell, you may find it tough to feed them anything. This electrolyte solution will do the job when nothing else can.

This flavored drink will keep your baby well-hydrated, and the prebiotics will ensure that good bacteria is restored in the system. Children also love to sip on this mild sweet blue drink that keeps their hearts and tummy happy.

So if you or your baby is faced with mild to medium dehydration or just fatigue and tiredness, this electrolyte solution will give you instant relief and energy. The medical-grade solution is available in one-liter bottles.

Number of Items: 8 | Product Dimensions: 3.44 x 3.44 x 8.25 inches | Weight: 2.44 Pounds.


  • Helps reduce hangover
  • Perfect blend of electrolytes
  • Balanced sugar
  • Pleasant and mild flavor


  • Bottle seal may be sharp for children
  • May contain artificial flavor

7. Best Flavor: Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Electrolyte Drink – Kiwi Berry Mist

Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Electrolyte Drink – Kiwi Berry Mist Image: Pedialyte

Belonging to the Pedialyte Advanced care range, this product also contains extra electrolytes for extra hydration. This expert-approved solution will maintain optimum fluid levels if you are at risk of dehydration or intense fatigue. Many reviewers vouch for the kiwi berry flavor as its mild olive color, tart, and sweetness quotient is a big hit on the palette.

If you want to go easy on the electrolyte content and yet enjoy its taste, you could top it up with some ice, and it will become a great healthy alternative to your fizzy drinks. The fruity blend also comes laden with the benefits of prebiotic content that soothe your digestive system.

Number of Items: 1 | Product Dimensions: 3.44 x 8.25 x 3.44 inches | Weight: 1 Ounces.


  • Provides 33% more electrolytes
  • Helps restore good gut bacteria
  • Works well in cases of mild to medium dehydration
  • Great for both kids and adults


  • May contain milk ingredients
  • May not be suitable for those with zinc allergy

8. Best Advanced Electrolyte: Pedialyte With Immune Support – Peach Mango

Pedialyte With Immune Support – Peach Mango Image: Pedialyte

This one is one of the most trusted products that restore the optimum balance of electrolytes and sugar and works towards strengthening your immunity. Armed with three important nutrients, this expert-approved drink gives your body solid support by preventing dehydration and protects you against the debilitating signs of sickness or fatigue.

While zinc helps build new cells for increased immunity, selenium protects the cell functions, and magnesium fortifies your body’s immune response. The bonus is that the delightful flavors of peach and mango make it an ideal drink.


  • Packed with minerals
  • Includes preactiv prebiotics for digestive health
  • Great for extra immunity
  • Travel-friendly packs
  • Balanced sugar content


  • Flavor may not be liked by all
  • Peach flavor may overpower mango

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

protip_icon Caution
Discard an open container of Pedialyte after 48 hours to prevent microbial growth, which can adversely affect the health.

Now that you know a range of Pedialyte flavors that you could choose from, the question arises, which electrolyte solution would be best suited for your health, body, and taste. Here we bring you a comprehensive buying guide that will help you pick the right kind at the right time. So here we go.

How To Choose The Right Pedialyte Flavors?

Keep these pointers in mind to pick the right kind of Pedialyte flavors.

  1. Electrolyte content: Before picking up your electrolyte pack from the store shelf or aisle, you should read through the labels to ascertain the electrolyte content of the drink. The advanced ranges of Pedialyte contain almost 33% more electrolyte content, and it is great if you have excess tiredness, sickness bouts, or dehydration. It provides you with optimal levels of salts and sugar, through which the bloodstream attracts more water and rehydrates your body adequately to keep your system working smoothly. Apart from sodium, potassium, and chloride, some Pedialyte solutions even contain added zinc and selenium for immune support, which can be a bonus if you recover from any illness. However, if you are taking Pedialyte just for flavor or taste, or simply as a refreshing alternative to fizzy and caffeinated drinks, then you could even go with the basic ones.
  1. Bottles or sachets: If you are going for a short trip or outing, grabbing a quick readymade dose of electrolyte will make more sense and hence bottles will be of good use. Though carrying it along could add weight and inconvenience. However, electrolyte powder packets are great if you have a long journey or a considerable period to spend outdoors. You only have to mix the contents of the pack with the recommended quantity of water and you are ready to have it. The sachets are easy to pack and move about and a great alternative if you are on the go. Whether it’s bottles or powder packs, you get the same taste and flavor, so just pick what you feel will be convenient for you.
  1. Taste/flavor: The aspect of taste or flavor is very personal, but each flavor or variety has a functional aspect when it comes to Pedialyte solutions. There are plenty of varieties to choose from depending upon your reason and need. For example, when you might face travel or motion sickness during journeys, zesty citrus or fruit-based electrolyte solutions like orange, lemonade, or strawberry/pink lemonade could be your best bet. For digestive issues like vomit and diarrhea, non-citrus flavors with high electrolytes and proactive probiotics like berry frost or iced grape will be more soothing. If you have a sensitive system or have an infant, unflavored Pedialyte solutions will work best for you. Apart from specific needs, most children and adults enjoy attractive and rejuvenating flavors like bubble gum, mango peach, apple grape, kiwi berry, etc.
  1. Prebiotic content: When it comes to prebiotic content, only select Pedialyte bottles (or liquid) variants have them. In fact, sports drinks or fizzy drinks can only provide a sparkling rush and nothing else, as they don’t supply you with prebiotics. So if you want to alleviate the symptoms related to the use of antibiotics or stomach bugs, you should go for flavors like peach mango, kiwi berry mist, and blue raspberry. These solutions will help you get better and replenish your electrolyte balance, thus making you feel more energetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Pedialyte good in taste?

Pedialyte has added sweeteners instead of sugar because sugar can make diarrhea or other digestive issues worse. Therefore, because of the added sweeteners, Pedialyte tastes good to most people.

2. Why should I use Pedialyte?

Pedialyte is an OTC rehydration drink that replaces the fluid and minerals lost due to diarrhea. It is more effective than water, especially in fluid loss.

3. Can I drink Pedialyte every day?

Replacing water with Pedialyte for everyday use is not a good idea. It should be consumed only in the case of fluid loss.

4. Can drinking too much Pedialyte be harmful?

Yes, it can be because as per the recommended dosage, you should consume only four to eight servings of Pedialyte per day. Consult a doctor if your diarrhea continues for more than a day.

5. Is Pedialyte good for a hangover?

It may be helpful in restoring hydration but there is no evidence of effectiveness of Pedialyte for hangovers. Usually, hangovers can go away in a day.

6. What does it mean if Pedialyte tastes salty?

If Pedialyte tastes salty, it may have not been mixed with water in ideal proportions.

7. At what time of day should I take Pedialyte?

Rehydrating before bed can minimize the chances of waking up at night while you sleep. So drinking Pedialyte before bed would be helpful.

The Bottom Line

Pedialyte drinks are a quick and easy way to ensure rehydration by restoring the electrolyte levels in your body. While they’re effective at hydrating people of different age groups, looking for a Pedialyte flavor that suits your taste will make it easier to consume. Our top choices are the Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder, as the dry powder sachets can easily be carried on the go, and the Pedialyte Zero Sugar Electrolyte Water, as it does not contain any added sugar. With hit flavors like peach mango, kiwi berry, and grape, among others, the flavored Pedialyte solutions are formulated to taste like your favorite drinks. However, ensure they’re loaded with electrolytes to help you stay energetic and fresh and have the right prebiotic content to maintain your health and nutrition. So, find your favorite flavor for when you need extra hydration.

Infographic: How To Use Pedialyte Safely?

We know that Pedialytes are available in powder and liquid form and are consumed upon dehydration. However, you must use it in the correct dosage as per the instructions given by the manufacturer. Altering the proportions may have a negative effect on the body. Hence, consider the below usage instructions before consuming Pedialyte.

Usage Instructions For Pedialyte

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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