10 Best Pen Drives To Buy In India In 2021

Pen drives, also known as flash or USB drives, make storing or transferring data from PCs, laptops, and various devices easy and convenient. The compact size of pen drives allows you to carry them in your pocket. They can also be used to play media on audio devices on cars or phones through apps. There are plenty of choices available with varying storage capacities, making it easy to choose one that fits your requirement and budget.

In this post, we list some of the best pen drives in India to make your choice easier.

10 Best Pen Drives To Buy In India

1. SandiskCruzer Blade 32 GB Flash Drive

SandiskCruzer Blade 32 GB Flash Drive

SandiskCruzer offers plenty of storage capacity making it easy to transfer, share, or back-up your files. SanDisk Secure Access software enables password protection, automatic file encryption, and restricts unwanted access to your files. You can avail of a secure free online back-up of up to 2GB. The sleek, modern touch of the red and black colorway adds to the aesthetics of the product. The flash drive has a reasonably good transfer speed for a USB 2.0 pen drive. The compact size, thin body, and capless design makeit easy to carry in your pocket or bag.

2. HP FD236W 32GB Pen Drive

HP FD236W 32GB Pen Drive

The USB 2.0 HP pen drive gives a faster and easy-to-use data transfer experience. The pen drive’s sturdy metal body is resistant to shocks, vibration, and other impacts. The polished surface with the HP brand logo on top gives it a sleek and premium look. With a capless design,the ergonomically designed pen drive provides great read and write speed to meet the demands of a fast workflow easily. The integrated strap hole makes key-rings and cord attachments easy.

3. Strontium Ammo 32 GB Pen Drive

Strontium Ammo 32 GB Pen Drive

Strontium Ammo offers a lightweight and compact device that allows high-speed data transmission. The flash drive’s metallic body is extremely durable and has a metal key chain making it convenient to carry or store. The Strontium pen drive works well with all types of computers or operating systems and is backward compatible with USB 3.0. The sleek capless design and shiny metallic finish give the product a premium look.

4. Toshiba U202 16GB Pen Drive

Toshiba U202 16GB Pen Drive

Toshiba’s small and lightweight pen drive is a simple yet high-performing storage device. The pen drive comes in an attractive plastic case and has data security software, TransMemory, enabling you to password protect your content. The compact device can be carried anywhere in a pocket.

5. Sony 32 GB Pen Drive

Sony 32 GB Pen Drive

Sony offers a high-speed USM-MX series USB 2.0 pen drive that features a metallic body with a sleek white-silver finish. The device’s surface has a matte finish to provide a non-slippery grip, and the strap-hole makes it possible to attach a cord or key chain. The compact design of the body prevents the blocking of access to adjacent ports when plugged in. The lightweight flash drive weighs 9g and can carry your media and documents wherever you go.

6. SandiskiXpand 32GB Flash Drive

SandiskiXpand 32GB Flash Drive

The versatile iXpand flash drive includes both USB and lightning connectors, making it possible to use the device with PCs,iPhones,or iPads. Transfer files or play music or video from the drive directly on your phone using the iXpand sync app. When connected to a mobile device, you can enable automatic copying of photos and videos to the drive. The USB 3.0 ensures high-speed interactions with your computer or laptop. It includes soft ware that offers password protection to your sensitive files. The pen drive also offers on-the-go back-up of your data, media, and files,ensuring you will never fall short of storage space on your phone.

7. Kingston Data Traveler G4 32 GB Pen Drive

Kingston Data Traveler G4 32 GB Pen Drive

The Kingston DataTraveler G4 provides easy and portable storage in a compact and colorful package. The USB 3.0 provides high-speed file transfer, making it convenient to transfer files, media, and music quickly. The pen drive is backward compatible with USB 2.0, ensuring smooth usage even in older devices. Use the large, colorful ring to attach a key ring or a cord to keep your device safe and secure. Backed by a five-year warranty, the flash drive is reliable and lasts long.

8. Amazon SolimoJiffyTransfer 32 GB Pen Drive

Amazon SolimoJiffyTransfer 32 GB Pen Drive

Amazon’s compact and lightweight JiffyTransfer pen drive allows the transfer or storage of your essential files with ease.The pen drive comes with a translucent cap that acts like a shield against dust. The USB 3.0 flash drive is USB 2.0 compatible, enabling smooth usage on various computer systems.

9. Adata UV250 32 GB Pen Drive

Adata UV250 32 GB Pen Drive

Adata UV250 pen drive sports a stellar look with a polished metallic casing and good functionality. You can easily attach a keyring or cord to the flash drive to prevent misplacement. The pen drive allows high-speed data transfer with a USB 2.0 interface and is compatible with a range of devices, including computers, smart TVs, and car audio systems.

10. Zoook Hobbies Guitar 16 GB Flash drive

Zoook Hobbies Guitar 16 GB Flash drive

The guitar-shaped pen drive is uber-cool and funky. The rubber material prevents the potential risk of damage to the pen drive,common in metal or plastic pen drives. The USB port is enclosed inside the guitar body, providing a good shield from dust. The flash drive is extremely lightweight and stylish, making it an excellent companion to carry around.

In this digital age, carrying a pen drive is unavoidable. Pen drives are portable and simplify moving or carrying large files from one device to another. The tiny devices can conveniently and swiftly store all your documents, video clips, full movies, MP3 files, and pictures. There are a plethora of pen drives that you can buy online today. Pick one from the many or go for one of the best featured on our list.

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